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on September 24, 2012
Lets start with I have owned many Thinkpads in the past and i think they are the best machines out there. I picked this up at Fry's this weekend for $479. Wanted something that would play some games that I have laying around. Was skeptical of the AMD Fusion series. I own a x120e that has the fusion and that Thinkpad does a good job for what it is but just barely. After testing and updating the machine it has three downfalls.
1) The hard drive is slow but on the flip side its 750GB.
2) The keyboard layout is not great. They keys are fine but the layout is cramped and I'm constantly hit the wrong keys. I would have preferred they remove the 10 key and spaced the whole keypad out better.
3) The AC adapter is not a straight plug but a small L shape and has the EMI thing right by the plug. Its a terrible design and gets snagged on anything. That and its right crammed up by the USB port. I like the AC adapter plugins on the back side of machines personally.

Overall the fit and finish is typical Lennovo which is very good. The Screen is clear and not bad for glare and folds back almost flat which I like. Its not a light machine but not super heavy either(under 6lbs). The track-pad is nice, not great but not bad. There is no track-point on the Ideadpad which for some is no big deal, I personally like having it.
The machine runs fast and seems faster than my Dell Lattitude I5 that I use at work. Overall a solid buy. Its fast and has killer graphics that blow away the Intel integrated. If you need raw CPU then move to a Intel CPU. I'm not biased by Intel or AMD they all have their spot in the marketplace.
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on September 28, 2012
Just got this laptop today via UPS. I also purchased mine from Frys for $479 (sorry Amazon!).

Likes :
Nice finish. The casing of the computer itself as well as the back of the monitor has a nice brushed metal sheen to it, but isn't overly shiny.
I have large-ish hands and the keyboard seems spaced very well to me with a couple of exceptions. I seem to keep missing the backspace key since it's a tad small, but that's really about it. I think that having a numberpad though outweighs the small gripe I have with the backspace key.
Pretty fast for a laptop. I have a Phenom II X6 1100T based desktop, so I wasn't expecting it to be as fast as my desktop, but it seems to keep up nicely. Windows transition quickly, and everything loads pretty fast. I suspect that if you bought this and swapped out the hard drive for an SSD this thing would blaze.
It's light gaming capable. You're not going to get crazy fps on newer games, but on some older games it works like a champ (Left4Dead 2, other Source games, etc). I went with this machine over similarly priced Intel based alternatives for this reason alone. My daughter likes to take over my desktop, so the option of playing some games against her from my laptop is pretty much why I bought it.

Dislikes :
Not a whole lot to not like at this point. My only observation thus far is that there seems to be quite a bit of heat kicking out the side vent, but the keyboard area and bottom stay relatively cool so I'm assuming that the cooling solution in place is doing a rather nice job of expelling the heat.

I would say that if you can find this laptop in the $470 to $550 range it's a great buy, but the current price of $650 to $750 seems a tad high as you can get some similarly specced ultrabooks with low end discrete graphics in that price range.
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on October 31, 2012
I ordered on Thursday, shipped on Friday and delivered on the Monday (Fast free shipping). It was packaged really well and secure. I have currently had it for a little over 2 weeks.

I have only 2 negative items on this laptop, that keeps me from calling it perfect (4 1/2 stars not 5 intended):

1.) The manual useful and in only 1 local language (this is the good part). The bad, not enough details in the manual or literature, the worst was the lack of description about the optical drive, i.e. what type of disc formats are acceptable? (Yep, I still use my optical drive on a daily basis.)

2.) Bloatware- Chrome pre-installed!? (IBM/Lenovo, must be getting funds from google, ok, if it keeps down cost of product, supposedly?) Why not just use a desktop icon to install/not install option? I like other Chrom-ium based browsers, minus the spyware. If IBM/Lenovo & google want a pre-installed program, why not Picasa (much better) or something else instead? OK, enough of the rant of the negative (not too bad overall). ;)

Onto the positive (much more and better):

1.)AMD A_Series_Quad_Core_A10_4600M Processor 2.3GHz turbo boosts up to 3.2GHz (I WAS a long time user of PCs' with Intel processors, but since my first AMD processor (Desktop) mid-2010, I have never looked back. Comparing apples to apples, the AMDs' load the OSs' much quicker and overall much-much snappier opening/running proggies, hands down!

2.)6 GB DIMM RAM DDR3=more than enough!

3.)750GB 5400rpm HDD (The biggest I had seen for a laptop...until the updated version of this laptop 1TB HDD(10-12-12 amazon w/Win 8, but 200 bones more?)

