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on November 2, 2013
I have not found a better gaming laptop for this price. (I got mine for $999.99)

Besides the obvious facts that this laptop has great specs, this is why I like and dislike:

- The keyboard can turn a bit hot when gaming. However, I use it with a external keyboard and mouse so it is not a big deal for me.
- The touchpad is a bit oversensitive.
- It is larger than previous Ideapad Series Y 15" laptops. (It barely fits in a laptop case I used for my Y580)
- 5400 RPM hard drive and no mSata connector. (Come on Lenovo, who wants a 5400 RPM hard drive for a gaming laptop? At least include 7200 RPM and/or an mSata connector)
- It is a bit complicated to remove the bottom cover if you want to upgrade memory or hard drive.
- It has a heavy 170w power adapter. So the regular ac adapters that you can get at your local PC shop will not work if you want to game)
- The Intel HD graphics drivers do not come installed.
- The screen is very nice. However, the bezel is very glossy.

- Ultrabay - Apparently Lenovo will start selling DVD, Blu-Ray, Fan cooler, and hard drive adapter for this port.
- Best specs for the money. (The dual Nvidia 750M in SLI perform similar to a single 770M)
- The speakers sound great
- The back light for the keyboard can be adjusted (Low/High) depending on how dark is the room where you are using it.
- The Intel HD Graphics can be enabled in order to extend battery life.


1) If you are using Windows 8.1 and the second 750M is not showing as SLI capable then you have to update the BIOS.

2) If you want to improve battery life by enabling the Intel HD 4600 graphics (Nvidia Optimus):
2.1 - Turn off the laptop
2.2 - Follow the instructions to remove the second graphics card (fairly easy)
2.3 - Turn on you laptop and install the Intel VGA drivers found in your Lenovo partition (Drive D for mine)
2.4 - Now you will see the Intel logo in your task bar. (Optimus will not work if the second graphics card is inserted in the Ultrabay port)

3) Upgrade to a SSD of at least 250GB (More GBs is better but costly)

4) Use a cooling pad when gaming

5) I have used 90 watt ac adapters when I'm not gaming or doing anything graphics intensive without signs of overheat. I would suggest to remove the second graphics card if you want to run games but you don't have the 170W brick handy.
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on January 29, 2014
I treat it as it was designed, a gaming laptop.
That means that you will have to deal with a few things that are to be expected of a console,

Non-existent battery life (An hour)
No gaming performance on battery (with the exception of tetris. My FPS on most games drops to 15 or so)
It gets hot (buy a cooler master, ill never not use it now)
Yes it has a big power block, but this is basically a console, set it up for the long run.
It weighs 5lbs.
Glossy bezel (stop touching it)

-All of the above are actual customer complains about this laptop, are you serious? its like you're complaining that a race car gets hot-

However, it gifts you these wonderful abilities

It can play everything (i have thrown at it so far)
Splinter Cell: Blacklist 100 FPS on medium
Shift 2 Unleashed [...] its about 60 FPS on high

Crysis and counter strike:GO run at maximum everything
It is 100% quiet with cooler master unplugged, not playing games.
When the system fan is running it is also very quiet.
It looks really attractive
Good speakers
This version of the lenovo is full HD, and it looks fantastic
The keys are great
It feels high quality
I get to brag to my friends my lenovo has better specs than your alienware, and i paid less

The bottom line is, this is a racecar, and it is to be treated as such. I do not expect it to stay cool, stay silent, be light, portable, and convenient. It expect it to go fast, and look good doing it. And it does just that.
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on December 13, 2013
I absolutely loved this product. It will run any current high graphics game on the market. The only thing is that it gets pretty hot only at the sides, while the keyboard remains relatively cool. I would definitely recommend this laptop for any gamer looking for the best performance for the lowest price possible. I'm currently playing Assassins Creed 4 black flag on high settings. I am very happy that I bought this product. I'm actually typing this message with it right now. :) GO LENOVO Y510P!!!!!
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on October 10, 2013
First off I went into this purchase knowing full well that the Lenovo Y510p has a very bad name in regards to its SSD card slot. Some laptops include the SSD, some laptops don't include the SSD but have the slot on the motherboard to install your own, and for some reason there are quite a few out there that don't even have the slot soldered on to the motherboard to install the SSD.

