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on April 13, 2008
Lego Star Wars was introduced a few years ago as a kid's game (12 and under). I discovered it through my friend's son, who was a 5 year-old Star Wars fan. At one point, he needed help with an area and asked me to guide him. So I took the controller and tried my best. After about a half hour, he asked if he could play again, but I told him that I was still "trying to figure out how to play this game." (In actuality, it was an instant addiction.)

What I learned about Lego Star Wars is that the two-player function is awesome, but only if you are already friends with your counterpart and/or they are a skilled gamer. If not, you will find yourself directing their every action (to help move the game along), and they might take exception to that.

Anyway, if I may now review this particular rendition, Lego Star Wars: Complete Saga...

The game is awesome. I put it on par with the classics (Legend of Zelda, the Super Mario games, Sonic the Hedgehog, etc.). That may sound like hyperbole, but let me assure you that Lego Star Wars: Complete Saga is the real deal. The fact that the current generation game consoles enable new features (like Wii's remote control of the light sabers, guns, and Force) only bring this game from cult classic (kid's and diehard Star Wars fan's game) to popular classic (that everyone loves).

Lego Star Wars: Complete Saga will take you approximately 40-50 hours to complete. (That is, to get 100% completion of the game.) And it won't be 40-50 hours that you regret; even if you take a break from the game and come back to it in, say, 6 months, you will gladly find yourself playing the next 40 to 50 hours that you allot. (And I recommend coming back to it after a while - that way you don't always remember where everything is in the game, thus maintaining some challenge. Also, like that cool song on your new CD - don't play it out too fast, even if it is the best song ever!)

Star Wars fans probably found this game first, but it was the Lego concept that makes this a classic game. I grew up with Legos, and Star Wars was pretty scary to me when it first came out. Combining the two did what one expected: offered a fantastic venue for humor.

As you play along to the Star Wars theme and plots, the Lego style adds some of the funniest things you will have seen in a video game. I laughed out loud at some of the mini-movies in between the chapter stories. Also, the way that characters die... their Lego bodies fall apart! This really keeps the game tame for the younger set, but for us adults, it just adds that wonderful, simple, comic humor that we can appreciate.

The Lego Star Wars: Complete Saga version is an addition to the Lego Star Wars series. In the beginning, they released Chapters 1-3 to coincide with the Chapter 3 movie release (marketing). LucasArts was already releasing their "grown-up" versions of a Star Wars game at the same time, so Lego Star Wars was decidedly their kid's version.

A strong market was found, however, among a wide range of ages, so the developers released Chapters 4-6 with more featuers so as to close out their video game series, and thus the Star Wars saga. Or did they...?

The Complete Saga obviously combines the two previous versions, but also adds content. For example, new characters become available, as well as new levels, quests, and features. On the topic of the latter, the first version of Lego Star Wars (Chapters 1-3) had a relatively limited stud-collection/quest system. In the Complete Saga, these chapters are fleshed out (as in the later version - Chapters 4-6), and many more sequences are provided.

In all, if you want a game for yourself and/or a game for your kids, Lego Star Wars: Complete Saga is where it's at! It is easy enough to simply pick up and play, with really only 4 or 5 buttons to use (4 buttons if you only play the Story Mode). But if you are interested in taking the game beyond the Story Mode, you will find yourself having to manage your characters to know which situations call for which abilities (in the Free Play Mode). This means that the game reaches out to the kids and to the kids within us!

In my experience, the younger kids (ages 12 and under) will likely only appreciate the Star Wars concepts and gameplay. Also, that sense of accomplishment as they complete the Story Mode (where they kind of know what to expect, thus keeping them thinking along). If your kid does not like Star Wars, the Legos concept will probably not redeem the value for them.

For the older kids (ages 13 to 70), the Story Mode is way cool, but the Free Play is where we get to use our management skills! What awed me the most were the great and true renditions of the environments that were present in the movies. I always wanted to go to Endor, for example (not Northern California, by the way, but the make-believe location). Now, in this video game, I can guide characters in a wider use of the Endor location - not just the parts that were featured in the movie.

And that is just one example... The Complete Saga has more levels in it, such as the sequence where Anakin and Obi Wan are onboard General Grievous' ship. (And the deleted scene from the movie where Shak Ti is killed by General Grievous.) And there are still others...

