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on January 8, 2013
Lansky's PS-MED01 looks very much like Smith's Pocket Pal, which I have used and recommended as a good kit item for blade repair and quick sharpening of most blades. But the Smith has a plastic body while the Lansky's is metal, so the Lansky is heavier.
The Lansky is also longer, which means that its tapered diamond rod is longer as well - a good thing. As with the Smith, the tapered diamond rod can be pulled from its stay and rotated 180 degrees to a locked open position for use as a diamond file (sharpening hard to reach items, serrations, etc.). The Lansky rod's longer length gives advantage in use.
The Lansky's length afforded mounting an almost 2 inch length of exposed ceramic bar on angle to the sharpener body. This ceramic bar has a rounded-point cross section to engage and sharpen most serrated edge scallops; of course it can be used as a ceramic rod to fine-sharpen any edge as well. I've done both with good result.
The Lansky, like the Smith, also includes "Vee" sharpening notches of carbide (for edge repair or sharpening a rough-use edged knife) and of ceramic (for easy fine sharpening to a good edge). These Vee's are set at 40 degrees compound, which means the sharpening surfaces are at 20 degrees from the center line of the Vee; this is standard for a sharp, yet strong edge. Not all knives have secondary grinds of 20 degrees, however. You may be blunting a knife with a super fine bevel of 15 degrees, or only grinding away at the bevel shoulder of a "hard use" knife with bevel of 25 degrees.
Caution using these Vee's - the body is metal versus the Smith's plastic, so take care not to press downward strongly when using a Vee; these are meant to be drawn through, not sawn through.
All in all, The Lansky Blade Medic is a more useful field sharpener than the Smith Pocket Pal, and would serve well; but it would likely ride in pack or kit, not in pocket due to weight and size (as would the Smith, too, for that matter). The difference between them is weight versus increased usefulness; this is a user preference. I've given the Lansky 4 stars only due to its weight (I'd give the Smith 4, too, due to its lack of a sharpening bar surface).
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on August 1, 2013
I bought one of these to sharpen my Cold Steel knives.

Cold Steel uses AUS-8A Stainless Steel on most of their knives and they arrive sharp, but with some time and patience I can get my knives sharp enough to push cut newspaper, store receipts, phone book paper, etc...

Some people have complained that the tapered Diamond Rod doesn't stay in place, but maybe they are not pushing them into the opening hard enough as their is a little metal tang that holds the Diamond Rod in place.

I mainly use the "Ceramic" sharpening slot to put a very sharp edge on my knives, although my g/f had some kitchen knives that required a few strokes thru the "Carbide" slot, then a few strokes thru the "Ceramic" slot.

I've also used the Ceramic bar on fine Serrations and it works just fine.

I've also used the Diamond Rod on my Serrated knives, but be careful as a slip can put a scratch on your knife.

With some patience and some time, like during TV commercials, it's easy to put a very sharp edge on just about any knife unless it's junk Stainless Steel that is used on cheap knives.

There is a provision for a Lanyard as well although I don't use it but others may find it handy.

Based on price, quality, usefulness and versatility, I give this sharpener a 5/5 as I have used it extensively and it still puts a very sharp edge on my knives at a very low price.
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on March 8, 2013
I ordered this as a backup sharpener. Now that I've had it for a couple of months and used it several times, it is now my go to sharpener. Very well built and gives a great edge on my SOG, Kershaw, etc. Would definitely recommend.
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on July 2, 2014
Great pocket sharpener works as well as large sharpening stones. Easy to use and versatile this sharpener works on all blades. Small lightweight, pack able yet fits securely in hand while in use. Carbide and ceramic V sharpeners work great for thinner blades, ceramic bar and diamond rod for serrated blades. The diamond rod uses two magnets to retain the rod in the handle and keep it open while in use. The magnet causes the rod to stick to the edge of the blade while sharpening making it easier to use. I chose the Blade Medic over the similar Smiths pocket pal because the Blade medic is all metal construction and it comes with a ceramic sharpening bar on the top that the pocket pal does not have. I have used the Blade Medic to sharpen the following blades with great success: Swiss army knife, Ka-Bar BK14, Cutco kitchen knives, cold steel B&T, Canadian belt knife, Mora companion HD, and OKC SP8.
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on May 20, 2013
Really wish I could give it 3.5 stars, but more 3 than 4 stars.

Regular pocket knife is a Victorinox. With a whetstone or diamond block I can get a good edge though maybe not quite shaving good. However, what happens is I get a good edge and use it, and over half the time it isn't that good and sharp. Hoped this would help. It does. I can give it three or 4 strokes once a week, and keep a good though not great edge on it. Which means most of the time it is sharper than it otherwise would be. Quite handy.

