Customer Reviews: Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads 60 Count Box
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on October 11, 2011
As a new mom with a VERY heavy milk flow, I have tried several different breast pads over the last few months. Here is my overview of each:

Johnsons baby nursing pads - 60 Ea: These are my FAVORITE pads for daytime use. They will not hold as much as Ameda, so they aren't as reliable overnight. However, they are very soft and comfortable against tender breasts, They also have a nice shape that is more discrete than other brands. I also love that they are not packed in pairs or singles, just all lumped in the box together. Yes, this means they are not as "sterile" as the other brands, but they aren't a haste to unpack each time you need a fresh pad, and you don't risk waking up baby with crinkly wrappers. They do have an adhesive to keep them secure in your bra. Also, they are the only pad I know of with a nipple indentation, meaning they are a little less abusive to already sore nipples.

Ameda 50 Count Noshow Premium Disposable Nursing Pads: These are the most absorbent pads I have found. In fact, they are the only ones that keep me dry overnight. However, they have no shape to them at all, and are extremely obvious if you wear a thin bra. They have no adhesive, so they will move around in your bra. Also, they are packaged in an extremely crinkly wrapper, so if my baby is asleep I have to take them in another room to open, so as not to wake up the baby (and he is a heavy sleeper!)

The First Years - Lanolin Disposable Breast Pads 30 ct.: These are the best pads for early stages of nursing, when the lanolin will help soothe sore and cracked nipples. They are very cool and comfortable on your nipples. However, they do not hold quite as much as the Ameda. I did find that these needed to be changed pretty often to avoid feeling damp. Also, the edges of the pad are scratchy and can be a bit uncomfortable throughout the day.

Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-pack: These are a good all-around pad. They will hold a good bit, but not as much as the Ameda or J&J. They do have an adhesive strip that will help them stay in place in your bra, and are a very good value to use long term. Be sure you get the "soft" version, as the older style is much more scratchy and uncomfortable.

Evenflo Comfort Select Nursing Pad, 48 Count: These pads are very absorbent, but not very comfortable. They have an itchy material inside that tends to stick to cracked nipples when removed. They also are very obvious through thin bras.

Gerber Breast Pads - Variety Pack 100 Count: WORTHLESS. These pads do not absorb even a single let-down if you have a heavy flow. They would instantly soak through and my shirt would be wet. Also, they have no shape so they will bunch up and show through your bra and shirt. They also have no adhesive, so they will move around. Overall, completely worthless for a heavy milk flow.
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on December 9, 2003
After trying Gerber, Avent, Medela I finally found these and wondered to myself where they had been all my life!
I was sick of waking up in the middle of the night, drenched it milk, sick of those embarassing wet spots that only seemed to occur while out in public, and sick of smelling like sour milk because of a leaking accident. These pads cured all of my ailments!
Firstly, they are large pads so if you have big breasts you don't have to worry about proper coverage. They are very discreet, no one will see anything bulging under your shirt. They are effective, they hold up to 3 ounces of milk and I have NEVER had a leak in these pads.
I would definitely recommend these pads to anyone, they go above and beyond every other nursing pad on the market.
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I'm probably in the minority here, but after trying Lansinoh and Johnson's, I prefer the Johnson's brand. Here is the comparison:

Lansinoh is thinner than Johnson's.
Lansinoh is larger than Johnson's, which for me is a negative since I'm small-busted.
Both have an adhesive that you can choose to use, or not.
Lansinoh pads are folded and individually wrapped, Johnson's are not. This is actually the biggest drawback for me because I don't want to take the time to unwrap and unfold each pad. I like the "grab and go" ease of Johnson's.
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on August 22, 2010
I loved, LOVED these nursing pads.

Before they "improved" upon them (as mentioned by another reviewer).

The size is now slightly smaller. The folded pads now "stick" together at the seams, making unfolding them much more difficult (especially with one hand). The placement of absorbant material is also not continuous within the pad anymore - making leaks much more of a possibility.

If I change them regularly throughout the day (which I never had to do before), I can avoid leaking - but leaks are an almost nightly occurrance when sleeping.

The only benefit to these that I can see is the extra adhesive patch for securing the pads to clothing. I'm stuck with 4 boxes because I used to love these so much I ordered in bulk. I'm hoping Lansinoh will take some of the negative feedback to heart and change back to the original design...these WERE the best pads on the market.
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on October 28, 2005
I initially sought these out due to the recommendation of my friend who is in the La Leche leage, and I have never been happier that I bought them! I purchased two 60 packs and still have yet to use one of the entire boxes - and I'm in the third week post C-section delivery. I recommend these to anyone I know who is breastfeeding, pregnant, or looking for an answer for milk leaks. I have yet to experience a leak, or embarrassment, and I wear these every day and night. Also worth mentioning - they do stay in place. I haven't worried about these moving around at all. The fastener included on the pad is enough to keep you safe from any possible worry of movement. You just need to make sure that you place the fastener on the top side of your bra instead of on the bottom (I tried both). You can't even feel them on after the first day of adjusting... but the only thing I will say as a con is that you should be weary of what bra you use with them. I am using an all cloth, no shape/padding/wire nursing bra and 5 - 10% of the time you can see the bunched sides of the circular pad under the shirt. I think if I had a bra with more shaping to it, the pads would never show through.

