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on November 1, 2011
The Leatherman sidekick is the new enty level for the Leatherman range of multitools. There is also the new Leatherman Wingman, released at the same time. Well i chose the sidekick as i wanted a saw in my multitool.
I bought two of these and have just today received them from the post.
All i can say is leatherman has won me over straight away!
The ease of opening the tools and the lock unlock mechanism works perfectly, and the grip is really comfortable, practicing on each tool i felt that i could maintain a firm pressure and not feel any pinching or soreness from the tool at all. The feel and weight of the tool really impressed me and i would be interested to see what a Leatherman fuse owner rates this multitool.
This tool is the perfect "basic" multitool, it has a great finish, good feel and quality in the manufacture, If you want a good multitool that gives bang for your buck this is the one!
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on March 27, 2013
I bought this because I needed to send my original Leatherman PST back for some repairs, but didn't want to be without a multitool for 6-8 weeks. The price point on this one was good, about what I paid for my PST 15 years ago. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a lot of improvement in the last 15 years.
1) Spring-loaded pliers/wire cutters. It's really nice to not have to manually open the tool jaws when you're working on something.
2) Much more ergonomic handles. Squeezing something really hard with the PST can be uncomfortable; the Sidekick has rounded edges that are much easier on your hands.
3) Larger pivot point for the jaws and heavier wire cutters. Seems like it'll hold up better than the PST; mine had loosened up to the point that cutting wire below 12ga was nearly impossible.
4) The knife blade is considerably sharper than on my PST. When I got my original PST the knife blade was just a bar of stainless steel that had been beveled. Not overly effective. This one is much better; nearly shaving sharp out of the box, and it holds an edge very well. Plus you can access the blade without having to open the tool, which is a nice bonus.
5) Locking blades is a nice touch. I've nearly cut myself using my PST when the blade has folded up unexpectedly.
6) Still has the 25-year Leatherman Warranty. And if you use your tools at all, believe me when I say that you'll need it. These are great rugged tools, but anything that gets used every day (I use mine as part of my EDC) is going to eventually need something fixed. Can you think of ANYTHING that you've carried every day for 25 years that hasn't needed repair at some point?

1) Blades are too small. The blades are too small in relation to the handles. You've got a handle that's 4 inches long and nearly 2 inches wide, with a 2.5 inch blade. And the blade isn't even as long as it could be; there's space in the handle for another 1/2 inch of knife to fit. And I think having the extra length would have made a big difference in both how this knife looks and handles. Same problem with the serrated blade; it's only about 1.5 inches long, but there's space in the handle for it to have been a bit longer.
2) The saw suffers from the same length problem as the blades; there's just not enough of it. This is only partially Leatherman's fault, as they made the saw blade fit the handle but made the handle shorter on the saw side. Bottom line is; you're not sawing anything larger than an inch wide with this thing. Scissors would have been a better option, I think, because anything smaller than an inch you can cut with the regular blade, or just break with your hands.
3) No ruler. The PST has a perfectly functional 8-inch ruler with both standard and metric measurements. The design of the handles on this tool negates that, and instead you get a dinky little 1.25in/6cm ruler on the back of the nail file/screwdriver. And the edges aren't straight, and the notches aren't marked, so it's essentially useless.
4) The Phillips head screwdriver isn't, really. its a flat driver with two little nubs pretending to be a Phillips. The original PST has an actual, real, 4-equal-sides functional Phillips head. This one doesn't. And I'm not sure why; where it sits in the handle has plenty of room for a real Phillips. Leatherman simply chose not to put one in there. Maybe to keep machining costs down? Regardless, it's a miss.
5) The wire cutters don't overlap, they meet. And just barely, at that. Cutting fine-gauge automotive wire is a chore with this tool right now while it's brand new. Once there's some wear on the cutters it might become impossible.
6) The sheath. This is my biggest hangup for this tool. It doesn't come with a belt sheath that lets it ride unnoticed until you need it. Instead it comes with what is essentially a pouch, and a carabiner to to clip it to your belt loop if you want. Personally, I've been carrying it in my jacket pocket, because having 8oz of stainless steel bumping around on your belt loop gets annoying in a hurry. So that means you've got to spend some extra $$ for a decent sheath if you want to have this as part of your year-round EDC. The carabiner lets it clip well to the molle loops on my day pack, so once I get my old tool back this will probably just live in my Bug-Out bag or my Get Home Bag. If it hadn't been for this crappy sheath I'd have given it 4 stars.

