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on July 13, 2013
Great product. Nicely packaged and sleek design. Not too heavy and just right for the average user. Out of the box, add battery, plug in and go. Display is crisp (once you increase the brightness - F12) and the responsive keyboard is a dream to type on - plus number keys separate, thank you. High fingerprint threshold and nice finish on all surfaces. Cool running and quiet. Better than I expected.
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on July 31, 2013
Just unboxed the laptop, doing initial setup. Packaging was awesome; had this cool fold-out soft-foam that cradled the computer 360 degrees, but was slotted down the top-center to allow the laptop to be removed in a couple seconds. Battery install was a snap, initial setup going great. Installing World of Warcraft now, and browsing around to collect a few programs. Not having any trouble with processing speed so far.

More updates to come.

Update 8/22/13: Great laptop! This laptop runs WoW Mists of Pandaria very well for the price. During normal play (flying around, in town, auction house, etc...) i'm hitting 60+ frames per second (FPS) with low to medium settings. During large raids and certain world encounters, settings have to be on low and FPS drops to around 15-30. Still playable, but a little bit lacking. I'm considering a solid state drive for this laptop to boost it a little bit.

Keyboard is great, touch pad is just the right amount of sensitive. I wish it had a standalone microphone plug, but i'm not going to knock any stars. Most of the bloatware was easy to remove, which is a big plus.

So far, i'm extremely happy with my purchase and i would recommend to the casual gamer, student, or home office user.
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on October 15, 2013
This notebook computer is very good and I've owned a quite a few in my day.

I never owned a 17,3 inch laptop before so this is my first.
I just sold my Sony VAIO E Series SVE14112FXB 14-Inch Laptop that I paid $599 in July 2012.
I was a bit skeptical at first for such a cheap laptop but the Lenovo design is great.
Opening it up to put in a SSD or upgrade the memory is very easy. Charging port design is great.
Screen is excellent. Sound is awesome. Cooling system is on the left side (not underneath).

The first thing I did when I got it was put in 4GB of extra memory and did a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
Got all drivers from their website, no problems...

The only thing is on the website (B00CRXZU94 the product description list Bluetooth as a feature (at least when I bought it). When I got it there was no Bluetooth combo card, just a Broadcom BCM4313 802.11bgn Wireless LAN Card (04W3750). So if you need integrated Bluetooth get something else. For me the trackpad is quite nice and not like those new VAIO ones so I don't need my external bluetooth mouse to get work done.

Also you need a big notebook bag for this baby.

Will keep you posted!
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on November 11, 2013
Considering the price (at the time of my Amazon order $511.00) the G700 deserves 4 stars.

THE GOOD: Very light weight, lighter than my 15.6" Toshiba. NO HEAT!!!!: The computer stays cool to the touch even if left on for hours. NO NOISY FAN!!!...I didn't realize how much I would like this feature until actually living with it. Wow, it makes work easier not always having computer hummmmm or fans kick on and off.

Computer arrived ahead of scheduled delivery. Amazon's return policy is very reassuring. Everything worked fine at start up and so far so good. The Price was very attractive and played large as far as why I chose the Lenova. Lenova has a reputation for solidly built laptops (implying longevity and dependability) and this laptop, though light, feels very solid.

The Lenova's ability to handle multiple tasks seems up to speed which is very important. Must be the I5 Chip. The laptop isn't blazingly fast but it is pretty pretty good. Especially considering the price.

The Computer is very slim, looks smaller than it's 17" advertised size would imply, and is kind of attractive. That matters when you are computing at Starbucks where kids judge you by your laptop. (It used to be your car in the old days).

THE OKAY: The Screen is very angle sensitive and my Samsung monitors smoke the Lenova on picture quality...maybe an unfair comparison since the monitors are for my I BUY POWER desktop Computer. I like my 2 year old Toshiba laptop's picture quality better. C+ for Lenova's Picture Quality on this unit. I feel it's just something to settle for, not brag about.

