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on April 21, 2007
This book combines two main ideologies, but in a very basic way: The Law of Attraction and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

The Law of Attraction describes us as a magnet and our thoughts and feelings attract from the Universe the equivalent of those thoughts or feelings. For example, if you constantly are in a bad mood and consistently wonder why you don't make enough money, then by the Law of Attraction, you are attracting more of "not making enough money" and "feeling bad".

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a very intriguing topic. NLPs creator's Richard Bandler and John Grinder created NLP as a way of describing methods to create wanted behaviors in ourselves through the way we think "Neuro" and the use of our speech "Linguistic", thus "Programming" ourselves in the way we want.

Here are some thoughts to help you in your decision with buying this book:

1. This book is very much an INTRODUCTION book combining those two main principles: the "Law of Attraction" and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

2. If you have read any "Law of Attraction" books or NLP books, you will most likely have already read the information and probably in more detail.

3. If you are looking for in-depth, two books that come to mind that cover the two principles well: "Ask and It is Given" covers the Law of Attraction extremely well, and "Awaken the Giant Within" covers popular NLP well. FYI: If you can find the out of print books "The Structure of Magic" or its follow up, both written by Richard Bandler and John Grinder (the actual creators of NLP), then you will have learned from the original sources of NLP before the ideologies were modified by others.

4. If you have not read any of these types of books, you will most likely enjoy and find the information useful as a first step to more information.

5. A personal complaint is it is a short book with a lot of white space in which each page is not completely filled and appears to be repetitive.

***** THE BOTTOM LINE *****

If you're new to this type of book, get it, it's not bad to start out with.

If you're not new to it, you've already read it and with more detail.
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"Have you noticed that, sometimes, what you need falls into place or comes to you from an out-of-blue phone call? Or you've bumped into someone on the street you've been thinking about? Perhaps you've met the perfect client or life partner--just by fate or being at the right place at the right time? All of these experiences are evidence of the Law of Attraction in your life. Have you heard about people who find themselves in bad relationships--over and over again--and who are always complaining that they keep attracting the same kind of relationship? The Law of Attraction is at work for them, too. The Law of Attraction delivers both what is wanted and unwanted." --Michael Losier in The Law Of Attraction

Let me start off by saying that The Law of Attraction is one of those rare books that can instantly change your life. It's not hype, because I tried the exercises listed in this book and had observable results within the hour. More on my personal experience a bit later.

You may be wondering What is the Law of Attraction? Simply put, the Law of Atraction states: "I attract to my life whatever I give my energy, focus, and attention to, whether wanted or unwanted". Everything in the world is made up of energy which vibrates at a certain level. When someone has "bad vibes", they are sending off negative energy. Have you ever heard the phrases like attracts like, birds of a feather flock together, and misery loves company? These popular phrases are evidence of the Law of Attraction. There are other phrases and words that describe this universal law, including:

*Meant to be

According to author Michael Losier The Law of Attraction responds to whatever vibration you are offering, by giving you more of what you are vibrating. In our bodies, our "vibration" is translated as feelings. When we feel enthusiastic, loving, confident, or content, we are vibrating positively. When we feel sad, stressed, angry, or ashamed, we are vibrating negatively. This is why viewing negative events causes us to feel badly. Likewise, witnessing beauty or acts of kindess causes us to feel good.

It has been said that we "create our own reality". Regardless of whether or not we are doing it intentionally, we draw circumstances and people towards us that match our vibration (feelings). We are constantly thinking thoughts, and those thoughts produce feelings (vibration). The Law of Attraction teaches us how to deliberately attract more of what we want (as opposed to unconsciously attracting what we don't).

What Losier shows us is that how we feel about something--and what we focus upon--attracts situations and people with matching vibration. He then gives us tools to raise our vibration, and attract our ideal situation--which is exciting! The three-step formula for deliberate attraction is:

*Identify your desire
*Raise your vibration
*Allow it

The instructions are clear and simple, and can be performed quickly. Losier provides two case studies, and guides you through the three-step process with worksheets. There is even a webpage listed in the book where you can download additional worksheets.

I've read other Law of Attraction books, but something seemed to be missing. I found the process frustrating and disheartening, quite frankly, and gave up on the concept (despite knowing there was truth to it). Losier provides the missing piece through his Clarity Through Contrast worksheet, as well as the Desire Statement. Both of these exercises focus our attention on an ideal, so it's easy to get excited about attracting what you desire. I think this is why so many people have trouble with affirmations: you don't feel good about saying a situation is one way, when it is really another. So while positive thinking alone may help with redirecting thoughts, they don't "blow our fan", as Losier is wont to say, until those thoughts are accompanied by positive feelings.