Bottom line is that it's ok as a basic Leatherman, but if you're just looking for a basic Leatherman save yourself a couple bucks and get the Wingman instead. I think the scissors on the Wingman are more useful than the saw on the Sidekick, from a usability standpoint. Plus you can buy the Wingman on Amazon with a sheath. If you want something that you're going to use every day, though, I think you'd be better served going with a Wave, a Supertool, or a Charge (Or the new Rebar! Great tool!). I'd consider them to be true evolutions of the original PST, with more functional tools that you can use in the real world.
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on October 22, 2011
This is a "jewel-tool". Small,light,compact, and built well. If you're looking an EDC with alot of functionality, this might be your answer. I think it's more of a "sized-down" Wave multi-tool than anything else, without the "flash" of a Skeletool CX. I own just about everything that Leatherman has ever made (YES, I do like gadgets), and this is a very impressive addition to their product line. Keep in mind, this is NOT a full sized multi-tool (Surge/Wave/Charge/TTI/XTI, etc.) so be careful of the demands that you place on it, BUT certainly, do NOT under estimate its capability or quality. Worth the money you spend. GJM

12/12/11 Follow up: I just ordered and received my second of these tools. Why?? -- this is a great small tool for the glove compartment of my vehicle. The first one has been used primarily in the household, by me AND my wife (she says it's not too bulky for her to use). Very handy !! GJM
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on July 3, 2012
After years of not carrying a pocket knife, I decided that it was time to carry again, but I was looking for more than just a blade. I wanted it to do everything. After talking to several friends who are avid leatherman users I decided that it was time to get one. My needs were as follows: ability to open main blade with one hand, not too big to go into a pocket, light enough to carry but not so light that it feels like a toy, good wire cutters, good saw, basic screw drivers. After doing extensive research on every leatherman made, as well as gerbers and several knock offs, I decided to give this one a try.

I was not disappointed. This is a great little device. It feels great, the weight is perfect, and has almost all of the tools that I need. I liked the Sidekick so much that I also bought a Wingman (similar product but with scissors instead of a saw).

There are only two things that I don't like about the product:
The blade does not hold an edge very well
I broke one of the flat heads trying to use it as a pry bar (not really how it is meant to be used). To be fair leatherman would fix or replace it for free, but I have not sent it in yet.

I now use the wingman as my EDC because I get more use out of the scissors than the saw, but this one is in our junk drawer and is used at least weekly.

Is it as well made as a surge or wave? Well no, but it is also 1/3 the price and 2/3 the size. For a light duty multitool that you can put in your pocket, either the sidekick or the wingman is a great choice.

One last note: Leatherman should design a make your own multitool. Flat price for the empty shell, then varying prices for tools. I don't need a bottle opener so it would be great to be able to replace it with something else (like the package opener found on the wingman). If I could replace this blade for the one that comes with the TTI and get rid of the bottle opener, I would gladly pay $100. Until then, this is the best out there.
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on December 29, 2011
I purchased this (Sidekick) at REI today, and I returned just after one day, when I got home and started to use this "Leatherman tool" I soon became aware of the reason for the great price point! Old saying goes you get what you pay for and I believe leatherman just wanted to make a product that would be more appealing to the ppl with a little less money in there pocket, which don't get me wrong somethings on this multi-tool where good but I think all in all it was built very flimsy ( I included pictures to show)..and as far as the "wire cutters" this is a joke, if you can imagine pressing 2 nails together and hoping to cut something than you can understand my point, they do not over lap each other, nor is there any kind of edge to the cutters!!!! FAIL... the blade shape and sharpness where fine, the screwdriver and flat head where fine, and I was happy to see there was a pocket clip!! The pliers felt very weak as if you where to put any force to them they would twist sideways as would the handle.. now don't get me wrong I know this is not the top of the line leatherman multi-tool for $40 bucks (REI)..but at least give me a sturdy platform.. I own the wave and love it!! and just ordered a your money and wait to get something better.
review image review image review image
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The sidekick multi-tool is clearly not the flagship tool of Leatherman. However, I found the tool a perfect addition to my camerabag for many reasons and I now consider it indispensable.

