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65 of 68 people found the following review helpful
on April 12, 2006
First of all, I want to say that it is truely awesome to finally have this on DVD. I was a huge fan of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show when I was a kid, and I always looked forward to Frisdays for the Zelda episodes.

The Zelda cartoons, themselves, are a lot of fun. Granted, they are a little silly and could even be considered 'cheesey' from a certain point of view, but they are what they are. They may not come across as serious as some of the video games (i.e. Ocarania of Time), but this is perfect for something targeted at kids. I was 9 when this show came out, and I loved it. And I love looking back on it now.

If I were rating just the cartoons, in-and-of themselves, and not the DVD as a whole, I would give it 5 stars.

But, as you've probably noticed, I only gave it three stars. And I have reasoning behind this.

I just picked this DVD up earlier this week as well as the recently released boxed set of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

The SMBSS set is the first in a series of box sets that will collect all of the non-Zelda episodes of the series. There are 24 episodes on that 4-disc set, complete with all live action segments and all cartoons (it even has the previews for the Zelda episodes).

Having bought that at the same time, I found it very disapointing that all of the complete live-action segments were not included on this Zelda release (only a handful of episodes include them). Being that I am kind of a 'completist' and wanted to have the whole 'Super Show' series in as complete of a manner as possible, I found this to be a let down.

Personally, I would have much prefered if the SMBSS set had also included the Zelda episodes complete with live-action degments, and this particular Zelda set had just been a separate release for people who only want the Zelda series, and don't care about the live action stuff or the Mario cartoons. I would have liked to have all of the episodes in order, but could have dealt with separate releases if all the live action stuff had remained intact.

If you are someone who is only interested in the Zelda cartoon, and don't care about the rest, then this will be right up your alley.

If you are a completist like me, you will be at least somewhat disapointed.

However, even after taking acceptance of what content is included on this set, it still seems silly that the thing is 3 discs and costs as much as it does. During the Super Show episodes, the cartoon segements only accounted for about half of the running time, with the live action stuff being the other half. Since this only mostly includes the cartoons parts with only a few exceptions, there is no reason that this shouldn't be a 2-disc set and about 5 to 10 dollars cheaper.

It costs about the same as the SMBSS set, which is 24 complete episodes on 4 discs. This is only 13 (mostly) partial episodes when taking the live-action stuff into account. They seem to be trying to give it the appearance that you are getting more than you truely are. And it is extra disapointing since both releases are put out by the same distributor.

So, its up to each individual to decide if it is worth their money. I just wanted to put the info out there of what exactly is included in this set to not give anyone false hopes (particularly anyone who may have already bought the SMBSS set and not this one). It's certainly not a bad buy, and I do not regret buying it, but it won't fully satisfy the completists out there.
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33 of 36 people found the following review helpful
on August 17, 2005
This is the DIC produced cartoon that ran in the 80's that was originaly part of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show! There were only 13 episodes of this cartoon which aired every Friday and the mario cartoon ran monday-thursday! All in all a very good cartoon and well animated! Look for extras on this set because two discs are all that needed for the episodes! Now here are the episodes included:

- The Ringer

- Cold Spells

- The White Knight

- Kiss'N Tell

- Sing for the Unicorn

- That Sinking Feeling

- Doppelganger

- Underworld Connectons

- Stinging a Stinger

- A Hitch In The Works

- Fairies In The Spring

- The Missing Link

- The Moblins are Revolting
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15 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on January 29, 2006
The Legend of Zelda: Complete Animated Series sits high up on the forgotten mountain of what children's cartoon should be, right there with "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," "Street Sharks," and "Recess." The Legend of Zelda was (and still is) such an exceptional video game series for all ages, and the TV show followed in its footsteps. It combined pleasantly cartoony action and adventure with cheesy one-liners, and some jokes that still today make me laugh. "Lookin' good, Princess! 'Specially from THIS angle!" As children we see Link yell that to Zelda on a balcony below him and brush it off as the banter in between those amazing battle sequences. But later, that comment makes us young adults convulse with glee, and wonder how we ever missed it before.

But the series is most enjoyable for those of us who faithfully stuck to the actual video game series. The implimentation of original 8-bit sound effects into the cartoon is an added bonus that draws us back for more. And waiting to see which classic Zelda enemy will cause Link and Zelda trouble next is just that much more fun (especially if you can name them).

