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Lasko #100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater
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on November 19, 2010
Color Name: Black
have used for one day so i cant comment on durability yet. this little thing after it warms up will put out some heat comparable to a normal 1500 watt unit. this does not move a ton of air, so its not good for room heating, just personal space as advertised. i tried mine out at work in a larger open bay type environment, room was 62-63 and put this little heater about 18-20 inches away and on a small box about a foot off the ground. you can feel a nice warm stream of air blowing over you, good for keeping the chills away. would recommend in an office environment working at a computer, case stays perfectly cool during use and is very quiet. front grille can get very hot and needs time to cool after use. other good things, its only 200 watts so no need to worry about tripping a circuit breaker.

have been using this heater for just about a year now and still love it. (let me re-phrase this due the comments) i brought this heater with me while stationed in korea. my dorm room dosent have any other working heat, so its up to this little guy. my room is 10 X 12 with concrete cinder block walls and a 2 1/2" thick solid wood door. on freezing or warmer days outside it can keep the 10 x 12 room around 65-70 with the door closed. when the temp drops lower i need to get out the spare heater and they both do a great job of getting the temp back up. i have had only one problem, i went to turn it off and take to work one day and found that the case had gotten hot and started to melt. i'm not sure it the kids or dog knocked it over, but i have still used the same one leaving it on for days or weeks straight and havent had anything go wrong with it again. i still recommend trying this little heater out if you need something small for a small office type environment.
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Color Name: BlackVerified Purchase
UPDATE after one year of ownership: This little heater continues to impress me. I don't know how it would perform in a really cold climate, but here in Northern California, where nighttime winter temperatures rarely go much below freezing, it's outstanding at heating a small space quickly. The room where I now work is unheated; it was converted from being the house's garage. I use a deLonghi oil radiator heater for the main heat in this room, but off course it takes a long time to warm up. The Lasko heats the area around my desk quickly while the deLonghi is warming up. After the deLonghi is warm, I switch off the Lasko. This combination works well for me, and using the Lasko this way allows me to conserve power by using the deLonghi at a lower power setting.

I was impressed enough with the Lasko that I ordered a second one (a model 103, identical except for having a red front). I use one in a separate building behind my house and the other in an unheated room inside my house. Neither Lasko is my main heater. They just provide heat while the oil radiators come up to temperature. They also occasionally provide a relatively low power supplemental source of heat as an alternate to using an oil radiator heater at a higher power setting.

After a year of ownership, I'm raising my original four star rating to five stars. The price is so low and the heater works so well that the little guy deserves it.

My original review:

This little guy puts out an impressive amount of heat. It won't heat a large or even medium sized space, but if you need to heat under your desk or very near your person, it definitely puts out the heat. It works well in my 8'x 9' office in a standalone unheated, uninsulated brick building. I've only owned it for two weeks, so I can't attest to its durability, but its three year warranty does offer some assurance.

Ironically, I canceled the Lasko after ordering it and ordered a Vornado Personal Vortex 375/750 watt heater instead, but Amazon was unable to cancel the Lasko in time and shipped it. I left it packed in the box for a week, intending to return it... until I became frustrated with the Vornado's pathetic heat and out of curiosity, opened the Lasko and tried it. I was immediately impressed with the heat it generates, so much so that I've returned the Vornado and ordered a second Lasko MyHeat.

My main use for the two Lasko's will be supplementing the oil filled heater in my office, which during the winter can be as cold as low forties Fahrenheit when I open it in the morning. The Lasko's will provide immediate heat while the oil-filled heater slowly heats up.

A secondary use for one Lasko will be cold weather camping in my truck. The power draw is low enough that I can power it using the deep cycle battery I carry when traveling.

My only real complaint about the Lasko is the lack of any tip-over protection. A thermostat would be nice, but for this price, I'm not complaining. However I am knocking off one star for the lack of tip-over protection. This is my one concern about camping with this heater. I don't use heat while sleeping so it won't be a problem for me, but for anyone who camps with it and leaves it on while sleeping, you'll need to be very careful to prevent it being accidentally knocked over during the night and starting a fire. I plan to affix Velcro to the bottom to protect against tipover.