The keyboard: People have given the Lenova keyboard high marks but I miss my Toshiba's "light touch" keyboard. For me, my older Toshiba was just much easier to type with and I really liked it's lighted keys for night time typing. The Lenova is okay (for me) to type on but kind of a workout for your fingers. Others may prefer it and if you like a keyboard that your fingers can feel; a keyboard where you know you compressed the key because it took some effort then you may really like Lenova's. I jokingly call it the "P-90X" keyboard because for me it's a workout, but then, I'm a sissy.

THE BAD: No "bads". If I could have afforded a 17" MAC or 17" I BUY POWER or other over the top (where computing power is concerned) brand I would have gone that route but for the money this is a very very good value. It is not a Ferrari but it is a well built Honda Civic. This computer would be hard to beat dollar for dollar. I am not thrilled with it but I kinda like it.
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on April 5, 2014
I'm not one to post 1 star reviews. Why? Because I do significant research before buying and the G700 seemed to be the ticket. Negative complaints were often about Windows 8 which I can deal with, so I purchased a remanufactured one for a great price (relatively compared to new). Sure, it was more than a brand new Dell and a lot more than comparable HPs but Lenovo is higher quality, right? Well, here I am 1 month (yes, one month) after purchase with 11 months still on the warranty and I have a laptop with a broken LCD screen.

Dropped? Abused? Liquid spilled? Nope. The LCD was on my wife's lap and he opened the screen and CRAACK. Screwed up video.

Went to Lenovo's website and found a poorly designed experience. It seemed to indicate that it could be taken to a local repair shop. Okay, neat, so I contact them. Sorry, they only support "Idea" based products and that I needed to call Lenovo online. So, I do that, talk with Lenovo and submit a picture and they create a claim. It sounds like it might be a $79 accidental repair which I'd be fine with.

Then they tell me that shipping to them is at MY cost. MY cost? Yep. I have to pay $25 to ship the laptop to them. That's a first. Whether it was a claim by HP, Nintendo, Squaretrade, etc, they all had PREPAID shipping.

I check the status later after it arrives and it shows that there is an out of warranty cost, so I call them and talk to someone in India and they tell me the cost... $300. Yes, they expect me to pay nearly the cost of what I paid to repair a laptop that failed with NO FAULT OF OUR OWN while the laptop is under warranty. Nice business model. $100 worth of parts and labor and charge $300 even though it was a design flaw and still under warranty. To top it all off, the status had actually changed to repaired (we were very excited) even though it wasn't. Salt on our wounds.

So, here I am. $25 in (shipping) and probably $100-$125 to order a replacement screen that MAY fix the issue. Will it break again a month later even if I'm successful? Will they even honor the remaining 11 months of my warranty because I didn't use them to fix it? I really don't plan on buying another Lenovo product again. This is unacceptable.

Is one star too harsh? Not when you have something that's dead in a month. Compare that with our 3 year old iPad 2 that has survived drop after drop and still works great even with a cracked/shattered screen.

Don't order this without an accidental warranty or you may very well wind up like us.

UPDATE 4/10/14: I got my screen fixed by myself using a replacement screen found here on Amazon. Wasn't easy, but wasn't difficult - just LOTS and LOTS of screws and disassembly (The manual tells you to pretty much remove everything). It seems to work great now and I DO like the look and feel of the laptop, but the whole Lenovo "experience" was too bad to bump up my review. I'm still unsure how the LCD screen broke (no external damage), but maybe some pressure got put on the screen somehow. I'm hoping that I can get lots of new life out of the laptop now and if so, maybe I'll update my review in a year or so, but now I'm pretty scared to use it and the $300 Lenovo quote was totally unacceptable for a 1 month old laptop.

UPDATE: 4/28/14: After just 2 weeks after fixing the screen and wondering if maybe I was too harsh on this laptop, guess what? The "Y" key is now popping off everytime I use that letter. Arg! I'd contact Lenovo, but after going through all that I went through + had to pay $25 to ship the thing only to be have a notification that it wasn't covered and had to talk to India, I'm not eager to go through that all again. I really don't like being a second-class citizen since I'm not a "think" based customer. Guess I'll have to order a replacement part and disassemble it again. Sigh...
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on October 10, 2013
Snappy machine with a big screen, fairly light even with the size, nice keyboard, good battery life, and even decent speakers (for a laptop). Even better because of the low price point.

