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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on February 24, 2012
I'm a student I bought it to use as an alternative to caring note books and a heavy laptop after 1 month I must say I don'teven know how I lived without it. It's super usefull and I can get so much more done with it. For example one night I got out of class at 10 pm I had to create a PowerPoint presentation for the next day I was able to create my slides and email it to my group from the parking lot while waiting for a ride. The pen feature is great I use it exclusively now to take notes. In the future I'll buy e versions of my textbooks and keep them on it. The full size
USB port is another feature I use almost daily. It really makes transferring dat to the schools computers real.since.
This weekend I was working on my carnal wasn't sure about something I was able to check the service manual and order my parts while under the car.

Now for the stuff that sucks:
some websites automatically route you to their mobile sites.
2. The pen doesn't always get it right.
The speakers could be louder.
The microphone is useless.
The camera really sucks
Its not as functional as a laptop by that I mean I can't install engineering programs like pro e or solid works on it. Excel to go is really limited and I don't see why this device is more than powerfull enough to run these programs. Then again if it could do all that there would be no point to buying a laptop.

All in all I'm happy with my tablet and for under 500.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on September 13, 2011
Animations are smooth, very responsive, in-built notes app leaves some features to be desired; but I feel like a better tablet-optimized note taking app will emerge after a while. MobileNoter does not take full advantage of the pen and simply acts as if it is a finger.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on December 15, 2011
I bought this tablet primarily as a digital sketchbook and at that it does a pretty good job. The tablet weighs only about as much as my paper sketchbook, and with the folding Moko case I purchased it looks like one as well. I have it loaded up with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop Touch, and Adobe Ideas, a suite of software that cost me less than $25. Another one to check out is Truesculpt if you like to play with digital clay.

Sketchbook and Photoshop both support the pressure function which is exactly what I wanted. Adobe Ideas is a vector paint program which can output files to Illustrator. I like the larger screen size on this tablet in comparison to the iPad, and the pressure sensitive pen is something that just isn't an option on most other tablets. The response of the stylus on the Thinkpad is almost as good as that on the Wacom digitizer built into my Thinkpad X61 laptop convertible, though it's necessary to do a quick pinch zoom for the tiny details. The ability to intuitively switch between multitouch and pen interface on the fly is a key feature that the X61 just doesn't have.

As a bonus, it's also an Android tablet, so with 2 dozen free/cheap apps it can do most things you'd expect from a laptop, in a much smaller footprint. There are a few must haves from the app market, like PdaNet Tablet tethering software when wifi isn't available, Orientation Switcher for forcing screen orientation in apps like Photoshop that are locked to one orientation, and something like ES File Explorer for navigating folders Windows-style and moving files to your PC (the bundled "USB File Copy" is junk.) I am also a big retro gamer and this tab is great portable fun with a few emus and a couple Wiimote controllers.

There is a fair amount of bloatware bundled with the tablet. For starters, I really am not a fan of the handwritten notes on this thing. You'll have to write pretty neatly or you can expect a lot of errors. The onscreen keyboard is a far better option, even one-handed. There is a network printing app that comes installed, which apparently supports most printers and allows printing from Gmail, web pages, photos, messages, Google Docs and other general documents (text files, pdfs) but it only gives you 20 pages before you must buy it. I expected this to be a free feature on a tablet touted as a business tool.

The full size SD card is a nice feature, since it allows you to easily add storage for about 1/2 the price of getting it stock. The full-size USB jack is a nice touch but only seems to support thumb drives, mice and keyboards. Don't expect it to support a portable hard drive, none that I have tried have worked. But the thumb drive option is another way to expand storage, and you can plug in a mouse and up pops a little pointer, which is kind of neat.

Battery life is very good. With the screen at 50-75% brightness (plenty even for outdoors) and surfing on wifi continuously, I have indeed gotten the claimed 8+ hours on a single charge. However, recharging is VERY slow with the included 2 amp usb charger, especially while using the tablet. Expect to leave it overnight. You won't get any charge at all if you try to use your puny phone charger so don't even try it. Have not tried charging it off a PC but I suspect your average USB jack is not going to have the juice. There is a separate cradle available that claims 3x faster charging so that is an option.

