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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 16, 2013
I heard "parental safe wifi" and thought, GREAT! My daughter can go to sesame street, fischer price, Nick Jr, Disney Jr. for her favorite educational games and shows. Perfect! I chose this for her over any other tablet. HUGE mistake. This thing comes with LIMITED PRECHOSEN sites ONLY. A few dozen cartoons, animal videos and ONE dumb game.
My daughter, just turned 4, can play Mario Bros. on her sister's DS and use my computer. She saw this, got SO excited, we opened and she played with it for 10 minutes and asked for my computer or her sister's DS instead. Huge bummer.
Customer service is impossible to understand. I had to ask the guy to repeat himself over and over. He didn't care about my questions and didn't help at all. ALso, this device is SLOW.

UPDATE: I sold my LeapPad Ultra (before it lost too much value) and I got back almost all of my money. THen I bought a Kindle Fire HD. It was a great deal during the holidays. My daughter has had it for about 6 months now. She LOVES it. The variety of free games/books/videos/etc. is massive. The customer assistance has been great. I know I did the right thing and made the right purchase. She loves the graphics and being able to watch Frozen when she's sick in bed or on the airplane or on long car rides is the best thing in the world to her right now. She never asks about her LeapPad.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)

LeapSearch, powered by Zui, which includes over 1,000 hand-selected fun and engaging pieces of content, including videos, images, games and web pages, that are 100% kid-appropriate. Every content experience your child will encounter with LeapPad Ultra has been approved by LeapFrog's team of learning experts, so parents don't have to set filters or search amongst a sea of content and guess which is appropriate. We do the rigorous work, so you don't have to.

We are continually reviewing and approving content from all over the web to make LeapSearch a safe experience for your child. We have added more games and web experiences include content from sites such as National Geographic Kids, PBS Kids, Time for Kids and Discovery Kids. We are always open to suggestions and will pass along your feedback.

If you are not seeing more content, and if you continue to experience slowness, we would suggest checking that you have the most up to date firmware installed. This will help ensure a smooth experience for you and your little learner.

Thanks for taking the time to provide us with your feedback, we appreciate you reaching out to us!
on November 20, 2013
This was really a good purchase. Seems very strong and kid friendly. Bought it for my 3 year old grandson's birthday. He's a bit young for it at just 3 but has already learned the Pet app and enjoys the games in that app. It won't take long for him to learn other apps. He already knows how to turn it on and sign into this account.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 21, 2013
This is a very good idea but very poor execution. I got this for my daughter for Christmas. We opened it to set it up for and what a piece of junk it is. It is very slow and choppy. The lag time alone will make any child become bored with it. It says you get one free download, but the option are very poor and you get to choose from 3 apps. Me and the wife spent 4 hours looking at the different apps in the leap frog App Store. The cheapest one we found was $5. More than 50% of the apps are $25. The apps are the same as the game cartridges you can buy at local store for about $15. You cannot turn off or block the App Store at all. For a 4 year old that was not a great idea. Anytime you transition from one app to another there is a 30 second delay for the thing to load. The graphics are very generic and the sound is horrible. We only had the item for 24 hours before we did return claim to amazon. Thank god amazon has great return policy. People please read the reviews before you buy and you will see they are all the same. I failed to do that and I payed the price. If you don't believe in reviews then go ahead and buy, but I will help you out here... you will need to write this down.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
To block access to the LeapFrog App Center you can click on the Parent Settings icon, then to Profile Manager from there you can click on the "Edit Profile" link under the profile you wish to block and under Wireless Permissions click the "Require Parent Lock when entering App Center" check box.

The LeapPad Ultra comes with 11 included apps like Art Studio, Photo Fun, Pet Pad Party, Pet Chat, an MP3 player, a Utility Suite that includes a calculator, note pad, calendar, voice memo and a clock with a stopwatch. In addition, you have the choice of 1 free app download. Free app choices include: Sugar Bugs, Scaredy Cat and Ozzie and Mack eBook.

