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on February 11, 2014
Contrary to the dummy who posted not to buy this laptop, I have 3 of these and they are just fine. Supposedly Lenovo doesn't know how to find Windows 7 drivers for this laptop...huh? A simple look to [...] then navigate to the B590 model and you'll find all the Windows 7 drivers you'll ever need. Just to humor the person with the negative review, I wiped clean 1 of the 3 notebooks and was able to manually install Windows 7 along with all drivers provided from Lenovo's support page with ZERO issues.

Back to the rating - I give it 4 stars because it is a solid laptop for the price. If they bumped up the CPU to an entry i3 or dropped the price to around $349 it would be a steal!
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on March 16, 2014
This is not a monster gaming laptop, and it doesn't have all the high end parts, but it is solid, and dependable, and good for basic work.
For the money I think it is amazing. Would I like a more powerful laptop? Yes of course. Can I afford to spend two grand to get the best, NO.
But this does everything I really need right now, and does it for a great price. I can't fault it when it is so great for the price.
If you just need a good, sturdy, affordable laptop to do the basics, this is the laptop for you.
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on March 21, 2014
I was getting desperate, I did not want a Windows 8. Finally looked on Amazon, and found this Lenovo in Windows 7. Not
only was I elated with the windows 7, but the laptop it-self, for the price, can't be beat. I particularly like the the keypad,
keys easy to find, with a positive feel.
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on March 22, 2014
Kind of hard to find a Win 7 laptop, but this one is still available and reallyfills the bill. The Win 7 is a proven operating system and this has the most updated version. It works slawlessly, as does the computer. I work at a large hospital. We receive 40-50 IBM laptops every few months. All patient/supply work is done on Thinkpads and Lenovos. They work great and the it department uses them exclusively. I'm sure we have over a thousand in allour locations.

This new Lenovo was to replace my old Thinkpad which is 8 years old. After a minor coffee spill the old one quit working, so I bought this one. After setting idle for a couple weeks, the old one now works again. I have two great IBM's now.
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on April 5, 2014
My computer arrived yesterday. The setup was easy and I didn't experience any malfunctions or problems during the setup process. The screen is nice, and the laptop seems to hold it's charge pretty well. I did experience a bit of disappointment regarding the keyboard. I hate computers that shift all the keys to the left. As far as the sound, it's average. For good sound quality you will have to buy external speakers. The computer does not have a solid feel to it. That was my biggest concern. But, it does have nice lines and the heat output is minimal. Performance is good and removal of the bloatware was fairly easy. Though it isn't mentioned on the item description, it does come with bluetooth.
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on June 14, 2014
I had the opportunity to actually see in person this laptop and get a feel for it before getting one. Best thing about it is Windows 7 and the price. If you have read most of the reviews you will see some comments about the plastic feel or a rough edge. There is a slight molding like edge. When I type or use the laptop my hands and wrists are on the nice wide flat surface on either side of the mouse pad. My hands and wrists never even touch the edge lip that they are mentioning. I only notice it on occasion when opening the laptop. So for me that is not an issue at all.
Yes, it has a more plastic feel for a casing. However laptops I have had in the past were also plastic just a more solid plastic. What I do like about this laptop is it is so much lighter in weight. I credit this to the type of plastic casing. I would never take it through an airport and TSA because that might be too much for it. But under normal household use I feel it will be just fine.
I also like that this laptop does not get very warm at all. In the past I always had to have a laptop venting pad under my laptops because with any extended use they would get very hot. This Lenovo is great for not getting too hot. :)
The battery is about a 4 hour battery. Plenty enough for me since I won't be traveling with it, or watching DVD movies on it. I use the battery when storms are in the air and I don't want to be plugged in or the occasional use of the laptop in different locations in the home. I will make sure to exercise the battery on occasions to extend the battery life. At the price of this laptop I am not worried about the battery. I just had to get a new battery for my Toshiba satellite laptop. It was about $150. for the battery but that tablet has Windows 7 and is used for a different purpose.
The speakers are average, I like the feel of the keyboard. The keys do make more noise than some styles of keyboards. They are a raised type of keys that make a click when you are typing fast you will notice it.
Overall I am satisfied in the one week I have had this laptop. It is what I expected from the information I saw before buying. And I still have Windows 7 !!!!!!!!!!
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on April 14, 2014
Cannot let this Laptop to to sleep, because it crashes ever time. So I had to set the computer to Never Sleep. After that, it was alright.
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on April 16, 2014
I got this for a family member that needed a Vista OS replacement and not wanting them to go through the hassle of trying to learn Win 8 this was the perfect choice. I have a Lenovo for myself purchased here on Amazon and I really like it. Mine is a more powerful model.
Biggest headache was the set up. On powerup it needed 39 updates to the OS with several reboots. Why so out of date? That took quite a bit of time. I recommend using an Ethernet cable rather than WiFi initially to speed things up.
Next headache is all the preinstalled software you need to deal with. If you don't want to go with the installed virus protection you next need to uninstall and install yours which is typical.
This also had one of those PC checks that somehow found over 40 threats/problems on the machine right out of the box! Really? I got rid of that subscription based nonsense and installed Malwarebytes free.
There were other pieces of crapware to get rid of and after installing Firefox and a couple other utilities it was over 3 1/2 hours before it was ready for them to use.
My biggest complaint with Win type PCs is they are not easy for the average nontechnical person to simply plug in and run. There are far too many decisions to make. With all the crapware companies stuff on the hard drive they are getting worse. It's no wonder tablets are becoming more popular. Ten to twenty minutes max answering simple questions and you're using it.
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on March 6, 2014
I am very pleased with my choice in purchasing this product. The is the idea computer for a student or even a working adult.
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on June 28, 2014
I got this laptop mainly in order to postpone dealing with Windows Eight. Microsoft has a long history of blowing it with a major OS revamp, then getting it right the NEXT time. For instance, Windows Vista was awful then Windows Seven was quite good. From what I have heard, Windows Eight is a mess because it tries to combine two radically different user interface designs. Based on past history, I expect Windows NINE will be much better. I therefore require a means to keep using Windows Seven until Windows Nine comes out -- hence my purchase of this laptop which is one of the last Windows SEVEN laptops made.

Overall this looks and feels solid. Performance is quite good for such an inexpensive laptop, it does all that I need just fine. Of course it you're a heavy video game player it might not meet your needs, but if you're that sort of user then you're probably accustomed to paying considerably more.

Going around the edge, the ports and connectors are:

[right edge]
CD/DVD burner
[front edge]
SD Card
[left edge]
[note: look for the letters SS for "superspeed" next to the USB logo, others are USB 2]
Security cable

There are no connections on the back edge of this laptop.

The included optical drive can read and write CD and DVD disks. It is NOT Blu-Ray. When playing DVD movies, I can hook up my projector to either the VGA (analog video) or HDMI (digital video) port. For playing Blu-Ray movies, I recently got a USB Blu-Ray drive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: due to legal restrictions imposed on hardware manufacturers by the Blu-ray Disc Association, BD videos may not be sent to analog video connections (as an anti-piracy measure, which of course like all such doesn't stop the bad guys, it just inconveniences honest users). Therefore, while I could send DVD to my projector from either video connector, when viewing a BD movie I could only use the HDMI port.

Like most recent electronic power supplies, the one I got with this laptop is marked "100-240V 50-60 HZ" which means it should work in most places with a suitable plug adapter. The cord that I got is the standard USA 3-prong type. It does require a grounded outlet, so unlike some laptop power supplies this one cannot be used with a two-wire extension cord.
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