If you even WANT this experience to last only 40-50 hours, then I think you have rushed it, my friend! I highly recommend taking your time (when you are not up against the clock) to really explore all that is in this game, the Complete Saga. It goes so far above and beyond what we saw in the original two releases, and the game itself, as I stated at the beginning, is a true classic video game. The Complete Saga is the seminal classic incorporating the two prior versions and expanding upon them. (You may want to get one copy and console for yourself and one of each for the kids!) I recommend buying this for any console that you own.
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When I read an earlier review that said the game didn't use the Wii remote as a lightsaber I was disappointed and decided not to buy the game. However, we rented it a couple days ago and I was both surprised and very happy to find that you can swing the Wii remote and the characters on screen swing their lightsabers. You can also control the lightsaber by pressing the "B" button, which sometimes is easier.

In a way I'm happy you don't have to try and aim the Wii remote to shoot the blasters because I find pointing the Wii remote at an object on the screen to be the most challenging aspect of using the Wii remote.

Overall, this is a very fun game that I can play with my son, and even though we already have earlier versions of all episodes, I'm considering buying this one for the Wii after we return the rental one.

May the Force be with you!
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VINE VOICEon November 19, 2007
If you haven't played the original Star Wars LEGOs series (based on the Episodes I-III and IV-VI.) YOU WILL LOVE IT! Whether you just love LEGOs, Star Wars or if you're a fan of both, it is sheer fun!. The settings are either terrific cartoon replicas of the lego sets or the movie ones. The sound and music FX is spot on and the story links are consistently funny tributes to both franchises. I find the animators' ability to retell Lucas' stories without ANY dialogue from ANY characters, remarkable. The game contains multiple chapters and subchapters easily breaking the movies into neat saving checkpoints, collecting LEGO studs for purchasing characters, extra features and special abilities. The replay options are large thanks to "Story Play" modes which unlock the chapters for later "Free Play" modes in which you can return to the adventures as the characters of your choosing or making with the "mix-n-matcher" in the Cantina.

If you have played the original Star Wars LEGO series before, "The Complete Saga" is even worth replacing your copies the earlier separate releases. The Wii remote play is pretty cool, if somewhat limited. The only disappointment was discovering the "building" control motions didn't make it into game play (check-out the controller instructions booklet for more). There are more secrets and levels to make it interesting for LEGO vets.

The most notable treat that, in my humble opinion, makes the game easily worth it's price is hidden in the bonus room: a game trailer for LEGO INDIANA JONES and it unlocks the INDY character for Star Wars Free Play! I can't wait for the Summer release!
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on December 13, 2007
I'm not much of a video game player but I love the Lego Starwars games and it's wonderful on the Wii. I've played Lego Starwars on the PC, PS2 and the Wii. The Wii is the best version. The controls are simple to learn and the game (especially with the cutscenes) is so cute! Also the improvements they have made since the Playstation versions are really good- especially the podracing level. Podracing was extremely frustrating for me on the PS2 but easy and fun on the Wii.

To put this review in context, I also love Elebits and Legend of Zelda, to give you a sense of what video games I like. I find games like GTA, Gears of War and Bioshock to be good-looking games with interesting stories, but I am not skilled enough to use the controller well. I just end up being frustrated and bored when I die within 5 minutes because I can't both aim and move at the same time. Pathetic, I know. I just don't play video games enough to learn how to be more skilled. I am slowly learning to play Resident Evil 4 on the Wii, and it is MUCH easier on the Wii than on the PS2. RE4 is a very good game, if you have a fraction more skill than I do (which is probably everyone) I recommend you try it out! But I have less incentive to keep playing RE4 when Lego Starwars is both easier and much more fun, so my learning curve will be very slow.
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on January 4, 2008
Reviews were mixed out here. Several people said "Yes, the Wii Remote is the light saber" while others said "No, it isn't". The REAL answer is that it is a little of both. You CAN simulate movement with the Wii Remote, but it is NOT a 1-to-1 motion. In other words, when you hit the B button, a pre-programmed light saber animation attacks the enemy/ that point, feel free to move the light saber anywhere you want, it won't make any difference. What I EXPECTED (based on several reviews here by people who insisted it really works) was a 1-to-1 motion sensor, when I (or more importantly, my son) swing the Wii Remote to the right I wanted the light saber to move to right...up=up, down=down, and so on and so forth...alas, it does NOT work that way.

So, if you are like me and bought this game SOLELY based on believing the Wii Remote could truly, 1-to-1 simulate a light saber, you had better at least rent it first and make sure your expectations are where they need to be.

