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Lemmings Revolution - PC

Platform : Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 95
Rated: Everyone
4 out of 5 stars 21 customer reviews

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The witless little lemmings have returned--this time in a simple, elegant 3-D world filled with hazards such as lava and perilous heights. Choose from one hundred puzzles you can play over and over again, such as the Treehouse, the Stone Tower, and more. The most recent addition to the lemmings lineage, Lemmings Revolution brings the challenge of a simple but elegant 3-D environment to the addictive strategy and puzzle game of rescuing the dopey lemmings from certain doom.


The Lemmings series is revered by both puzzle- and strategy-game fans, especially those who enjoy solving puzzle after mind-wracking puzzle into the wee hours. In Lemmings Revolution, developers Psygnosis and Take 2 have combined the addictive gameplay of the original Lemmings with smooth, accelerated 3D graphics. The gameplay and graphics are complemented with an interface that makes the game both easy to learn and fun to play. Were it not for a few bugs the game shipped with and a marked lack of settings options, Lemmings Revolution might have been the ultimate game for Lemmings fanatics.

The Lemmings gameplay is inextricably linked with the nature of the actual Norwegian rodent, which is famous for its bizarre migrating pattern in which huge masses of lemmings often end up careening into the sea to their deaths. Basically, a Lemming will stop at nothing to complete its migration. As in previous Lemmings games, each level in Lemmings Revolution requires that you get a certain number of lemmings safely from point A to point B. Point A is a box out of which your lemmings drop one by one. Point B is an escape balloon waiting in another area of the level. In between the points lies a host of traps and obstacles that this procession of little critters must negotiate. Lemmings won't try to save themselves - instead they walk aimlessly off every steep cliff and into every skull-crushing spike and pool of lava in their path. As the lemmings march on relentlessly, you must assign them skills to help them surmount these obstacles. The various skills have remained largely the same since the original 1991 game, and they include abilities such as building walkways, climbing, digging through platforms, and gliding down from high above. You're allocated a finite number of each skill to assign per level. As the levels increase in difficulty, you're given a wider variety of skills and a fewer number of each skill to spare. This is where the gameplay begins to get intensely challenging and fun.

As the levels become more complex, you must take a number of other elements into account. One new feature, the antigravity pad, makes for some interesting situations. When a lemming steps onto one of these, it flips upside down, landing either on the ceiling or on the ground, depending on where it started. With a few antigravity pads on a level, you're faced with the task of making sure the marching horde doesn't fall downward - or upward - to its death. Also, there are switches you'll have to toggle. Often you'll have to guide a single lemming to an area where it can trip a switch, which in turn triggers an event such as rising water or a retracting barrier. Water and acid pits also come into play relatively soon in the game. To traverse these safely you must employ water and acid-oriented lemmings, respectively. The wide variety of game elements opens up many gameplay possibilities.

In spite of the new additions, the classic Lemmings gameplay remains intact in Lemmings Revolution. However, the revolving 3D levels put a new spin on the action, literally. Part of playing the game involves constantly rotating the cylindrical map in order to keep an eye on your lemmings' activities. Rotating is easy, as it simply requires that you right-click and drag. The game also has a good pause feature. As levels get increasingly harder, you can pause mid-game and rotate to check the position of each lemming. This gives you time to plan out a strategy. While paused, you can select any lemming onscreen to ready it for its next job. Once you assign the lemming a task, it immediately goes to work, and the game un-pauses. To really hone in on what you're doing, you can hit the space bar to zoom in and out of the map.

Like previous Lemmings games, Lemmings Revolution has great level design. The early levels are simple, and they serve to acquaint you with the various types of lemmings skills. Later levels become increasingly difficult, as they force you to plan and manage your resources with the utmost care. Whenever you complete a level, two slightly tougher levels become available. This means that if a level becomes frustrating, you can simply quit to the level-select screen and take a stab at another. Still, it would have been nice if the developers could have included the auto-replay feature found in 3D Lemmings, where the computer replayed a level up to the point where you chose to take over for yourself.

Lemmings Revolution is probably the finest-looking game of the series, yet fans of spectacular 3D effects may be disappointed, as the levels are a bit stark. Of course, this graphical compromise means that the game will run smoothly on 266MHz systems on up. You may have scores of lemmings wandering onscreen during a game, but the graphic simplicity of the levels ensures that slowdown isn't likely to occur.

As it is, Lemmings Revolution lacks any kind of video options, and it won't let you assign your own controls. What's more, it shipped with a few sound, video, and input-device bugs that may cause problems for some players who are loading up the game for the first time. The game practically begs for a patch that addresses these issues.