LeapPad Ultras firmware updates enable us to continue to enhance the usability for you and your little one. We are continually evaluating customer feedback and making necessary steps towards ensuring a seamless pure learning fun experience. Any slowness you are experiencing could be much improved by ensuring your firmware is up to date. For more information on that, check out

Thanks for taking the time to provide us with information about your experience with LeapPad Ultra. We sincerely appreciate the feedback.
The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 19, 2013
So, if our LeapPad Ultra actually worked - maybe we would have given it more stars for being fun. But its not much fun to spend hours upon hours working with LeapFrog to try and figure out what is wrong with our device. It worked for 2 days before hitting a "Bug." Since then, my daughter looks at it and yells "I hate this thing." When I was paying $150 for this thing, I stopped and asked myself why I wasn't just saving the money and buying an ipad mini as I know Apple has great customer service. I should have listened to myself.

We purchased the Ultra when our Leappad one died. I was taking the kids on a long trip and thought my daughter might like the upgrade as we made the long trip to Grandma's house. Right out of the box, the wall charger wouldn't work. So I had to call and get a replacement sent. I charged it on my computer and it worked on the way to Grandma's house. But then, something went wrong. You can turn it on, the LeapPad screen pops up before going to black. Its still on, because you can see white impressions on the screen, but that's all you can see. I called LeapFrog. The first person I talked to didn't have any idea that they even made the Ultra. The first thing she told me to do was take out the batteries. Well, the Ultra doesn't come with batteries - so I asked to speak with someone who knew something about the Ultra. The next lady, while apologetic, told me it would take 48 hours for them to talk to the developers to try and come up with a fix for the bug I was encountering. 48 hours later, I got an email with a bunch of instructions telling me to log on to the Ultra. Since it doesn't work, there isn't anything to log on to. I again went through all of the issues we were having and had to wait another 48 hours for them to get back to me again. Its gone on this way for 2 weeks and they still don't have any idea what is wrong with their product. For my inconvenience, they offered me a free app. Well, that's just great. What am I supposed to do with a free app when the device the app is for is broken?!?!? Terrible, terrible, terrible customer service and product. Save your money and buy an Ipad mini. If I can ever get my money back for this piece of junk, I will be headed to the Apple store.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)

We have followed up with you via email and have left a voice mail. We would be happy to get you a device that works properly as soon as possible. We look forward to your reply and getting this taken care of for you.

on December 24, 2013
Avoid LeapFrog products at all cost. You think you save money or time, but they have the worst customer service in the world. I am writing this review after spending nearly 2 hours with customer service, with them unable to explain why the $5 app I purchased was not syncing to my device. However, they refused to refund me $5 even though I never got the app and they wasted hours of my time. They say they have an absolute no refund policy NO MATTER WHAT. Tells you what kind of company you are dealing with. Also, FYI, my son loves to draw, by they have virtually no art apps. Like half a dozen, most of which involve tracing letters or shapes, and are totally redundant. And they all cost like $20. So whatever you think you save on the purchase of this cheap kids tablet, you will spend on apps since they start at $10 and go past $20. You may as well spend $100-$200 more for an iPad or Android tablet where you can get literally dozens or hundreds of art apps, learning apps, ,etc, many for free, and others for a buck or two, and much higher quality, This thing is both a time and money pit, and the company lacks decency or scruples and should be avoided like the plague.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
VINE VOICEon August 18, 2013
Color: Green|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
UPDATE 4/11/15
The problem with freezing seems to have been fixed in one of the firmware updates for this product. My five-year-old uses his two LeapPads several times a week interchangeably. However he borrows our cell phones quite often to play games on them. At this point I think a 7" tablet would be a better choice for him because he is good with equipment and we would be able to download many free applications or buy them for much less than the LeapPad applications.

About every five or six months we have to reload the software and applications due to some kind of problem. Fortunately LeapFrog makes that a fairly automatic process, but it shouldn't have to happen. If we were to be traveling without a laptop the Ultra would be unusable until we returned home.

We rarely buy an application because they are so expensive.

So far the Ultra battery seems to be holding up quite well. I'm still concerned that as it begins to weaken we'll end up not using the Ultra because of the non user replaceable batteries.

UPDATE 8/22/13
The Ultra is working more robustly but still freezes daily. We have to power it down and up to get it unfrozen. Either LeapFrog testing on the Ultra OS is lacking, or Beta testing of the apps is inadequate.

Still my three-year-old grandson (we are guardians) will now only play with the Ultra. Today he asked me if we are going to get rid of the LeapPad2. So he has made his choice it appears.

