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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 18, 2010
There's no 2 ways about it. "Learn Geography" is just plain terrible. It's slow to load and looks like old Windows 3.1 software design from the 80's. The graphics are ugly and the interface is very poorly designed and counter-intuitive. It's educational, but by brute force. It makes learning a real chore. Do not give this to your kids except as punishment. They will hate you.

It's not suitable for grades 1-4 because there's a lot of reading involved and very little incentive to play or anything to hold their attention. The "Geopedia", where you learn about the countries, is all text facts that appear in the upper screen, with just the country flag. Nothing else. No photos of the people, clothing, famous landmarks, food, etc. The bottom screen is taken up by a giant ALERT message pop-up that tells you to see the upper screen and double tap to close. This is a pointless waste of space, and no, you MUST double tap to close this box and return to the world map. You can't single tap, or push a button. You scroll around the world with the + direction pad. When you see a little check box over the map, you can tap it to zoom in and select a city. But to pull up the facts about the selected city, you can't tap again. You must push A. Then the ALERT pops back up. WHY?? On top of that, the world map is ugly. The countries are filled with a cross-hatch pattern that makes them look like colored burlap potato sacks.

GeoHunt is a confusing Easter egg hunt where you have to find the location given by the trivia hint, such as "This city is the most popular tourist attraction in the world". You then have to fly your plane to it. The interface is VERY confusing and it's very difficult and not at all fun. Even how to get to the questions is poorly-implemented. It's not clearly marked on the screen and I poked around randomly before I figured out what the point of the game was. This game is not suitable for children. I am an adult with a college education and I had difficulty with the questions. Imagine how kids would feel.

This title is just awful. It's ill-conceived shovelware. It's not fun and it's not entertaining. Please do your kids a favor and not subject them to this poorly-made piece of junk. Get them something else, like Where On Earth is Carmen Sandiego? DVD or an appropriate level game from the the highly rated ClueFinders Adventures series.
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on February 15, 2010
This was the game of the day a few weeks ago. I thought it was interesting and hey why not? My FI loves geography and teases me on how I am not good at it. So I thought this game would be a fun way for me catch up to him and also from the screen shots he would like playing the game to test his current knowledge.

This game does not TEACH you geography at all in a structured way. There a lot of mini games which are actually not that fun in which you need to have already known a lot of geography to pass/finish.

I couldn't figure out where the lesson plan or if there was a lesson plan. From what I can tell after touching everything it's basically learning by trail and error.

What was even more frustrating was the responsiveness of the touch pad with the game. I play a lot of games and I know my DS touch pad works well and it was really annoying when I was trying to move or touch things in this game that I had to do it multiple times for it to register that action. It could be that the game was just slow and it was slow... it was very slow, I tested it out and sometimes it was just slow but most of the time it's just not registering my touches.

I believe that they made the place you're suppose to touch so exact that it doesn't move on unless you touch that particular pixel which can be hard to find, I usually just mash around the area I know where it's suppose to be an hope I touch that pixel.

I can forgive bad graphics (this game has horrible graphics). I can forgive badly made mini games (most of the mini games were bad but some were sort of fun). I can't forgive bad responsiveness. When I touch something with my stylist I want it to register in the first touch not the 5th touch.

I spent about 2 hours with this game and my FI tried this game thinking that I was being too hard on it, he played for about 15 minutes. We both agree this is probably the worst game ever that we own and we own a lot of DS games.