A couple of my real high quality knives can get a really nice shaving edge on them. And I haven't used this as it clearly wouldn't accomplish that. I use a diamond coated stone instead.

Now if you have an abused or super cheap blade, this will dress it up fairly good, quickly and painlessly. You can stroke it a few times and get a decent usable blade. I have a cheap lockable folder I carry when kayaking. Not wanting to risk my fine knives, it keeps such quite decently, workable sharp edges without much time or fanfare.

Some complain of the weight, it is metal, but it isn't really heavy. I like it myself. Much better than plastic encased sharpeners. The diamond tapered part is hinged in plastic. Really poor decision. Hasn't been a problem yet, but it would have been much nicer if that had a metal hinge point.

The one I got had a knot or spot on the serrated long ceramic sharpener up top. I used a diamond stone on a another sharpener to smooth it out and all is fine.

So for junk or abused blades the carbide can clean it up, the ceramic can put a workable good edge on it. Up top is a ceramic strip for serrated blades, and the conical diamond coated sharpener for fine serrated edges. In fact, if you are careful, that diamond coated pick can put as fine an edge as you have patience to produce.

For not great blades you can easily get good edges, with patience the diamond pick can get as good an edge as is possible. It is a nearly all metal design, which is sturdy though handy and not too expensive. Well worth the money. Maybe I should bump it to 4 stars, but really 3.5 is about right. And here I am settling on 3 stars. It is better than maybe it sounds in my review considering the cost isn't too dear.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 20, 2015
Great sharpener... everything you need to restore a dull blade in one small package. The first thing I noticed when I received this was its heft; the Lansky is solid and feels nice in the hand. I feel like the weight gives you more control during sharpening and certainly makes it feel more professional than something that's built from mostly plastic.

I use this on everything from my EDC pocketknives -- Case, Swiss Army, RoughRider etc. -- to my go-to outdoor knife, the SOG Seal Pup Elite. Once you have a nice edge on your blade, maintenance is as easy as a few swipes through the angled openings... carbide, ceramic and you're done!
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on February 5, 2015
So far very satisfied. I expected a bit of weight after reading other reviews, and knowing that it has a metal casing (actually one of the reasons I chose it over a similar, but plastic, product from another company). It definitely feels like a quality product. I like the hole for a strap/chain - I hooked it on to the chain with my Friendly Swede Magnesium Emergency Fire Starter Block and put them in my backpack together.

The diamond tapered rod for sharpening serrations is held in place, both open and closed, with magnets. They are pretty strong. I wouldn't hold it under my compass while trying to use it. ;) But it might be good for magnetizing a straight pin or paper clip for a makeshift compass! :)
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on August 19, 2012
Good product, has everything that I need. I am stationed in Afghanistan and I just loop it into my uniform and sharpen my knife whenever i need to. very handy. good design but the diamond edger pops out everyonce in a while, thats why only 4 stars otherwise very good. I will recomend it to others who need an all in one knife sharpener.
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on September 11, 2014
A Mighty Midget Wonder!! 5 stars. For years, I have sharpened all of my knives, from craft knives to pocket knives to our expensive kitchen knives using a whetstone. I have previously used various stones, my latest, a Japanese 2-sided stone that produces excellent results. But this product does in 15 seconds what it took me minutes with the stone!! I am impressed!! However, it does leave a slight burr on the edge, nothing to cause worry, but being a perfectionist, I swipe the blades on the stone a couple of times after using it to achieve that razor blade-like quality. Additionally, for outdoorsmen, this packs well to keep hunting and fishing knives at their best.

I really like this and highly recommend it!!!! (Oh, and I am not affiliated with the mfgr or their agent(s). I'm just an honest citizen!!
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on April 25, 2014
I've always used a good quality sharpening stone to sharpen hunting knifes, but I saw this and decided I wanted to try it. I'm happy I did. I used it on a couple of old dull folding knifes I have. One was an old Case XX that was my wife's grandfather's and father's knife. It must be 60 years old. Within a matter of three to four passes through the carbide sharpener I could start feeling a cutting edge on the blade. After several more passes through the carbide sharpener, and a few light passes through the ceramic sharpener it gave a nice sharp cutting edge to the blade. I finished it with a couple of light passes along the blade edge with the tapered diamond file. I was more than happy with the results. It gave a nice sharp edge to both blades of the Case XX, and a nice edge to the Old Timer also. The all metal unit measures 3-7/8th inches long closed, 1-1/4 inch wide, and 3/8th inch thick. With the file opened it measures 6-1/8th inches in length. Also the tapered diamond file sharpened the serrations in my SOG seal Pup with ease. This little sharpener easily fits into the sheath pouch of the SOG Seal Pup, that's one of the reasons I got it. I think this is a well thought out rugged little sharpener that I would take with hunting or camping. Great price, great product. Hope this helped.
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