The LeapPad2 also gave us trouble. While on vacation it crashed and there was no way to get it working until I hooked it up to the laptop (Thank God we brought the laptop) and ran the LeapFrog Connect which restored the LeapPad2 to factory fresh, which means we had to reload all the apps. Other than that the LeapPad2 is much more stable than the Ultra. At this point the only advantage I can see to the Ultra is the larger screen, but the other issues may not be worth it. I'd go with the LeapPad2 if you are on the fence.

This world of LeapFrog is on the right track but they have some work to do in their testing department.

First impressions (but see below for more updates)...

Our three-year-old has had the LeapPad2 for about two months. He took to it quite quickly and doesn't need help operating it or running the apps. We received the Ultra yesterday and immediately started setting it up for him to use.

During the first 4 hours the Ultra froze (nothing moving on screen and wouldn't respond to any touch or button actions) or shut down by itself. Several times the only way I could get it to come back to life was either pressing the Home and Power buttons together for 5-10 seconds, or plugging it into the computer and running the LeapFrog Connect application. More than once it wiped the Ultra clean and we had to start over from scratch.

At the moment it appears to work. It did a firmware update at least twice. I'll let him play with it tomorrow to see how he takes to it. As many others have said it is very slow compared to the LeapPad2. I'll see if he gets frustrated with the delays.

At this point I'm thinking we may have to exchange it to see if another copy would work better.

UPDATE: After the initial day of frustration things are better. Our three-year-old has his choice of the LeapPad2 or the Ultra. Both are sitting on the table. He has been choosing the Ultra every time. I asked him if he thinks it is slow and he doesn't seem to care (It is slow though). It locked up once but left alone it finally turned itself off and when we tried it later it was working again.

Our boy's use is all that matters and he is happy with it. So I'm bumping my overall rating up to 4 stars from 3. I'll return here if we experience more problems. My review will not go to 5 stars ever due to the high cost of apps from Leap Frog.

My biggest complaint about Leap Frog is the apps are so darned expensive. Many are $25 each. It would be much less expensive to purchase an iPad or Nexus 7 tablet. With a tablet so many apps are available for free, $0.99 or perhaps as much as $4.99 but nothing costs $25. The iPad would be more expensive but you quickly would spend less on that because of the very low cost of the apps. It won't take long to add another $200 to the Ultra by purchasing apps. On the other hand the Leap Frog apps are (at least in the 3 year category) all voice directed. He can't read yet and this is a big bonus.

The other advantage to the LeapPad2 and Ultra is they are fairly kid proof. He has gotten food on the unit, hit it pretty hard with the stylus and his fingers, and nothing has put so much as a scratch on either unit.

The power button is recessed and on the side of the Ultra. I find it a little hard to use. It could have been designed to be larger which would have helped. The volume buttons are on the top and much easier to use.

The Ultra is quite heavy. It is being used on a table rather than being hand held. This is fine at home but if on the road I think it will be too heavy for him to use in the car.

The LeapPad2 takes AA batteries and goes through them pretty quickly. But you can buy rechargeable batteries from Leap Frog (which we did) that are a bit expensive but will save money in the long run. The advantage here is when those rechargeable batteries wear out you can buy new ones. The Ultra comes with internal rechargeable batteries but I see no way to replace them when they wear out. This is becoming a big trending problem across the electronics industry. Many devices are coming out these days with internal non-user replaceable batteries. Those devices are doomed to have a 2-3 year life span as the batteries slowly loose their ability to hold a charge. Yes the Ultra may last for 9 hours at first, but my guess is that will be more like 7 hours after a year, and perhaps 4-5 hours after two years. At the end of the third year you'll be frustrated because it is dying all the time. This is a big disadvantage to the Ultra.

- Sturdy, almost indestructible
- Lots of software titles available (games, learning tools, videos, etc.)
- Comes with rechargeable batteries
- Comes with a stylus
- WiFi allows buying apps without hooking up to the computer
- Some parental controls
- Games for 3-year-olds are voice directed
- Decent screen resolution and quality
- Larger screen than LeapPad2 (7" vs 5")
- Unlike an iPad or Nexus 7 the Ultra is kid safe.
- Unlike an iPad or Nexus 7 the Ultra apps are more focused on education and less on entertainment. (this may be an advantage or disadvantage to you though)

- Very expensive apps
- Non user-replaceable batteries
- Parents can't remove built in apps like calendar and notes.
- Quite heavy for young children or adults.
- Much slower than the LeapPad2. Some things are 2 or 3x slower.
- Software update required to make it work.
- Has a tendency to freeze up.