4.)15.6-Inch Backlit LED HD display=beautiful!

5.)AMD Radeon HD 7660G graphics=awesome

6.)720p HD webcam+bluetooth+2xUSB 3.0

7.)Dolby Home Theatre v4=exceptional sound for a laptop.

8.)A Lenovo program to boost start-up time+a program for making backup or snapshots(Discs/Images)of the OS.

9.)IBM/Lenovo is ranked very high on various Linux sites, for high compatibility to various Linux distros (in this regard, Dell,Acer/Gateway and HP are noted as well with good results. ;) **Update: As of 8-28-13, only the Ubuntu based distros have worked on this laptop, however the 64amd ISO files hang after initial boot screen, but the i386intel ISO files boot straight to the live environment. Odd since this is a 64 bit machine, hopefully Canonical/Ubuntu will fix this by the time of the next LTS. So, for now I am running Ubuntu 13.10 (testing version) i386 and it find my audio and wi-fi broadcom drivers and installs them proper.

10.) A nice full and roomy touch/track pad, very comfortable.

11.) Battery- 15 minutes to do a full charge, for 5 to 6 hours of usage=good stuff. ***Update: as of 8-28-13 the 15 minutes full charge, it only worked the first initial charge. I do believe the manufacturer must have done an initial pre-first charge before shippping. Anyway, subsequent charge take about 30 minutes, still not bad at all.

12.)Of all the various laptops, I have used/tried before, this Lenovo is really solid and sturdy. In fact the only other one I can think of that felt more solid/sturdy, was a Panasonic brand laptop, from a few years back, but it was built extra rugged, even for in a combat situation.

13.) The look of the lid/back of the screen, in a word "cool". It has a brushed metal, medium2dark lavender (The descript. says "Gray Metal".) look to it, unique and nice.

14.) The fan is very quiet and Lenovo added a program to run the fan in a "maintenance mode" to clean any dust out. Nice touch.

15.) Temperature- The keyboard area and the bottom, stay very cool to touch. The main vent area (left side), only when really pushing it really hard (intense graphic games and video editing+over a dozen other proggies running browser/flash, MS office, email, messaging,video chat, etc.), the vent area gets only slightly (I do mean slightly.) warmer than room temperature. Very nice!

16.) 15 bones refund Visa card (Win 8).

17.) Optical drive-burns at good to excellent speeds (I have only used DVD+R, thus far)

18.) Keyboard-perfect for composing letters, documents or whatever. Overall it is great (for me anyway).

Summary: For a 500 bones laptop, it is very impressive, solid built, a real "workhorse", fast, more than efficient and high quality. The best thing, I can say about this Lenovo product is, IBM/Lenovo now has 1 more built in future customer. Keep up the great work and high quality. Cheers and enjoy. :)
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on November 26, 2012
If you plan to dual boot or wipe & load LINUX, good luck. I have been trying for 2 weeks. No luck. I have spent countless hours trying to load Linux Mint 13, Ubuntu 12.10 or Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with no luck. I get the starting GRUB to run live cd & when I make a choice all I get is a blinking cursor. After hours of searching the internet, this seems to be the norm.

Thank goodness I had a spare hard drive I put in & reformatted according to what little info I found on the net. If you format the hard drive that comes with the Z585 you will probably lose the restore partition.

Lenovo's technical support was a total waste of time. I could hear someone in the background dictating to the person I was talking to. They repeated word for word what they were being told. In the end they told me, that was not part of support.

Good luck if you want to run Linux on this machine.

I second the review about the touch pad and change of browser size & the cursor jumping to another location. I am about to put this unit on an on-line auction.

I have been building & repairing PCs for 25 years & have never run into this situation. There is UEFI which is part of the BIOS that further complicates things. You can turn this off in setup, but that does nothing to help load a second OS.

I have read on one forum that the setup (BIOS) was rushed to get this unit in production & a new BIOS is forthcoming. I cannot confirm this.
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on October 26, 2012
The Lenovo arrived this morning, and I have been using it for the past hour.

My original concerns with this laptop were the follwing:
1. Cramped keyboard. As I am typing, I am sometimes hitting the numlock key instead of backspace because the keyboard is a little closer together than what I am used to on my Dell Inspiron. However, I'm sure it just takes some getting used to. The keys click quietly and has a very light feel to it.
2. The brand - Lenovo? Had essentially never heard of it nor used it, so I was a little reluctant to make such a big and blind internet purchase. I'm liking it, though, and it is a classy looking laptop. Very solid feel and good design.
3. Not many reviews - It looked like no one had been buying this laptop. There were only a few reviews here on Amazon, and 2 others I found on OfficeMax's website. On NewEgg the Z585 was listed as "discontinued", only adding to my concern. Have no fear, though, it's a nice little machine. Turns out there is a new version coming out this next week (and the specs aren't even as good...) which explains why it is discontinued.

