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on June 28, 2014
I know laptops. I've owned dozens of them. I got a great deal on this model (under 500 USD) and just love it. The i5-4200M is a full-power CPU, not one of the low- or ultralow-voltage ones that are too weak.

It is very easy to upgrade this model to 8GB of RAM. There is an empty slot. Just be sure to purchase RAM of the same density, latency and voltage (1.35v) as the stick that is already in it. Use CPU-Z to get the info you need.

I upgraded RAM to 8GB and cloned the HDD to a Samsung Evo SSD and then swapped them. This laptop is now super fast. For what I spent I couldn't be happier. And Windows 8.1 isn't bad at all once you get used to it. In fact, I find it faster and more secure than Win 7. With the upgrades mentioned above, my G510 hibernates in about 2 seconds and comes out of hibernation in about 3 or 4 seconds to a usable desktop. Sleep mode is even faster.

Windows 8.1 is designed to recognize and use SSDs properly and also recognizes USB 3.0 controller (driver included with installation).

One complaint I have is that this computer comes with a SATA III (6GB/sec) controller yet Lenovo shipped mine with a SATA II hard drive which can't take advantage of the faster I/O of SATA III. So you should replace the hard drive with a SATA III hard drive, or, better yet, a SATA III solid state drive and you'll notice an amazing increase in speed for drive reads & writes.

Another issue I've had is with the bluetooth. I have two different bluetooth mice and they both freeze up frequently with this laptop. It can't figure out if it's a driver issue or a Windows 8.1 issue. Anyway, I gave up and use a wired USB mouse since I'm not a fan of touchpads and almost never use them. Fortunately, you can turn the touchpad off on this laptop with the F6 key. You can set it in BIOS so you don't have to hold the "alt" key... just press the "F" keys alone. Access the BIOS setup with the small button next to the power button (laptop must be off first).
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on April 1, 2014
This computer is great for a budget laptop and one for the long haul. I upgraded the HDD with a 250gb SSD (Samsung 840 EVO--$151) , I still have to upgrade the RAM to 8 gb, I installed windows 7 and I don't have to change to 6 cell battery to a 9 cell because it is outstanding. Lenovo g510 does a great job in energy management. To extend the life of you laptop battery...charge to 100% everytime, unplug, then use it till it hits 0% or turns off on its own...Make sure you change the low power and critical power settings to 5% and 2% respectively. Another outstanding aspect about this computer is that it never gets hot. Consider all the benefits and you will love this great deal of a computer. I5 processor + SSD + 8gb RAM makes this a BEST BUY... And wait...There's more!!!
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on April 24, 2014
This is my first review on Amazon... Be wary when getting this, I had it for less the 6 months. Soon as I got it out of the box and powered it up I noticed the boot time was painfully slow..I thought it was because it was first power up I was sadly mistaken every time I powered this machine up (cold boot) it took anywheres from 2-3 minutes to power on! So I installed Windows 7 on it and it performed good and fast! Build quality in my opinion is poor and really cheap feeling but what can you expect for a laptop of this price? Fast forward to present day April 2014, I turned this machine on to sadly discover the backlight on the display is not functional so I had to call customer support...what a nightmare! The representative was a joke, he didn't seem to understand I could not see the screen to try to log in... Needless to say I have sent it in the Lenovo Repair in hopes it gets fixed... Very disappointed in this machine. Will update when I get it back...
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on February 28, 2014
It's a decent computer at the base configuration. However I upgraded the HDD to an SSD, increase the RAM to 8GB, and put in a 9-cell 7800mA battery -AND now it's screaming!
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on May 29, 2014
This is a really nice budget computer with very respectable specs for the price. This is the 3rd computer I have taken for a test drive. I purchased this computer because it was the cheapest laptop I could find with an i5 processor and new upgraded Intel graphics, which are both a step up over last years models. After adding an additional 2 GB of RAM, it bench-marked very well. It has a lot of features like an HDMI output, long battery life and USB 3.0. The speakers while nothing special, work just fine, they give clear sound. I am typing this review on the keyboard and think that has an above average feel, but is a little cramped.