Overall I have mixed feelings about recommending the Ultra, or any LeapFrog tablet. The big issue is the cost of the apps, videos, games, etc. Something in the $5 - $7 range would be acceptable. $25 is simply too much.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)

The firmware update will definitely help optimize the systems performance. If you continue to experience any issues, please feel welcome to reach out to our Customer Support team. We would be happy to help troubleshoot anything out of the ordinary you may encounter. They're at or 1-800-701-5327.

on August 4, 2013
We have had our Ultra for a few days now. We also had the LeapPad and the LeapPad 2. We decided we needed to upgrade for the bigger screen and wifi. There is so much we love about the Ultra! The screen is HUGE. The size of an ipad mini screen.

The Ultra is built TOUGH. Its heavier than the LeapPad 2, but that is to be expected due to its large size. It comes with a built in battery, no need to purchase batteries or a battery pack on this device. The Ultra comes with a charger for at home, and a USB cable. You can also purchase a car charger for this device.

My favorite upgraded features are the 7 inch screen, the kid safe LeapSearch which allows your child to surf content that Leapfrog has deemed safe. There are categories of video's and websites like, PBS kids, Barbie, ThinkQuest, Highlights Kids, Funology, NASA, and many more! I also love that there is an upgraded Pet Pad Party app which allows you to pick from a wide variety of pets, design them, design their home, play tick tack toe and all sorts of fun things! My daughter really enjoys that feature. For those who have 2 children who will have Ultras there are peer to peer features where your children can play against each other (or any other Ultra user in the same room). Games like Cart Racing and Roly Poly World, but you can select the learning level for each child so the questions will be geared for that child while they are playing on their device!

Another great feature on the device is a APP CENTER APP, where you can purchase and download apps right from the device. You can only do this is parent mode of course, and you have to enter a code that you choose to purchase an app. I love that you can also purchase apps from the app center at, or from Leapfrog Connect on your computer and once the Ultra is turned on it will start downloading your purchases with no need to connect via USB. I really like the fact that the stylus is pushed into the side of the device, and that the volume buttons are at the top, and the power button is on the side. The only buttons on the front are the d-pad and home buttons. I have noticed that with the Ultra you can use the d-pad in games where you normally tilt the device to move objects or characters. I'm not sure if that was a possibility in the previous LeapPad devices? Its great to have the option.

I highly recommend this device. Its perfect, safe, fun, big screen, wifi included, tough, will grow with your child, and Leapfrogs educational content can't be beat. We have tried Vtech products, and we own a Kindle Fire and Ipad, but my daughter still chooses her LeapPad to play with. I love that I don't have to worry about anything she is looking at or playing with, and I know that she is LEARNING from content designed by education professionals. I have never found the quality of content anywhere else, that LeapFrog offers. Ipad apps may be cheaper, or free, but the content is just not there. You get what you pay for with Leapfrog, they stand behind their products. I don't mind the cost to ensure that my child is learning as we use our device for educational entertainment.

If you are looking at buying your child a learning tablet, this one simply can't be beat. We are thrilled with it. I'd suggest not waiting to long to purchase if you are thinking of this being a Christmas gift. Its sure to be a sell out!!

Thank you for another great product Leapfrog!
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on December 19, 2015
I purchased the Ultra for my 3 year old son. I went back and forth with this purchase based solely on the reviews here, and they all seemed to echo the same complaints. I just wanted a kid friendly tablet for the little guy, so I went ahead and purchased this. I got it about a week before Christmas to ensure the tablet was in working condition (and 30 day Amazon return in case it craps out).

It comes with a USB/wall charger. You can choose 1 of 3 apps to download for free. If the tablet sits untouched for 5 minutes, it will shut off.

Right out of the box I charged it for a few hours. When I was ready to mess with it, it powered on quickly. You have to follow some steps to set up the tablet: connect to your wifi, then set up an account on leapfrog to purchase apps, and then set up the child's profile. Now the display is a bit archaic in today's fast-paced tech world. This model is only a year or so old, Leapfrog could have used a more upgraded interface. The response time is rather slow, so if your child is used to an iPad or smartphone this could test their patience. The tablet comes with a stylus pen or you can also use your finger to open apps.

