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on November 28, 2009
I've been a big fan of all the Lego games, so my son & I were excited to pick up this one when it first came out. After playing it to about 85% completion, I have to say that overall this one is a pretty big letdown.

The format of the previous games has been pretty much the same - there's an overall hub that serves as the central area for the game. From there, levels are grouped together by story (about 5-6 levels for each movie/storyline). Each level contains a variety of hidden areas and secrets that can be accessed as the player opens new characters in the game, adding to the level's replay value.

That philosophy seems to have been rethought for this game, and not for the better. Instead of one hub, there are 6 - one for each of the 1st three movies, and three for Crystal Skull. The hub is a giant area where you can locate new characters and vehicles, and access the story and bonus levels. The hubs are fairly involved, and are set up the same way the levels were in the previous games (obtaining a new character lets you use their new ability to access a new part of the hub). The hubs are pretty well designed. My one complaint is that almost every new character remains in the area where you first purchased them, so remembering where to find the one you need can be difficult. Also, some of them are in very far-flung locations, so it can literally take about 5 minutes of just walking/driving the entire way across the hub to find the character with a wrench (for example), and then going all the way back across the hub to the entrance of the level that you need him for. I don't know who came up with that, but it's a TERRIBLE idea and a boring chore.

The levels themselves have been simplified WAY down. There are no secrets, there are no hidden areas, there is no reason to play any of them through more than once. Only the most rudimentary thought seems to have gone into each one. Gameplay is still the same as it ever was, and it's enjoyable, but the level design leaves a LOT to be desired. Generally, an entire bonus level will consist of one puzzle - for example, use the shovel to dig up a spear, throw the spear into the hole and use it to climb up to a ledge. Hit a switch with the whip and you're done!

The story levels too are much shorter than the levels in previous games. As an example, anyone who has played the first Lego Indiana Jones game will probably remember the mountain level from Raiders of the Lost Ark. That level begins in Marion's bar where you have to defeat a boss while the bar burns down, then moves into the mountain passes, then to a mountain temple, and finally to an army outpost. The equivalent level in this newest installment has players beating a boss in Marion's bar and THAT'S IT! That is the whole level. Each story level can be completed in roughly 5 minutes, and has no replay value at all - no secret areas to discover or any reason to come back to it again.

My final issue with this game is that it freezes on a fairly consistent basis - we've had it lock up about 15 times now, in all different areas, though the Raiders hub tends to get it the most. From poking around on forums, this seems to be a fairly common complaint.

If you're a fan of the Lego games, it's worth playing this one - it's still fun, even if it is a bit lacking in comparison to previous ones. However, I am keeping my fingers crossed that they do not retain this format for the Lego Harry Potter game coming out next year.
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on December 23, 2009
My boyfriend and I who are pretty big gamers picked up this game while taking a vacation as something to do while sitting at home, away from work. We are also big fans of all the Lego Games and have really enjoyed playing each game.

If you've played the first Indiana Jones then you know how it's set up. However with the 2nd installment things have changed. One brilliant change is that when you're playing in two player mode and one player wants to wander off without the other, it turns into a split screen allowing you to roam as far as you want away from the other player. In the first Indiana Jones you were stuck with each other and could only travel through the levels together never able to branch off. This is great until you try and do a vehicle challenge, then I would suggest having one of the players drop out. Driving/Flying around a level in split screen mode is almost impossible since the split screen moves with the player making it difficult to see checkpoints you need to hit to complete the race.

Also, if you've played the first one you might be disappointed in the amount of material in this game. While there are more levels, it seems to focus more on Bonus challenges than the material from the movies. The Movie-Levels are drastically shorter and there aren't very many of them. There are also 10 bonus levels in each stage that are quite simple and easy to solve. You also lose the ability to switch between characters once you've acquired them during game play. You get the characters by beating challenges and if you discover you need a certain character you have to go find them. It's frustrating at times.

