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on August 25, 2013
After shopping around what seemed like the entire internet, I came upon this laptop. I only had 500 dollars to spend, so I wanted to make the best possible decision. After inter comparing every feature and taking into account the reputation of the makers, I narrowed my choices down to one or two laptops, and eventually chose this one due to the price. I'm quite satisfied with it. The only thing I didn't like was windows 8, but with some modification and programs, I customized even that to my liking. Overall, this is a no frills laptop with excellent performance for the price.
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on October 1, 2013
I have had this laptop for a few months now, and I like it. The machine is reliable and hasnt had any issues.

My issues surround the trackpad, 1 its textured and after long term use, my fingers can become sore. The trackpad also butts rightup to the buttons and on many occasions I hit one and not the other. Beyond that, it does support multi touch, so you can zoom and drag down the page easily using multiple fingers.

The keys are good and responsive and have enough travel to make let you know you did something. Sound is very nice for a laptop. Dont expect deep bass reproduction from any laptop, but this is certainly clearer then any other laptop I've owned.

I would surely go Lenovo again, and would look at this laptop for a second purchase.
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on December 8, 2013
I have had no major issues with this laptop, only small complaints, but overall for the price that I bought this at, it's definitely worth it. Take note that I have only owned this laptop for a little over a week, so I can't attest to how long it will last. I will definitely update if I have any hardware issues.

1.) Intel Core i5 processor is very fast (2.6GHz)
2.) Plenty of RAM for the average user (4GB) and has an extra empty slot to install another 4GB, which is what I'll be doing, as I am a heavy user
3.) Price. I bought mine on Black Friday here on Amazon for $359.99. I probably would have chosen a different laptop if it were above $450.00
4.) I like the way the keys feel and even the sound of them
5.) Hard drive is very quiet and spacious (500GB)
6.) An unexpected plus was the HDMI port, which I am glad to have so I can connect it to my TV.
7.) The headphone jack is very close to the front (some laptops have it on the back or on the side at the very back)
8.) The OneKey Recovery button is a nice addition for restoring the PC
9.) I like the LOOK of the textured plastic (but it does FEEL cheap, so it's also a CON)
10.) Stays cool on your lap (most powerful laptops I've used tend to get pretty hot and will burn you up)

1.) **This is not part of my rating for this product, as it's not Lenovo's fault, but I have to get it off my chest** I can't stress enough how much I literally hate Windows 8. It is the worst operating system I've used in a long time. It's not user friendly at all and it takes 6 clicks to accomplish a task that only took 1 click in Windows 7 and below.
2.) No backlit keyboard
3.) Lots of bloatware. I researched all the programs installed and ended up uninistalling a majority of them, which sped up the PC considerably.
4.) Feels very plastic-y and cheap
5.) Fingerprints are horrible on the cover (I'm not quite sure why as the cover is textured and not shiny)
6.) The Backspace and Enter keys are way smaller than I am used to. Every time I go to hit the backspace key I end up hitting the next key over, which is quite annoying. I suppose they did this so that they could fit in the full keyboard with the number pad.

**Edit: Dec 2014
I've now owned this laptop for a solid year and I have no complaints. There have been no hardware defects (*knock on wood*) and I'm still happy with my purchase. It's a good, solid laptop in the < $400 range. It's currently selling for $550, which is a bit much for this model, but if it ever dips below $450, then I'd say it's a good purchase.
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on August 22, 2013
Bought this for my high school grads going off to college. Great quality. Not crazy about Win8 but Lenovo doesn't put a ton of bloat ware
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on October 26, 2013
So I needed a new computer for work, I'm not a flashy guy and I liked the way this computer looked, black and pretty plain with no cheesy looking parts. I actually bought it from the Lenovo outlet store and was a pretty good deal $490 out the door refurbished, 8GB ram 1TB HD and core i5 3230 so it's all good. I received it and it looks new can't tell if its refurbished.

It run very quite and does not get hot, the internet on my unit works flawlessly and never disconnects.
Two things that I don't like about it is the screen is horrible, it has a soft out put and you can never get the contrast right, it just sucks, and the entire computer is a finger print magnet. Aside these two flaws I think its a great budget computer and works pretty fast.

Things people might find irritating there is no light or any other indicator for caps lock or scroll lock, I'm telling you they wanted this thing cheap. All the buttons F1-F12 are in reverse meaning that in order to use them you would have to press Fn button to use them. For example if you wanted to use F1 you would have to press Fn +F1.

Instead those buttons now control the volume, brightness, scroll pad lock, wifi etc Not really that bad but takes getting used to. It would have cost nothing to put two little lights for caps lock and scroll lock.