When you look for apps to download on Leapfrog's site, they'll range from $5-$20, and there's app bundles too. (**Purchase a $20 download card on Amazon or Target when they're on sale)

For the price it's listed currently ($59.99), it's a good grab, if this was $100+ I'd be sending it back. It's just ok, something to keep them occupied in the car or at the store. I agree with other reviews that this tablet is best suited for the younger crowd up to age 6 (that's even pushing it).
review image review image
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on January 7, 2016
We have been a LeapPad Family since 2012. Technically 2010 if you count My Own LeapTop.

We've had 3 - LeapPad 2's and Now we have 1 - LeapPad 2 and 2 - LeapPad Ultra's.

I wanted my Samsung Tablet back so we had to find another solution for the kids. Our original LeapPad 2 purchased in November 2012 for my daughter, and is still going (its now been passed down to my 1 year old). These are amazing little devices. We purchased our 2nd LeapPad 2 in March of 2014 for my Son (He was 15 months old). He dropped a large metal car on it and cracked the screen in November of 2014. LeapFrog replaced it at no charge. In October 2015 his sister stood on his LeapPad, during a cartridge game argument and cracked his screen. Since we had already replaced the LeapPad, LeapFrog offered some apps toward our new LeapPad. Which is cool, I was just looking to see if we can order a screen or take it somewhere to replace the screen. They can not authorize screen replacement. It will void the warranty. Which my warranty was already dead. I looked around a bit but from everything I could find involved sodering and a little more work than I was willing to try.


We purchased him a LeapPad 3 from a large "big box" retailer but then Amazon had the Ultra on sale for an excellent price so we returned the LP3 and got the Ultra.

Both kids love them. Yes the apps are pricey. Yes the games are pricey. But I know what they are playing. I don't have to worry about unauthorized in app purchases or inappropriate pop up ads. Their favorite shows are available for download, they have plenty of games both digital and cartridge. They have books. I like that the shows we download transfer to our LeapTV. So the money is spent once and covers a lot of their platforms. I love the fact my children are getting educated without even realizing it.

I wish there was a storage system for the games that made it easier to keep them in one place. I'll post a picture of what I am currently using if you'd like an idea. But I am constantly on the look out for a solution.

I like that these hook up to our home WIFI, I can do a lot the the parent account stuff right from the tablet without having to hook it up to the computer. I swear every time you have to hook it up some update takes FOREVER. Hey LeapFrog, send me an email when there's a new software update? Have some little pop up on the LeapPad...Save me s0ome time.

The issues I have, have nothing to do with the device.

The LeapSearch kinda made me nervous, but after playing with it I'm ok, Its safe.

The battery lasts pretty long. I believe it says 6 hours but we've gone days without recharging it. But we have a car charger just in case.

Doctors appointments, long car rides, rainy days...This saves the day.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 18, 2013
Some of the reviews of the LeapPad Ultra imply that it has a web browser that lets kids go to kid-friendly sites. This is really very misleading. For instance, you can't type "" in an address bar and visit this site. There are only certain topics available to choose from, such as dogs or ninjas. One of the videos available in the "browser" instructs the user on how to style their hair like Tinkerbell. I can think of more educational topics available on other websites, if only you could access them.

As for other complaints, the LeapPad Ultra is slower than LeapPad 2 when booting up and switching between apps, although once you are in the app we have not noticed any delays.

The one redeeming quality for the LeapPad Ultra is that the rechargeable battery is inside, so you don't have to deal with the 2 battery packs that never quite seemed to be secure in the LeapPad 2. This is basically what you are paying the extra money for if you go with the LeapPad Ultra over the LeapPad 2.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hello JC!

LeapSearch gives kids access to sites that have been reviewed and approved by LeapFrog's learning experts to ensure that kids can explore and have fun on the web in a walled off environment, without access to inappropriate content and sites. As such, kids will be able to access popular kids' websites and pre-screened videos and curated images from the web that fall within a range of categories from animals to sports to magic tricks.

On top of a built in rechargeable battery LeapPad Ultra offers more memory, includes peer to peer ability between other LeapPad Ultra devices and has the ability to connect to WiFi. We have a great comparison chart available through here: just click on "Compare".

We appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your feedback, we are always happy to pass feedback and suggestions along.


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