Definitely a must have for new moms or an excellent gift item for anyone's shower if they breast feed or not. :)
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on January 19, 2008
Overall advice: don't buy a large quantity of any nursing pad until you find one you really like.

Specific advice: If you started your pregancy with large breasts (DD and up before baby) I believe that you might prefer the supermarket-available GERBER brand pads to these. The curvature of the Lansinoh pads presumes a medium or large (but not huge) breast. This made the pads more noticeable under clothing. These pads are very absorbent, and do effectively prevent leakage.
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on July 22, 2013
these have 2 adhesive strips on the back, a "honeycomb" absorbent surface (as described by lansinoh), and massive holding capacity. it just swells up like a diaper.

regarding softness: it feels like a tissue... not puffs, but a regular generic tissue, or like cheap toilet paper that you find in public restrooms. so, depending on how sore and chaffed you are, you could find it soft, or you could find it like sandpaper.

regarding dryness: it's definitely helpful if you've got leakage issues. it'll absorb a lot of liquid so you won't have milk-stained clothes, and keeps you pretty dry. when and where the pad is saturated, you'll probably feel some dampness. there's no comparison with the reusable cotton pads, though. with the cotton pads, it's like keeping a wet washcloth next to your skin - and then you have to worry about yeast infections. these probably should be changed if you feel like they're damp, but definitely not as often as you would have to change the cotton ones (if you have leakage issues).

regarding "bunching": it really depends on your boob shape, i guess? it doesn't really move around or get bunched up. i wouldn't wear it with a sleep bra and a thin, tight shirt and expect it to look smooth. it's a lot smoother than cotton pads, though. (though again, depending on the cotton pad... and the shape of your ladies)

bought this to try it out. went back and got the pack of 4... if the leakage is no longer an issue before i use them up, they're always good for a baby shower gift :)
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on February 10, 2012
I have two faves and I alternate between the two for various reasons. I am pumping 100% because my daughter will not latch on (another story - issues with losing >10% and having to supliment with a bottle with expressed milk - nipple confusion) so finding the right pad to put on always sensitive nipples is critical. Writing the same review for both.


Philips AVENT Disposable Nursing Pads
- Softer than Lansinoh
- works really well when nipples are very tender and drying out makes it worse
- regardless of what cream/balm I used, sore nipples / cracks / splits / healing wounds do not stick (only occasionally)
- they are a little bulkier than Lansinoh so they may show through some bras
- when I was in the leaking stage (or when I go a little too long between my night and morning pumping session) I have occasionally leaked through the pad

Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads
- Thinner and larger in diameter than Avent
- keeps nipples drier
- I don't think that I have ever leaked through
- not as soft as Advent
- sore nipples / cracks / splits / healing wounds stick to pad and sometimes tear off scabs (sorry this sounds so gross, but it happens)

I usually use Avent when my nipples are in bad shape (seems to go in cycles) because they are softer and my wounds don't stick and then switch to Lansinoh when they are healing and need to dry out.
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on June 28, 2013
I bought these nursing pads based on the good reviews. With my first daughter I strictly used Medela nursing pads. I switched to the Lansinoh pads because they seemed to have better overall reviews.

In many ways both products are similar.
-they are both individually sealed, which is nice for traveling & throwing in my diaper bag
-they are curved to try to conform to your breast (I find both nursing pads to be mediocre in being concealed under my shirts)
-they have sealing tape to hold them onto your bra (which I don't use because I like to lay them beside/under my daughter while nursing...I don't like when they get all bunched up when I unhook my nursing bra)
-they are very absorbent (much, much more so than the reusable, fleece nursing pads I first tried)

The most bizarre thing about these Lansinoh nursing pads is that they are sealed together into the semi circle. I have to figure our how to open them up every time I use them. I thought the first one might have been sealed by accident, but every pad is like that. I hate having to find a small gap in the seal to pull them apart. That is my biggest complaint about these.

All in all, it is a toss up between these & the Medela nursing pads. These win because I got 2 samples of breast milk storage bags. I appreciated that!
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on November 20, 2009
I tried both the Johnson's and Lansinoh disposable pads, and I definitely prefer the Lansinoh. Here is why:

- the Johnson's are smaller, but thicker. I have large breasts, and they just about cover my areolae. When they shift (and they do, I tend to toss and turn at night), they'll easily slide off the nipple. Result: soaked bed. The sticky part isn't very sticky. Neither is Lansinoh's, but at least they're big enough so that the nipple is still covered, even if they do slide.
-The Johnson's don't wick away the moisture very well. I've leaked through them at night, but part of the edge was still dry. I've only leaked through the Lansinoh's when the pad was completely saturated, and they may look thinner, but they can take up a lot more than the Johnson's can.
-With the Johnson's, the side that is not supposed to stick sometimes sticks to my nipple! This happens during the day, when I'm not leaking. Annoying, especially if your nipples are already sensitive and recovering from cracks.

If you are a heavy leaker, these are the pads for you.
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