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Flavor: Super Crema Espresso|Change
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 15, 2010
I want to start by addressing the people giving low ratings because the beans aren't "oily" enough. If you've ever had a real espresso, one made by a licensed barista in Italy, you'd know that espresso beans aren't oily; they're not even usually that dark. If you see black beans, you're going to get a bitter cup of coffee no matter how you make it. It is the fresh grinding process and pressurized steam that make espresso so dark and strong in the cup, not burnt beans! This coffee is used in the great majority of Italian households and restaurants; I think most of the bars use a different brand but some of the ones I frequented around Florence used Lavazza. I can tell you from first-hand experience that when you order an espresso in Italy, the barista doesn't get beans that look black...that only happens at Starbucks where they don't care about the coffee being bitter because, as these low-star reviewers prove, a lot of American coffee drinkers wouldn't know how coffee is supposed to look or taste.

These beans are the perfect color; medium to dark brown, uniformly roasted. When you grind them, the aroma fills the kitchen. (By the way detractors, that's another way to tell good coffee. If you don't get a big release of aroma when you grind the beans, it means they've been over-roasted and the oils are all gone...perhaps except for that little sheen you want to be on the surface...I'd rather have the oils still in the bean, personally.)

Just for the fun of it, I decided to test this against my favorite coffee for my drip coffee maker. I was actually quite surprised at how rich, dark, and mellow the coffee came out of a rather poor (but quick and convenient) method of making coffee. I knew this would make perfect espresso, but I honestly didn't think the American-style coffee methods would work so well too. There is even a bit of crema on top of the cup...from a drip coffee maker! To see how much foam you get from an espresso machine, check out the pictures I've posted at the top of the page.

Lavazza is now going to be the only brand of coffee in my house. This is as close as you can get to drinking a fresh cup of espresso on the streets of Florence without a plane ticket.
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on July 15, 2009
Lavazza offer several variations on their espresso beans. Of those that I have tried - I don't recall Pienaroma as being great; Top Class is good; Super Crema is tasty (and produces good crema) but not high on aroma; Crema E Aroma retains its aroma very well but is the most acidic of the Lavazzas; Tierra appears to be the hardest to find in the US but - in my opinion - combines the good aspects of all. So far, I've found it only on Amazon. Amazon also has the best prices on Crema E Aroma.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 28, 2010
I used a new bag of this to try in my brand-new Breville Barista espresso maker today. The results were fantastic! The coffee came out with that golden brown crema, touched with chocolate, and made for a superior drinking experience. Not bitter at all! I was so impressed I cancelled previous coffee subscriptions of other brands and will now claim this as my #1 whole bean for perfect cappuccinos.

Lavazza's Crema e Gusto is still my #1 for ground coffee.

Even upon opening the bag I was overwhelmed with the dark golden coffee beans. The aroma isn't as robust as Italian roast, but the coffee itself was smooth, not bitter, yet rich and flavorful.

The price and quality can not be beat. I've had more expensive coffee beans that didn't even come close to this. Please look at the attached images I included showing the golden-brown crema of these beans after they have been grinded and brewed in my Breville Barista Espresso machine.
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on June 10, 2009
I have a Saeco super automatic. Starbucks and Caribou beans are too oily and gum up the machine. Illy is too expensive. All of the Lavazza's work well, but this one tastes the best.
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on May 11, 2009
Complex, maybe more nasal than some of the coffees I use in my Gaggia Classic. There's almost none of the Ethiopian velvety-slick feel, it's almost all European in taste, meaning the flavor tones are more coffee and less fruit and chocolate, the mouthfeel is clean and not coating/cloying. Great aroma from the crema, and great aftertaste, lasts twenty minutes or more easily.

This makes a great straight doubleshot. I don't mix this one with milk/foam, it's good enough on it's own. I never have an issue with grind, pour/pull rate, or crema production.

Not overly caffeinated, it doesn't have Robusta, causes very little 'over the temple' headache when overpulled/thin/underdosed, it's pretty temperature-insensitive.

While I do appreciate some other coffees with thicker mouthfeel and darker flavors (Klatch Belle Espresso, Black Cat), this coffee is lighter and more 'focused' in flavor than those. I find I pull shots of this LaVazza about twice as often as I pull 'boutique' shots.

