Le Creuset Enameled vs. Lodge Pre-Seasoned I want to get a cast iron grill pan...is it really worth the extra $$$ to get Le Creuset or does Lodge do the job?
asked by Farah on July 24, 2008
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cast iron is cast iron... can't compare to non-stick. also, there are health concerns with non-stick coating slowly coming-off into your food (over the years).

cast iron... i have lodge stuff and it's great. i've used les creuset before. it's good as well. dunno that it's worth the extra bones. if u're willing to split the difference, consider the "signature series" by lodge. keep in mind though, that the lodge stuff (because it isn't enameled) *will* require some maintenance.

Cleaning my lodge usually takes about 3 minutes... but you have to be a bit nerdy about it... can't let it soak (it's iron afterall, will rust) and you can't use soap. so it means rinsing with warm water, scrubbing off any food debris (with a brush) and then wiping it dry. Not a big deal.
Aditya Rao answered on September 24, 2009
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Le Creuset and Lodge are quite different, in that the Lodge pan does not have an enamelled cooking surface.
The enamelled cooking surface on the Le Creuset pan prevents rusting.
This means that there is no ongoing requirement to maintain the surface- as is the case with Lodge.

Also, the Le Creuset pans are more expensive to make, due to the more complex process of applying the attractive and durable enamel.

Also, cast iron pans have quite different cooking characteristics to aluminum pans, as cast iron retains heat- as a result, you use a lower level of heat.
J. M. Fitzpatrick answered on August 28, 2013
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America's Test Kitchen rated grill pans. They like the Simply Calphalon Nonstick
13" Round Grill Pan ($40) and Anolon Advanced 12" Covered Deep Round Grill Pan ($50) as the best. I would just buy one of those.

Source: http://www.cooksillustrated.com/images/document/testing/JF06_GrillPans.pdf
kat answered on July 28, 2008
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