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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 10, 2005
In the Product Description it says that this video is for the 3 to 6 year old age range, but having children in that range myself, I can tell you that this is incorrect. For unlike the other Leapfrog videos, this one is really meant for older children who are either on the verge of reading, or who have just started reading.

I say this from observation of my son (3.5) and daughter (5.5) and their friends. Those of them that are almost reading, or who are sounding out short words and sentences, understand the importance of punctuation and 'get' the songs and the points of the story which emphasize inflection and reading naturally (chunking).

For the younger ones it just passes over their heads which is perfectly understandable since they haven't a good idea of what sentences and paragraph structure is all about.

Five Stars. It's short, but for the right kids it's an invaluable tool for teaching about story structure and reading. Young children will watch Lily, Tad and the gang, but don't expect them to learn much.

But buy this video. If you have the other videos (which are amazing) go ahead and get this one to go along with them. When the time is right, your child will just absorb this information like they did their letters.
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on March 31, 2007
Like all Leapfrog DVD's it is straight to the point with a story that does not distract the reader from the task at hand: sounding out letters, blends, learning rules for reading, etc. This DVD is for a child who already is confident and fluent at reading short vowels and perhaps some long vowel words. It's advanced. If they were numbered in sequence, it should be:

1.Letter Factory

2.Talking Words Factory

3.Code Word Factory

4.Storybook Factory
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My son was diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified when he was 3. PDD-NOS is on the Autism spectrum, and children with this diagnosis often have developmental delays.

My son had a speech delay and other developmental delays. His speech is great one can detect that he has this diagnosis. However, the delays have, understandably, affected his learning in some areas.

While his spatial skills have been way above average--as has his grasp of science (such as planets and their attributes)--he has resisted reading. He gets tired and frustrated.

Well, trying many approaches for helping him, I thought I'd take a chance and get the Learn to Read at the Storybook Factory DVD from, especially since the reviews were so good.

My son IMMEDIATELY took to this DVD and watches it over and over! He's sounding out letters, "chunking", and trying to read on his own. I know that this DVD, along with Letter Factory and Talking Words Factory I, have contributed to his quick progress.

The premise of this DVD is this: Mr. Websley (remember that grumpy duck from the other DVD's?) builds a Storybook Factory to create talking storybooks. Leap, Lily, and their friends act out "The Three Little Pigs", while Professor Quigley captures the scenes and words for the book. Tad, Leap and Lily's younger brother, is the narrator and is frustrated that he's having trouble reading. While he tries to read the script, he learns chunking and inflection and begins to gain confidence in his reading.

The cool thing is that large text appears on the bottom of the screen during the scenes, with the words highlighted as Tad speaks them.

Learn to Read at the Storybook Factory also teaches story comprehension, understanding character and plot, and even punctuation! There's a great section on punctuation with incredibly catchy tunes and visuals about periods ("full stop!"), commas, exclamation points, and question marks. My son goes around the house singing the lively tune "Punc, Punc, Punc Punctuation..." It's great!

I feel this DVD is better suited to children who are ready to read and who have mastered (or are beginning to master) 3 letter words and can sound out words on their own.

Highly recommended!
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on November 21, 2005
My daughters enjoy this dvd. My 6 year old is already reading much better. She has learn to pause and stop in all the right places. I am very happy with this purchase.
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on December 22, 2006
We have every Leapfrog video that's out there.

My boys learned their ABCs, phonics, and numbers from these videos.

However, the "Storybook Factory" was a little disappointing.

I thought there would be more stories included, but it ended with only

one (3 Little Pigs). Besides the story plot itself, there's not much

to be learned from this video. For entertainment itself, my 3 year old really loves it though.
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on May 20, 2011
I'm a speech-language pathologist who works with learning disabilities and teaches early reading skills. The Leap Frog Letter Factory, Talking Words Factory, and Code Word Caper are some of the best resources I've found. These movies systematically introduce and teach the basics of phonics in an effective and creative way. The Letter Factory is particularly good and appropriate for children as young as two.

The Story Book Factory and the The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park don't follow a well structured system nor do they do a good job of teaching the things they presume to teach such as punctuation. Taken as a movie for entertainment, the Amusement Park one is bearable but the Story Book Factory is very dumb. That's why I gave it 2 stars instead of 3.

Also, the Numbers Ahoy one doesn't do a very good job of teaching anything except for counting.
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on November 17, 2006
My kids enjoy this DVD and watch it frequently. It is a natural follow up to the previous videos, although I was kind of expecting a sentence/paragraphs one first. My almost 4 year old does not get all of the educational content, but it seems to line up well with what my older child is doing in kindergarten (teaching characters, punctuation, prediction, etc). My only major complaint is that "learning to read" happens really quick... it goes from Tad reading like a typical 5 year old (one word independent of the next) to fluent speech in the matter of about 20 minutes. Doesn't seem to bother the children though! I also am a little annoyed by some of the "sideline" stories... some of them are a little distracting and don't seem to add much in educational content or entertainment value. Overall though, very happy with purchase.
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on April 15, 2015
So much better than "See Spot Run" or what I had in 80. I mean, they did actually teach us to read and write in Kindergarten back then, and we went all day, but I didn't have this cool pen that sounded out the words for me when I dragged it over them. That is incredible! The story is amusing and entertaining too. Imagine how much more perspicacious we would be if this was developed in our generation vs the Speak-n-Spell.

I have to buy a new Leap system for my grandson. My kids' got passed down to the nephews. I only hope that I do an even better job this time around. I mean our kids all skipped grades after elementary home school. We gave them the choice to either go the junior high or wait til high school. They chose junior. They far exceeded our expectations. Its just that I feel I could have done better by them. I feel these LeapFrog products were definitely my better choices.

This entire system and its accessories is vibrant in color, stories, activities, core subjects and keeping attention, I mean gosh!!! Way to go! Im grateful both to the manufacturer and Amazon seller. We are not rich. This fits our tight budget.
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on October 14, 2009
This is a decent video but not essential. Now, the Letter Factory is definitely a must-have. My son is almost 4 yrs old and has been moved to the "Early Reading Program" at his preschool even though his age group is typically in Phonics first, then upon an assessment of readiness, they are moved to reading. He knew all his letters by 18 months old and knew the sounds of each letter by 3. If you are looking to help your child learn letters, you should definitely get the Letter Factory. It's amazing and fun to watch. My son wanted to watch that more than the Baby Einsteins (other than Baby Macdonald).

If you are wanting your child to read by 3 or 4, then this video is not going to help in my opinion. It may possibly help for an older age group -- If anything, it helps get children almost ready to read in the right mind-set and tries to make it fun. My son watched it a few times but wasn't hooked on it. One thing that I didn't like is that the video only uses capital letters and that is not helpful when any book you pick up is going to have both upper and lower case letters. If the child only sees words with all capital letters, than this is not going to help with reading a real beginner book like "cat in the hat". The lower case letters are going to be foreign.

From my internet research, children that can read at age 3 are usually the ones that learned by word-recognition/memory (i.e. not actually reading). Like my son recognizes the word "STOP" because its on all the stop signs, it's background is always red, and in the same shape.
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on May 15, 2014
These Leap frog movies are awesome! I can't say enough good things about these movies. It really focuses on what they are learning in the movie. All of these are exceptional movies and my daughter loves them, sings them and is really learning from them! I would suggest these to anyone with small children.
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