This model also has Windows 8.1. After having used both Windows 7 and 8.1, this was something that I wanted because it runs more smoothly and it more resistant to various security threats. The biggest difference in the two systems is the lack of a Start menu, but there is a replacement Start menu called Start8, [...]. It works great and you can have the best of both worlds for only $4.99.

On the down side, the computers case has a very cheap look and feel. Also while the touch pad is OK, the buttons on the mouse feel like a child's toy.(minus 1 star) The screen is also the shiny type and it has limited viewing angles, but again this is a budget laptop.

Bottom line: Good specs, good performance and all the pieces work well as a whole. The case is mediocre and the mouse pad is the computers weakest link. You get what you pay for and I feel like this machine was a really good value.
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on March 18, 2014
This is a really good computer. I have no serious complaints so far; the only problem I have is the frame rate on some of the games I play drops when I there is a lot of mist or smoke on the screen. Other than that, I think it's a good gaming computer. I can't get a super-high frame rate with graphics set as to the maximum, but it's still decent.

I mainly use Ubuntu Linux, and I was able to clone the Linux partitions from my old laptop over to the new computer using Clonezilla live media, which was a bit of a pain to figure out, as was getting the bootloader installed properly. I could have avoided this last problem if I had just done a fresh installation of Ubuntu, but I didn't want to lose my highly customized setup.
As far as actually running Linux, I think the only problems I have are the lack of an equivalent to the Lenovo Power Management program that can control battery charging thresholds, and I needed a proprietary driver for the Wi-Fi device.

It is worth noting that the processor can be set to as low a clock rate as 0.80 GHz for power savings, and the screen back-light can be turned completely off (there's even a hotkey for it), which is useful if you are in a very bright place and the back-light isn't really needed.
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on April 12, 2014
This is my first laptop. I am not very computer literate, so I don't know what details to include. I read through the User-guide and so far have managed to run it. The 5 charms on the right side are helpful. Also, you need to know to right click on the start icon to shut down the machine. It would be helpful for that informtion to be somewhere early on. I am used to left clicking everything on my old desktop. Also, It heats up sitting on your lap, so you need to have it on a hard surface to get air under it. I suppose most people would know that these days.

I am still figuring it all out as I was used to Windows XP which I understand is gone now.
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on April 7, 2014
This laptop is great. I've been having it for a couple of weeks and I all I can say is what a great purchase I made.
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on September 4, 2014
I bought this in January. It had to go back for servicing in May (motherboard) and July (screen). It now (Sept.) is having screen clarity issues. No other laptop I have owned has had this many problems. I don't recommend it - my 6 year old ASUS, which this replaced, had never been back to the factory. Will not buy a Lenovo again.

****UPDATED***** They sent me a new one, after weeks of wrangling. The screen died, again.

****UPDATED, AGAIN****** 6 weeks after repair, screen died again.

This is completely absurd.
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on May 23, 2015
I bought this laptop a year ago as a college student. Throughout college, I went through a stream of 300-400 dollar laptops that died a year or so after I purchased them. I finally decided I needed to drop a little extra dough to get something that would last longer and have a better performance. I'm here to report that I made the right choice with this laptop. Before I purchased it, I did a ton of searching online. Everyone said this was the best laptop for the price range, the biggest draw back about it being that it is heavy (it is)! I was willing to deal with that in order to have a great computer. I haven't had any problems with it. I don't really like the new Windows version that is automatically installed on it, but I understand that that is not this computers fault! The speakers are great - I can watch movies on it without having to hook it up to external speakers. It runs super fast, still to this day. Also, I got a warranty on it through square trade considering my terrible history with laptops, I might recommend doing that too if you purchase this, as the warranty is pretty cheap. Good luck laptop hunting!
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