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on October 16, 2011
When I purchased this watch online I was very excited. It looked beautiful. I couldn't wait to get it. Once I received it and showed it off a little bit everyone loved it. People would randomly grab my wrist and stare at my watch and tell me how mesmerizing and awesome it was. I loved it, especially the way I could see the gears moving while it worked. BUT then one day, about a week after I got it, I took it out of my watch case and wound it up, but instead of winding, the hands spun like I was setting the time. I pulled the pin to the "out" position and turned it, and it wound the watch. This is opposite of the way it should work. The next day when I went to wind my watch (the correct way) it wound a half twist of the pin then started making a grinding nowise and then stopped winding and just spun freely. When I pulled the pin to the "out" position it wouldn't adjust the hands. Now my watch lies cold and dead in my drawer of other useless gadgets and watches.
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on October 6, 2011
This product caught my attention because of the low price tag. I was buying another watch but just wanted to try out that these 20 dollar watches are actually any good or not. To my suprise this watch is just as good as shown in the picture. It is working perfectly fine.
However, if you think that you can get away with making other feel that this is even a 200-400 dollar watch then don't bother buying it. People are able to see that this watch is a under 100 watch. The look is great though just like in picture.
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on October 15, 2012
I've had the watch for about a month now, maybe little less. For most part, I wear it everyday. However it is hard to beat the habit of looking at my cellphone for the time. It does have a certain cool factor and happy with a purchase.

The watch itself is beautiful and people take notice of its visible mechanical movement.
The watch looks much more expensive than I paid for. However it doesn't look like watches that are hundreds of dollars.

It loses 2 minutes per day. (EDIT: After the break in period, it is no longer losing 2 minutes per day. It loses more like 30 seconds a day. Hopefully it will STAY and not get progressively slower.)A watch maker can fix this relatively easily however then it will be very expensive. I am not sure this happens with every watch, the reviews I've read suggest some do keep very good time. I guess it is your luck of the draw.
The faux or part leather band is cheap and stiff and it starts to fall apart relatively soon.

Wind the watch until it doesn't wind anymore, don't be too timid about it. As long as you are not using a pliers or something it should be fine. In the beginning I was too timid and it only lasted 7-8 hours per wind. Lot people who are not familiar with mechanical watches make the mistake of not winding it enough and assumes it is broken when the watch stops 7-8 hours. I used to wear automatics, which you needed to wind until you felt resistance but mechanical watches are different.

Comments regarding other reviews
It is water resistant, but look at the web for what that means. You still can't take a shower with it. The back is stainless steel, but not the whole watch, thats true of most watches.

Overall impression
Mechanical watches are a pain because they take a certain routines to keep them going. However if you don't mind that, it is a beautiful watch and it keep ok time. Hopefully yours will keep better time.
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on April 27, 2013
I was a little dubious ordering this inexpensive watch, but I "love" it! Being female I was looking for a larger dial with a stylish watch design and this one is beyond my expectations. I made sure I was ordering from a US company as others had reported their watch arrived from China and took a long time to get to the US. My watch arrived 5 days after placing the order! It's a unique watch and the skeletal portion is not all just for can see inner movement. The self-wind will take some getting used to, but so far, so good. I don't know how long the band will last, but for now it's quite nice and can easily be replaced if the watch outlives the band. The crystal is thicker and adds a nice detail. I didn't expect much for the price and actually bought this watch to wear on a trip to Europe...I didn't want to give the pickpockets an opportunity to steal my Tag. Now I'm really hoping they don't get this one...I really like this watch!!
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on January 1, 2013
My best Christmas present for my husband this year was this watch. He absolutely LOVES it! The watch is well made, and the band was actually big enough to fasten comfortably (we usually have to switch his bands b/c he has wide wrists). He has no idea that I got this watch for such a good deal, and that makes it even sweeter!
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on April 3, 2013
I've had this for about a week now as I wanted to test it out before giving it a review. Let me just say this thing is beautiful. I love the way it looks. The only ugly mark on it is the crappy leather strap that came with it, but I bought it with the intention of replacing it with paracord anyways, so it didn't bother me. The watch is thick and sturdy. I've hit the side of it on a table when I let me arm down too fast before. I panicked but the thing is solid. It is so fun to watch the gears tick and turn. The second hand is not completely smooth but still glides easily. I find myself missing parts of work cause I'm too busy staring at the beauty.

