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on June 13, 2009
The Leatherman Micra Multi-tool has been produced a long time. It is a nice pocket tool and since Leatherman has introduced a new small pocket tool "Squirt" the prices have fallen greatly. The major difference between this Leatherman small pocket tool and their "squirt" is thickness, the "Micra" being thinner and also tool access. With the "Micra", it needs to be unfolded to access the knife, screw drivers, etc. With the "Squirt" these are accessible while the tool is closed.
Also with the "Micra" the tweezers are attached, and with the "Squirt" they're not. To me, those features and that some models have pliers or wire cutters, instead of scissors seem to be the main selection decisions. Also the smooth finish on the outside of the "squirt" scratches easily and scratches don't show on the "Micra".
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on September 13, 2005
I recently ordered the Leatherman Wave for my toolkit and received this little beauty for free as part of a promotion. I had never seen this item and certainly would not have purchased on its own. For that matter, upon receiving it I simply tossed it in my desk thinking it was along the lines of those little marketing pocket knives that companies give out at conferences. Boy, was I wrong.

I happened to grab tool one day when I couldn't find a wire cutter I thought had in my desk. I needed to snip a couple of wires and didn't want to go to get my toolbox so I thought I'd give this a shot - I'm glad I did. Not only did the scissors easily cut the wires, I ended up using it to strip the wires and re-attach everything with the screwdriver. After that, the tool immediately replaced the mini pocket knife on my keychain.

This unit is so small and unobtrusive that I don't even notice it on my keychain yet it does so much more than the knife I carried. The scissors are great - no, they aren't going to replace your Fiskars for paper cutting but they are sharp and sturdy and have done a great job on every thing I've cut with them.

Both the scissors and the knife blade hold their edge and sharpen very well and that from a guy who is not very skilled at knife sharpening. I have used both edges repeatedly for months and have only had to do minor re-sharpening on each twice.

I was a little upset that the tool did not include a Phillips head but the flat Phillips it does include has worked perfectly on every Phillips screw I've tried it on. Both the Phillips and the slotted blades are sturdy and the handle arrangement makes them very easy to use - even in tight situations.

I use this little beauty every day and am very happy I stumbled across it. It is very surprising how useful it is given its size. I've used this one hundreds of times while the Wave that I ordered has only been used once or twice. Despite that, I'm glad I bought the Wave - otherwise I would have never found this tool.

In response to another comment, no you can not take this on a plane (on your person or in your carry on) but you can stow it in your checked baggage. I hope I never forget to check this because I would hate to give it up to security. Just in case, I ordered a 2nd one as a backup.

Great little tool!
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on October 31, 2011
I purchased this looking for pocket knife with a good pair of scissors. The results from the Micra are very mixed.

Scissors - Good design, so/so execution. The tensioning mechanism, robustness, and comfort of the scissors is top notch. The pivot, however, sucks. The countersunk rivet is a good design idea, but doesn't pull the blades together hard enough. The slop in the fitup allows soft and light materials (twine, thread, plastic and bubble wrap) to slip between the blades. This really limits their utility.
Referencing the scissors on the large (Victorinox Super Tinker) Swiss Army knives as a 5, these are a 3.

Bottle opener - works nicely. Not as nice as a dedicated church key, but better then the Swiss Army ones.
Referencing the bottle opener on the large Swiss Army knives as a 5, these are a 7.

Screw drivers - Near top notch. The small one is actually small enough to use on eye glasses, and the flat Phillips grips very well. The interlocking tabs on the handles are an ingenious way to make them rigid when closed. My only complaint is that they tend to fold during hard use.
Referencing the drivers on the large Swiss Army knives as a 5, these are a 9.

Knife - Mixed reviews. The slight clip, chord, and full flat grind make it very useful. I'm not so sure about the chisel ground edge. It's better for scrapping and peeling, but tends to wander while slicing, and doesn't push cut as well as a conventional grind.
Referencing the blade on the small (Victorinox Classic) Swiss Army knives as a 5, these are a 5.

