Customer Reviews: Leupold Vendetta Rangefinder for Bow
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on February 6, 2015
I have used this rangefinder for 3 yrs. First it is a little difficult to set but not bad as long as you have 2 people. Second if you adjust your first pin you have to adjust the range finder (again you need 2 people). After 3 yrs of use it has been ok but I find myself drawing my bow back as soon as I'm in the tree to check distances ( unneeded movement that I don't like to be doing) so I would be smart to just take a regular one also. I have ran into a couple times that it has moved and been inaccurate. It does have a laser that you can turn on and use that to check where it was aiming but again extra movement and if it is bright out you are out of luck because you can't see the laser. It is well made and definitely has its benefits its perfect if the buck of a lifetime is walking across a field in front of you because once you draw back you can track his distance at every step he takes and don't have to ever guess. I would give this product a 4 but the button is a pain to mount neatly and after 3 years the range finder base mount has become a little loose and i have to check it everytime i get in stand I am sure if I call Luepold they will take care of it but just haven't done that yet. They weight of the product doesn't seem to bother my shot. Overall its going to be personal preference weather you like this product or not its not bad and only great in certain circumstances but definitely has its benefits in the opportunity of a lifetime thats why it is still on my bow after 3 years of minor aggrevation.
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on July 7, 2013
It does take some time to get it sighted in. It's best to have 2 people. If you're doing this in the daylight, it's hard to see the red dot at 20 yards. Again, this is why I suggest having someone closer to the target to help you. Also, I found it was much easier to sit on the edge of a chair and rest your bow on your knee once the bow is in full draw to help stablize it while you're adjusting the sight. Your arms will get very tired after multiple times adjusting it. Just a small adjustment of the unit means a big adjustment of the red dot. Took me about 20 minutes, but got it. Awesome piece of equipment. My only concern is if I hit it accidentally while hunting. If you knock it out of adjustment, you're screwed and will have to depend on some other means of rangefinding. Again, the unit itself is flawless!
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on September 19, 2011
I had the leupold vendetta professionally installed on my mathews switchback bow. It took about 5 minutes to dial it in with the laser matching my top pin. It works extremely well and I suggest either having a pro shop install it or have a buddy with to help sight in to your pins. Once the laser matches your top pin you are set. I am looking forward to bow season.
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on March 28, 2014
I bought this from AMAZON thinking I was getting a good deal and the price was a good deal. The product on the other hand was one that you couldnt count on it working. One time I would aim it it worked the next it didnt. No repeatability at all. Very good idea but but didnt work. When I told others that it didnt work I always seemed to get the same reaction that it was a great idea but just never would consistantly work. Being a bow hunter only I strongly reccommend staying away from this product...
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on December 18, 2012
This works great however it is hard to set up. It took me some time at the range to figure out how to get the active laser adjusted. The instructions are lacking in detail and these needs to be a better way to tune in the laser. There need to be a fine adjustment on the laser to allow for adjusting it up and down and left to right. After some trial an error however I did get it set up and it works great.
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on February 11, 2012
This rangefinder is great in theory and I was definitely excited to use this for our September elk hunts... I have used for 2 seasons now, and i have finally removed it from my bow... It is very difficult to mount and successfully set up to your first pin... its a must to have help with this...
when it is mounted it takes time to re-learn your shooting steps in order to range your animal. you will find that you will be at full draw much longer than you need to be using this range finder...
i find that after a lot of shooting and hunting the laser also moves.... i cant trust it and now i only use my hand held range finder.
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on November 30, 2013
I made a mount for it that will attach to a Weaver style scope rail and it is just awesome. I've also seen a couple of different mounting brackets for sell on ebay that will allow it to be mounted on a crossbow.
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on May 23, 2014
i mounted this to my hoyt spider 30 and it only took mins to put on set up was a snap with the help of a second person i found it to be super accurate i was able to range my bird feeder at 60 yrds no problem i cant wait for deer season love this thing leupold came threw with another great product
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on September 18, 2014
I say amazingly difficult because I thought after reading much of the reviews across the internet that I could at least have an easier time setting up. NOPE. Much of the reviews mentioned to use another person to move the rangefinder while you draw and hold the bow. I'll tell you, it's not that simple.

I did have another person and I loosened the adjustment screw enough to allow someone to move it and yet temporarily stay put. It's almost impossible to tighten a little and adjust. If you try to move the device just a little bit, the sighting laser goes way the heck over, much more than you'd think. And the adjustment isn't smooth. If you tighten the tightening screw even just a little, the minute movements left, right, up, or down are jerky, and controlling the amount of movement is really difficult.

On top of this, you're left with holding the bow out and with the bow drawn. Yeah, my arms were getting pretty tired. Tired enough to make it difficult to hold the 20 yd pin straight....which now makes it even more difficult to setup. Adding more difficulty, the laser is hard to see during the day.

SO, how did I do it then?
1) I did it from late afternoon into evening, using my outside flood light. This will allow you to see the red not clearly.
2) When you adjust the rangefinder up, down, left, or right. TAP the rangefinder to make the adjustments. If you don't want large movements per tap, tighten down the tightening screw a bit more. I did it so several taps would barely move the unit. This is necessary for fine adjustments. If you go grabbing and turning the unit, you'll never get it to where you want it.
3) Just when you think you got it right on the money, go back to 40 yards and see if you're still hitting the right place. If you're not, you need to keep making fine adjustments. I needed to do this when I thought I was good at 20 yds, per the instructions. If the laser dot starts to deviate at 40 yds, adjustments need to be made, otherwise at 70 yds (max range of the Vendetta), your laser might not even be on-target and you'll misrange the animal.

The laser should be running "parallel" to your 20 yd pin. Which means, IF you were to hold the bow absolutely still at 20 or 40 or 70 yds, the red dot should always appear offset by the amount your Vendetta is located with respect to your 2o yrd pin. Meaning, if your Vendetta is 2 in. above and 2 in. to the left of the 20 yrd pin, the red dot should always be 2 in. above and 2 in. to the left of the bullseye.

4) With what's said above, my recommendation is: adjust the laser dot to hit bullseye at 20 yds. Then move back to 40 and fine tune. If your laser is hitting the bullseye at 40, if there are any errors still, it shouldn't be significant enough to put you off the animal at 70 yds. I recommend the above only because holding the bow still at 20 yds and trying to see if you dot hits the "2 in. above and 2 in. to the left" area is difficult at best. You'll be moving enough to get frustrated.

5) Don't think it's impossible. I think if you follow the above, you'll be ahead of the game and hopefully set it up faster than I did.

What Leupold needs is a fine tuning adjustment apparatus. Don't hold your breath on it coming out soon though.

I hope what I've written helps people, at least more than what I've read across the internet. Good Luck!

P.S. I have a Tightspot Quiver and it will not mount to the bow after you've installed the Vendetta. You'll need Tightspot's movable sight bracket, or you'll need to fab your own.
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on August 2, 2013
This is a great product it works good its not in the way of your sights and it looks good on your bow I highly recommend getting it.
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