Customer Reviews: Leatherman 931014 40-Bit Assortment for Leatherman Bit Drivers
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on January 9, 2015
I stick both of these in my leatherman's leather case in the back tucked in the stretchy material. It makes it a little tough to get the leatherman out compared to before, but once you get use to it, its fine. If you put a flashlight and the bit extension on the side compartments too, it makes it even more tough to get the leatherman out. You can easily stick one of these in without having any trouble whatsoever. Its like having a toolbox in the size of a deck of cards. I slide a needle and a swiss army knife's tweezers behind the bits also. With one or both sets of bits in the leather sheath, the bits do not fall out when you pull the leatherman, or other things out of the side compartments out.

You can kind of see them both in the back behind the leatherman. (This one is a Wave).

11 months later....

For the past year since writing this review...I have kept everything in my sheath. The bit extensions, both bit cases, sharpening diamond flat plate, flashlight, firesteel rod, etc. At first i had put a rubber "piece" around the leatherman to get it out easily. I could get it out without, but i would have to take it off the belt sometimes. So when i grabbed the leatherman, i grabbed the rubber and pulled it up, and put the rubber in first before putting the leatherman back in. It was quite a pain for a bit but i got use to it. I havent used it in a few months and now checking it, the sheath has stretched and now the leatherman fits nice and snug, but loose enough to get out with 2 fingers. Perfect. No more extra piece to get the leatherman out. At this point i can easily get the two bit extensions in the back as well as the leatherman in and out as if the sheath was made for both bit extensions. NICE!.
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on March 6, 2011
Got this for my Leatherman Skeletool CX since I don't carry many tools with me. Almost every bit I've needed in the last 2 years has been included in this kit. Good assortment of metric and standard hex bits, torx and screwdrivers. As much as I've used them, none of the bits show any sign of wear. If you can't carry a whole toolbox with you, this is a good alternative. Fits in Leatherman 930711 Nylon Sheath with room for Bit Driver Extension on the side.
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on September 22, 2010
I am using these bits with a Leatherman Wave.

The bit selection is varied and fills out the missing tools on the Wave. Most useful have been the other Phillips heads and the hex keys. The plastic holder fits perfectly inside the nylon Wave sheath, just behind the elastic piece. Well, one holder fits perfectly... Luckily I have two Waves, so each gets a slightly different toolset. Though I was a little leery about paying $15 for a set of bits, they do improve the usefulness of the tool. Whereas before I had to pull out a mini-screwdriver or a different toolkit to work on certain computers, now I can just carry the Wave. In that light, it's a bargain.
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on November 12, 2010
I love this little add on for my Leatherman tools. The provided bits cover a very good range of common screws used these days. Having this with your leather man is a must. The sleeves that the bits are held in, easily slide into any of my multitool pouches without having to carry an extra sheath.
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on June 12, 2013
These are useful, lots of variety, but these are CHEAP, low grade steel. They're soft. One of the phillips heads snapped in half when I tried to tighten something. Other heads have easily stripped. Even my disposable, throw away screw drivers that make their way into the kitchen drawer hold up better. This is a product completely unworthy of being associated with Leatherman.

If I was really desperate and nothing important relied on it, I would use these. Otherwise, find a conveniently packaged screw driver kit with some quality heads. I've never had a tool that was this soft, so whatever you consider as an alternate will be superior. If they would replace this product with 80ksi I would happily take the exchange, but I doubt that will happen. Buy this product if you find it offered in "Used" condition for less than $7. I seriously regret this purchase at the retail price point.
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on December 6, 2011
Bit Set
I like it. It looks like it has a good variety of bits. Although, I needed to find an alternative to the plastic holders the bits come in. Carrying both sets in this configuration makes the Surge stick out further in the orginal leather and nylon sheath. Also, I couldn't find a way to carry both sets of bits. Tucking one set behind the multitool in the sheath allows them to fall out whenever I take out the multitool and requires 2 hands to put the multitool back into the case because the bit set is loose in the shealth. I think maybe a clip on the front side of the bit holders may work well to hold them at the tops of your pockets. The bit holders are thin enough that they shouldn't interfere with reaching your hand into your pockets in this configuration and would minimize looking like a dork. A constant struggle for me. If the bit holder were flexible it would be even better like a silicone rubber holder. Then they could probably go into the back pocket as well.

I bought the Surge along with the Crunch the Skeletool, the Sidekick and the Charge. I also bought 2 LED flashlights and the bit set. I talk about the flashlights below. I've never owned a multitool but have alway carried a pocket knife. I wanted to try a few and justified the expense in all sorts of interesting ways. Maybe this review will help you avoid some expense and the whole justification exercise. :)

Of all of the tools I bought I like the Surge and the Charge the best although there are a few things I didn't like about the Surge.

First, all of the outside surfaces have a sharp edge that is not comfortable. I filed and sanded them, now they're better but still not as good as the Charge. The Skeletool has this problem as well but a bit worse. The metal in the handle of the Skeletool looks too thin to file the edge so I didn't try.
I gave the Surge 4 stars and the Charge 5 stars, because of the way they feel in my hand out of the box.
You really shouldn't have to finnish a tool with a file for it to feel right in your hand, in my opinion.