Tweezers - Narrower then the Swiss Army ones, but stiffer. Oveall, an improvement.
Referencing the tweezers on the large Swiss Army knives as a 5, these are a 7.

Overall, this little tool is a giant killer. It's not much larger than the keychain Swiss Army knives, but the implements are very robust. On par with the large knives. The only glaring problem is the slop in the scissors pivot. I'd readily pay another $5-$7 for a Micra if that problem gets fixed.

UPDATE: After carrying this daily for the last two years, my opinion has changed slightly. All the non-cutting tools and overa ll construction remain the same. The knife has been reprofiled to a conventional V-grind and has been upgraded to a 7. It prefers more a acute edge angle then as Swiss Army knife. I bent one scissor blade inward slightly and it now cuts twine and thread and has beenu pgraded to a 5. Sharpening the scissors is still a major pain, but possible with very thin hones like the DMT dia-sharp credit card sharpeners.
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on November 9, 2005
As a business traveler I learned early on to cut down on excess baggage. I use a moneyclip that holds my license and a few cards, I carry the Fisher Space Pen, and when not flying, I carry this. 3 things that take up so little pocket space that they feel nonexistant until the moment you need them. As a side note, carrying your money in your front pocket is not only harder to pick, it makes sitting more comfortable and many "Dockers" style pants have zippers now on the front pocket.

I've used several other micro-multis that I've bought or received as a gift. They are all sitting around in drawers. In fact, I lost one of these and bought the same thing to replace it when I have probably $150 worth of optional stand-ins. It's that good.

Obviously, there are tradeoffs between size, weight, robustness and functionality for multis, so YMMV. The SOG and other 4-tool style ones are well built, but don't offer many functions. The Schrage has the tools, but the size is a little much. The Gerber "lipstick" model is too bulky and has only a few tools, even if it's very solid. After carrying (and using!) at least 10 models from other companies, this became my favorite and I don't use any tools that aren't quality and I don't give out 5's without any reason.

This thing is tiny, but not fragile and still fits your hand. Fits in the pocket without you realizing it's there, has a great "hand" as a tailor would say and doesn't cut into your palm (although you really aren't cranking or applying a great deal of pressure when using the small scissors).

All blades are sharp and all of the components useful. I've found that in this form factor that pliers are generally useless. You need a larger multi in order to apply any real pressure, and the less surface area, the easier it is to strip something. Plus, for the most part, you don't need to crank out bolts every day. While, this set of tools will come in handy almost every single day. I carry it instead of a pocket knife now.

Buy one now and don't look back.
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on January 20, 2009
I bought my first Micra several years ago. I thought it might replace my small Victorinox. At first, I found it to be a little bulky in comparison. But soon, the Victorinox stayed a home and the Micra was always in my pocket.

The scissors are very sharp and strong. The screwdrivers are incredibly functional, especially the single slot Phillips. The file works on everything from metal to fingernails. Leatherman knives are all extremely sharp. This one is no exception.

The tweesers work fine but lack the flexibility of the Victorinox. But you never loose them either! My only real complaint with the Micra is that the knife and tools don't lock in place. Especially with the knife, you have to be careful because it can move a bit even when the handles are closed.

I think highly enough of the Micra that it was the first item on my shopping list for everyone in my family and my closest friends this past Christmas. It is a well thought out, extremely useful multi-tool in a small package.
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on February 28, 2009
Over 10 years ago I was given a Leatherman Micra as a Christmas present, and I have carried it with me continually ever since. It is small enough to be carried on my key ring, but I have used it thousands of times when ordinary tools like a Phillips head screwdriver, a nail file, or a pair of scissors were unavailable. It is almost indestructible. When I misplaced it after removing it from my keyring to get on an airplane (!), I had to replace it - it has become too indispensable.
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I was surprised when I got this tool. It's very well constructed and even after reading the reviews praising it I was still impressed with its sturdiness. The Micra folds up to under 2 inches and half inch across and you can put it on your keychain. I carry it in my purse on a loop as its small but a little heavy for the already crowded car keys. It has already proven useful so many times that I think it's the best thing I got myself this year! That is just as well, I probably wouldn't have received it as a gift as no one ever gifts things like this to women...