I can already feel the difference in the bright, LED backlit screen. Looks nice and crisp. Already installing a couple of games and the IdeaPad is handling the graphics nicely.

For any Linux users who may be out there wanting to dual boot: The IdeaPad will come with 4 partitions already installed (2 of them being Lenovo recovery partitions). To safely installed a dual boot, you will to create backup DVDs through Lenovo's OneKey-Recovery system, so that you can safely restore your windows install should you accidentally erase it while installing partitions or what-have-you. So, if you're bucking to install Ubuntu on your first day, make sure you have your DVDs ready when the laptop arrives!
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on October 17, 2012
Just got this laptop (will update after a couple of days, weeks, month etc.) for school use and light gaming and video editing. I was immediatly surprised by the build quality on this thing. It's AMAZING. Full metal brushed aluminum (or whatever material) lid. Metal sidings look very durable, the bottom is plastic but thats fine. Also, it is a very purpleish - reddish - brown - gray color. Not really plain gray like the pictures suggest. Also I found the layout of the keyboard to be weird at first. They merge the shift button and the up arrow together so that the shift button is only as wide as say the control key (a bit wider than normal keys, but not the normal inch and a half that im used to). When normally typing, I only hit the far left half inch (which this shift key only is), but sometimes when editing documents I'll press the up key instead of shift and it gets annoying. Funny how the left shift is full sized. The keyboard is a great keyboard in my opinion. The keys feel almost macbook pro like and have good spacing between them. The number pad is really squished and I wish they had cut it off and spread out the rest of the keyboard out. Maybe they could have put the same A10 and all the internal components in a 14 inch form factor. The first boot up was a bit over a minute, but the lenovo boot optomizer thing automatically started up and made the next restart only 45 seconds and then the next 40 seconds. Very cool stuff. When I close the lid, it almost immediatly goes to sleep, and then when i open it up it almost immediatly wakse up and shows the locked/log in screen.

The screen is moderately good. I'm used to 17 inch laptop or 11-13 inch screens so it was a change for me. It looks fine. When you tilt it up or down or side ways, it loses contrast and looks all weird. IT is definitely the IPS fancy HD macbook screen. It's pretty low res at 768p. I just did a windows experience index check and it got 6.9 processor
6.9 memory (RAM)
6.2 graphics (windows aero)
6.2 gaming graphics
5.9 HDD (pretty normal, all HDDs non solid state get this score mostly)

The 6.7 and 6.9 are very good scores and this laptop should preform very well for my gaming and video/photo editing needs. I'm downloading some of my video games at the moment (TF2, Portal, Assassin's creed, Battlefield Bad companty 2) and my editing software, adobe production premium CS6. I'm going to try and hack after effects into supporting the openCL acceleration from the AMD 7660m/A10. Will update and tell how it works.

The trackpad felt a bit awkward at first, it is very far to the left. IT would be perfect if the laptop were 14 inches and they cut off the number pad, but with the num pad it is too far to the left. When typing I sometimes hit the top corner of it. Will change the trackpad settings later to prevent this.

My first impressions are very good. This laptop is excellently built, should be very fast, and is a great price (bought it for under 600 dollars - a steal! ($550)).
The speakers are also really good which i didnt expect.

It certainly isnt lightweight (not an ultrabook, lol) but its a great laptop for the price. I might suggest looking at the Lenovo Y480 if its in stock anywhere. Saw it going for only 600 bucks on newegg a couple days ago (now out of stock) which is a great deal. a pound lighter than this, better dedicated graphics, quad core i7 (i believe) and a 14 inch screen.

Upon downloading a couple of games and programs I can say this laptop is awesome! It plays Team Fortress 2 at high/very high/ultra settings with maxed out anti aliasing and filtering 16x smoothly at ~60-100fps I'd say. It boots up super fast (under a minute consistantly, more like 45 seconds). When running after effects, I can make use of all four cores and have it render multiple frames simultaneously, with 1gb of ram for each core. I will soon upgrade to 8gb of ram. Not sure if I can go as high as 16gb or 12gb or whatever. I also plan on taking out the optical drive and replacing it with a solid state drive to speed the system up even more.