Like other reviewers have said, this game freezes and glitches often. We played it (and beat it) in a week and had the game freeze on us several times losing all unsaved data before the freeze. There were also times where a vehicle was lost and did not regenerate in the correct spot or come back at all.

Considering we still have unfinished missions/challenges on the first Lego Indiana Jones shows that this new updated version doesn't measure up to the first one but the game is still fun. I would say to rent this game instead of purchasing it since it's much easier and simpler than it's predecessor.
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on January 12, 2010
And here I thought the Lego series was infallible. So far, all the titles have been fun, challenging, and witty. Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues proves that team Tt is capable of floating a lemon out there after all.

Other reviews have already detailed the differences in this game from its predecessors, so I won't rehash that. I will say that this feels like a rush job. Consider how much attention to detail went into the first Indiana Jones game; clearly the designers loved the movies as much as the rest of us. I suspect that when they saw The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, they must have had the same reaction we all had: man, this movie is poo! And yet, the poor schlubs had to go make a game out of it anyway. You can tell their hearts aren't in it. The layout and "story" are the definition of 'slapdash'. It certainly doesn't help that because the film that inspired it is so bad, nobody I know sat through it more than once; hence, no one gets the references. I can't even remember who played Oxly, can you? Did you even remember there was a character named Oxly? Anyone? No? So while I had hopes that source material wouldn't affect the game quality, it did. Turns out, you can't polish a turd.

There is really nothing about the game that isn't frustrating. By the time you figure out what you're expected to do (as usual for Lego games, the instruction manual that comes with it is about as helpful as a box of toothpicks), you realize, "Man, this is going to be tedious to do seven or eight times." You basically run around the main story locales looking for the one character who can open this or dig up that, so you can use that item to open this door or find this vehicle, just so you can unlock another character or vehicle, etc., etc. It gets rote quick.

The story levels are not really puzzles at all, just a mandate that you do these things in this order, which you will because there is really no alternative. You can't go wrong in the game, which depletes its challenge.

By far the biggest flaws in the game are the "race challenges" you have to perform ad nauseam in each level. You take the designated vehicle through a series of slaloms before a clock ticks down and then you get another character to unlock. The races are usually boring, but some of them are so frustrating that if you're playing this with your young children the odds are good that they will have a couple extra unsavory words in their vocabularies by the time you finish the task. In particular, the "green jeep" race in Part 3 is damn near impossible to complete without having first slammed your controller through the coffee table. Whoever thought these races would be fun ought to be tossed into The Well of Souls--without shoes. Note to all game designers: 'challenging' is not the same thing as 'frustrating'.

If you haven't plunked down your hard-earned for this one yet, save it and put it toward Lego Harry Potter instead.
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on December 14, 2009
The LEGO VG formula was starting to get stale, so with the further adventures of Indy and co we are introduced to some new game ideas. Most of which work well, the instant split screen is way past due and makes co-op fun again, the hubs are vast and fun to explore with tons of hidden levels and goodies, and most importantly if you want to play with bricks and build your own levels you can. Granted the builder while intuitive is also kind of complex for the kiddies so be prepared to help out if you are a parental gamer with this aspect. The puzzles do feel a little less frustrating than other LEGO games which for many might be a good thing but once you have a feel for the new layout and gameplay veterans might find it simply to easy to breeze through this game. The humor is here again but it doesn't feel as fresh either probably because we have circled this block already a few times over. My son and I have had a great time playing this. He thinks the vehicles are hard to control but otherwise really likes exploring which this game does offer more of overall than past titles. We both like the art direction and unlockable retail looking lego boxes as well as the terrific music that is featured throughout. The creator is a little confusing with not enough tutorials but I am very happy they decided to put it in as it will extend the purchase value alot for some players. Far from a disappointment and quite promising in most respects if this is where the Lego games are heading. The levels could be a touch longer though.
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on February 13, 2016
This computer game works on my desktop. And i have a dell optiplex 755. The only issue i have with this, is occasionaly i would get a partial black screen while playing this and that might be do to me having to upgrade my video card. I would reccomend this to anyone who likes to play lego games
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on May 13, 2010
I was so excited when I heard this game was coming out--I'm not really a gamer at all and the only game I ever played on my boyfriend's XBox was the game it came with : Legoland Indiana Jones, and I loved it! I actually found it challenging but doable (I'm 22 so that should tell you something about my skills). I was almost disappointed when I beat it. So when I heard they were making another one, I was stoked. I realized after only about one evening playing it that no matter how hard I tried, I could not get into this game and found it a little boring and tedious.

