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on April 17, 2011
I have worn Levi's 505 Jeans for 25 years. I even have a box of "34's" in the attic for when I lose a couple of pounds.

I just sent back 2 new pairs of these jeans because they no longer fit as the other pairs I own. I called Levi's to find out why.

I was told that they changed the fit several months ago, without changing the numeral designation. 505's are now only made as "Straight Fit" rather than "Regular Fit". In addition, they have lowered the "Rise" to a "below the waist" fit, rather than the old "at the waist" fit.

Sorry Levi's, you can't do that without losing long-term customers. How can you change something as basic and important as fit, but still call it the same thing?Levi's Mens 505 Straight Fit Jean
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on June 7, 2011
I've been happily buying and wearing 505 Regular Fit jeans for many, many years. I did not notice before submitting my most recent order that Regular Fit has been replaced by Straight Fit. But, boy, did I notice a change once they arrived. These aren't the same jeans at all. The fabric is less substantial and - most disheartening to me - the rise is a good inch lower than it used to be. That is, the waistband sits lower on the hips. They feel wrong to me, like I need to pull them up all the time. And they feel cheap. I can't wear them.

In my opinion, Levi's should have been more forthright about this change. This new jean should have received its own new model number and they should have retired the 505 number entirely. Because these are not, in any manner that's important to me, anyway, 505s.

Now I have to find another brand of jean whose waistband sits up at my waist where I like it. What a hassle. So very disappointing.

Levi's, you screwed up.
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While much of the negative commentary concerned Levi Strauss's move away from domestic manufacturing has focused on the button-fly 501s, the bigger problem I have seen is with the old 1970's standby, the 505, which has a zipper as opposed to button fly. The variability on sizing and sew quality with the 505s is an issue if you are going to buy them online or mail order. You really have to try them on to see how they fit. The 501 are much easier to buy online or by mail order because the sizing is much less critical on the waist, which is the so-called "anti-fit" waist, meaning there is no curve to the rise (the distance between the crotch and the top of the waist), because the original 501s were merely cut down bib overalls which were made to hang, rather than be fitted to the waist. The biggest problem I have noted on the 505's is the variability in size in the thigh area, meaning that some fit baggy and some seem rather tight, even though they are theoretically the same size of a label. Since the 501s are more forgiving as far as sizing, if you are buying online you might consider them instead of 505s, unless you don't want the button fly.
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on April 24, 2011
I've been wearing Levi 505's exclusively since the early 70's. They fit me perfect. I could just walk into a store and pick up my size and buy without trying them on. Best jeans around.

Well not any more! Without any notice they have changed the "Regular fit" 505's to "Straight fit" jeans which means they are no longer 505's at all. The waist is larger, the crotch is higher and you must now wear them down on your hips as kid do with their jeans. These are no longer meant for adults or anyone who wants pants that fit properly. I also don't like 550 relaxed jeans as they are too baggy.

I'll be looking for a different brand and returning the two pair I just bought. Hopefully Levi will lose enough faithful customers to make them rethink this rude abandonment of loyal customers.
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on June 18, 2006
For as far back as I can remember, I have been a loyal Levi Strauss customer. I never understood why anyone would buy blue jeans from anyone else, but today I am questioning that loyalty.

As a result of some successful changes in my diet, my old blue jeans have become too large for me, so I purchased 2 new pairs of 505 jeans and a new pair of 505 shorts. I have noticed myself hitching up my newer, snugger jeans more often than my older, looser jeans. This afternoon, I specifically noticed that my shorts kept slipping under my belt--as though they didn't have enough belt loops.

This evening I compared my new jeans with my old jeans, and lo and behold, I discovered that Levis have gone from 7 belt loops to 5. Five belt loops aren't enough.

The other posts I have seen about this product are focused on globalization-related issues. I, too, hate to see American jobs move overseas, but this particular problem has nothing to do with country of origin. Regardless of where the jeans were manufactured, Levi Strauss has cheapened the design specification, and they seem to be waiting to see if anyone notices.

Dear Levi Strauss:

I noticed. Your product is not as good as it used to be.

I can't remember being this upset about a product change since the introduction of "New Coke." I don't drink much Coca Cola any more. (That may be part of the reason I need smaller jeans!)

Please put back the missing belt loops.
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on September 19, 2012
On the red Leib on the pocket is not a word Levi's, but only mark R. On the inside of the pockets are no inscriptions. This is the second pair 505, the first one was perfect, but it does not sit well and too small. I am very disappointed.
review image review image
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on November 20, 2011
I have purchased Levi's 505 Regular Fit for 35 years. Much to my dismay, the most recent purchase I made turned out to be the newly improved Straight Fit. I couldn't figure out why they kept falling down. When I called Levi's said they would replace the pair I bought with a pair a waist size smaller. They seem to think if my pants are tighter it will keep them from falling off. Since I work in these jeans, moving around constantly, I like some ease of movement within the garment.

The redesign from Regular Fit to Straight Fit consists of shortening the rise from the top of the inseam to the waistband. I think it might be shortened as much as 2 or 2.5 inches. This makes it so the pants no longer sit at the waist, slightly above the hip bone which used to keep them from falling off.

I am very disappointed in the new pants.