The second thing that could use some improvement is the sheath. It's functional, I guess, but it is more bulky than it needs to be. The Surge and the Charge have the same style sheath and have the same flaws. The Charge sheath is a little smaller because the tool is 1/2 shorter but it sticks out just as far from your belt. The extra bit set make the sheaths stick out even further as the elastic in the sheaths expand to accomodate the 2 bit holders. I looked around for some alternatives to the shealth for the Surge. I ended up buying a horizontal leather cell phone case. It's from Case Logic and called the Universal Pouch CLP188SMT. I think other styles for iPhone 4 or large PDAs will work as well. A small flashlight and bit extension fit nicely in the bottom with the extra bits that I removed from the two black plastic holders they came with and put them in 2 small ziplock bags for pills I think. I bought the bags at Walgreen's in the pill organizer section. They are clear and about 2.5 inches wide and cost around $3 for a bunch of them. The surge fits snugly on top of all of this in the pouch and the magnetic clasp hold it all securely.

Here's what I think of the other multitools:

Charge ALX: Smaller and lighter but more expensive. It does come in a nice tin though with a small bit set and some other accessories. Handles feel better. It is also 1/2 inch shorter. I bought the ALX so it has the saw in place of the scissors. If I had to buy just one multitool, knowing what I know now, this would be it. I will likely give it to someone as a gift.

Crunch: Nice vice grips, good size, tools somewhat limited but we'll see how often I use the stuff on the Surge. I may switch to carrying this in the future.

Sidekick: Best value of all of them. Has a lot of functionality and I like the spring loaded pliers. It looks a little less well made but good enough for me.

Skeletool: My least favorite. It has sharp edges where you don't want them and the clip takes up a lot of room for it to be on something where every bit of real eastate should have something useful. I know the Freestyle eliminates this clip but i really dont like the way this tool is put together or how it feels in my hand. The Freestyle looks like it would feel the same. Also for such a large tool, it seems to have limited functionality. I know weight can be important to some people. And this tool is light for its size. It just isn't worth the tradeoff for me.

I bought 2 small LED flashlights, each powered by a single AAA battery.
The Leatherman Serac S2 and the Fenix E01
The Fenix E01 is better, smaller, brighter and cost 1/3 the price of the Leatherman.
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on August 2, 2012
The quality of most of the bits is pretty good, but every one of the five or so torx bits were pitiful, the grooves in the second to smallest one were so shallow it wouldn't go into the proper screw, the torx bits were the main reason I bought this set, not the quality I have come to expect from Leatherman at all, do not buy the set if you mainly will use the torx bits
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on February 25, 2014
These bits are great! Not for everyday use, but their unique design lets you carry a large number of bits in your toolkit, bike pack, range bag or whatever. The design is such that each bit is flat and therefore very compact. The tradeoff is that they will not be as strong as full thickness bits, and thus not for everyday use. However given the low cost and the convenience, I will always have a set in my portable tool set. You can find pictures at:
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on April 20, 2011
I have had a chance to use the bits for about two weeks now. The only complaint I have is the quality of the steel seems to be low and the tips will wear out prematurely. I see wear evident on a number of the small Allen bits, but this set will get you out of a few binds without having to go back for your tool box!
Hey Leatherman call Starret and ask them how to make the bits!
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on May 25, 2013
Leatherman came up with an interesting take on multitool screwdrivers. They basically took the standard 1/4" hex bits and "squished" them so they'll work with thinner sockets. They'll work with the driver sockets on the Skeletool, Wave, Charge, MUT and Surge. They'll also work in some standard 1/4" hex drivers.

The bits are made of some form of carbon steel coated in black...something. Something that wears off easily. It'll come off quickly in normal service. It doesn't seem to matter much. I haven't seen any rust or corrosion where they have worn off.

The bit selection is pretty wide, including practically every size of phillips, flat blade and allen under 1/4" you'll ever need. It also includes a wide variety of torx blades, two pozidriv and two square bits. Carrying this kit with your bit-enabled Leatherman takes you from ready to prepared.

Because of their squashed shape, the larger bits won't completely fill a screw head. I would go easy on applying excessive torque for fear of stripping the screw head, particularly with allen drivers. There's a reason they included so many allen drivers: Use the right size. Smaller bits and the flat blades don't suffer that problem.

A word has to be said about the plastic holders. They're made to fit into either their own sheath (which Leatherman stopped including with the kit), or into the accessory pouch of the premium tool sheaths. They aren't made to stow in a pants pocket uncovered, as the bits are retained by weak friction. I'm pretty surprised Leatherman didn't include a detent. Skeletool owners like me have to improvise. So now I carry them in the sheath that came with my whetstone.

Finally, some errata: The product description and the paperwork that comes with the kit describes a pozidriv/square bit. Instead, it seems to have been replaced with an additional double Torx bit. If anything, I think this improves the kit. Pozidriv and square fasteners are pretty rare in the United States. Torxs are much more common.

Bottom line: You got a leatherman with a bit driver? Get this kit.
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