I recommend this tool for everyone - men and women alike. Buy it as a gift too, especially if you like to give gifts that are useful and will never be given away. This tool does not look impressive at first sight, especially concealed inside the clear package. Chances are you won't hear effusive thankyou's when you first give it to someone, if they don't know Leatherman. But they'll be impressed when they take it out of the package and then a week or so later they'll come singing its praises. The Leatherman has a 25 yr warranty on this tool which alone speaks of the quality.

The plier like scissors are very sharp and cut through thin wire easily. The knife and bottle opener are also very useful. I found a neat use for the mini tweezer. Something fell into my laptop keyboard and a key started to stick, the tweezer was the only thing thin enough to slide in there and lift it out. The small screw drivers are flat head but can be used on Philips head screws too. The smallest screw driver saved the day during a vacation, as I used it to fix my friend's eyeglasses. Without this tool we would have had a hard time getting his glasses repaired in the middle of nowhere! I haven't used the file yet but it will come in handy some time. It's neat that I can have all this in a very compact package in my purse, and it's smaller than a tube of lipstick. Nothing beats having all these tools on hand all the time, people do a double take when I hand it to them out of my little purse!!

By the way, do remember to take this little tool off your keychain or out of your purse when you fly. I've had it confiscated by TSA twice and it's a pain to replace. The quality of the new tool is no longer the same as before, what a pity!
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on May 3, 2012
The Leatherman Micra is a fantastic keychain multitool. Of course, it is not as capable as a full-size tool, but it fits the bare essentials in to a light, compact package. It is ideally sized for carry on your keys, and is durable enough to stand up to the scratches and impacts that come with this method of carry. I personally own the stainless steel finish one, which I assume would show scratches the least. On the exterior, it is marked so that it may be used as a small ruler, and I think these markings also contribute to the tool aesthetically as well. The tool comes in Red, Blue, Green, Black, Gray, and Stainless Steel


2.5 in | 6.5 cm (Closed)
1.8 oz | 51 g (Weight)
1.6 in | 4.06 cm (Blade Length)


-Spring-action Scissors
The scissors are nice and big, edges are about an inch long, the spring action also helps keep the tool closed so it won't fall open on your keys.

-Nail File
Standard small nail file. It can file nails.

-Nail Cleaner
It works ok. I usually just use my other nails to clean them haha.

They are a single piece of bent metal. They are precise, and work well. I kind of wish they were detachable from the tool itself, though.

-420HC Knife
It is not some great steel, nor does it need to be for this function, It is chisel ground, which I HATE. I really wish it was ground on both sides. It's really not a big deal. I got the tool used, so no comment on sharpness out of package.

-Extra-small Screwdriver
Very small, it fits glasses. Flat head, but probably narrow enough for phillips too.

-Medium Screwdriver
This one is for flatheads, it is sharp, again, remember that this is a light-duty tool.

-Flat/Phillips Screwdriver
This is meant for use on phillips head screws. Light duty, of course, don't over-torque it. Not to long, but what do you expect in such a small tool?

The tool is marked on the outside, you turn the two sides in a straight line to use it. 4 1/4 inches and 11 centimeters.

-Bottle Opener
It opens bottles.

The tool is awesome for its intended purpose. Not too heavy, and the price is right. I highly recommend getting one!
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I've been the happy owner of a Leatherman Micra Multitool for over a dozen years now, and can easily say that this is one of the handiest gadgets that I've owned. Mine is the original version, the classic 100% stainless steel model, a bit scratched now, but every bit as good as it was the day I got it. There are newer versions, some with aluminum handles and others with an assortment of colored thermal plastic coatings, such as the Leatherman 64250103K Micra Clad with Green Polycarbonate Handles. Whichever one you pick, you're getting a proven pocket multi-tool that will offer you years of great service.

