Customer Reviews: LaserLyte Laser Trainer Target
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on January 6, 2011
I'm using this target with a LaserLyte - 22-50 Caliber Laser Trainer which looks like a sound or vibration activated modified boresight (LT-1). While the modified borelight works as advertised it's a bit of nuisance about removing the batteries when not using but it does work well...

Now to this TLB-1 target...
This target is GREAT! I use it with a handgun and a powerful GREEN laser on the weapon. The target ignores and seems to not see the bright green laser and responds only to the red bore laser (exactly what I wanted). What that means is, you can use your green laser to practice sighting while showing hits from the red bore laser.

The target has 3 controls... on-off rocker switch which will also reset the target along with a (red laser activated) circle to display accumulated hits and another circle to reset the target by removing the hits and in standby for more laser hits.

You can see the red laser hits (as reflective flashes) but they don't stay on the target display until you laser the 'display' circle, then all hits are displayed as red dots...., now laser the 'reset' circle and start over again.

So....., you can fire once and display the hit or pop off a magazine worth of 'dry fires' and see the entire grouping. (I use a snap cap in the weapon)

3 AA batteries powers the target and batteries are included PLUS a screwdriver to remove the cover to insert the batteries. They include a screwdriver!

The box says, "6,000 shots on one set of batteries", "62 LED's can be activated up to 50 yards".

A thought....
A small hand held 'red' laser might be of benefit (not included) to trigger the display and reset mode until you're good enough to shoot the circles with a dry fire... The display and reset circles are a little over an inch and the active part of the target is about 5 inches (dia).

I'm very pleased with this item and recommend it.
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on January 28, 2012
Do do not buy this device. it will allow you to do effective dry fire practice to the point of making you a superb marksman. That, in turn, will remove all the competition at IDPA and steel challenge matches. it will mess up the economy by allowing you to avoid spending money on practice ammunition. You will not be spending money at the range punching paper targets. You will not be spending money on shooting lessons. Especially, do not go to and download their dry fire drills and practice them with this laser target. You will mess up the whole sport of target shooting and destroy the economy. Ok, OK, you may have fun, it may be really easy to get in 30 minutes of practice a day and get instant feedback on your improvement but is that really important? What about the idea of doing things the hard way with expesive ammunition, range travel time, etc.

Oh, and by the way, you really need to buy one of those little laser pointer devices to 'paint' the switch windows to display and reset the target. However, after a while, your accuracy will be sufficient to hit those little windows from 30 feet with you gun and then you'll be stuck with a laser pointer. Don't forget, YOU ALSO NEED TO PURCHASE A LASER 'BULLET' TO INSERT INTO THE MUZZLE OR CHAMBER OF YOUR GUN. I recommend the Laserlyte Pistol Trainer that can be adjusted for various calibers .380 to .45 cal.

I've used this thing now for about 2 months. It is, without doubt, the best addition to dry fire that you will ever see. It will improve your accuracy be providing almost instant feedback. You do need to purchase the laser 'bullet' of the appropriate calibe and it will help immensely if you have one of those little ubiquitous laser pointers to push the display and reset windows. One very small problem developed. As your accuracy gets better, you may notice that only 2 or 3 lights will record when you know you had 6 shots that were spot on. What is happening is that the level of resolution of the target is too coarse to discriminate the separate shots. That is, you are putting the 'bullet' thru the same 'hole' as one of your previous shots and the target is only recording the first one.

Seriously, irony aside, (the opposite of irony is wrinklery) buy this thing. It is an amazing trainging device and if you use it regularly it will make a profound improvement in your accuracy.
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on September 13, 2011
Shooting .45ACP makes trips to the range fairly expensive, with range fees and targets plus ammo. It is important to practice at the range with live ammo, but a couple times a week is out of the question, plus the range is closed at night and not worth the trip for a quick session.

That's why I bought this laser target and companion LaserLyte Laser Trainer Pro [...] . It can fill the gaps between trips to the range every two or three weeks. At $241 for this Laserlyte laser target and and LaserLyte Laser Trainer Pro, I figure a four to five month breakeven.

I bought this to use with both .45 ACP and 9mm pistols, so I got the LaserLyte Laser Trainer Pro to use with it instead of one of the lasers that look like and load like, a bullet in a specific caliber. In actual use, I have set it up with markers for the three distances for the concealed handgun license test and also for 25ft--about the longest distance I can set up indoors. I hesitate to try it outside, where someone might see me and get nervous, or worse!

