Customer Reviews: Lenovo IdeaPad U410 437629U 14-Inch Ultrabook (1.8GHz Intel Core i3-3217U Processor, 4GB DDR3, 500GB HDD, 32GB SSD, NVIDIA Geforce GT 610M 1GB DDR3, Windows 7 Home Premium) Graphite Gray
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on October 26, 2012
11/2/12 clarification - the model I bought at Fry's has slightly different specs than the one here. Everything appears to be the same but mine has a 6GB DDR3 memory. Also, I'm having trackpad problems again. I tap it and my tap won't register. Sometimes if I hit the escape key, and then tap it will register. I'll call Lenovo when I have the time, but for now I am disabling it and using an external mini sized travel mouse.

Original review:
I've had the Lenovo U410 for 2 and half weeks now. The first two weeks were rocky. Finally had the time to call Lenovo support - much better since then - don't return the laptop without calling them- great support. I came from a 12"inch 3.3 lb, 8 hr battery, no optic drive Asus. My criteria when shopping for a new laptop was: 1. bigger screen size 2. performance/speed 3. portability 4. price (under $500 to $850) 5. battery

1. awesome 24/7 tech support (included) & dirt cheap accidental damage plan purchased directly thru Lenovo for $59 a yr.
2. lightweight, somehow the added weight (about 9 ounces more than my Asus) doesn't bother me because of the slimness of the unit, it is comfortable to carry.
3. Price for the specs
4. battery life better than expected - getting about 5 hours on Word with intermittent use of wifi.
5. looks nice
6. Speed good, not as quick as the Asus was.
7. lots of USB slots
8. speakers clarity/sound level are awesome, way better than the Asus.

1. touchpad - had major problems at first was using an external mouse. Called tech support they removed and reinstalled the driver. It's working now, but still not as great as the old school touchpad on my Asus. This touchpad is glass (or so I read) and its very slippery. haven't adjusted to it yet and depending on projects, I continue to hook up an external mouse. That said, I didn't get another Asus because the reviews and my testing of their touchpads were awful.

2. Screen - I've read some reviews elsewhere that the screen is not as sharp as it could be. I agree. But I'm not doing graphics/gaming on it. So it doesn't bother me.

3. Sound - people I skyped with were getting major feedback. The speakers seem to be at the hinge of the screen/base and the microphone would pick up the sound. I would push back the screen and that would help reduce the feedback, but if you're doing a video call it's a problem. Tech support removed and reinstalled the driver. So far no problems.

4. Startup speed - not as quick as the Asus 8 second startup and 2 second refresh once it was on. (I'm not a techie so don't ask me to explain). I know that the processor in this baby is faster than the Asus had. And the startup /come out of sleep speed is acceptable for someone like me who has no patience.

Neutral -

No optic drive - I looked for this to cut down on weight. I had reservations when I got my Asus 2.5 yrs ago without an optics drive, but it turned out I never really needed it.

My usage:

This is not my primary computer. I use it outside the office but will work on it for 3-4 hours at a time straight. Also hook it up to my TV for Hulu, Netflix and so far no issues. HDMI only, not VGA.

At first I was looking at the ThinkPad line, not the IdeaPads. But I couldn't wait for Amazon or Lenovo, I needed a same day replacement. I shopped for Lenovos, Sonys and Asus - I found this one at Fry's Electronics- but caution, their online price was $200 less than there instore price. I pointed that out, it took 1 hour to get approval for a lower price, but it was worth it.
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on December 3, 2012
Hi everyone, I have had the i5 version and here is my review for the U410 in general.

I have had this beautiful laptop (ruby red) for a week now. It is a quality built laptop (made of aluminum alloy) and is often compared to the mac due to its quality build. It has windows 8 which I am getting used to (coming from Windows Vista). I love the 3.0 USBs X2. You do not know how important having those is, especially when I am transferring data constantly for homework and projects for engineering. Extremely lightweight and portable which is important for me since I am moving between classes and carrying this on my backpack all day- need something light. No "optical" drive, or CD ROM drive for playing movies/cd's/etc- know that when you are buying this since it is for making it lighter weight; one can work around this by burning the CD on another laptop and transferring via USB OR by buying an external CD ROM. I might need to purchase an external CD ROM since I desire to download photoshop... and there are 8 CD's. Good to know and be informed as you are deciding..