But by far the most fun thing about this show is waiting and praying for the day when Link can coax a kiss out of the lovely Princess. And they've come so close it almost made me angry when they got interrupted. Link tries so hard, and makes such an idiot out of himself trying, that you'd think he deserves a little action once in a while. but every time, no matter how he tries, he either messes up or is interrupted by Ganon's non-stop attempts to steal the Triforce.

All in all, if you grew up with te Super Mario Super Show, and you're a Nintendo fan, you'll appreciate this show as much as you love to watch it.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on October 19, 2005
How can you get a kid up at 5:30am? Put on a syndicated cartoon show with video game characters, that's how!

Each episode is 15 minutes in length because the original show was part of Captain N and the video game masters. Each morning you'd get a different line-up, of either a Mario Bros episode, Legend of Zelda, or Captain N (which combined several games.)

This is an item best for total Zelda nuts (deku-nuts) who watched the cartoon as a child. It's typical of every Saturday morning cartoon show, somewhat removed from the source material (understandably) although it does include video game sound effects.

Link is characterized as a rather narcissistic young man with an attitude, which might annoy some people.

Excuuuuuusssseee me, Princess!
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on September 9, 2005
FINALLY! After years of trying to download the episodes form online and having no such luck, they will be released on DVD! I have been a fan of the Zelda series since it first came out. My mother and I used to pa it together when I was really young and I looked forward to the Mario Brothers show every Friday to watch Zelda! A shame there were only 13 episodes tho! Although the cartoons are a bit childish I STILL find them highly entertaining. Each show is about 15 minutes long. Like previous reviews state, it has NOT been released yet. I have seen all of the episodes tho and am HIGHLY anticipating this release. I give it six stars - one for good luck =}

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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on December 10, 2007
Whether this series is "good" or "bad" really depends on who you are. While some series are, normally, considered awesome, and others are usually considered terrible, the Zelda series splits fans right down the middle. If you hail from the generation raised on 80s and early 90s cartoons, and fondly remember your Saturday-morning animation overdoses, you'll probably like this. The characters, while keeping close to their original game designs, are rendered with the clothing, hair styles, and common animation style from the 80s. It also possesses the more basic, standard plots from 80s action cartoons, though there is a lot more attempted kissing. :P If you loved the show, or other basic cartoons from it's time, then sure, get it!

Now, if you are a big fan of the games, especially Ocarnia or Twilight Princess, it starts to get shifty. If you love the games for the plot and characters, you may not like this show. If you love how silent and gentle, but strong, Link is, I can almost promise you will hate the show. Link is -very different- in the animated series. He is headstrong, talks quite a bit, and has a more "aggressive" personality (aggressive as in, he's more persistent about what he wants). A lot of fans like this version of Link, so I don't want to berate him, but he is almost a polar opposite to the standard, game Link. Remember, this show was made long before the very popular titles, such as Ocarnia and even Link to the Past! The show is based on the very early games. If you were raised on the later 90s and even cartoons from the 2000s, you will certainly notice the age of the animation. While it is detailed and very colorful, it is also older.
However, I do know several fans who are exceptions. There are people who either didn't watch 80s cartoons, or love the recent games, or even prefer high definition stuff, who still like this series. As I said, you can go either way.

As for my experience: the show introduced me to the Zelda world when I was about 4. I thought the show was hilarious and a lot of fun to watch. The plots were easy for me to understand, and I thought they were really great. I didn't watch the show again, until I was 17. Upon that second viewing of the show, I had played tons of Zelda games, and loved them for their plots and characters (the gameplay and music, too, but that doesn't so much apply here. ;) ) This time, the show just made me laugh. It was almost like watching a parody of Legend of Zelda. Now that I'm older, I prefer deeper, more thoughtful plots, so it makes sense that the Zelda show plots no longer interest me. But the series is good for a giggle or two, and I feel a little younger when watching it. However, these days, Zelda's attitude and Link's "catch phrase", "Excuuuuuuuuseeee ME, Princess!!" grate on my nerves somewhat. But, I have some friends who loved the show as children, and still love it now. So, as you can see, opinions can change, or they may not. It depends on the viewer.

