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on June 22, 2001
Like every band that scores a bullseye its first time out, it isn't long before the worrysome issue of what to do for a follow-up rears its ugly head. This, of course, is where a lot of bands lose the plot and make a beeline straight for One-Hit Wonderland. Not the Ramones. Rather than simply try to repeat the two-chord assault of their debut album, on "Leave Home" the boys somehow manage to get poppier and (I might as well just come out and say it) more MATURE without losing any of their punky edge. Songs like "I Remeber You", "What's your Game", and the glorious "Swallow my Pride" are real songwriting advances that are miles ahead of anything on the first LP. Of course, there's still stuff like "Pinhead" and "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment" for those of you who need that type of fix....
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on December 14, 2001
As the liner notes explain, The Ramones had written over 30 songs before they got signed to Sire Records in 1976. This CD gives us most of those 30 songs. The Ramones are hardly the best punk group. They never quite out-grew their punk rock, garage band roots. This album, however, finds them early on when they were still red hot and before their music became monotonous. This CD benefits greatly by its bonus material, sixteen songs recorded live at the Roxy in 1976. These bonus tracks mean you get almost the entire first album along with the second -- a very good deal, considering that the live versions are just as good if not better than the studio versions.
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on December 12, 2004
First of all, I would like to clear up that I am reviewing an alternate LEAVE HOME. The one that I am reviewing has "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" instead of "Carbona Not Glue". Also, it doesn't have "Babysitter" or any bonus tracks. But I will review it anyway since most of the tracks are the same. Johnny, Joey, Dee-Dee, and Tommy made punk rock and it is a shame that after ROCKET TO RUSSIA, Tommy left and some dude named Marky Ramone replaced him. I will review it on a track-to-track basis.

1.Glad To See You Go.This song has got to be my favorite Ramones song other than "Blitzkrieg Bop" off of RAMONES. It is classic fun Ramones.

2.Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment.Another great classic! This is the shortest track off of LEAVE HOME, coming in at 1'38. For some reason, this song is an ode to shock therapy. (?)

3.I Remember You. More toned down than "Glad To See You Go" and "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment" but still good. Consists of two or three lines.

4.Oh Oh I Love Her So. A Ramones love song. Fast and loud, sweet and kind. A strange combination. Still a great Ramones anthem.

5.Sheena Is A Punk Rocker. I don't know about you but I prefer this to "Carbona Not Glue". It starts out as a rock song like the 1950s. But with the chorus, punk starts exploding from any opening in the house.

6.Suzy Is A Headbanger. Another great song. Between Sheena, Suzy, and Judy (from "Judy Is A Punk" from RAMONES) I don't know how many girls Joey will write about.

7.Pinhead.INCREDIBLE!!! The chant: "Gabba gabba, we except you, we except you, one of us!" is really cool. Another one of my favorites.

8.Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy. Simple. Pretty good for filler.

9.Swallow My Pride.More toned down like "I Remember You". Still rockin '.

10.What's Your Game.Compliments "Swallow My Pride", but even better!

11.California Sun. Un-needed but good nontheless.

12.Commando.In league with "Pinhead", "Glad To See You Go", and "Blitzkrieg Bop". Excellent!

13.You're Gonna Kill That Girl.Wierd.

14.You Should Never Have Opened That Door.Good. But not a good album closer.


Joey Ramone-Vocals

Johnny Ramone-Guitar

Dee-Dee Ramone-Vocals, Bass

Tommy Ramone-Drums
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on October 29, 2014
Read my review of 'Ramones.'

This album is almost as good, but there is a "sameness" that the songs from "Leave Home" could simply have been added to "Ramones."