~My Personal Experience~

After I read this book (it's a quick read), I printed out the Worksheets online, and completed them as instructed. I knew immediately what I wanted to attract even before I finished the book: my ideal experience writing my first novel. Up until a few days ago, I had experienced huge resistance to writing my novel. I'd get sick to my stomach and procrastinate because I dreaded sitting down and writing. (This process has been going on for well over a year, with my procrastination often lasting weeks or months). Yet, I had an outline, plot direction, interesting characters, and unblocked creativity. In fact, when I actually did write, it went quite well.

So what was wrong with me?! This "creative angst" has been "hanging over me", and I couldn't figure out why my willpower wasn't enough.

I did all the worksheets in the book, which didn't take very long. Within an hour, I sat down and wrote over 500 words of my novel with complete ease. The next day, I quickly read over my Desire Statement, and wrote another 500+ words...with complete ease. It's so easy now, that I'm wondering where the dread went! If I feel low level anxiety, I read my Desire Statement, have an influx of peace, and the writing process is as easy as can be. I'm totally amazed. My husband has also read the book, and has done a Desire Statement on finances. And, we've resurrected our "wish box" (now a blessings jar) that we used to use regularly.

As you can see, The Law of Attraction has started a new and exciting chapter in our lives! I'm still in awe that I can walk over to my dining table, and begin writing immediately with complete ease and clear focus.

In case you haven't guessed, I highly recommend this book--especially if you want to attract more of what you desire...and less of what you don't.
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VINE VOICEon May 29, 2005
In an effort to make my point as clear as possible, I'm going to be as brief as possible:

Out of all the books, tapes, and resources that I've purchased on the topic of "creating your ideal life", Michael Losier's "Law of Attraction" is the absolute best "nuts-and-bolts" treatment I've ever read. Period.

My introduction to the book is actually an example of the law of attraction at work. I was on a plane flying to Cancun, Mexico and saw a gentleman across the aisle reading his book. I noted the title and the author's name and made a note to purchase it when I returned home.

Less than 48 hours later, I was actually SITTING AT DINNER with Mr. Losier and his assistant. They were actually in Cancun for the same business conference I was.

Of course, we can say this is a "coincidence" but that doesn't really explain anything. It's just another word we use to describe the law of attraction in our everyday language.

What Losier teaches in this book is NOT how to become someone who attracts results. You're already doing that. Instead, he teaches you -- in plain, English with no weird jargon -- how to become a DELIBERATE attractor and start consciously attracting more of the things you want out of life and less of the things that you don't want.

This book has my highest recommendation. If I couldn't get another copy, I wouldn't take $1,000 for mine.


Footnote: get the CD set from the author's website as well. It's a huge complement to an already-great book.
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on August 12, 2005
This is a very good book. It explains how to get what you want by breaking down the process on three steps:
1) Clarifying what you DO want, putting it into words
2) Letting the Universe know what you want by creating a desire statement
3) Allowing yourself to receive what you want

This is definitely something one should read, although everything written in this book is a common sense for any spiritual person. What makes this book useful is that it forces you to use something you already know. Everyone already has this information but it is in our unconscious. The book kind of helps you to make it conscious
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VINE VOICEon August 11, 2007
The critics are right: The book is short. The book is a rehash of Abraham Hicks. The book is simplistic.

What the critics have wrong is that these are GOOD things!

This is the best, clearest, most practical exposition of how to use the basic ideas found in "The Secret" and Abraham Hicks that I have found.

The book presents three simple steps, along with several exercises that you should do in order to cause your dreams to manifest in reality. It also gives about 10 other practical advanced techniques. That's it! That's the whole book.

The author comes across as very sincere and practical, and many times references his influences, including Abraham Hicks. In fact, he even recommends reading Abraham. He seems really grateful for the information those came before him provided him. What HIS contribution has been has been to take all those theoretical constructs and distill them down to simple practical exercises that we can apply to our everyday lives.

He has done a great job at this.

I used his techniques for the first time right before a big project was due. The project was a spectacular success; I got spectacular compliments from people I never expected to get them from. That is how great the project went off!

I'm grateful! This stuff works, and works quickly.

(You do, however, have to actually DO the exercises!!! Reading the book is not enough. Just a suggestion....)
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VINE VOICEon December 6, 2006
What I love most about Michael Losier's book LAW OF ATTRACTION is that he keeps the concepts simple so anyone can easily understand and apply the Law of Attraction into their lives.