My main complaints about this tablet are with the hardware buttons and system stability. The buttons on this pad are pretty useless. You must press them along the edge nearest the screen or they do not work. This is all fine because the same buttons appear on screen, and these are much more responsive. At the same time, it is pretty easy to hit the hardware buttons accidentally while handling the tablet, and I tended to accidentally launch the browser or bounce to the home screen for the first few days when holding the tablet. But you do get used to holding it from one of the other 3 edges or corners after a little use, and a folio case makes this even less of an issue. Be aware that it takes about a full second for the screen to come on when pressing the power button, you may find yourself turning it on and off if you are too impatient.

I also get a LOT of forced closes on some of the apps, particularly the browser. At least it gets the crashing over with quickly and the app comes back up in an instant. Hopefully a future update could fix this.

The one built in speaker is pretty weak. Considering I have nice loud stereo speakers on my little Xperia Playstation phone, this is something they could have paid attention to, but I always have earbuds with me so not a big issue.

Overall I really like this tablet. It's got plenty of power for the graphic intensive stuff, while being reasonably compact and light.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on April 19, 2012
Two things that put it ahead of the game:

1. USB, not micro usb, but an actual USB port

Now I can go on to tell you how smooth it performs. It performs VERY smooth.
The digitizer pen is awesome. With the digitizer pen and the notebook app, this can be a very functional note-taking device for a business person, college student, journalist, writer or anyone else who takes notes on a regular basis.
The digitizer pen is also good for artists; drawing and photo editing.
I can say that I have done a wide comparison of this and other tablets, iPad, etc.
I purchased before the iPad 3 was available, and I can say that I have no interest in using another tablet, or an iPad after having such a great experience with this tablet.

I actually thought it was a bit weighty, until I held an iPad, which actually weighs more.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on September 27, 2012
This is literally the greatest tablet ever made for school. I prefer writing my notes, but also prefer everything digitized, so this tablet was the perfect solution for super cheap! Everyone is always asking what kind of tablet it is as they look down at their next-to-useless Ipad 3's (I know, I'm biased :)

Let me clarify, this is a tablet for people who want something to WORK on, not play games or just look cool having a tablet. This is not the fastest tablet, not is it the thinnest or prettiest. But it is the most useful.

2 apps that are absolutely necessary with this tablet: LectureNotes and ezPDF annotator. I use lecture notes for all my classes to take notes on. You can sort them in to separate note books and folders, just like onenote. ezPDF let's me annotate the slides of all my lecture notes.

The battery lasts me 8 hours of actual use (taking notes with the stylus) on full screen brightness with wifi on.

If you have any questions, just comment and I will answer.

*I recommend buying the matte screen protector for this as it helps with glare, and also gives a nice texture for writing with the stylus.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on January 16, 2012
I am an art student and bought this tablet because it is the only large tablet with a stylus. That part of it is fairly good, the pen has pressure support (though very poor compared to Wacom's).
Quill is the the only app on the market designed with this tablet in mind, and so is the only one that supports pen-only inputs. This means that where when you're drawing in Sketchbook Pro or Photoshop Touch and you rest your hand on the screen (sans glove) it will interfere with your drawing and leave a mark or pull the touch area leaving a brush stroke all across your screen. These are software problems that I hope are recognized by Adobe, Autodesk, and other art-software producing companies.
At this point in time, art software for android is currently not mature, and can hardly be used for anything more than sketches, blockouts, base paintings, and the like. There is no hope for doing a production quality piece with any of the software I have tried. Hopefully that will change within the next few months as Adobe ramps up their recognition of the mobile market.

Now there are some very serious issues with this tablet. It is a business tablet, meant for corporate roll-outs and not the average consumer. What this means for me and anyone else buying this tablet for themselves is that you can't really do a whole lot with the tablet. There is no access to system files, no root, and no flashing. The only support you can get is from Lenovo, not from the community or by your own doing. Lenovo wants to sell this hardware to businesses and then get payed by them to create custom software for it since they lock everything down and don't allow businesses to do it themselves. On top of that Lenovo's recognition and dealing of bugs and issues is poor. Updates to the tablet are sparse, and there are quite a few problems. The GPS is basically unusable while you are not on a wireless network, at which point you probably won't actually be needing a GPS. The lockscreen is unresponsive for the first few seconds after waking the tablet. The Hardware rotation lock rarely works. Again, no root access, which means no getting rid of all of Lenovo's pre-installed bloatware that thinks they're important enough to run at boot. To find out about more issues, visit the Lenovo community forums: [...]

Pros: Pen is fairly good for drawing/painting and is a poor alternative to the cintiq, but it is an alternative and can be used for basic stuff. Plenty of screen real estate. Battery life is great. 8-12 hours of use when not doing anything too intensive (currently sitting at 3 days, 6 hours on a single charge with intermittent use, battery is at 40%).