"So!?!" you're yelling at me now. "Do you recommend buying this or not? Huh? Get to the point!" Haha, no worries! Here's what I recommend:
If you remember absolutely loving the show, and have watched it in the past 5 years and still liked it, buy it if you want! But, if you haven't watched the show since you were little, or never watched the show, SAMPLE it first!! Some of the episodes are on YouTube, and even on DivX's Stage6, I believe. That way, if you find yourself disliking the show, you won't waste money. But if you do love the show, more power to you!

Thanks for reading! I rated 3 because it's an in-between opinion for me; 3 stars usually mean "It's okay", so that's what I took it as here.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on November 15, 2005
After school every Friday,this was IT!The thing every kid who loved Nintendo did;watch The Legend of Zelda!! Yeah,all kids watched cartoons after school,and everyone (at least us boys anyway) thought the Super Mario Bros. Super Show along with the Ninja Turtles were the coolest shows ever in the late 80s.

But there was just something extra special about Zelda!

Maybe because we considered Zelda more serious than Super Mario Bros;because being able to beat all nine labyrinths and save Princess Zelda was quite a feat at ten years old.Maybe because as a boy,we all dreamed about going on adventures and fighting monsters like Link did.It was always really cool to see what Zelda,Link and even Gannon would be like if they were real and we could look into their lives.Gannon also made such a better villain than Bowser did.

Watching the show again over 15 years later makes me realize how much of the show I did not appreciate as a kid.The humor of the mixed up romance triangle with Link,Zelda and Sprite.Link always trying to get a kiss from Zelda,Zelda for the most part brushing Link off,Sprite in love with Link and jealous of Zelda

but Link not interested in Sprite.Probabally the dialouge that made me laugh the most was this one:

Link:"You're a girl Sprite,how can I get Zelda to like me?"

Sprite:(high pitched fairy voice)"Who cares!? Zelda's a snot!"

It would have been great if more episodes were made of this series,but at least we will always have the memories.The only thing I didn't like about this set,is that every episode also opens up with the Super Mario Bros. Super Show opening instead of just the Zelda opening.But that's what fast forward is for.

On the plus side,seeing Lou Albano ridiculously dressed up and dancing around like an idiot singing "Do the Mario!" is perhaps one of the greatest moments in human stupidity that should be preserved for life.All in all terrific fun!Any gamer who grew up in the 80s should definitly buy this!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on January 14, 2011
I first saw clips of this series on Youtube and being the huge LoZ fan I am, I had to buy it. Most people complain due to the cheesy one liners and Link's constant quest to kiss Zelda, but the cheesiness is what makes it great I think, remember the show was made when only the first 2 games were out. A recurring joke is that Link NEVER gets a kiss from Zelda, although they come close in several episodes, in each episode Link and Zelda battle Ganon and his minions who are constantly trying to seize the Triforce of Wisdom, but never succeed, fans of the series will rejoice because all the classics monsters are here, octoroks, stalfos, gleeok, moblins, and even aquementis. I can't help but get nostalgic when I watch it. This is a great show every zelda fan should see, the only complaint I have is it didn't have all the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!!! opening segments, well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me shoutbox!!!!!! (sorry had to do it) so this is why it only gets 4 stars. I'd recommend the Super Mario Bros. Super Show! as well.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on August 2, 2007
I don't recall this cartoon from when I was a kid, but after getting the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, I couldn't pass this up. I enjoyed it even more than Mario. The dialogue is hilarious, and I love how Link is always trying to get Zelda to kiss him after he saves her. And Zelda has to help out Link quite a bit. There is plenty of fun and I was really blown away how good this show is. There is a lot of action also. The animation is nothing spectacular, but the artwork is good. I just wish there were more than 13 episodes.

Picture and sound quality are very good. Only special features to speak of are some live action segments from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on July 16, 2007
If you haven't bought this yet its either because you don't if you wan't to spend money on it or if it's any good. I'll start off by saying it is one of the cheesiest shows every made but you can't help but like it. The plots for every episode seem so obvious yet is great to watch how characters from the games are in the show. If you have thought about buying it's worth it. Now on to the the price. What you get is every episode ever made. A slew of extra features you wouldnt excpect such as storyboards, drawings, and interactive games. The set is included on a three disc set with great artwork on the case. The DVD's fold out left and right. The packiging is great. It is definately worth the price, considering it would have sold just as well with no extras at all. Overall the product is very complete and a must buy for anyone wondering about it.
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