I purchased from this page because the product clearly states a 1000GB Hard Drive and 8GB SSD. I'll just fill you in right now, this particular model shipped by this product page does not even have the connector for an SSD soldered on to the motherboard.

Great laptop regardless, slightly disappointed, I wish Amazon would do a better job of keeping product descriptions up to date and accurate.
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on January 14, 2014
We decided to buy this for Christmas for my 8th grader with the notion in mind that he would be able to take this to college in 4-5 years and it would hopefully not be obsolete. It was much more than we wanted to spend, but convinced ourselves to do it anyway. His reaction, however, when he opened the box was priceless. It's hard to get a reaction out of teenagers who know everything some times, but not this one. So far, he has been on it non-stop and the graphics are great. Funny that he mentioned one of the things he liked most as the lighted keyboard. Even a month after the purchase, he tells me "it's awesome". The primary reason we purchased this on Amazon was that we stood for 25 minutes in a Best Buy store when it wasn't all that busy and never got acknowledged. When we walked out, we informed the manager that we were going to make the purchase with someone else and Amazon was great. Oh, well, I know there's not much technical jargon here, but it was a great purchase.
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on October 6, 2014
First Windows Laptop since MacBook. Boy was I dissapointed. I'd like to state that I'm not sure who's fault some of the con's are but unless they are fixed it really doesn't matter I wouldn't get this laptop again. I did a lot of research to find a laptop with NVIDIA graphics for use with Adobe Premiere and occasional gaming. The build of the laptop seemed solid. I knew it was large and heavy but I don't think I quite fully realized what the day to day would be like with something this big. That being said my research showed this was probably the best fit for my needs w/o spending more then $1200. Although I feel Win 8 is better with a touch screen I opted out it for the Y510p's dual GPU's. Unfortunately very few programs support it. In addition to that issue another one presented itself. I like to get the latest features from my gear so I upgrade software regularly. When Win 8.1 came out I immediately upgraded. This caused a major issue. My screen was black after upgrading. I found out on many forums and from Lenovo, NVIDIA, and Microsoft themselves that there were no drivers to support the NVIDIA card on this Lenovo laptop on windows 8.1. Lenovo told me it was NVIDIA issue. NVIDIA told me it was a Microsoft issue. Microsoft said it was Lenovo issue. I promptly returned the laptop to Amazon and bought the ASUS 550JV-DB72T Laptop
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on March 9, 2014
I have had my laptop for about a year now, and while I would love to say I am 100% satisfied with my purchase, I'm not. Within the first three months of owning the laptop, I had to send it in for repairs twice. The first time, was the result of a minor issue with the speakers. The second time, a seemingly simple issue such as my camera not being able to start up, resulted in them replacing the entire motherboard of the computer. This immediately had me worried, because such a large repair would surely reduce the reliability of the computer; however, to my surprise, the computer has been performing solidly ever since (though it has only been one year). Sure, it was frustrating waiting for my computer to be sent between Texas and Pennsylvania, but not that it's up and running I can say that it's a great laptop for the money.

- decent gaming performance
- keyboard feels amazing to use
- super fast processing (I tend to use Photoshop a lot, so the graphics card and RAM provide terrific processing speeds)
- clear, crisp, and bright screen
- ultrabay for swapping out disc tray for either second fan, second hard drive, or second graphics card
- efficient fan (can get loud, but does manage to regulate temperatures well)
- USB 3.0 port
- large hard drive
- speakers sound fantastic

- terrible battery life (to be expected)
- touchpad is horrendous to use (I use a mouse so I could care less)
- tons of Lenovo spamware
- Windows 8 (this is a preferential issue)
- questionable reliability (at least in my case)
- heavy
- only brushed aluminum on the top of the laptop (everything else is plastic)