Cons: Poor support from Lenovo. Android is still in its infancy as an OS and is relatively unstable compared to Windows and other desktop OSs; fragmentation of android versions is also a huge issue with app support. Hardware buttons occasionally get in the way while drawing.

If you are a digital artist looking for something to draw on while you're not at home or in a studio, and need something now, this tablet will do the job. Just be sure to get a ArmorSuit MilitaryShield (or some kind of screen protector), otherwise you're going to end up scratching that screen with the pen. If you can wait (and I recommend you do) I would say to hold out for the wave of Windows 8 tablets that will be coming at the end of this year and on. No doubt someone out there in the tablet industry will recognize the artist's market and make a tablet with Wacom's pen tech so that we can use fully featured art software with better hardware and a much more stable OS than android.

Lenovo has (unofficially) promised Android 4 ICS, and has confirmed a March-May target release window. If that ever actually does come to fruition I will come back and update my review with the new experience, as ICS comes with OS-level pen APIs that may or may not improve the drawing experience.
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11 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on September 22, 2011
This tablet works great. Stylus pen works great. Doesn't appear to work with a 64 GB SDHC card. Documentation is very poor and Lenovo Support doesn't appear to know what the capacity of the SD card slot is. Another gripe is no accessories. The keyboard that is touted to come with this tablet cannot be purchased at Amazon. If you try to order the folio keyboard case from Lenovo, it will be shipped in January 2012. No one can get their hands on the keyboard. It makes you wonder who is running a company that puts a great tablet out like this but with no accessories. If Lenovo wants to compete with IPAD then it better start getting some accessories at least available online and not backordered for 3 months. All that being said, I tried an Acer Iconia before this. It was just a big smart phone. The Lenovo tablet is actually useful for taking notes, editing PDF's, signing documents etc. Not to mention that it is fast. Wifi also works much better than the Acer and the locking screen rotation is awesome. I just wish that you could use digital ink on more of the apps like docs to go and evernote. I hear evernote is working on it. Also tried Logmein Ignition for tablets on it. It worked great until I tried access the network with other than the internet. It locked me out of every program that needed net access. Had to do a factory reset after uninstalling Logmein for Tablets to get it back working. Once again, I love the tablet, just wish there were more accessories.

UPDATE: I just received my keyboard folio case October 28 from Amazon. The keyboard works great. However, the case is kind of hefty. I am using my old case most of the time. I really think just buying a bluetooth keyboard to have handy when I needed would have worked just as well. Also, the 64 gb card I bought is not supported. I am going to try a suggestion to format to FAT32 and see if that works. I don't know if the card can be formatted like that though.
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10 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on October 21, 2011
I didn't want to get iPad 2 because I already had iPhone and my kids have ipod Touch(s). I just think iPad 2 was just a bigger version of iPod Touch and I didn't want to spend too much on something that I already have. I wanted a tablet that was smaller and lighter than laptop but bigger than iPhone so that I can read better. I decided to buy Thinkpad Tablet because I wanted to have ability to use it like a netbook for business when I needed it.

As far as my personal use, I can check e-mail, Facebook, read books through kindle, and watch Netflix movies. My kids also love the Thinkpad because of Android, they get to play different games that were not available on iTune store. Older kids love to draw and write notes with the Pen(Stylus). In fact, each child created her own notebook in Notes Mobile.

I also downloaded Zoodles for my 3.5 yr old. This was the best app to for pre-school kids! So many games and you can combine all the other apps on the tablet so that my little one only has to open Zoodles to play games and watch video. Prevents her from messing around in my desktop.

Transfering files were great with SD card slot and USB ports. I also bought Logmein Ignition so that I can use my office PC from home. Not as good as PC version of Logmein but if I need to look up something fast when I'm not home or near PC, this works great.

Be able to print is great. Only wish was that I can print directly from apps (i.e. G-mail, web pages, Docs to go) and not only through PrintShare. I guess I should be happy that I can print.

I did purchase charging dock from another internet site. It charges the Thinkpad in about 2 hours. Much faster than using USB charger. I'm hoping to see more accessories for this tablet in near future. I haven't decided to get the keyboard folio yet. I think it will make it heavier...

Only con is speaker volume as others have mentioned. It's pretty low at max volume.

