Customer Reviews: Lego Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite
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on May 22, 2013
My family has enjoyed the previous Lego movie releases for Star Wars, but considering the superhero obsession in our household I had to pick this film up. The movie itself runs 71 minutes, almost a feature length which is quite a bit more than we've gotten with the previous Star Wars specials. The movie begins with Batman and Superman taking on Lex Luthor and flashes back to the "Man of the Year" award ceremony which quickly gets out of control when the Joker leads a group of villains (including the Penquin, Harley Quinn, Riddler, Two-Face and Catwoman) to crash the party. And what better way to stop a villain team up then by getting together a few "super" friends like Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Cyborg and The Flash. There are plenty of other characters that show up along the way as well.

While this film utilizes the spirit of the cut-scenes from LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, it is not a straight repackage of them. Many scenes have been added and the others reanimated and re-cut and improved upon for the release, all for the better. If you've played the game, you get the gist, but this is a much higher quality of animation and gives you the story in a much more cinematic way.

The film itself is fun for all ages, with enough Lego humor for the kids and plenty of jokes that will probably be over their heads including references to the Batman films going all the way back to the 1960s. Kudos to the design team for their parody of the original 1989 Batman film opening, as well as the use of that iconic Danny Elfman music and the John Williams Superman score. The voice work is solid and though I prefer the voice cast of Arkham Asylum, this group of actors does a wonderful job portraying these characters in a more kid friendly way.

The bonus features are great as well and include a short feature called "Building Batman" behinds the scenes in the Lego animation studio with a few kids getting to work with the resident animator, 2 episodes of The Brave and the Bold and one from Teen Titans, a Lego Batman stop-motion short, and 5 winning shorts from the Lego DC Universe Super Heroes Video Contest. There are various languages options but unfortunately no commentary which I would have loved to hear from the director or lead animator about the production. The pack-in of Clark Kent with the "S" exposed is a nice add on for Lego collectors as well.

Ultimately this is a great release. It's a fun film for all ages and a worth a look.
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on June 11, 2013
If you have played the Lego Batman 2 game, the plot of this movie will be very familiar to you. In fact, its almost as if Traveler's Tales figured they could throw a game together on the cheap by re-using the cut scenes from the video game. Although its not a complete clone of the game, some scenes are re-edited and re-cut so they aren't exact, but they are close enough.

If you are over the age of 12, then there isn't a ton of stuff in this movie to interest you. There are some references to past Batman movie and TV incarnations and the recreation of the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie opening from LEGO bricks is a classic. My kids watch the scene and yell out "The bat-symbol!" every time they watch it. There is also a scene where Superman hears the Richard Donner Superman film's theme and says "That music sounds familiar." To which Batman replies "I don't listen to music." I just about fell over when I found out that my kids don't instantly equate that tune with Superman! (a travesty that I will have to straighten out!"

The attention to detail is something else that is impressive in this movie. The recreation of the models out of LEGO bricks would be impressive enough. But you can actually see where the minifigure's joints rub together creating scratches on the body. Also, if the light hits them just right, you can see fingerprints on the minifigs that must be left over from whoever built this LEGO Gotham City and is imagining the story.

Its easy to imagine that this story was thought up by some 10 year old. Its not too deep, full of silly humor, and the majority of the violence is off-screen. This movie really is geared toward the younger audience and there is not anything in it that I would not feel comfortable letting my kids watch. The message of teamwork runs throughout the movie and even Batman learns that its OK to ask for help when he calls in the rest of the Justice League in to help the threat posed by Lex Luthor and the Joker.

The movie is called DC Superheroes unite, but it could have easily been called the Batman/Superman hour. About 90% of the movie focuses on those two heroes while The Flash, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, and Cyborg get a quick guest appearance in the final moments of he movie. So if you are stoked for the TV screen debut of the Flash don't blink because it will be over in a flash!

My kids (a 6 year old son and a 7 year old daughter) have watched this movie at least 5 times in the week that we have owned this movie. They love LEGO and they love Superheroes so this movie is a good fit for them. The fun doesn't stop with the feature though. There are 5 stop motion shorts made out of LEGO that were part of an online contest, 3 episodes of WB superhero cartoons (Teen Titans, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and Justice League), and a featurette on building LEGO Batman. My kids have to watch all of the special features each time they watch the movie and have discovered Batman: The Brave and the Bold because of this.

Lastly, the movie comes with an exclusive Clark Kent turning into Superman LEGO minifigure. Its a really neat piece that LEGO probably won't release anywhere else (though I wouldn't put money on that) so if you are a minifig completeist, you need to get the movie. I can tell you that this LEGO Clark Kent has watched this movie a few times along with his pal LEGO Superman. At least on the days my son can figure out where he left them.
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on May 15, 2014
I was able to watch this with my grandchildren and not worry about any nightmare or language, why because it was Lego. I will continue to watch more, including the Lego movie because it is a name i can trust
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on August 30, 2013
Great, funny! Thought some of the language was a little inappropriate for kids though. I think I enjoyed it more than my son did. Overall a fun film.
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on April 6, 2013
My 6 and 7-yr-old were thoroughly entertained, and it was mildly enjoyable for dad to watch too. Whether this was pieced together with video game cut scenes or not, I didn't notice. The computer animation is high quality and voice acting excellent.
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on April 14, 2014
I got this for my 5 & 3 year old sons and they loved it. You can't help but love the Lego movies. They are all super funny for kids and adults!!
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on December 11, 2013
This movie was cute and kept my 6 year old amused. He is very into the Lego Batman/Star Wars/LOTR/Superheroes XBox360 games so I thought he'd like this movie.
If you have ever played the Lego Batman game this movie is exactly the same as the game (only you are not playing of course). They say the same things throughout the movie and go through the levels you would play in the game. He didn't seem to mind it was the same or that he knew what was going to happen but for me it was a little repetitive as I play the game too so it wasn't so much of a movie for me. But overall he was happy so I was happy.
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on May 21, 2014
Bought this for my grandson, 6 and 3, and they love it. I've caught bits and pieces of it and seems age appropriate.
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on March 26, 2014
It is Batman and LEGO. So really, what is there not to love? This is essentially the same story as seen during game play in the video game, but without making you play all the way through to see the whole thing. So if you played the game you know the story if you haven't then you get a chance to see it.
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on March 22, 2014
I bought this for my grandson who (at 2 years old) knows who Batman is & has such a fascination for the character. It's great fun for older kids my age since some of the dialogue goes over the heads of the younger generation. Lego is such a wonderful part of our culture & gives new appreciation to a younger generation hooked on the high tech stuff. Thanks to Lego & DC!
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