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on February 13, 2010
Ok, I'm a little bad with Geography and thought this would be a fun way to learn some. WRONG. This thing is boring, and the worst part is that it doesn't even teach you. You basically have to KNOW Geography before you LEARN Geography. If it does teach you, they set it up so bad that you can't even figure out what section that is in. How hard is it to set up world map, and if you tap on it, it tells you what part of the world, and some information about it. THEN after you learn, it can test you. I'm not sure how this is for Grades 1-4, but your kids will hate it.
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on March 16, 2010
I quess I was looking for the bad in this game after reading these reviews but I decided to purchase and see for my self. I put it down after the first time thinking the game was locking up because I didn't read manual that says to tap twice to remove windows or open them. Then after knowing that I found you have to tap twice fast no delays between or it won't work. Once I gort the hang of that, which I admit is not very friendly why not just tap once, I was fine. You have to explore Geopedia alot to learn the facts before playing the game. If you don't you will be like other reviewers and have no fun with this game. So explore and learn facts first before anything.
Then the games are fun. Learn lanforms, cities, color flags, puzzles and etc. There are 10 mini games. then there is a treasure hunt game and yes you had better know the facts from Geopedia before getting into this one and rem. the tap twice fast deal. I like the map puzzle game and haven't played but 3 times so I haven't seen the map of the USA puzzle. I did the world map puzzle but I do hope the USA puzzle is there as I have seen it in screenshots. I also hope it has facts about each state which I haven't came across yet. So far I have just seen world facts and major city, landmarks.
I had to give this review to help with the bad reviews. If you rem to tap twice quickly and Study Geopedia section before just jumping into the games you will enjoy. If you just jump into games with out going through geopedia to learn facts you WILL be lost unless you know all the facts already. Children will need to know how to read before being able to play so they can read all the facts. And read manual because it gives facts of place when A button is pressed and then you scroll with direction pad to get lots more facts on same place. I can't wait to explore more and then help my child learn from this :) Parents would be wise to figure game out before giving to child.
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on March 6, 2010
I preordered this game thinking i could bring some interest in geography to my 6 and 7 years old kids. I am from France and live in the state and since we are flighing back and fourth between the 2 continents I thought it would be a great tool to learn... wrong.
First it takes a long time just to try to load one game.
The games are not intuitive.
The world map where you can fly your plane above does not even show the name of the country just the city!.
I felt I could learn from it and teach my kids at the same time, they tried to play it, it is too hard for them.
Would not recommend even for just adults.
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on December 19, 2010
I bought this for my son to help with his geography skills. It's awful. You have to know a lot to even play. The games aren't fun or interesting. I tried to play and some of the questions they asked were things only teacher of geography might know. I like geography a lot, took it in college, and am well-traveled. Some of the facts on this game were way out there. I wouldn't recommend this at all.
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on December 14, 2012
Disappointed that there was not more to it. Once your done, your done. Not a lot of activities to play.
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on April 25, 2010
A rating from an adult user - I'm surprised at all the low ratings this got. Maybe my expectations were low to begin with because of the price, and because it's an educational title ;) Also, I expected this to be not so fun, it was more something I bought for self improvement, so I was braced for forcing myself to play in order to better myself. I mean, it's Geography, and I got D's in it in school. It's rote memorization, so I'm not sure how fun it can really be.

My big complaint is that on the most useful minigame to me, TouchFast, my copy would lock up about 20% of the time. In Touchfast they list a country and you must use the stylus to touch that country, state, or continent. So it is a memory game.

However even with that one minigame locking up, I've played the game about 3 hours today with interest and I would say, I've actually learned something. I really don't doubt that within a week or two of playing this, my Geography skills will have soared. I bought this with the intention it would teach me where countries are in relation to each other and I do think it will succeed in that. But I also think that I will learn the different flags of the countries.

I'm a big reader, and I enjoyed this method of learning way more than memorizing in a book or a workbook. At least it's interactive.

But it's not perfect. I've played both Touchfast, and the Geography puzzle one several times today and I haven't seen ONE puzzle yet on all the countries of Africa or of Asia. I don't think the software is sophisticated enough to be holding back those continents for later study. Yet for someone like me who was starting at such a low bar anyway, I'm still going to learn something.

Graphics: Yeah, don't go comparing this to any Nintendo flagship titles. Again for $15 bucks and an educational title I didn't expect much.

Music: Repetitive, but not annoying or anything.

Reading Level: Yes, reading well required for several of the games.

Writing this review has got me thinking. It's a little sad I didn't expect much. Maybe this means there's an market for a really kick ass developer to fill that niche of awesome learning games. But in the end, I will learn something I've been trying to learn for YEARS and it hasn't been painful. I've enjoyed my time with this game and it was worth what I paid for it to finally learn country locations.
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on May 11, 2015
sooo boring !!! don't even waste your time. This is basically just showing you a map.
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on February 19, 2010
As with all of the other reviews of this game, I find it to be sub-par in so many ways. It's a true brain killer. If your intent is to have your child learn more about geography, save your money and go online to [...] instead.
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