Other than that, this is an outstanding little heater. Its looks won't impress people, but it will keep a small space warm while consuming very little power.

UPDATE: I've used my Kill-A-Watt meter to confirm the wattage of nine electric space heaters. Virtually all of them have actual wattages that are below the claimed rating. The exception: both of my Lasko MyHeats. Lasko claims 200 watts, but one of mine has an actual wattage of 211 and the other 202. By comparison, the Vornado Personal Vortex Heater, which I originally wanted but ended up returning, claims 375/750 watts, but the unit I had was only 326/696 watts. I don't say this to disparage Vornado. Nearly every other space heater I've tested had lower wattages than claimed, except these two little Lasko's.

General information about buying electric space heaters:
I've owned and used electric space heaters since 1988, mostly DeLonghi oil filled radiators. When I recently began looking for a heater that would warm up a room faster, I was frustrated at the lack of hard, objective, facts about electric space heaters. Even the manufacturer websites often fail to mention or makes it hard to learn the most basic information you need to know, such as wattage ratings and warranty lengths. Not even Consumer Reports has enough information to really inform a consumer. Therefore it's up to us as consumers to share what we know. The rest of this review shares some of what I've learned.

In case you're wondering what heater I decided on to replace my DeLonghi, I didn't, at least not yet. I tried a Vornado PVH and a Bionaire BH1331-U, but I ended up returning both heaters. I'm sticking with my oil-filled heaters for now.

Basic electric space heater facts:
1. All electric space heaters are equally efficient. All heaters rated at 1500 watts output the same amount of heat, but may do it very differently. You have to choose the one that heats the way you need it.
2. Power consumption is determined by two things: the power setting you're using and how long the heater is actually on. Turning up the thermostat setting doesn't increase the heat or power consumption; it just lengthens the time that your heater will be running.
3. To reduce power consumption, use the lowest power setting on your heater that produces the heat you need.
4. An electric space heater will save you money only if you turn your central heating down or off and use space heaters to heat only the rooms where you need heat.
5. The only kind of electric space heater that's likely to provide adequate heat in a large or draft space is a radiant heater (not to be confused with a radiator heater, which is very different), but radiant heaters pose a fire hazard.

Don't take manufacturer wattage claims too seriously. When I used my Kill-A-Watt meter on six space heaters, I found variations of up to 200 watts between the claimed and actual wattage for each space heater. In most cases the actual watts were less than the claimed watts, but one of my DeLonghi's 1500 watt heaters turned out actually to be a 1600 watt heater.

Two crucial steps in finding the electric space heater that's right for you:
1. Learn which heater is right for your needs. A huge percentage of complaints by reviewers about space heaters are due to reviewers buying the wrong type of heater for their needs. Your first step should be to decide between the basic types: Ceramic heaters with a fan, oil-filled radiator, micathermic, and radiant. First learn the conditions in which each one works best and works best and then select the type that will work best for your needs. There is no one single "best" heater for all situations. Each one has conditions in which it works well and conditions in which it's terrible.

2. Look at the warranties. Warranties on space heaters range from one year to five years. Delonghi and Soleus heaters that I've checked have one year warranties. Other companies, such as Bionaire, Honeywell, Lasko, and Vornado offer three year and five year warranties on many - but not all - of their models. If a company offers only a one year warranty on some models but a five year warranty on others (such as Bionaire), it raises question about the durability of the heater with the shorter warranty. However a long warranty is only as good as the company offering it. Read reviews to learn what experiences people have when their heaters die while still under warranty.

In most cases, you'll have to download the manual from the manufacturer's website to get the length of the warranty. It's a nuisance, but it's worth taking the time to do.

Don't let anyone tell you that any particular type of heater is "the best". The best type is the one that best suits YOUR needs. The best heater for me might be the worst heater for you. Some heaters heat up a cold room faster, some keep a room at a steady temperature, and some will work better in a large space.