It is still a fun game, but at this point, I wish I would have bought it for my Xbox 360 so I would at least have the game in HiDef.
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on February 22, 2008
I original bought this for my two 6yo boys as the game doesn't require much reading at all. So right off the bat, they could play without any adult hands-on coaching. The Wiimote (and nunchuck) really makes the experience unique to the Wiimote as it controls your lightsaber:-) There are 6 episodes (just like the movies) for 1 or 2 players to explore, with each episode having 6 chapters. The game play is sequential initially. But once you complete a chapter, you can go back using the "free play" mode and explore with any character you've "purchased". By "purchasing", I mean that during gameplay, there's opportunities to gather "studs"....similar to other games' coins. As you collect them, these become your Jedi points. As you gain more, you percentage of being a "True Jedi" increases. If you gather the required amount during a chapter, you'll become a "True Jedi". I think this enables you to unlock certain characters. Even if you don't reach that during a chapter, you can buy characters with those studs you've gathered. My boys have probably put in some 40 hours into this game and they still have well over 2/3 of the game left. They do have a few favorite chapters they like to go back to and tend to explore originally inaccessable areas with different characters that finally allow them to. One thing I forgot to mention is that they totally (me as well) love solving the to get from here to there which might require building things or pressing buttons in a certain order etc. I didn't start playing this right away, but once I saw how the game worked, I got hooked myself. The CGI is very good and the facial expressions of the characters during the trailers had me cracking up. The game is pretty much true to the movies that I highly recommend for children (even those that can't even read) as well as adults.
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on December 12, 2007
This is the first Lego Star Wars game I've ever owned, and I'm glad to discover that it's a perfect family game for the family-oriented Wii. The movies are retold in cartoonish pantomime with Lego bits, so the most offensive thing you'll find are Lego characters blown into plastic pieces. Giving players unlimited lives makes the game extra tolerant for younger (or less experienced) players, and the ability for a second player to join in or opt out at any time is a boon for parents whose playtime might get unexpected interruptions. The controls are simple enough that a child of five or six can learn them after a few minutes. The Wii's motion-sensing features aren't critical to playing the game, but there is a visceral thrill in waving the remote to use a light saber instead of pressing a button.

As for the game itself, not only do you get to play all six episodes from the movies, but each level has lots of hidden bonuses and challenges for older gamers who want to get higher scores. Other players will also enjoy making their own characters and replaying the levels with their creation -- having Darth Leia-3PO Maul wandering around Mos Eisley fighting alongside a Disco-wig-wearing Stormtrooper is sure to make kids and geeks alike giggle.

It's funny, it's friendly, and it's loaded with extras galore. The Force is strong with this one.
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on March 13, 2008
The Lego Star Wars Wii game is the best game for my 7, 5 and 3.5 year olds. (girl, boy, boy respectively) My husband, myself and the kids have logged in more than 150 hours since Christmas of 2007. The kids are challenged by the puzzles presented at each scenario. I love the fact that the kids are using a controller in BOTH hands to move the characters. This means that they are required to engage BOTH sides of their brain in a unique fashion. I also love the fact that there is no blood or guts of gore...just legos being shattered. Come on, I believe there is something inherently satisfying about wrecking a nicely stacked structure of legos AND getting points for it :) ...something that would have involved a time out during your daycare days. We love the game and look forward to Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Batman!
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on April 3, 2009
My 10 year old son has been playing this game on our Wii for a week now and absolutely loves it. However, we just ran into a software glitch. The game completely locks up the Wii (have to power down) in Episode 2, Level 3, Droid Factory. I looked online and found that this is a common problem. I called Lucas Arts and they said it's a known issue they do not plan to fix. Online forums mention a few other places in the game where this might be happening as well. Possible work arounds include toggling widescreen settings and trying not to use the R2D2 character in this area. I'm quite disappointed with Lucas Arts. Be aware before you buy.
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on December 31, 2007
What I like about this game is its co-operative play mode. Many multi-player games on the consoles are battle-style games. In this one, you can work together to solve puzzles rather than against each other. But, that is a good thing and bad thing at the same time. Because even in the standard co-operative play mode, each player can attack the other player. This is my 4-year old's favorite "feature". So while I'm running around trying to solve puzzles and eliminate the bad guys, she's swinging her light-saber at me. I gotta watch my back when she's in the game with me! And its cartoon violence, nobody dies, your Star Wars character just falls into a pile of lego pieces. There are also fun features like hundreds of upgrades and 160 characters to choose from. One we stumbled on early in the game in the Cantina is a "hat" machine which lets you change what hat you are wearing for free. My kids visit that thing constantly. So you can take Obi Wan and put a Princess wig on her, or a baseball cap. I'd give the game 5 stars except we've had 2 situations where we've had the our characters "spawn" in separate parts of the scene, and due to bad camera control, we're unable to re-join. To get around this problem, we've had to make one of our characters leave the game, and then rejoin to correct the issue. I'm also disappointed that there are very few in-game voices (the Lego Characters don't speak their lines). Also - just to dispute an earlier comment posted on Amazon, the Wii remote DOES work as a light-saber!
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