Just solid coffee, and sets the bar for the standard bean I keep in my kitchen.
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on December 14, 2015
We've tried a lot of different coffees in our espresso machine and liked a few of them pretty well; typically we were paying $12 up to $18 per kilo bag at Sam's Club. While browsing different espresso/coffee sites the name Lavazza had repeatedly come up, so out of curiosity I splurged on a bag. This isn't a coffee that wows at first sip, but it was notably better than anything we had tried to date, including from the local coffee roaster. The color of the beans is lighter than the typical espresso or french roast, and the smell of the beans is light and pleasant. It doesn't promise an "intenso" kind of cup, and it doesn't deliver that; what it does deliver is nice and smoooooth, nice aroma and good coffee flavor but no bitterness. With every cup I come to appreciate it more, it is just yummy. If this coffee were the same price as what we can get locally, it would be our only coffee . . . but this is 50% more expensive at nearly $30 per bag. I had this coffee yesterday, and switched back to our previous coffee today (I'm sipping a cappuccino right now), gotta say the Lavazza is just better tasting, and not by a small factor. Take this as a warning: if you don't want to spend this much money on your daily coffee, don't try this coffee because you can't un-taste it! There's no hope for us, we're hooked- there might be other coffee out there that is as good, but you won't find it at a grocery or warehouse club; this is a coffee I can end the search on. Is it worth close to $30 a bag? I don't know, all I know is I want it, I need it . . . okay, yes it's worth it.
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on March 18, 2012
This was my first time trying Lavazza Super Crema and I must say I was very disappointed the first day using these beans. No matter what dose, tamp and temperature I brewed this espresso at on my Starbucks Sirena machine, I would always get a rather sour, almost "cheesy" tasting shot. The beans were kept in an air-tight mason jar, after opening the bag, and they stayed in there neglected on my shelf for two days. I was not looking forward to trying another espresso shot with them but when I finally did try again the taste was so much better! Almost chocolately with a very nice layer of crema (I always use the non-pressurized basket in my portafilter). It made a very good latte and I was very pleasantly surprised at how much better the flavor was. Today, four days after receiving the Lavazza, I brewed two shots in my Sirena and each had a terrifc flavor...almost like gingerbread! I never tasted espresso like that before. It was incredible and I must say that these beans are getting better and better the longer they are sitting in my mason jar. I highly recommend the Lavazza Super Crema but, keep in mind, that the flavor is not that great the day or two after you first open the bag. Let them sit for two days before pulling an espresso shot and the taste will only get better the following days. Enjoy!
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on August 18, 2009
I used it to make French press coffee. I rate it as excellent and better than the more expensive %100 kona coffee beans. The French press tastes exactly like the coffee served in European airports as they use the same beans. It is a matter of your palate. My son prefers the Kona beans. I am lucky in a way to like the lavazza more. Compare $19.09 for 2.2 pounds of lavazza for $29 for one pound of Kona.
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on December 11, 2014
I have tried all except the Gold Selection, which at $10 more than the other three products available in this listing, is not attractive to me. All brews were performed with an Aeropress.

* Super Crema: I'd say that the roast is darker than Tierra but lighter than Pienaroma. I'd estimate it's a Full City roast. Not much aroma, good crema, full body, slightly sweet, not very acidic, not smoky. In my opinion, can be enjoyed black but can stand up to some cream and sugar.
* Tierra: As mentioned above, probably the lightest roast of the three listed here, but by no means a light roast. I'd say it's a City roast. Nice aroma and crema, full body, with balanced sweetness and acidity. Not smoky. This is my personal favorite of the three. In my opinion, tastes great black and needs no cream or sugar.
* Pienaroma: The darkest of the three reviewed here. This one seems like it's Vienna or French roast. Good aroma. Crema starts out promising but fizzles away. Kind of thin body. Sweetness balanced with smoky bitterness from the darker roast. No acidity. In my opinion, it needs cream and sugar to be palatable, but on the other hand, if you are going to put cream and sugar anyway, then this is a good choice because that bitter smokiness from the darker roast will come through better than it would with the other two. My least favorite, but I would recommend it if you like dark roasts and/or add cream and sugar.
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on December 4, 2010
I thought I would post a quick review while the espresso is on sale. The espresso coffee is great. The bag was fresh, expired sometime in 2012. Please note that these beans are light colored and not dark. The beans are not super oily, however they have a touch of oil so you know the bean is fresh. Other reviewers noted the coffee was not fresh because it wasn't dark colored. remember, just because the coffee isn't dark, doesnt mean its not expresso or fresh. If you have tried Illy Italy brand, the bean in most cases with the red cap is also brown beans for espresso. I tried it a few ways, in my aeropress, expresso machine, and coffee maker.

Aeropress - I did two scoops of beans. A little crema on top. It was very good and nice and strong.

Coffee Maker - No crema and was a little watery. I wouldn't recommend this for regular coffee makers, but if thats all you have, its still tastes good if you want a strong expresso coffee. I would recommend the Aeropress for single cups of pressed coffee especially with espresso beans.

Espresso machine - Again, really nice flavor coffee with lots of crema on the top. Well suited for espresso.

I hope this helps. Im going to pick up another bag at this price.
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