It might be helpful if the target were a little larger, in order to record my really wide shots, but as it is, I hit the target 95% of the time at 25ft. The greater challenge is "hitting" the little red circle to display the hits, then hitting the other red dot to reset the box. All in all, a pretty good challenge. I'm using a semi-auto, so I have to cycle the slide just a bit between shots to cock the striker. With a double action pistol or revolver, you could use this normally for repeated shots.

All in all, a clever design that appears well made.
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on January 24, 2012
I first saw this advertised in the American Rifleman, so I decided to give it a try. Be sure you go to the LaserLyte website and watch their videos. The videos will give you lots of information about this laser target. The target itself works well. I have used it in all sorts of light indoors, and it has never failed to show my shots at 10 yards (the greatest distance that I can use in my house). You will need to add to this one of LaserLyte's laser transmitters for your pistol; those will set you back about an additional $80 bucks. The small size of the target forces you to get more accurate. The main target face is about 4.9 inches wide. Still, it is easy to use. To display your shots on the main target, you "shoot" the Display target (lower left). To clear the target for more practice, you "shoot" the Reset target (lower right). This will never replace going to the range. As I pilot, I know that it is great to work in a flight simulator because you can practice things in the simulator that might be too dangerous in the real aircraft. Even just working a procedures simulator is beneficial, because you learn what to do when so that the behavior in the real aircraft becomes automatic. The same applies here. This is a good procedures trainer. You can practice your emergency responses and get immediate feedback with procedures that your range might never allow you to do for safety reasons. You can practice even on times when you do not have the time to go to the range, or the weather won't allow a trip to an outdoor range. In this controlled environment, it is easier to learn what a proper sight picture looks like for your pistol. The only down side I have found is that after about 25 rounds, you have to turn the target off and let it sit for a few seconds (say, 15 seconds) to let it reset. Without a brief rest, it will not respond to all of your shots. The other minor irritation is that there are fewer sensors in the Display and Reset targets, so you have to be VERY accurate there. That's not all bad. If you get to where even taking your time you can display or reset your main target first time every time, I'd say you were a pretty good marksman.
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on July 31, 2015
I am a NRA Pistol Instructor and was looking for training aids. I use a laser bore sight to check iron sights and recently saw a video on YouTube about how to use a laser for for trigger control analysis. It seemed like a very good approach so I thought I would buy a laser specifically for trigger control training. After finding and buying the laser trainer I thought I would get this target to round out the package. I am glad I did. This target will pay for itself in paper targets alone that I don't have to buy. No masking tape! No going down range to reset targets. It can be used in the house! In the air conditioning! No brass to police! No ammo to buy or load! Add it up and it saves a ton of bucks and provides a great practice session. Plus no cleaning session afterwards and cleaning materials to buy!

Note! It is not a replacement for live fire but it WILL improve your shooting. I mean this sincerely! The "Laser Trainer Pro" by Laserlyte I bought to use with this target is dead on. Or at least better than I am. Like I said above you still need to shoot live ammo for recoil and report to get a real experience but trigger control, grip and sight alignment training is possible with this set up.

Here is a reason to buy for the gun collector. If you are like me it is sometimes hard to choose which gun to shoot with for an event. Or just to find out which gun you shoot the best with out of many that are close. This will help with that as well. In 20 minutes I could see a difference, albeit a disappointing one, that my favorite SIG was not my best shooter in my hand. It was the old Ruger brick P92 that I had the tightest groups with. In the 20 or 30 minutes I had ordered my guns from one to ten in grouping size. Remember this is not the gun's accuracy it is you and how the gun fits you. Also recoil is not taken into account but grip angle hand fitting and sight analysis is very possible with this.

Gun store owners .... THINK OF THE SALES POSSIBILITIES!!! Let them see for themselves how the gun shoots in their hands. Let them find the best gun for them and they WILL BE BACK for their next gun!

For you instructors out there this is invaluable for working with students prior to going to the range.

Note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No live ammo anywhere near you when using and ALWAYS ALWAYS triple check the chamber for live ammo if you use the Laser Trainer Pro with this target. The Laser Trainer Pro laser does not load into the chamber like other lasers so it is possible to have a chambered round in the firearm with the laser on it.