1. There is a race in just about every level you do. I suck at driving in video games but in this game in particular. The controls are so fiddly that if you accidentally move a little too far to one side your vehicle hits something and flips over and you have to wait for it to flip back over. It's especially frustrating when you flip over in a pond or something because usually the vehicle won't right itself. It's just like spinning your tires in the mud in real life, except it's more irritating than real life because it's supposed to be a fun video game. Also, I hate the little race challenge things where you have to go through the targets, because, again, the driving in this game is really fiddly--even more so than the original. So the races are tedious AND frustrating... fun!

2. The game freezes... a lot. I'm glad to see that other people have this problem and it's not just our XBox.

3. You don't collect treasure chests in the levels, and the levels are much smaller. There are hardly any puzzles or secrets at all, which was what I loved about the first game and what made it so great. There is nothing really to unlock, no surprises... except car races ad nauseum. Sometimes I would be doing something that I thought would be a puzzle but then the game just... handed it to me. The puzzles seemed dumbed down.

4. The setup of the game is a mess. I like to watch the progression of the Indiana Jones stories but in this game you can unlock any level at any time in its particular movie's hub. You don't really get to see the iconic moments in the movies the way you want because you can go do the bridge fight first and then go to another level and jump out of the plane on the liferaft. It's just not the same. A lot of times I didn't even see what the level had to do with the movie at all.

5. I forgot the one other huge aspect of the game--defeating enemies. If you're not doing a car chase, you're fighting a bunch of enemies, and once you defeat those enemies... the game gives you another batch of enemies. Really repetitive.

The game is still enjoyable to a point. I would guess that if you had never played the first game you would like this game a lot. But if you've played and loved the first you can see what you're missing in this one. The levels are still pretty to look at. Indy still does cute things, but I don't think he can do the whip-kiss with Marion, Willie, and Elsa. What I was most disappointed about was that the two parts of the first game I liked the least were brought front and center in this game and the part I loved most was almost eliminated completely.

Like I said, I wanted so much to love this game, but I just couldn't. I hope Harry Potter delivers.
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My daughter's favorite games for her Xbox 360 are the Lego games, and the Arcade games. Her #1 choice is Lego. This game came in yesterday and she loves it. Another challenging, fun-filled game for hours of enjoyment. She likes to try them out, then I'll play with her. Either way, this adventure entertains. Well worth the price. I just couldn't wait until Christmas, wanted to see the excitement as soon as it was delivered. Another feature I love is that delivery was super fast, and packaged properly to prevent damage. Also, since the prices are reasonable, along with safe and prompt delivery, I'll be ordering several more Xbox games from Amazon. We are happy customers!
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on October 4, 2015
LEGO games of old truly found something great with their design, which is why so many of the current games look and feel so great - Traveller's Tales know what they're doing and used to make great games. Unfortunately, they've now become lazy and pack content with repetitive gameplay, as opposed to the classic, fun nature of the originals like this game.
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on September 17, 2015
My 7 y/o son LOVES playing this Indiana Jones 2 X-Box game!!! He seems to enjoy the music/song that goes along with this game (the one that's in the movie) because he sings/hums it non stop!!!! Highly recommend!
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on August 15, 2013
While this is still Lego's at heart, this is by far the worst Xbox Lego game we have played. We have played all of the Lego games and this one is the only game that has disappointed. The levels are poorly designed, frustrating and there are no in level secrets, no going back with other characters to replay the level like in other games. The game is okay and we will complete all of the achievements but it is not like any of the other games. I would stay away unless you are a die hard legos fan.
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