But, there is a design flaw in terms of the wi-fi. I was aware of an extremely common wi-fi issue coming from Lenova U series (includes this U410 and U310). People would complain that they have either 1) a disconnecting wi-fi internet problem 2) low signals until very close to wi-fi access.

My theory is that since the casing of the laptop is almost 100% thin aluminum, the metal casing is reducing the wi-fi strength. In other words, the wi-fi adaptor is like your cell phone trying to text inside a metal elevator casing- reducing the signal or losing it frequently like when you go through a tunnel. Maybe the design flaw is because they are almost mimicking the mac's metal chassis and they failed mimicking on one key part... like allowing an opening for the wi-fi antenna....

Regardless- My love for this laptop will outweigh returning the laptop- for now- as I am currently purchasing an external wi-fi antenna USB. An antenna will test my hypothesis of whether it is the whole casing, which is the design flaw, or if the brand new network adaptor sucks (unlikely but possible).

Keep you posted.

Edit: 12/6/2012
Design flaw averted by simply adding on cheap external wifi adapter. Acts like an antenna to get better signals than many laptops. Yay!
I bought a CISCO Lynksis external wi-fi adapter for $49.99- even though on best buy I saw it for half off. I needed internet ASAP, so I went for it (I can always order the cheaper version, then return with receipt for the current to save 25$ once it arrives)- it works! I can even access my n network now. My download speed went from 0MB to 8.6MB; Upload speed from 0MB to 3.6MB on [...]

I tentatively recommend getting this laptop and investing in a $10-50 external wifi.

Edit: 8/15/2013
DO NOT GET A CISCO Lynksis external wi-fi adapter! Its long extension broke. Here is my review link:

I recommend a shorter, cheaper external wifi adapter. Size matters.

Otherwise, I am typing on the U410 right now and it is great. Depending on how I am sitting, the abrupt edge can cut uncomfortably into my wrists. The keys are still intact. Sound is a little strange occasionally? Like when I am watching a show voices will 1% of the time sound gargled like listening submerged in an electronic pool. Maybe it's a correctable software driver issue? My laptop can handle most games I play with my brother. It can also handle engineering software well, especially 3D rendering. I love watching how crisp transitions are between switching views. I could care less about Windows 8, since I normally go to Windows 7 mode (go to desktop). Don't get suckered into Windows 8 UNLESS you intend on getting Office 2013 and/or get a touch screen.

I hope this was helpful!
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on November 23, 2012
I have had this computer for exactly one week. The main irksome thing about this machine is its keyboard and mouse pad. The keyboard space has shrunk about 3cm from my old Compaq. Not only that, each key has a smaller face, because the "gutters" between keys are taking up space too. When you type, your fingers (and arms) are cramped together more than with an average keyboard. A bigger problem comes from the small face of keys like "Shift," "Alt," "Ctrl," and particularly the four arrows keys. It is hard not to mis-press things without breaking your eye contact with the screen and looking at the keyboard. The biggest trouble is how "home," "page up" "page down" and "end" are positioned. For the short week I had this machine, I have made numerous mistakes hitting the "page down" button, when all I wanted was move the cursor to the end of a line.

There has also been quite a few cases where cursor suddenly jumped from where I was typing to somewhere else, thus messing up what I typed earlier. It seems that the problem occurs when the palm accidentally touches the mouse pad, inevitably so because the pad is so big.

On the mouse pad, you can use two fingers to move the screen page up and down, which is handy. Earlier I encountered a big problem with the mouse pointer, which is only slightly improved by a change of setting. Say I am keying in words in a MS Word document, the mouse pointer would disappear--this despite the setting "Hide pointer while typing" unchecked under "Pointing device properties." When you pause typing, and need to move the cursor using the mouse pad, the pointer re-appears on the screen with irritating lengths of delay. So make sure you uncheck "hide pointer," otherwise it takes even longer to find and maneuver the cursor.

The machine has a pleasantly light weight, and works fast so far. It takes under 30 seconds from turning on the computer to when the web browser opens its homepage (i.e. if skipping the time logging in with password). It doesn't heat up like my old laptop, so I have had no need using my cooling fan. I am grateful that it comes pre-loaded with McAfee product for safeguarding the machine.

The screen is wide, but not tall enough. I moved the taskbar from the bottom to the left side of the screen to help with the problem. The screen isn't too sharp.

