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Leapsters compatible for 2 AND 5 year olds? Would I want this for my almost 3 year old, considering her 5 year old brother will be getting the Leapster L-Max? (BTW she wants to do everything he does and more). Can those two products work together for a two year old and 5 year old? Meaning, can they be exchanged (easily hooked and unhooked from the TV) when it's the other's "turn" and what are the details about buying add'l cartridges, etc. Are there certain cartridges that ONLY work with certain versions of these products? If so, how do I tell the difference? Can two kids play together on BOTH of these systems? Also, what accessories are needed but rarely mentioned and must be bought seperately, such as recharging stations, etc.?
I appreciate any advice.
asked by Eltekeh on November 7, 2006
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The minimum age for the Leapster TV and L-max products is 4. For your 3 year old I would recommend Vtech's V.Smile TV Learning System, which is appropriate for 3+. In addition, the V.Smile offers 2 player modes in most games while the Leapster TV does not. If you have not already purchased the L-Max for your 5-year old then you should consider the Vtech's V.Smile Interactive Learning Handheld Game, which is the equivalent of the L-Max for a 5 year old. Both systems can share the same cartridges as well.
Daemon Of Chaos answered on November 10, 2006
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I just wanted to correct this. Leapster TV does offer a 2nd controller. I'm doing my homework on Leapster TV and Vsmile and I found out that Leapster TV does have a 2nd controller. You have to look at the games before you buy them to ensure the game is two player though
Eric R. Crouse answered on November 12, 2006
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Hello-I bought the LeapsterTV for my son for his 4th birthday. He has two games for it (the Dora one that came with it as well as Backyardigans). In my own opinion, the system is not always meant for this age. By that I mean that my son does not yet know his alphabet (to recognize the letters, anyway) and you basically HAVE to know them before you can play these games! Both games are like that (ex. "find the M's"). I was very disappointed. The graphics also aren't the greatest (although do-able for a child). I wish they would come up with some better games for preschoolers (yes, VSmile has nice ones-but that's another story...)-if they did I would get him the Leapster. The system has held up fine, unlike the VSmile we had (I kid you not, we hadn't had it but a few months, and it was hardly played, before the on/off button didn't work right most of the time). I'm currently in a search for something that would be educational and yet fun for him as well, as I've read bad reviews about the VSmile Pocket as well. I just don't know where to turn, but I wish you luck in your search!!
Love_my_child answered on November 12, 2006
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Thanks for the reply. I have been thinking about this for a while... it is a considerable investment either way and I want to make the right decision. My 5 year old is begging for a Game Boy since he sees his friends with it but that is a definite no for now. I did consider the Vtech products but was swayed toward Leapster after reading a lot of negative feedback for the V.Smile systems, regarding the product breaking or malfunctioning and trouble with replacements and customer service. (But, my brother's family has one and never had problems).
I will take another look at V.Smile's systems and give it further consideration. It would be great to find a forum with comments and feedback from parents who have had experience with both products to help me (and others) compare and make a decision! If anyone else has other advice, e.g. specific pros/cons of both systems, it would be welcomed. Thanks!
Eltekeh answered on November 11, 2006
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