Whether cutting gaffer tape, cutting wire to hang a flash, loosening a 1/4-20 threaded screw, prying off a monopod foot, or using the spring loaded pliers to loosen a light stand bolt, I found this tool incredbly helpful. The build quality is very good, just not as good as the more expensive Leathermans such as the leatherman MUT EOD tool. For my purposes, it is more than adequate. If I am defusing ordinance, I would want the MUT EOD tool; no doubt. The leather case for the Sidekick does not attach to your belt (no loop). However, I still find it useful.

The number of times other photographers have asked to borrow my Sidekick (or similiar) is proof this tool is both needed and often over looked by photographers. I also carry it in my day to day bag (to/from work). TIP: the Sidekick was very stiff when I received it. I sprayed it with WD-50 then wiped it down. After some use, it breaks in anyway.
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on August 8, 2013
The tools that You will need. Very good finish. Strong construction. It feels heavy when You take it in your pants pocket or in your belt. I miss the holster for the belt.
review image review image
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on December 1, 2014
I like it as much as the Surge I lost. With a little patience and intuition, I found what use each tool could serve and how all the tools retracted and worked without even looking at the enclosed pamphlet. I'm not a rocket scientist but I knew what "the circular thing" was for at the get go and I also assessed what each tool would be capable of doing and its limitations, considering the size of the Sidekick compared to my AWOL Surge. As I expected, the tool is well-crafted and I already knew about the warranty on all Leatherman products from past experience. However, I'm still baffled over complaints about a tool that's expertly made and at such a low price at Amazon. I try not to berate a product until I've done the research and studied the pros and cons. Hello! Complainers! Nothing in this world is perfect and neither are you. It takes patience and discovering how you can overcome adversities if they stand in the way of your desired "convenience". Scissors? GOOD GOD! I find that tool more useless and clumsy than any of the others mentioned. What's wrong with a sharp blade? If you're in an office, get a real pair of scissors! Yes, I'm very satisfied with the bargain I got and I even bought another one since the price was terrific! Maybe others ought to understand that complaints are warranted if a lot of money was invested in a product. Be glad that the company producing these products still resides in the "good ol' U.S. of A." even though I found out that some of the manufacturing is done offshore as well. Blame yourselves, those that want as cheap a product as they can get from a company that has all the manufacturing done in China! Apple comes to mind and my disgust goes to dedicated Apple fans standing in long lines and paying a heavy premium for a product produced in China. Meanwhile Apple has all its money in offshore bank accounts so they can avoid American taxes in "the greatest country in the world"! KUDOS to the Leatherman company, at least from me!
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on September 28, 2014
Started rusting after only a day of use in rainy conditions. It was a replacement for a new wave Leatherman I lost on set and which I had used for 3 years in all weather conditions and never once had to maintain. This tool marks a significant departure from the quality I am used to. If Leatherman insists no manufacturing such products it can at least mark them for indoor use only.
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on April 6, 2012
Personally, I feel between this and the wing-man these multi-tools offer everything a normal person could want in an EDC multi-tool. Honestly though I regret not getting the wing-man as the scissors would be far more useful to me than the saw for daily tasks but the sidekick is a great companion to have on you at all times. My only complaint is a minor amount of handle jiggle after extended use.
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