Still, it's worth owning for another dose of Ramonesmania!
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on December 27, 2009
Having recently explored this band's early studio efforts, I have to say that I'm pleased this cd's sound quality is a giant leap ahead of their debut album (I bought a 2 in 1 of "Ramones" and "Rocket to Russia" which I assume has the bog standard sound quality of the titles separately). Whereas their debut's sound was generally good, it was badly let down by having the guitars low in the mix, as if the punk guitar sound was something to be buried. On "Leave him", the guitars are where they should be in the mix. So, love the clean sound here, where the mix is right. The guitars have that classic punk tone and the riffs are typical punk too. Having heard Ramones' first three studio albums (plus "End of the century" and the title that I first bought "Anthology"), I have to day that they are consistent. Personally speaking, I think their debut is their best of their first three has songs I like more than anything else on their 2nd and 3rd albums, and I also found myself sort of discovering songs on it which had charms that eluded me on their Anthology, from memory. Seeing as I liked their poppier stuff most of all on their debut, it may please some to know that their second album here has less sugar in's more punk and less pop-punk, one could say. That being said, my favourite Ramones album is "End of the century" which is the band at their pop-punk has their best songs and the more punk songs are listenable too...they're not pure filler. Overall, I'd have to say that "Leave home" is worth around 75/100...but maybe you could have it range between 75 - 80 out of 100. A big bonus of the 2001 Rhino release of this album is that it includes most of the songs off of their debut album, but they are all live versions. Why is that such a big bonus? Well, the sound quality is excellent (albeit a bit on the heavy and dull side). However, the guitars are higher in the mix than on their debut album, which is the main reason I'm giving the album extra for these bonus lives tracks. You get the real punk guitar experience with the live songs...they're heavier and up in the mix. Some people could actually find these live songs preferable to that on their studio album. The only song I particularly liked from their debut which didn't make it live on to "Leave home" was "Down on my knees"..., so just a little disappointed that that didn't make it onto this.

Best song:

Commando - seeing as "Chinese rock" is my second favourite song of theirs after "Rock'n'roll high school" it should be no surprise that this song, which has Chinese rock's riff, makes it here. Also like the military type vocals. Features hand claps and backing vocals.

Next best (my notation is a bit hard to decipher in my notes...I'm assuming that I don't mind the songs below):

Suzy is a headbanger - has the classic punk style riff and a cool bit where the guitar is spotlighted. Also cool is the drum bit near the end. The guitar intro sounds a bit familiar as are other parts of the song...can't quite put my finger on it...thought it might have been a bit like "Blitzkrieg bop" but it's probably something else.

Pinhead - the intro reminds me of The Cars' "Hello", though that came out after this song did. Short riff in this song is good, as the tone of the drums. Lyrics are simple and catchy, as is the vocal style. Has a thumping beat and the outro has vocals which sound like someone has inhaled helium (The Saints do this too on one song on their all time classic album "Eternally yours").

What's your game? - has some nice note picking and slow strumming. Backing vocals are nice too. Sounds like a tambourine is used too.

You should never have opened that door - has some weird, intentional scratching sounds. Backing vocals employed. Mock menacing lyrics.

Next best from their live songs:

53rd and 3rd

I wanna be your boyfriend - heavier than their debut album version. Backing vocals are barely audible, but that's ok. Has the classic indie pop/punk guitar sound.

Other songs of interest from the studio album (well, I didn't make any notes for "Carbona not glue", so every other song is discussed):

Glad to see you go - opening track which illustrates the big improvement in sound quality and the levels for the guitar in the mix (compared to their debut). Has that classic punk guitar sound. Bass guitar isn't upfront though.

Gimme gimme shock treatment - has some spacey synth type sounds.

I remember you - sort of sounds like the line "I'm in love with you, ooh ooh" from the classic Beatles' song "Do you want to know a secret".

Oh oh I love her so - has lyrical Americana references. Backing vocals, tambourine and keyboard also feature.

Now I wanna be a good boy - has good drum parts and tone...they sound spacey at other times too. Riffy. Guitar gets quite beefy sounding at times.

Swallow my pride - has handclaps and backing vocals.

California sun - sometimes the guitar and drums have different tones to them. Call lyrics where the lead guitar responds/echoes the singing.

You're gonna kill that girl - singing sometimes reminds me of the song "The leader of the pack". Has some gentle guitar strumming and then punk riffing.

Baby sitter - nice note picking on the guitar sounds familiar...not sure if they are referencing some other song here, or I remember some other act which referenced them. Seems that the guitars are unintentionally distorted at times.

Further listening for punk:

Ramones: Ramones
Ramones: End of the century
The Saints: Eternally yours
The Saints: (I'm) Stranded
Stiff Little Fingers: Inflammable material
X: X-Aspirations
Radio Birdman: Radios appear
The Damned: Damned, damned, damned
The Sex Pistols: Never mind the bollocks
Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers: L.A.M.F

Proto punk:

New York Dolls: New York Dolls
The Stooges: The Stooges
The Stooges: Raw power
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