In "the 3-Step Formula for Deliberate Attraction" on page 30, it easily shows:

"Step 1: Identify Your Desire"
"Step 2: Give Your Desire Attention"
"Step 3: Allow It"

While the book truly helps you gain more clarity about what you DO want (which seems to be difficult for many) the third section of the book makes an enormous difference with Step 3: Allowing. This is the step that is usually more difficult for people.

Some of the quotes from pages 108-109 that are immediately helpful are:

"Your job is not to try to figure things out intellectually but to let the Law of Attraction figure it out."

Additionally, there are a few phrases that can help you even more with the allowing process. They are to "Use the Expression, "I'm in the process of..."
"I've Decided" "Lots Can Happen."

Something else that is enormously helpful in a very practical way is covered on page 84 "Formula for Creating Allowing Statements" to help release limiting beliefs:

"Start by asking yourself if there is anyone currently doing what you want to do or having what you want."
"If so, then how many people have been doing this today? Yesterday? Last week? Last month? Last Year?"
"Write your statements in general terms (3rd person), because making reference to yourself may create more doubt" such as "More and more people are attracting creative ways to bring in extra income."

I like the additional book references in the back of this book as suggested reads, and the whole general feeling from this book is entirely positive. Additionally, what's fantastic is that there is a whole section devoted to teaching this to children! I was happily surprised and deeply impressed with this, because of the positive difference this will make in our world.

This is an excellent book, and the author's website also has a lot to offer.
This is just pure goodness that is direly needed in our world, and I wholeheartedly commend Michael Losier for bringing this ancient teaching into simple, applicable and understandable terms, while also crediting those who have taught this before him. This is a book I would buy for anyone who feels bad about their life, and I recommend it for anyone who would like to turn anything around for the better!

Barbara Rose, Ph.D. author of If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer! and Stop Being the String Along
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I am a student of the Law of Attraction (LOA) and have many books on the topic. I would highly recommend that no matter how many books you have, you also get this book. What makes it unique is that it is very applied, very technical (in a good way) so that you can debug your process of applying the LOA so that it will work for you. For example, you will discover why affirmations may not be working for you, and what to do to craft affirmations that do work. You'll discover HOW to "allow", which is the most difficult step of the LOA.

The book is an easy read, and a valuable read that anyone can understand, but will be of great interest to sophisticated readers also.

The author includes a valuable chapter on using the LOA with children, a topic not covered anywhere else that I have found.

The book's format is one that lends itself to easy skimming as you learn to apply the LOA so that you can review (summaries, shaded boxes, etc.). Still, it is a book that I've read in its entirety twice and will read again and again until I am proficient at applying the concepts.

Although the book is short (144 pages) and only takes an hour or two to read, it is incredibly valuable information, well worth many times the price.

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on November 30, 2006
Grasping the intricacies and depth of the Law of Attraction can be daunting, especially when reading the arcane early 20th century literature (Holmes, Wattles, Collier etc.). Abraham-Hicks' works are definitely vital but lack a practicality that Michael Losier brilliantly spells out. I am now able to quickly identify hidden contrary beliefs that block easy goal achievement thanks to the easy-to-understand exercises. This IS a fast read AND yet very deep in shining light into our darkest corners of denial.

This is a great book. Thank you, Michael Losier and thank you,! I found the book by searching "attraction" books!
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VINE VOICEon June 5, 2005
This book supports the propsition that simplicity is the best design. Short and simple, the author provides a good working outline of the principles underlying the law of attraction and then provides practical exercises to assist the reader in utilizing them. (Free additional downloadable forms are available from the author's website.)

Like the Law of Gravity, there is not a whole lot of new material regarding the Law of Attraction. The trick is implementing the principles. Deceptively simple, the law of attraction often proves elusive. The author has done a superb job of desribing the basics and rendering them user friendly.
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on December 21, 2006
I bought this book as a Christmas present for a friend of mine and of course I had to read it before wrapping it up. I've done my best to teach him the benefits of positive thinking and how thoughts and words create reality, but I had to enlist some extra help. The book is clear and concise and not overcomplicated or wordy, which is great for people with short attention spans. ;) It contains worksheets to help keep your thoughts aligned with the Law of Attraction and to remain positive that your goals will become reality. It is basically a workbook that teaches how to change your thought processes from negative to positive so that it becomes second nature, and thus you will attract more of what you want (positive results) in your life.
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