This small multi-tool opens up to expose the spring-loaded scissors (see the photos). The right handle has a small inch/metric ruler, and encases the clip-point knife blade, a medium flat blade screwdriver, and a nail file with a nail cleaner tip. The left handle holds a bottle opener, an extra-small flat blade screwdriver, tweezers, and a flat Phillips screwdriver blade. A lanyard (keychain) attachment is on the base of this handle. I have mine attached to a Micro LED Clear Keychain Light, a handy combination for just about anything.

The scissors are quite sharp, and I've only had to sharpen them once after using them to cut and strip some wires in an emergency condition dealing with a large midrange computer that had gone down. They have been used to cut everything from paper to bandages to gasket material to plastic... the list could go on and on. The various "blades" have proven to be quite useful over the years. The nail file is surprisingly good. The tweezers have come in handy for holding small items, removing splinters from my son's finger and even a small piece of broken glass from mine. Most recently the Phillips blade was used to tighten a screw in my glasses when the lens fell out in the woods.

As with any small multi-tool, one must be careful to use it in a firm but gentle manner as to not bend its components beyond its real limits. I've held the handle of the Micra at 90 degrees to give it some extra torque when when loosening and tightening screws, but be very careful to not force it. Gentle but firm is the point to remember.

Another interesting point is that the Micra has been the subject of some interesting DIY projects. Just see the photos for examples.

For those who prefer a pocket multi-tool with pliers over scissors, there's the Leatherman Squirt P4 Multitool with Small Pliers, which is also available in a variety of colors. Also quite worthy of consideration is the reasonably-priced Gerber Clutch Mini Pliers Tool, an exceptionally good pocket multi-tool that is also supplied in an array of colors.

Whichever one you choose, remember that these are small, pocketable multi-tools, better suited to be on a lanyard or keyring that in a belt pouch or case. Their true versatility comes from the fact that they are so small, compact and handy. They're still made in the USA, and all Leatherman products are covered by a 25-year limited warranty. It makes an excellent gift for just about anyone, as so many others have noted.

And no, there's no sheath required with this one.
review image review image review image review image
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on July 31, 2014
Let me first say, that I am a "gadget nerd", and have owned many, many different pocket/keychain multi-tools over the last two decades. And I don't just collect them... I actually use them in my everyday life; and I find them invaluable.

While I haven't purchased this item from Amazon, I have owned a Leatherman Micra for nearly 20 years now and have carried it on my keychain everyday that whole time. So I felt I had something to add to the discussion of this product.

My first Leatherman Micra was originally a "stocking stuffer" one Christmas from my mother (who also gifted me a Leatherman Super Tool more than 20 years ago which is also still going strong). Humorously, she has, again and again, gifted me a handful of new Leatherman Micras over the years (assuming I would need a replacement every few years due to my heavy usage), but amazingly I am still using my very FIRST (nearly 20-year old) Micra! All the others are still in their boxes in a drawer somewhere. My original Micra is still holding up perfectly! Admittedly, I've had to re-sharpen the knife a couple times, but again, we're talking about nearly 20-years of everyday usage! And knowing that I have an immediate replacement waiting in a drawer, I have to admit that I'm not very careful or gentle with this little guy. I abuse him a bit and push him harder than I should. And the fact that he is still going strong after all these years is nothing short of jaw-dropping. In fact, he looks nearly brand new. 20 years of sitting on a keychain with several keys and other paraphernalia, and he isn't any worse for wear. It's truly a testament to the level of quality that Leatherman puts into their products. Admittedly, this a review for a 20 year old product; I can't specifically speak about the quality of their current product line. But if it's anything like it was 20 years ago, then they are truly making a product they can be proud of (and that you can count on).