Some questions you need to ask yourself before deciding which type of heater to buy- Will it be keeping a room at a steady temperature? (oil-filled radiator or micathermics heaters might be best)
- Will it be heating up a cold room? (a heater with a fan or a radiant heater might be best)
- Are there children or pets who might be injured by touching a hot surface? (oil-filled radiator and radiant heater might be a problem)
- Do you want to heat just a particular spot rather than the whole room? (radiant heaters might be best
- Are you concerned about fire risks? (oil-filled radiator or micathermic heaters might be best, though no space heater is completely safe)

Oil-filled radiators:
These are my favorite heaters. These are the heaters that look like old-fashioned steam radiators. The oil retains its warmth after the thermostat cycles off, which is important if you want to keep a room at a steady temperature. The downside is that the oil takes longer to heat initially, which is why these heaters take so long to warm up.

I have two DeLonghi oil-filled radiators; I've been using one of them for 23 years, and the other is about eight years old. I love the heat they provide. It's steady, warm, with no noise and no drying out of the air like with some other types of heaters. They are ideal for maintaining a steady temperature in an enclosed room.

Oil filled heaters have a huge drawback, however: they are terrible at heating up a cold room. It can take an oil-filled heater hours longer to heat up a cold room than other types of heaters.

The US Department of Energy recommends oil-filled heaters as the most efficient, because the fins generate warmth even when the heater's thermostat cycles off. However this efficiency is only when the heater is continually on, keeping a room at a constant temperature. If you turn the heater on and off frequently, you'll lose most of the efficiency that's inherent in these heaters.

If you have children or pets, look into one of the shielded radiator heaters. I prefer the unshielded ones because they radiate more heat laterally, but the surface can get very hot and be a hazard if touched. DeLonghi claims that their shielded radiator heaters circulate heated air more quickly. Both of mine are unshielded, so I have no way of confirming that. My concern about the shielded radiators is that they would direct more hot air up rather than to the side, where I need it.

If your electric rates are different for different times of the day, you can use this to your advantage in setting your radiator heater toswitch on and warm the room from cold when rates are low, then let it provide steady heat when rates are higher.

A word of warning about oil-filled radiators: if one is poorly made or damaged, it can leak oil and permanently damage rugs and floors or even start a fire. Only buy from a reputable manufacturer and don't accept one that has any visible damage.

Ceramic fan heaters:
These are great at heating a room quickly, however many people including myself don't like the heat they blow. I don't mind it in my Vornado Personal Heater (375/700watt), which is located under my desk, but I thoroughly dislike it in the old Honeywell ceramic oscillating heater that came with my house. I much prefer the warmth that comes from an oil-filled radiator. Ceramic heaters can be most effective at quickly warming up a cold room.

Radiant heaters
Radiant heaters (don't confuse them with radiator heaters!) work by heating whatever they are pointed at rather than heating the air in the room. If you have a large, drafty space, a radiant heater might be your best choice, because it doesn't heat the air, only the objects and people it's directed at.

Micathermic heaters
Micathermic heaters work similarly to oil-filled radiators, except that instead of heavy metal fins filled with hot oil, micathermic heaters have thin sheets of mica that heat up. I've only had experience with one micathermic, a Bionaire BH1331-U, and found that it's exterior surface remained very cool except for a few very warm spots on top. There would be less risk of young children being burned by touching a micathermic heater than an oil-filled radiator. Micathermic heaters are slower heating than ceramic fan heaters, but are faster then oil-filled radiators..

Baseboard heaters
I have a Lakewood oil-filled baseboard heater I bought five years ago that has many of the advantages of a micathermic heater. It heats faster than an oil-filled radiator but has no hot surfaces and low fire risk. My Lakewood does an excellent job of heating my 12x15 bedroom.

However I have not researched baseboard heaters and only have experience with this Lakewood, so I don't know whether others are as good as this one. I was impressed that when I measured the actual wattages of my various space heaters, the Lakewood's actual wattages came closest to its claimed wattages of all the other heaters I tested. Lakewood unfortunately went out of business in 2009 and had a major problem with oil leaking from its heaters a few years earlier. Despite this, it's in many ways my best heater and has the lowest cost of operation.
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on December 4, 2010
Color Name: Black
I purchased this little heater to warm my desk area at work. We cannot use the high wattage heaters because of the risk of overloading the electrical circuit and shutting everyone else down.