One final note a little off topic but pertinent, lasers that mount in the bore not the chamber are best for POI (Point of Impact) accuracy, The gun's chamber is not the last point of leaving the barrel for bullet flight. While most guns are machined fairly accurately the chamber is not the part of the barrel to affect bullet flight.
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on May 26, 2011
This does everything it's supposed to do. I took the tip of someone else and purchased an inexpensive laser pointer to activate the reset and display buttons while adjusting my sights. I would like to see an updated version of this with higher resolution but otherwise cannot complain. It even comes with a screwdriver for assembling the case after you install the batteries - might seem like overkill but the screw heads are a bit small. Nice touch.
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on April 2, 2013
Evelyn at Laserlyte replaced the defective barrel insert and the whole unit works as advertised. They also replaced the 6 dead batteries that came with it, giving me 12 batteries. Thanks Laserlyte. I should point out that the product carries a 3 year warranty which is excellent. >>>>>> TO GET 5 STARS I would still like to see a on/off light on the target wall unit, not just a switch. I'd also like to see instant hit indications. <<<<< Perhaps in the future improvements. Right now, I'm satisfied Laserlyte did the right thing .. it's called customer service. Thanks again Evelyn of LL Customer Service.
We had one of these about 5 years ago, and it worked well. We ordered this one and it doesn't at all. I changed the batteries thinking they were dead .. but it just won't turn on. The package appears to have been opened before and resealed, as if it was a returned product, shelved, and shipped out again. I AM NOT HAPPY.

We're busy remodeling and when I finally opened this last week the return policy (30 days expired). Bottomline, both sets of batteries that came with this AND the Trainer Target didn't work. I put new batteries in the TARGET and it still won't work.
I am very disappointed as we planned on ordering 7 more for tactical training.

Wasted $100.00 here, and $140 on the Target too.
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on December 4, 2011
This is a great system that provides instant feedback with respect to proper pistol sight alignment and trigger squeeze. When paired with the LaserLyte Pistol Laser Trainer you are able to see where you were pointing when the hammer fell. I used it indoors from 50 feet down to 6 feet, and was impressed with its ability to register where I would have hit had I been actually firing my Kahr P9. Now for the down side. After just 75 shots on target, the LaserLyte Pistol Laser Trainer (NOT the Laser Trainer Target)failed. After checking the batteries and the installation, it was determined that the laser in the Pistol Laser Trainer had become defective. When operating properly, the device would activate a strong laser beam when the hammer on the pistol fell. In between shots, no laser beam could be detected at all. The device was either full on, or full off, no in between. After 75 shots, I found the Pistol Laser Trainer would no longer activate the laser beam when the hammer fell, and the device was now emitting a very dim laser light that could not be turned off. It was now on full time at what appeared to be a low power setting. I contacted LaserLyte and they asked me to send it in for repairs. A return authorization number was provided, but no return postage assistance was offered. I was told to insure the package and have it tracked at my own expense. The customer service rep said they would inspect the device, and either repair or replace it at their option. I mailed it back two days ago, and I'm now awaiting its repair. I have several LaserLyte products, and to date they have all functioned flawlessly. Had the device continued to work with the LaserLyte Laser Trainer Target, I would have given it five stars. As LaserLyte is a reputable organization with a good products, I anticipate a positive final outcome on its repair/replacement. Keep in mind that had I been firing live ammo, the 75 practice shots would have cost me around $25.00 factoring in ammo, target cost and gas to the range. As you can see, just a few hundred practice shots would pay for the cost of both of these LaserLyte products.
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on July 11, 2012
Bought it, assembled it, did not work.
Replaced the batteries, reread the instructions, still did not work.
Sent it back to Amazon who refunded my purchase price.
Amazon does amazingly good work.
LaserLyte - much to be desired, especially for the price.
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on January 22, 2012
First target was defective -- only worked about 10% of the time, then not at all. Returned it under warranty and received a new "tested" one, but this new one had a wire completely disconnected from the circuit board and sticking out into space. That's 2 out of 2 defective. Have emailed LaserLyte to ask how this will be handled -- will post results as an update. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: March 31, 2012
The third target unit I received (the second replacement) also did not work at all, right out of the box. Hmmm ... seems to be a trend here -- similar to that experienced by another reveiwer. I have emailed the manufacturer to ask for a return authorization and shipping label (yet again!) and will see what happens -- if they send me a fourth unit. Needless to say, my confidence level for ultimately receiving a unit that works is not high.

FURTHER UPDATE: I never DID get a replacement that worked out of the box. The manufacturer insists that there is no quality control problem with this product, even though there obviously is, according to my experience and that of other Amazon reviewers. I cannot recommend buying this product.
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