Maybe if I get more comfortable with the awkward keyboard and mouse pointer, I will like this laptop more. Right now, I wouldn't heartily recommend it to other people.


I have had this machine for six weeks. I should clarify that the preloaded McAfee anti-virus software expired a month after I received the computer, even though there was no warning of the time limit in the beginning. My problem with the position of keys Home, End, PageUp, PageDown, arrows, etc. remains, and the touch pad still messes up the position of the cursor every once in a while.

The machine is fairly reliable and fast (for someone who mainly uses Office products and the Web browser). Initially the wireless connection was a bit weird. The connection would get broken after waking up from the sleep status. Somehow the problem has not occurred again.
review image
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on June 16, 2013
As a whole I love this laptop. Lenovo makes a quality product compared with the like of Apple. Essentially this laptop is the "macbook" of the PC world. My sister-in-law has a 13 inch macbook pro and she used my Lenovo and perfered my laptop to hers. She even proposed a trade lol! Nice product! I purchased mine from Best Buy. The one I purchased from Amazon was bangged up and there were was not a replacement. I love the Cherry Blossom Pink color!
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on March 3, 2014
This laptop arrived not working properly and both the seller Media & More and Lenovo have chosen to do nothing to deal with the issues. My advice is to stay away from this vendor and this computer manufacturer at all costs!

The computer has a major connectivity issue, which was well known to Lenovo, but they continued to sell this model even with that in mind. Furthermore, the computer I received has continuing issues of changing the insertion point of the cursor to a different line when composing an email, or to a different box when filling in an online form, etc. Talk about aggravating! In addition, it changes the screen magnification seemingly on a whim and the other day it rotated the screen orientation by 90 degrees while I was using it.

The seller told me it was a hardware issue and that I had to deal with the manufacturer. But Lenovo said the one year warranty began running at the date it was sold to Media & More, which was several months before I even purchased it. What a runaround with no hope in sight of a reasonable resolution! Again, I say be warned well in advance of dealing with either this vendor or this manufacturer!!!!!
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on August 24, 2012
Super fast shipping! When I first got this laptop there was a problem after a few weeks so I asked for an exchange. They sent me a brand new one the next day! Great service. As for the laptop, I love it! Especially it's light weight. I don't like iMACs but I do like their laptop design and THIS Lenovo laptop has almost the same design PLUS a home and end key which MACs don't have. The only down side to this laptop is that there's no DISC drive and it's slightly flimsy on the bottom and the center of the keyboard.
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on May 11, 2013
Kind of like this one. It is real light and easy to use. Keys are sensitive and my fingers keep hitting the mouse pad but I am getting used to it. Battery life is a bit better than my HP laptop and it is just easier to use. Way above HP in support and quality.
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on December 5, 2012
The laptop is fast, light and has a decent battery life, about 5 hours of normal use. But it also has the worst track pad I've ever seen. Slightly moving your palms while typing can send the cursor anywhere. I had to get an external mouse and disable the track pad it was so useless. It's definitely not worth the list price of 800 bucks but since I paid 524.99 for it, I think I paid what it was worth.
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on November 25, 2012
Love the lightweight and sleek design. Very fast laptop and perfect size. More than enough storage space. Screen resolution is great because I do not prefer small text on higher resolutions. Some knock the larger resolution but I love it.
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on June 30, 2014
Lenovo's sub-par products are only matched by their terrible customer service and support.
Initially you'll think "oh man, this is a pretty good laptop", but within a year, after your warranty expires, it'll all sink in.

Right off the bat, you should notice the terrible wifi. I'm sure if you've done enough research, you'd know Lenovo is notorious for this, and its not blown out of proportion. Their wifi is dreadful. My phone gets faster speeds. I tested it once, and got a dl speed of around 20 mbps. Fast right? well, my phone on the same connection got around 60. a MacBook got around a 100. Wow even as I was writing this the laptop randomly disconnected.

The main reason I discredit Lenovo is because they don't take responsibility for their poor manufacturing. They cut corners. A lot. For me, it was the hinge. This is actually a common issue if you Google it. The hinge of the laptop often comes out by itself (plastic around the screws where hinge was attached to back lcd panel breaks from the strain because of poor design). The best part? Laptop was under two years old and yet Lenovo refuses to acknowledge its their fault.

Also, the LCD and battery life are pretty bad.

Seriously though, stay away from Lenovo.
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