My rating is really 0 stars.
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on December 19, 2010
I've been wearing Levi's 505 jeans for more years than I care to admit. About a year ago I needed more new jeans so I ordered a couple pairs. They didn't fit quite exactly the way I expected them to, but they were okay. Last month there was this great sale on Levi's jeans (on, so I bought a couple more pairs. These new pairs really didn't fit - they were the correct length and waist size, but they were too long and didnt feel right. I wear 36/30. I've been wearing Levi's 505's in size 36/30 for years and years. So when I ordered a couple 36/30, and they didn't fit, I was pretty surprised.

I called Levi's and asked about it. They said that they might shrink in the wash and that they would take them back for a full refund even if they had been washed. So I washed them. Several times. Though they did get shorter, they were still not short enough. And they didn't quite fit right in the crotch. So I held them up to my old jeans - they matched perfectly. I couldn't find any difference at all, and yet they didn't fit. Well, I can't leave a mystery like that alone. So I laid them down on the bed, got out a tape measure, and I measured. I measured everything I could find, but nothing was significantly different from new to old. Then I flipped them over. Ah Ha! I found that the new jeans were a full inch shorter in what is called the "back center seam" than the jeans I had bought just a year ago. This was the case on both pairs I had just purchased, even though the two new pairs were different colors and cloth weights. I then dug out a pair of 505's from several years ago and found that the "back center seam" on that pair was 2 inches longer than the new pairs and 1 inch longer than the pairs I'd gotten a year ago. That explains why the ones I had bought a year ago weren't quite right, but were okay, while the newest pairs, being of full 2 inches shorter in the back crotch really didn't fit right at all. As for leg lenth, since the inseam is supposed to be the length from the floor to the crotch, a shorter back center seam shouldnt have any effect, however, I can only guess that the short crotch was causing me to wear the jeans lower than I prefer, which somehow changed the effective the leg length. Because I wanted the legs shorter, I had to pull the pants up until they were binding in the crotch (does this make sense - not sure?) In any case, they didnt feel right in the crotch and they were too long.

This is disappointing for a number of reasons. First of all having jeans that I could simply purchase sight unseen, pair after pair after pair, is incredibly convenient. But it's also disappointing because psychologically I think of Levi's is something unchanging. Levi's are Levi's. Coca-Cola, aside from their momentary lapse of reason with new Coke, is Coca-Cola. Etc. I dont want Levi's 505's to change. But strangely, the biggest problem for me with this change is related to the fact that Levi's numbers their jeans styles. If they are going to change the measurements and design of the 505, they should call it the 506. Or the 505b. Or the 505 v2. Or something. If they were always called simply the "regular straight fit jean," it wouldn't be as big a deal to change it as it is when the product is called "505." To me, psychologically, 505's are 505's are 505's - if they're going to change them, they need to start calling them 506's.

So I'm sending my Levi's 505's back. I have no idea what I will buy in their place.
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on May 21, 2008
I bought three pairs of 505s at the same time from the same buyer. The first two pairs (one "Made in Egypt", the other "Made in Bangladesh") have worn just fine (so far), but the third pair ("Made in Lesotho") RIPPED on only the SECOND day I ever wore them, starting from just above and to the left of the back-right pocket and tearing straight down, almost to my crotch...BETWEEN the center seam and the right-side pocket stitching (NOT on a seam or a stitch!). They just ripped open--period--as I sat down. I didn't poke against anything, or rub against anything, and they weren't too tight--they just plain up and ripped open on their own...and while I was at work! Piece of junk! I've been buying and wearing Levi's 505s for 25 years, and I may not be able to prove or explain exactly how I know these jeans aren't "the same" as they were even a few years ago...but I just KNOW, in my heart, that they are NOT the same quality. Now, I'm doomed for eternity to constantly checking the back of my other two pairs of jeans every time I wear them to make sure there isn't another big rip in them. This was absolutely the last pair of Levi's I will ever buy. EVER!
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on January 20, 2011
I am a Levi's 505 customer of 25+ years and like an earlier reviewer, I was always gratified to be able to buy these jeans either online or in a store, sight unseen, confident that the color and fit would always remain the same. But these have apparently been recently redesigned in some subtle ways.

I just bought my first pair in at least two or three years. First, they are now marked as "Straight Fit" (notice the tag inside the waist on the back) and not "Regular Fit" as they always used to be. You'll also notice that while the inseam is completely comparable, the color is a little duller - and the new Straight Fit now sits AT LEAST AN INCH LOWER ON THE WAIST than the old Regular Fit. I tried on a couple of pairs and found this to be consistently the case. (I also tried on 501 Straight Fit for comparison, and noticed the same thing.)

I suppose that Levi's is trying to increase its appeal to the adolescent demographic (which obviously prefers the lower rise, for reasons that escape me). Well, I'm 40 and I don't wish to dress like a teenager. So this is a very undesirable development. Thankfully I'm physically fit and could still wear the Straight Fit, even with its slightly lower rise - but I don't like where this is heading. Caveat emptor.

Customer Note: The original Regular Fit style is still available in stores, mixed in with the Straight Fits (I was fortunate to find three such pairs at my local Sears last night, and bought them all), so this is apparently a fairly recent development.

It's easy to tell the two apart: In addition to checking the inside back label (Regular Fit, vs. Straight Fit), you can check the manufacturer tags and plastic sizing stickers on each pair, which will also say either "Regular Fit" or "Straight Fit". So if you're partial to the old Regular Fit, your best bet now appears to be to actually go to a store and find them on the shelf while they are still available.
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