I have it setup to dual boot the OEM windows 8 it came with, and Ubuntu Linux. Only minor issues installing Ubuntu. If anyone else is thinking of using this laptop with Ubuntu, here are some of the "tweeks" I made after installation.

* The backlight will go as low as possible immediately after grub. You can turn it backup using the brightness keys, but you'll need to add some kernel parameters to stop it from going to 0 brightness on each boot: "acpi_osi=Linux video.brightness_switch_enabled=0"
* The wifi adapter may have problems connecting to some WPA/WPA2 networks. Disable the proprietary driver that ubuntu tries to use automatically.

About as simple as it gets for putting a Linux on a Laptop. Well done Lenovo. For a coding machine, I could not be happier!

Windows 8 isn't my favorite, but since that's just about the defacto standard for new laptops, I'm not going to lower my rating for the laptop overall.
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on October 3, 2013
I just received my Lenovo G700 with the 17.3 inch screen and it's impressive. The keyboard is awesome! Typing feels fantastic and the keys are nicely spaced. It does run very quietly as others have mentioned. The physical look of the laptop is nice and just feels much more well-made than my HP (duh). It's as responsive as I need it to be, and I have nothing negative to say at this point. I recommend buying this laptop.
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on July 20, 2014
I bought this laptop about a month ago. It works good and I am happy with it so far.

For its size it has a good battery light, is lightweight, and does not get to hot.

The balance is a little off (like many other laptops) so when you open the lid the bottom of the laptops lifts up.

The position of the touchpad mouse to the keyboard is a little weird. I have several other laptops that I have no problem typing with. However with this one I routinely touch the wrong key or the touchpad while typing.

Below this only relates to people switching the default OS:

I also installed Windows 7 (since I do not like Windows 8). Windows 7 was missing a bunch of drivers but I was able to get most of them from the Lenovo website. Everything worked well except for the hot key buttons (that are tied to the Fn key) since there was no driver for Windows 7.

I also tested this with Ubuntu 14.04 and it worked good and had all of the drivers (including for the hotkeys).

It took me a while to get dual boot to work (I have set up dozens of dual boot systems in the past) due to the switch to UEFI from the BIOS. It was not as simple as just going to legacy BIOS. I ended up installing Ubuntu then Windows (which is the opposite of how you normally do this). And then going back and installing the bootloader.
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on April 7, 2014
So here's the deal. I had a Dell Studio 15" purchased in Fall 2010. It had issues from the beginning and I should have returned it but alas did not. So, two hard drive crashes, broken screen brightness, and a mother board crash later....I finally gave up on it Fall 2013 and decided that after what felt like the 200th blue screen of death I would never purchased another Dell again. I should also mention now I had similar issues with my very expensive Dell desktop purchased in 2004.

After looking around for something cheap enough that I wouldn't be so upset if it didn't last more than 3 years but also something with durability and good reviews, I settled on the Lenovo 17.3" G700. I have now owned it for approximately 5 months and I can say I have not had one issue with it. It never gets hot that I can tell (which is amazing when compared to my Studio) and it just is a plain good computer.

Some small cons,
(1.) The contrast is a bit lacking; I don't know what it is but it's like things are a bit gray instead of black/white
(2.) Admittedly it's more likely to get hung up on something big than my Studio
(3.) The placement of the USB ports make it odd to use a mouse/USB stick, for some reason they're right at the front of the computer
(4.) I'm not sold on Windows 8; I really dislike opening a PDF file and having it take me to an "app" type thing that makes it extremely difficult when I want to open the next page. This is not a computer problem though, just an issue with the operating system. I also despise that there's no Start Menu. I ended up installing another program that created one. But seriously, no Start menu? That's possibly the worst thing they could get rid of.
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on February 3, 2014
I got this for school work and classes in accounting. I felt the bigger screen would help with spreadsheets and easier on my eyes.
So far it been a great laptop, very fast, nice key board and big clear screen. A few things I not sure of yet is Windows 8, it's a lot different from Windows 7. I have changed some settings to make it so the Apps stopped getting in the way of the desk top. The battery life is just OK, about 5 hours under normal use. Summary, Great la top for a great price
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