The 200 watt MyHeat heater is just about perfect for my intended purpose; heating the space around my desk. It puts out a decent amount of heat; it seems to be more efficient than other heaters using five to seven times the wattage, quite a bit of heat for a mere 200 watts.
The only thing it could benefit from is a thermostat to shut it off once the desired temperature is achieved. For my usage the missing thermostat isn't a big deal, this is why I gave it five stars.

Summary: Nice looking (multiple colors available), small size(smaller than my PC speakers), quality power cord, low wattage, good heat output. A worthy purchase.
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on April 3, 2013
Color Name: WhiteVerified Purchase
I work in a large space that is too expensive to keep heated so this little heater is perfect. It does not really heat the room that I am in very much. Maybe that is because I keep the door open. But it does keep me comfortable. I have it under the desk pointed at me. The rest of the building is about 55-60 degrees.

It does not have a thermostat. But since I keep it near me I have not had a problem remembering to turn it off when not in use. My original plan was to plug it into an energy saving surge protector and have it turn off with the computer. That way it would be less possible for it to just be left on when not in use.

After 2 weeks: I now know that if I keep the door at least partially closed it does heat the room.

It doesn't have a tip-over switch. The heater itself does not get hot except for that black circle where the heat blows out and that doesn't get hot enough to actually burn you if you happen to brush against it.

Update: I have been using this little guy for at least 8 mos. now and I have forgotten to turn it off a few times. I expected to see an uptick in the electric bill but that didn't happen. 200 watts is like two bright incandescent light bulbs.
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on February 1, 2011
Color Name: Black
I have 3 of these that I bought locally & really like them. I took one to work to use in my cold office & it heats it up a treat! The other 2 are at home. One in my tiny cold bathroom & the other stays in front of my armchair.
I don't need to crank up the central heat at home when I'm feeling a bit chilly & my tightwad boss doesn't complain about me running up his power bill at the office. It's great not to have to beg for a piece of coal from Mr. Scrooge!
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34 of 34 people found the following review helpful
on November 27, 2012
Color Name: WhiteVerified Purchase
I use this in the bathroom, heats up nicely and helps keep the mirror fog-free. Perfect size for the bathroom countertop.
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49 of 52 people found the following review helpful
on April 18, 2013
Color Name: WhiteVerified Purchase
I use it discreetly at work where it is cold and regular heaters are banned. Now I can work in comfort while my neighbors in surrounding cubes bundle up. Best of all, it is quiet and no one know I have my heater on. The size was bigger than I had expected but it hides well behind my laptop screen when not in use. Highly recommended.
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on October 20, 2011
Color Name: BlackVerified Purchase
I ordered 2 of these units last month. They are the perfect size for my small offices and they only draw 200w so they won't stress the electrical system at work. They both worked great for about 3 weeks, then they both started to die. They started sputtering, then the fan wouldn't turn on at all. This happened to both units within 2 days of each other. Now one is totally dead and the other is still sputtering away.

There are ton of positive reviews of this heater, so I believe I just got a bad batch. I contacted the manufacturer and they will do an RMA.
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48 of 51 people found the following review helpful
on February 4, 2014
Color Name: WhiteVerified Purchase
after 20 days of use, the face melted on this product.

With your $20, it's better spent on other heaters.

- It's small
- Looks nice

- Face melts
- Weak
- Little value for the $
- No warranty!
review image
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38 of 40 people found the following review helpful
on February 22, 2012
Color Name: Black
We bought this for our little 4lb Chihuahua girl. She loves our full sized Duraflame electric stove heaters, but since we are going into spring we don't use them that much. We got this little heater so she could snuggle up with the warmth, but it didn't get so hot it would run us out of the room. Can't use much electricity. Great little product. Very safe! You can touch any part of it and its just warm, the plastic never gets hot enough to burn anyone or any Chi nose. =)

I'm not going to lie, I just stole it from her to use on my feet and OH MY GOSH! NICE! Going to get another to keep under my desk to warm my feet in the morning! NICE!
review image
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