I can't emphasize it enough, for the money this is a great laptop and is everything that I needed. Excellent build quality, great gaming preformance, and portability.
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on October 25, 2012
I purchased this laptop elsewhere for five hundred (On Sale). I've had it for almost a month now and I am very pleased with my purchase. I really only wanted to upgrade my older HP laptop to something more modern in this price range. This is originally a $740 laptop but is on sale due to Lenovo bringing out a different model soon. I was lucky to find it on sale while I was in the market for a new laptop. I definitely got more than my money's worth, when compared to other laptops. The reason for the price drop is due to the new Lenovo P585 - 4575H4U, which is the same laptop but with 8gbs of Ram instead of 6. The price difference is about $120. You could just replace the 2gb stick with a 4gb stick for $20 more, like I did.

One of the best things about this laptop is the HD7660G integrated graphics. It's integrated to the CPU opposed to being integrated to the motherboard, like on most other laptops. Also, most other laptops have HD4000 graphics which is far superior to this one. I've never really played games on a computer, but I decided to try it out with this one. I was very surprised to find out that the same games I play on my PS3 play faster and look better on this PC. Even when connected to my TV through HDMI, the picture looks smoother. I wouldn't recommend it for any hardcore, brand new games though. I've tried GTA IV, Need For speed: Hot Pursuit, NFS The Run, Split Second, Burnout Paradise, and Fifa 13. All Work Great. I didn't initially buy it to play games but it's nice to know that I can play them if I wanted to. :) Movies look great on the HD LED Screen. It's definitely brighter than my 3 year old HP laptop with LCD Screen.

Update 12/6/2012: I installed a 128gb SSD Drive. The laptop boots up in half the time it used to and handles a lot quicker than before. I removed the DVD rom and used a Optical Drive to Sata converter to have the original 750gb hd as a second hard drive. After installing the SSD, I had speed issues with the WIFI. I have an 11.5Mbps network at home. I was running from 2Mbps to 5 to 6 to 7 to 8Mbps. I don't know exactly why, but it sucks that Lenovo didn't test the wireless card with an SSD. I tried updating the driver, tested the speed within a few feet of the router, but nothing fixed the issue other than buying an external USB wifi adapter. Now I'm getting full speed again. I lowered my rating to 4 stars because of this.
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on November 12, 2012
I bought this computer on October 31st and recieved it on November 9 (early according to the webite it wasn't supposed to get here until Nov. 14)
I really like the box it came in. Very well packaged.
The computer has a nice processor. Also The graphics are very nice. (awesome for a laptop) The ram is very fast as well. The only reason I took 1 star off is that the hard drive is a 5400 rpm... It's hard to tell how fast the computer really is with this 5400 rpm drive. If not a ssd they should have put in a 7200 rpm.
Since they didn't I feel the need to. I have an ssd in my old computer and it has less ram and a slower processor, however it does move faster in everything it does than this computer does.
I'm not downing this comuter. I paid 474.99 for it on sale. Great deal. I will just buy a ssd card and use this 750gb as extra storage. Still a great deal.
I like the look of it. The brushed aluminum give it a refined look. I like the chicklet syle keyboard. I didn't think I didn't think I would, so I was surprised. The trackpad I thought worked great.
Also, I'm happy to say it has an sd slot.
Thank yo for reading my review,
Thank you for taking the time to read my review.

Two days after using the computer my cursor froze. I used control alt delete to get to the task manager. Still unable to use the cursor I used the tab button to get to shut down. I rebooted. After less than 10 minutes the cursor stopped working again. I went through the same procedure. Then I did a restart. The computer seemed to work ok. I went to shut it off and it said shutting down for about an hour. This time I couldn't do anything except hard boot the machine. At this point I sent it back. I had no issues returning and am very happy with Amazon policy on returns.
I really thought the machine was amazing and disappointed when it had problems. I thought a Lenovo (made by IBM) would be the very best laptop ever. I probably just got a dud. But 1st impressions mean alot. I've had toshiba, asus, hp, sony, and an acer. These all worked for years before showing any issues. Al cost less.
Good luck with your Lenovo. If you purchase.
Thank you again for reading my review.
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on November 4, 2012
You get an unbelievable amount of technology for a very reasonable price. Most laptops with these specs cost twice as much. Very fast and the graphics are quite good. Build quality seems very good and every thing operates as it should. Am very pleased with this purchase.
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on December 16, 2012
Bought this for my 11 year old grandson for both schoolwork and gaming. Every game he has on it runs perfectly. He's delighted with it. Haven't heard any reports from him on how it works for schoolwork (LOL)...
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