Overall, it's a decent laptop, but for the same money you could get something better in terms of build quality. My recommendation? A computer is only as good as its slowest component. In this case, the hard drive is pretty slow. Get a laptop from a company with higher reliability ratings and sacrifice a little on RAM. Having 8+ GB of RAM is nice, but not completely necessary for most games. Finding a PC where the hardware complements itself would be a much better way to spend your money. In this case, the processor is paired with a decent graphics card, and an abundance of RAM, but it's all paired to a hard drive that is slow and inefficient at 5400 rpm.
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on December 5, 2013
Very nice computer. Super fast and efficient. Nice speakers and a large screen for viewing movies/gaming. I also have to confess that I like Windows 8. I'm not sure what all the negativity is about. It is easy to navigate and is actually more efficient than 7. Take a few hours and view a couple of tutorials as you get used to it.

The one con is that this computer is large and fairly weighty. I would not recommend that you purchase it for lugging around everywhere.

Very happy with my purchase
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on April 8, 2014
I was going to give it 5 stars but I didn't want anyone to get the impression that this was a perfect laptop. I've owned this for about a month now so this is all basically first impressions.

I'll start by listing the few CONS:

-Fingerprint magnet like no other. It is less noticeable over time but when I touched it for the first time, I might as well had white paint on my hands.
-Trackpad is hard to get used to and generally hard to use. The buttons are merged with the pad which makes it move the cursor. It is just generally poorly designed. I was surprised by this because I've used other Lenovo products and they don't have the same trackpad issues.
-Not really a con but something that should be mentioned: The power brick is much larger. I suppose this is to be expected considering it runs 165W.
-Gets warm(this was expected). I haven't even played any games but I use it for RDP sessions and serious multi-tasking. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be with the dual GPUs.
- 0 key on my keyboard is buggy. It get stuck randomly. Has been like that out of the box. I'm sure this is just a quality control issue and not typical.
-A lot of bloatware. I've removed some of it. I guess I was just expecting this to be a thing of the past- since this has been my first laptop buy in 5+ years.

-Long battery life for a gaming laptop(3 hours, pushed to 4 if you dim the back light)
-Illuminated keyboard is just as nice as you would want it to be.
-Decently slim, compact, not too heavy(relative to a gaming/workstation laptop).
-Everything worked out of the box with no problems. Seems to be solid enough for transportation in a bag or backpack.


-If you get the 8GB SSD catch + 1TB drive, the speed increase from the SSD part is defiantly noticeable.
-I've run VMWare Workstation with ESXi running as a VM. Worked perfectly. My only problem was when the laptop went to sleep, it would disable the network interface and ESXi seemed to be unable to reconnect. It was just for lab purposes.

Overall Impression:

Good laptop for the price. Has some issues which need to be taken into consideration before buying. Portable laptop mouse is highly recommended.
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on November 1, 2015
I bought this computer for editing and for the most part I really love it. It's really fast, works very well with Adobe's Creative Suite. Really good responsiveness to Magic Bullet within Adobe's programs. There are a couple of drawbacks, which are what make the price of this what it is. But overall this is a purchase I'm very happy with given the very low price and the great amount of use I've gotten.

OK Drawbacks:
1) The plug is really large, bulky and difficult to carry around. Not apple-like at all. Contains a large square box 6" x 3" x1 1/2" that connects to two plug wires. It barely fits into my laptop bag that an apple's plug would fit with no problem. An apple is 3 times the price though. So I'll maybe suffer this issue.

2) I have been unable to solve an issue with the computer that happens around every third time I close the laptop to let it rest, when I open it, a few minutes in, it will go to the "Blue Screen of Death" saying there's been a fatal error. And I'll have to restart the computer. If I don't put the computer to sleep it doesn't happen. I've tried reloading certain drivers that people have said would solve this to no avail. It's the biggest problem with this thing. But I think even knowing this problem, for this price and this performance, I'd buy this laptop.
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