Nevertheless, bugs or no, Lemmings Revolution is still a blast. The gradual learning curve, simple interface, and new features make it a great game for Lemmings novices and veterans alike. If you're a fan of the series, or you enjoy action-packed puzzle games, then you probably shouldn't hesitate to take the plunge and dig out 20 bucks for Lemmings Revolution. On the other hand, you may want to wait until a patch is available. --Tim Soete
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  • Release Date: May 11, 2000
  • Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (21 customer reviews)
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Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews

This game doesn't do too much to the Original Lemmings so maybe 'Revolution' was not an appropiate name for it. It does look and feel fantastic to play on the turning wheel mechanism with a very easy earling curve and interface.
But beware - It DOES get tough and you will do well to complete all 200 levels (yes 200!)
Reviews of this game were not to hot but this is one of the most addicitve games I've played in ages. Even my girlfriend (who is not a big games fan) is hooked and wont stop till the level is completed!!
Theres not much to this game but the levels are well designed and its great for all Lemmings fans.
The game hasn't evolved too much with 3d advances, new ideas and originlity. Many people may decide that this is just a cash in but I got mine for £19.99 so it wasn;t at full price.
Its definitely more of the same with great graphics and gameplay.
Pure addiction! Goodbye social life!
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By A Customer on August 27, 2000
You can't imagine how long I waited for a sequel to lemmings; the classic wich'll never die. Years. And finally I found out there's Lemmings Revolution. I bought it immediately. And loved it.
This game is absolutely great; almost as great as the original's, but pretty close it gets. And that's quite much, considering the "hype". It has the same skills as the original, but with few new twists--- I won't spoil them to you :)
This game is a puzzle; and a hard one. Me, as a veteran of Lemmings -games, finished this but it took a fine two weeks. And many many hours. For beginners this is gonna be tough one. If you have never heard of lemmings let me brief you. In lemmings you control a group of helpless cuties; Lemmings ( of course :) trying to lead them to the exit from the start. It sounds simple, but it isn't... You're gonna agree :) Buy this, because Lemmings never die...
A classic, worth five stars. Buy this and the originals as well ( I saw a window 95 -versions package of them )
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For those of you new to Lemmings, they are puzzle-solving games (that get really difficult) that don't really require co-ordination. All in all, this is a great, mind-taxing, highly addictive game! If you know the other Lemmings games and liked them, you'll like this one too. This game has some new stuff; there are several different types of lemmings - some can walk on water - which helps complicate the puzzle-solving. Also, all the puzzles are rotated on a cylinder, which gets a bit annoying and doesn't really add anything. By the way, I don't have either of the problems that Hamid has. The game works just fine for me.
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By A Customer on September 17, 2001
Verified Purchase
I was totally addicted to the first versions which for me were DOS overlayed on windows - and had a ton of glitches. I was thrilled when this came out and like the rest think it's a blast but VERY addicting. I love the pause feature which allows you to make changes and I love the zoom. I also agree that the circular layout doesn't add much - but the 3-d effects are great. This is totally worth the money. I think the puzzles are very creative - if not frustrating but when you finally solve them - it's pretty darn great! Can't wait for the next version.
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If you want to be in charge of a bunch of moronic, cute, green balls of fur as they explode, fall of cliffs, drown, and get cut to bits by traps, you might enjoy this game. Of course, the goal is for them not to get killed, but to get to a hot air balloon hidden beyond all the tricks and traps, which will take them to safety. Although it starts out simply, the puzzles quickly get intense, luckily however, for each level you complete, you will unlock 2 harder levels (there is a "map", so sometimes completing a level will unlock only one, or no levels, but usually you will get two). I don't know if it is just my disc, but I cannot play one level (the high dive), because I am missing a texture or something. If anyone has any information about that, I would like to know it. Anyway, this game is extremely chalenging, even having played the original, and is also entertaining, often in a sadistic way (the spike logs often get a little... choppy), so if you like puzzle games, I recomend you give this one a try, since it doesn't cost too much for 100 levels.
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The Lemmings are back and they've brought with them more of the addictive, puzzle-solving gameplay that has made the series famous in Lemmings Revolution, which returns to the classic 2D side-scrolling action of the series in a fancy new 3D world.
For those unfamiliar with the game, the object is simply to get a set number of Lemmings from point A to point B in side-scrolling fashion. Of course, many obstacles stand in the way, and because the Lemmings are not very bright, they will continue to walk in a straight line even if it means their demise. In order to guide the Lemmings to safety, you assign them specific tasks to overcome the various obstacles-make a Lemming a Basher, for example, and he will bash through walls, while a Builder can build stairs to reach higher levels. What it all comes down to is a game that is simple to play, but which has a complexity that will have puzzle fanatics glued to their screens and impatient gamers ready to toss their monitors out the window. Some of the later puzzles in particular can take hours to complete, and the trial-and-error gameplay will cause some folks to simply give up in frustration. Fortunately, the non-linear level selection allows you to go back to easier levels when the difficulty gets too high. The point-and-click interface is easy to use and a zoom function lets you get right up close to the action for precision aiming. The game can be paused at any time, which comes in handy when several dozen Lemmings are wandering around the level. The goofy music and helium voices of the Lemmings fit perfectly with the gameplay, and the Lemmings make a lovely splat when they fall to their doom. The 3D graphics, though not spectacular, are pleasing to look at and are a nice update to the classic Lemmings style. With over 100 levels, Lemmings Revolution has enough gameplay to have puzzle fans scratching their heads for hours. Anyone looking for an addictive game should give Lemmings Revolution a spin.
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