This would suck if your're using win 8 and at the log in screen you're trying to log in with your 15 character password and the characters are hidden and you don't know if you have caps lock on or off.

It's a sharp looking laptop, not that heavy, runs quiet and pretty fast and cool. Be aware of which G500 you buy they have the same model numbers but different CPU's. This that will take getting used to is there are no LED indicators for CAPS, NUMS or SCROLL lock. A free software called NumsCapsScroll Indicator 8.0 once downloaded will fix that.

The bad part is the screen is not that good no matter what you do it does have this white tinge over the whole screen no matter how much you adjust the contrast, I am never able to get it right. When I us documents I push the screen all the way back for it to look decent and when looking at jpegs or watching videos I pull the screen up all the way to at least a 90 degree angle. But that's just me.

Now bear in mind I use this for school and only paid $422 so for the price its great, if you want a better machine look at other models more $$$.

Also I have had no problems with the Wireless card for the internet it works just great.

Battery is small and only lasts about 2-3 hrs.

Does show a lot of finger prints


CAPS lock light is there, its in the front new the power and HD lights.
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on March 10, 2014
I didn't need a laptop for any extremely taxing purposes, just one to leave in my office at school (I am a grad student) and occasionally take to class. This laptop is perfect for me since it has the number pad for inputting data and can handle everything I have required of it so far.

I have installed MiniTab, all Microsoft Office programs, Google chrome, and ChromeCast (plus a few simple games).

I am easily able to ChromeCast Netflix or Hulu and still work on my Word/Excel and MiniTab16 documents.

I have no regrets about buying this computer, it feels complete to me.

The number pad (as mentioned above) is extremely useful. The keys feel nice and have a decent depth. They are not too close (like with the mini computers) and I don't feel cramped while typing. They are appropriately "clicky" so I know I am typing, but am not disturbing those around me.

Touch pad:
The touch pad is fine. It moves well. The first few weeks I had it, it was difficult to use the tap method for left clicking. It seems to be wearing in somehow (or I am getting used to it). The keys directly below the touchpad are a little loud, so I feel bad if I am in class doing a lot of clicking, but I just bring a mouse with me anyway.

I wanted a larger screen, so I was willing to make some sacrifices on this front, but I don't think I really made them!
The weight is perfectly reasonable for the size. I pick it up and am surprised that it does not weigh more. The size is a bit on the large end, but I wanted a 15.6" screen and that is what I got. It still fits well into my backpack (the North Face Surge).
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on January 11, 2014
I bought units for each of my high schoolers. One of the 2 units had difficulty connecting to the internet. I assumed naturally that it was our own router and spent several hours re-starting and with tech support. Finally, I tried connecting at a public wifi and determined that it was the unit itself.

The computer business being what it is, that particular model was no longer available from the same vendor. Amazon did give me a credit for the purchase price but I would up spending a little more to find the same model from a different vendor. The kids would compare so it had to be the same model for drama avoidance. In the intervening time, my home state had also arranged with Amazon to start collecting sales tax.
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on October 7, 2013
This computer seems like it will likely serve my needs in Law school quite well. It is completely silent, which is very convenient, and it is not very heavy. It has a lot of crap on it but it's quick and once I have a second to clean it off it will probably perform even better. Has an awesome long battery life.
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on December 6, 2015
I wrote a negative review before and gave a #1 not because the labtop was not a great one, but because when ordered a second one, I thought one of the cord to the adapter was missing. I had to retract and then humbly apologize to the seller,. that it was my error for the cord falling and me not realizing it. I then sent another e-mail to apologize for my error and not looking careful, and then telling them not to send the cord because It was package properly. Now I am also writing and rating the same labtop which I brought for myself, which I loved, and now once again brought the second labtop for a gift for someone's birthday. This labtop I was very happy with and now that the gift has been given the individual is also very happy with the gift. The laptop does everything that is expected, and I would recommend it to anyone that would like to purchase this labtop I would recommend it to them.
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on December 23, 2013
The first one I bought bricked within a day. The second was working fine until the 8.1 upgrade and then the wifi just went downhill. I reloaded the drivers, but for some reason it works for a while and slides back to the point where it just randomly goes to limited connection without any reason on some routers. I would suggest spending a little more money on a better quality machine. Another reviewer point out the lack of a caps lock light, and this is not an insignificant problem especially if you are trying to input a password and you don't realize caps lock is turned on. Buy this computer with the knowledge that it is a budget machine, but it's not perfect by any means.
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