Update 12/7/11:

I originally posted 4 stars but not I downgraded to 2. Since the original review, the on/off button stopped working. Called Lenovo so that I can ship the unit back for repair. While waiting for the box to arrive, my daughter accidentally dropped it while it was on the charging dock and cracked the screen. Since repairing LCD screen was not the part of the warranty, they said that it would cost me $755 to repair. That's more than the cost of the unit! Luckily, I used AmEx so, their protection plan is refunding me for the Thinkpad so I can get a new one. I better buy protection plan this time!
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10 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on April 5, 2012
-Stylus is BY FAR the best feature. (I don't know why the "professional" reviews like CNET tend to mention the stylus as an afterthought? It's the main reason to choose this tablet.)
-Totally replaced my paper notepad for work
-Well built (except the micro-USB charging port is flimsy. Mine broke and Lenovo repaired under warranty)
-Lenovo has good customer service and they really helped when I had trouble with the first one I received
-Gorilla Glass shows not one scratch after many weeks of continuous use of the stylus
-10.1" screen is a good middle-ground between laptop and smartphone. Unfortunately a tablet can't replace either of these :(
-More than 8 hours battery life including web browsing, checking email and notetaking apps
-HardButtons on bottom of screen are handy. These are also "stiff", which prevents accidental presses while writing with stylus.)
-Fullsize SD and USB-A ports

-Heavy (still lighter and more compact than the DayTimer it replaced.)
-Charge takes almost overnight (won't charge with normal cellphone chargers or laptop USB port, they don't have enough power)
-Marketing info doesn't tell you that many of Lenovo's featured apps are only trial versions (eg: DocsToGo, ArcSync, PrinterShare)

Suggested Apps for stylus (on Google App Market):
-Lecture Notes ($5 handwritten note taking app. Awesome app!)
-Repligo ($5 app for viewing and markingup pdf's)
-MyScript Stylus ($10 app. Handwriting-to-text "Keyboard" alternative. OK, but not great.)
-MyScript Notes Mobil is ok, but not great (comes preloaded on Lenevo Tablet, converts handwriting to text)
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on November 28, 2012
I cannot speak for any return procedures endured by previous reviewers, which seem to be a large component of their particular dissatisfaction with this product. I have not had any need for technical support, warranty support, etc and hope to maintain this record for some time.

First of all, my product choice was made not only on reviews, but also a key element I require as a artist: I wanted a tablet with as much sensitivity as possible. Completely unversed in tablets beyond casually playing with a friend's iPad, my research returned that, for the most part, one thing is key if this is an important feature to you: The stylus. That is, most other tablets on the market, the $Pad (err, iPad) included, do not respond well to pressure sensitivity and the stylus selection available for them, well... it's varied, but obviously not serving the artistic community. Or anyone who likes to do more than draw with what amounts to a mouse in MSpaint.

Then I found the Lenovo Thinkpad and watched multiple videos of it being used with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. There are a few other models that compared somewhat, but the Lenovo seemed to be the most pressure sensitive one by my standard- and that standard has been set by a long and happy line of Wacom graphics tablets. The stylus included in this package is absolutely necessary, and I find it a shame Lenovo did not better market this device to artists and designers. The tablet has a slot for the stylus, with an attachable lanyard so you won't lose it, and it fits the Red Dot branding used on Thinkpads (the stylus ends in a red tip that shows when socketed). A minor detail- but it made me enjoy the entire package more.

The device feels sturdy, there's just enough weight without it being too much, and most of the time when the screen is on (and this is never an issue indoors for me) there's no problem with glare. I have not encountered much lag, and the only instances have been when the screen is rotating (which you can disable with one of the buttons at the base- another feature I LOVED having) or I'm launching additional apps to the pile I usually have. Once I'm in one of those apps (like drawing in Sketchbook), I don't encounter any lag ever.

I've seen a lot of complaints about the mini usb port used for charging... and while those reviewers have my sympathy- I think if you treat that area with the care you SHOULD, there will be no problems. I have the male end of the coupling level and in-line with the female when I charge it and there's no resistance, no problems. If this is an inconvenience, to take care with your device like this, you may not in fact need one.

Long story short, I'm very much satisfied by this tablet. It has the pressure sensitivity I need, the palm cancellation is PERFECT, the included Notebook app has WONDERFUL handwriting-to-font recognition (I have horrible handwriting and it translates mine flawlessly), I love the stylus, and I find it plenty responsive and easy to use. Pressure sensitivity, runs ANDROID (<3), tough Gorilla glass, and especially a, for what my needs were, great price!

Get it before they're all gone and you have to get one with Windows 8. :P
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