As for the function, this thing is just a hair off. The very first day I was shy on how much to turn it, so I turned it a bit at 7:30pm. At 10:30pm it was still going strong. I went to bed, woke up, hit the gym, and got back around 7AM and it was still going, however it had slowed down over the night. However, I was just impressed it was still running and only an hour behind. I fixed the time and then winded it again, and this time went the full burst. I'm new to these kinds of watches so I didn't know there was a point where it stops turning. I assumed I could over turn it and kill it. However, there is a nice resistance at the end that lets me know its done. It has now run 24/7 for the past 5 days and the only thing off is it is about 3 mins fast over the course of a 24 hour period. So its correct when I set it at noon monday, but by noon tuesday it will read 12:03.

Not a deal breaker, for the cost I most certainly can't complain. This has been a great buy.
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on December 24, 2012
It is a beautiful watch. Well balanced,keeps great time.Don't know of anything else I can say but looks great and everyone that see's it loves it ! also the company delivered a lot faster than I expected. A month after I got the watch it has stopped working
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on March 8, 2013
I hate giving things less than 3 stars, but I felt I absolutely had to do it.

The Good:
- For less than $20, this watch was a steal and interesting looking. For those of you who are steampunk fans, this watch may make for a great costume addition since you can see all the wheels and cogs from both sides of the watch. This is also great for students and engineers and watchmakers who like to see the inner workings of things.
- This watch is a traditional wind-up watch. No electronics. It's perfect for preppers who don't want to worry about EMP's or Solar Flares.
- This watch has some interesting movement. The second hand is very smooth across it's path of travel. Not "tick-tick".
- It is VERY waterproof. I dunked it in the sink and let it sit overnight. Not a drop of water or condensation inside.
- It's heavier than the picture indicates. The crystal on both sides lends to that.

And now the bad.....:
- This watch band is stiff, uncomfortable, cheap and horrible looking. I can't wear it as it currently is. Digs into me. The clasp is the worst part of the band though. It's inflexible, chrome covered plastic that I can already start to see signs of cracking and wear in.
- The watch has more plastic and pot metal on the inside than one can hope for. You can see the white plastic from the reverse of the watch that just screams cheap.
- The face is impossible to read or tell time. The black plastic is too shiny and the roman numerals gleam too much light off of them. Plus the crystal reflects so much light that you have to shade the watch indoors to read it. I'm not trying to exaggerate but this is seriously the worst part of the watch.
- The exterior of the watch is confusing and a lot of unnecessary design work went into it. It doesn't look good with any modern clothes you wear unless you were trying out the aforementioned Steampunk attire. Too much chrome plating. It's tacky.
- I can't change the band without breaking the watch. That is not good since you're now stuck with this stiff, scratchy, paper-cut inducing band.
-The crystal is cloudy on both the front and back, against, hindering actually telling the time.

After all is said and done; you get what you pay for with this watch. It cost $15 and is worth EXACTLY that. I hate to say it; but I would be insulted if I got this as a gift from someone. I'd rather you go to the local big-box store and buy me a $20 Timex or Casio. At least then you know you're getting an actual bargain and a better watch. In reality, this should only be getting a 1.5/5 star rating.

Edit: This watch has now garnered a .5 star rating from me. It does not keep time. It was 4 hours off overnight. Not good.
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on December 3, 2013
Love this watch. It is a wind-up, not battery operated. When you get it, you will need to wind it. you don't need to wonder if it needs winding either, the mainspring is visible just below the 1. You can see when it is unwound, and it only takes a few seconds to wind it. I just wind when I put it on every day. It is good to remember that wind-up watches run better when you wear them. If you leave this sitting on the table instead of wearing it, then it will lose time (not to mention run out of energy. Worth much more than I paid for it.
I've seen some complaints on here about the band, but I don't see anythign wrong with it. Still, even if you have to get a new band, the watch is more than worth the trouble.
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on October 12, 2013
I really enjoy this watch even though I've had it only for a few days. It did come faster than expected which is great. But to talk about the watch again. I feel that the removed background is a stunning feature for most watches. It allows you to see if it needs to be winded more, yes it is a wind up watch for those of you who may have missed it, and the removed background allows you to see some of the inner workings of the watch which I found fascinating. For the winding up, I recommend to wind the wrist watch anywhere from 10 to 16 hours. That's from my experience so far. To wind the watch according to the picture turn the knob clockwise. When the watch is on my wrist it has a nice feel to it due to the soft leather and smooth back of the watch. Only difference it has the product has, my product at least, is that the back layer of leather that is against your skin as shown in the picture is not brown but instead black. It is great altogether. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was that the winding doesn't last 12 hours like a majority of people probably want it to. However I would most definitely recommend this product to anyone who loves analog watches.
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