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on January 20, 2011
I have Chronic Fatgue Syndrome (with Lyme disease as one source of the trouble, but also with very high viral titers - EBV, CMV, HHV6, HSV) and I have been using lauricidin for over a year - in doses anywhere from 1 to 9 scoops per day. It has been very helpful in beating back the pathogen overload that appears to be part of the poorly understood causes of CFS.

I can highly recommend it as a safe way to help your body fight a wide array of viruses, bacteria & candida. It prevents herpes outbreaks, fights off colds & flu, but more importantly for me, gives me a good tool in my fight against this awful illness that has descended on my life.

If you are quite ill, you have to start really slowly, as you can experience die-off symptoms that make you feel much worse. I started with a quarter of a scoop a day, and slowly increased my dosage. after treatment with a whole variety of things (this is just part of my plan), I was much better for 3-4 months, and discontinued it. I have re-started Lauricidin in the last month as I have relapsed badly. I am thinking I shouldn't go off it.

I have helped friends and family battle various minor ailments with it, to their surprise. One-two scoops a day prevents herpes outbreaks in most people I can report.

be aware - the pellets taste soapy and will make you very nauseous if you chew them, or if you drink hot liquids near the time you take them. Taken with cold water, and swallowed quickly - no problem.

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on October 5, 2011
I have been taking this product for over a year now, using 2 scoops on a regular basis. I have never felt sick from taking it. I worked up a few pellets at a time as instructed by my doctor.

I have suffered from a variety of problems, hypothyroid, chronic fatigue, auto immunity issues, joint pain, rashes, etc. As I have been taking a variety of supplements during the same time period, I can't say for sure which one is doing what....but all I know is I haven't been sick with a cold or flue for over a year. And that with a killer cell count which continues to be under 5. AND, I am no longer exhausted all the time.

Many supplements that kill the bad guys like Laurcidin does, have the risk of die off. Practitioners call this a healing crisis. If you start having symptoms, just back off for a few days, drink lots of water (which you should do anyway)and slow down. The supplement is not what makes you sick, it is the release of all those bacteria, virus, fungus, etc. that have been using your body for a breeding ground. It WILL get better.
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on December 13, 2013
After being put on a bad antibiotic (bad for ME), one of the things I had to battle back from was a horrid case of systemic candida. I had tried and finally my nutritionist recommended this. When I combined Lauricidin as an antifungal, with nattokinase enzymes to break down biofilms and reduce inflammation and added in making and drinking water kefir 3 times a day to add 40 to 60 variety of healthy bacteria, FINALLY I was symptom free in less than 2 weeks. It felt like a miracle. I was seriously beginning to wonder if I was just going to have to live with candida for the rest of my life.
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on January 1, 2014
I was sick with a flu like illness for nearly six weeks, and was forced to take medical leave from my job. This illness was unusual in that I also developed nervous system issues, including numb toes, tingling in the limbs and side of face, muscle twitching and tinnitus. The chronic fatigue and brain fog were the worst. As a 25 year old, otherwise healthy male, this was really worrying.

After trying many different supplements, with no noticable effect, I suspected I had a gut infection of some sort, and decided to do my best to treat it on my own in the safest way possible. In combination with Lactoferrin to disrupt a potential biofilm, the Lauricidin was incredibly effective at killing off the pathogen. I know this because of an incredible nausea hours after taking my first dose, followed by a clear headedness the next day. I persisted with both the Lactoferrin and Lauricidin for many days, and was nearly symptom free within a week's time.

I went off both supplements for a week's time prior to getting some diagnostic testing done. I completely tanked during that week. It was worth it to get the testing done, and as soon as I was done with the testing, I went back on my regiment. Sure enough, more nausea, digestive issues, followed by a clear headedness and energy within a couple days. I will be continuing this combination because it has helped me get over what could have easily become Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have to thank Chris Kesser, the functional medicine doctor for this recommendation. I recommend his website and his podcasts.
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on August 24, 2013
I'm a holistic health practitioner with over 30 years of experience using herbs, homeopathy, vitamins, flower remedies, etc. I've helped many people over the years- but could not seem to help MYSELF. I've suffered with chronic fatigue syndrome which seemed to be caused by a chronic virus. Constant sore throat, sinus pain, swollen glands, extreme fatigue and brain fog...I used every possible antimicrobial herb I know of (Olive Leaf, Goldenseal, Echinacea, Elderberry, Oil of Oregano to name a few, also Colloidal Silver). Nothing helped much. I've slowly worked up to 3 full scoops of Monolaurin a day and can't believe the results...I haven't felt this good in YEARS! So thankful I tried it and will NOT be without it now! If you have issues with CFS you really should get on this!
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on April 29, 2013
3 things I can tell you for certain.
1. My finger nails always had a slightly yellow cast to them. They are now white.
2. I had IBS for over 20 yrs. I have been taking this for almost 5 months (on average 2 scoops per day)I no longer have any digestive issues.
3. I went to dentist today and hygienist commented on how healhy my gums looked. This has never happened before.
Who knows how many other things are getting better that can not be seen. Everyone should take this!!
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on April 17, 2012
This product works for very well for me. Do start out slowly or you will have die off reaction as others have mentioned. I experienced this for about a day with slight flu like symptoms after starting out with half of a scoop. Apparently this is normal and is to be expected. I have not experienced viral symptoms since starting this product and I now maintain a 2 scoop a day dose. Also, make sure to take with food because it upsets my stomach a little if I don't.
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on November 9, 2013
I tried this product based on reviews for helping to treat h. pylori in conjunction with mastic gum. After my stool test came back negative before starting monolaurin, I decided to take it anyway because I have horrible disgestive problems that include SEVERE bloating, I look 9 months pregnant when I eat! Anyway, after taking the first pill about 3 hrs later I became really tired and sleepy. So I just went with it and slept for about 6 hrs during the day and a full 10 hrs at night. There was also some gas being passed which was unusual for me. The next day I was fine and started to notice that my bloating issues were incredibly decreased! I am now ordering my second bottle and getting a bottle for my mom who has similiar issues. Perhaps we have candida overgrowth or plain ol gut dysbiosis (imbalanced gut bacteria), whatever, this is working. I have tried hundreds of things to relieve my problem, seen countless GI doctors over years and NOTHING has worked. This product is not 100% the cure but works the best of everything I have tried so far! Actually if I was better with my diet, not eating sugar or carbs I would probably get a cure from this product and mastic gum combined (working on that). Two pills of each per day, one in AM and one in PM.
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on August 15, 2014
Not sure what this is pictured in a bottle but the Lauricidin that I ordered came in a white plastic jar, that being said, I used it in treating my Lyme Disease and co-infections. After two weeks on this I responded with severe herxheimer effects of the Spirochetes dying off faster than the body can get rid of them. I like that it's derived from Coconut oil and I know it works! I will trust it for any infections that I get in the future and recommend it to all Lyme patients or anyone that needs to kill bacterial infections. So happy to find this product!!
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on September 21, 2011
My son had a severe case of H. pylori that limited his diet and caused pain when swallowing or eating which caused him to need to eat constant small amounts of food so I tried this product. It is amazing and worth every penny. He had a herxheimer reaction at first but after a few weeks was able to produce bowel movements on his own without the use of colonics. He is pain free now and can eat a variety of foods that used to hurt his stomach and make him sick. He no longer has acid reflux or heartburn of any kind. I will continue this product until all of his symptoms are gone.
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