I really could not be happier with my Micra! It has performed flawlessly for me every time I've ever needed it. And I'm a pretty handy guy, who fixes all kinds of things and is always happy to lend a hand (both at home and at work); so this little guy gets pretty heavy usage. (Mostly electronics work. I am a telecommunications engineer, and am constantly cutting, stripping, and terminating wires, in addition to breaking into server cases and replacing I/O cards, etc. Lot's of work with electronics, wires/cables, and screws.)

I have had to clean him out a few times, to get the pocket lint out and touch-up some of the interior surfaces with a little oil to assure that no rust sets in (which it never has).

I know some models (and other brands) offer a pair of pliers instead of scissors, and originally I wanted the model with the pliers, as I thought they would be more useful than scissors. But after years of practical usage in the "field", I can confidently say that the scissors are infinitely more useful. Even if the unit had pliers, lets face it, they would be so small (either the jaws of the pliers, or the handle grips, or both) that they wouldn't really be very practical. But, with that said, I have actually used this very model as a make-shift set of pliers to turn a bolt/nut in a pinch (gotta love a MacGyver moment!). With the Micra in its "folded up" position, I basically just opened the Micra a little, positioned the bolt/nut inside the Micra, and allowed it to spring-close around the head of the bolt/nut, then squeezed the Micra and it actually gripped the nut/bolt tight enough to let me turn it!. And really, once I got the Micra and started using it, I never regretted having the scissors instead of pliers. If you need pliers, use a full size multi-tool. I should also say that these are very high quality scissors. Much more heavy duty than the typical scissors you find on other multi-tools (including other larger Leatherman multi-tool models), as these are the "primary" tool in this product (not small, fold-out, "secondary" scissors); they are also very sharp and well aligned, making them very precise, and easy to cut thin tissue paper without it "jamming" between the jaws of the scissors. They really are a high-quality set of scissors. Both heavy duty enough to cut through thick copper cables (like CAT6 and RG6), yet precise enough to cut out intricate shapes from something as delicate as Kleenex. And I LOVE the two-dimensional Phillips screwdriver. It's such an elegant and effective answer to how to make a "flat" Phillips driver.

Also, if you find that there are certain features on the multi-tool that you don't have a use for (like the nail file or tweezers, etc.), you can actually disassemble the device and remove the tools you don't need and instead order new tools to replace the unneeded ones. The Leatherman website offers a full catalog of individual replacement tools/parts (with hundreds of different replacement tools to choose from), so you can literally pick-and-choose all the tools that best fit your needs and construct a custom multi-tool that best suits you. How awesome is that?

Now I know that some other brands include a little LED flashlight in their multi-tool. In my experience, this is a bane, not a boon. Often, when I need the LED flashlight, I also need to be able to use the multi-tool as well (screwdrivers, etc.). So I prefer to have a separate flashlight on my keychain, rather than a flashlight that is integrated into my multi-tool (forcing me to choose between using the flashlight OR the multi-tool, but never both at the same time). Plus, these days, it's seems to be cheaper to simply toss a dead keychain flashlight in the trash and replace it with a whole new flashlight, rather than try to order replacement batteries for a light that's integrated into your multi-tool. I often get perfectly adequate LED keychain flashlights for around $2, while the replacement batteries are often around $10.

I will admit that this device will add some weight to your keychain. But so will any multi-tool. But I can say that there is absolutely no unnecessary weight (or volume) added to this product. No plastic panels to make it "flashy" and "cool" looking. No extra textured metal corner pieces to give the appearance of increased ruggedness. Just pure practicality. As much functionality as possible, all wrapped into the smallest size and lightest weight possible. And the brilliant, but simple, design keeps all the small bits and blades conveniently, and safely, covered, contained, and protected from the outside world (and the world protected from them!) when the Micra is folded up for transport on your keychain.

So the gist of my review is, not only has the Leatherman Micra outperformed my every expectation, it has lasted decades longer than I ever dreamed it would, and it has consistently surprised me with how well it can "MacGyver" almost any situation for which I've needed it.

I whole heartedly recommend the Leatherman Micra for your keychain. You will not be disappointed.
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