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on October 9, 2009
...without the buttons. If you're looking to bolster your jean wardrobe with some slimmer fit low rise styles but afraid you're gonna come off looking like some Goth-punk rock-star wannabe who's so skinny they disappear when turning sideways ...relax ...those would be the "Skinny Fit" 517's not these. **Since this review was written the 517 is defunct, replaced by the Levis 511 Skinny and 510 super skinny fit jeans.** And if you're looking for some jeans that *don't* have "Relaxed", "Loose" or "Baggy" as part of their style moniker then these are the ones to get.

I would call these "sensibly-stylish-low-rise-jeans-for-the-more-mature-taste-crowd" ..."mature" in this case definitely *not* referring to beer belly and severe love handle embellished body types; consider these a goal for that weight loss or exercise program. They are also not the strict domain of the anorexic male model body type either; regular, non-gut bearing guys in halfway decent condition can wear these no problemo ...and look good. The waist sits lower than regular fit jeans but not radically so, they're sort of a mid rise one's gonna be graced with viewing your choice of undergear or given a rendition of SNL's "Norge Man" routine when you bend over.

No matter your views regarding the modern day Levi Strauss Company, they *do* know how to make blue jeans that fit, are stylish and reasonably priced; the quality is still there. The 514's are called "Slim Straight fit" ...forget the "slim" part of it; they fit like Levi's 501's in the seat, thigh and legs with the leg openings the same size as 501's."Straight" refers to the fact the legs are not tapered. I purchased a pair of 501's at the same time I bought the two pair of 514's so I had real time comparisons. The crotch on the 514 feels slightly higher than the 501's, but nothing radical or uncomfortable, and the cut of the jeans does help flatter the male anatomy ...your results may vary. If ya look good in 501's you'll probably look just as good, maybe better, in 514's.

Sizing of the jeans is a bit different; my usual 33x32 501 size translated into a 33x30 for the 514's because they sit lower ...more on the hips than waist. Shrinkage was not a problem in the waist (these were pre-washed) and the legs shrunk just a bit making them perfect in length for my taste. The only thing making these jeans better would be knowing they were proudly made here in the US of A they used to be. My 514's were made in Egypt and Bangladesh ...hooray for the global economy. Okay, so much for the soapbox.

Do not fear the 514. In short, they fit great, feel comfortable and look good. Just like 501's without buttons.
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on August 25, 2015
6' 5"
200 lbs
Long legs and slim but I would never fit skinny or even regular leg jeans.
34 X 36 - Agraba
It's hard to find jeans that fit well due to my leg length and thickness so I tend to buy many different versions of the same style of jeans.

I like my jeans to fit fairly snug without being overly tight or looking like I'm trying to impersonate Prince. These jeans fit comfortably and look amazing, plus they minimize my male version of J-Lo's butt. They're also better at hiding the front bulge than the non-stretchy Levi 514's (the other 514's look obscene with a tucked in dress shirt at work). I have around 8 Levi 514's and these are the best. The others fit okay but they have a low rise that can expose crack when bending over, if shirtless.

As I eluded to earlier, for whatever reason, Levi's makes 2 completely different styles of 514's. These are the less rigid, more comfortable, better fitting jeans, in my opinion. The other 514's have less give, and as a result, drop lower when you bend down. I find that uncomfortable, even when I'm wearing a shirt (which is 99% of the time). It's a minor annoyance but I would trade all my other 514's in and replace them with this style if I could.

Great for long legs, thick legs that don't fit in regular jeans, and so on. I strongly recommend them. However, if you have thicker legs and aren't a fan of snug fitting jeans, I'd advise you to look elsewhere. Everyone has a different idea of what "snug fit" means so I included a picture to help.
review image review image
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on December 9, 2009
The first thing you should know is that the fit varies by wash. The tumbled rigid is significantly tighter than the carbon.

If you have athletic thighs/glutes, these may not be for you. I'm 6'5" with a (less muscled) NBA-type build, so these aren't the complaints of a stocky muscle-head or a fat man trying to squeeze himself into skinny jeans. The rise is pretty low, so if you have a "high" butt, your crack or underwear will show. Pulling them up a little higher to compensate may put your "work" on full display. This isn't as much or a problem with the carbon (which I love)as it is with the tumbled rigid. Both washes may be a little tight in the front, so modesty may dictate a little creative tucking at first, but they will loosen up over time.

Overall, I recommend them, however caveat emptor.
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on August 28, 2014
I already owned a pair of 514s that were too long for the 30" inseam, but they fit well enough and I like to roll one cuff. No problem. But, when I ordered my new pair, I made sure to buy 514s with a 29" inseam instead. What I received were a new pair of 514s that were much larger all around (way too droopy crotch) and the length was not an inch shorter but THREE INCHES LONGER. Considering the inseam on the 30" was already closer to 33", I would have to say my new 29" are about a 36" inseam! It's so absurd.

Must be selling cheap through Amazon because the sizing is completely off. I will return this garbage now. Levi's sold their equipment to Japan (selvedge jeans) and now their product is inferior garbage. This will be my last attempt at Levi's after getting screwed on my last 5 pairs. No more ill-fitting jeans for me. They're either ball-huggers or droopy slob fit. I can go to H&M and get a better looking pair for half the price. Or Gap or J Crew, even, although I don't like to feel like a yuppy. The only thing going for Levi's is the classic pocket thread and red tag...but they're quickly destroying their brand.
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on February 12, 2010
I have recently found these Levi's jeans and really appreciate the style, the economy, the flexibility of how I can wear dress-shirts with them to the office or wear them with a nice t-shirt on a weekend or out for coffee or such. I have an athletic build with narrow hips and more muscular legs so it has always been a pain to find jeans that fit the hips/waist/legs, but these do! These jeans ride lower on the hips and have a cut that accomodates developed legs, and they do fit well if you have a smaller butt. The jeans are a bit snug in the crotch so I went up one inch in the waist to allow for a more comfortable fit there, and with a sharp belt the fit in the waist is still excellent, without a belt they still fit well. My girl really likes the way they fit me too! These jeans are also cut from a durable weight of fabric but not too heavy to detract from the style. Good jeans, Levi's got it right with these!
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on October 3, 2014
Fits perfect and a great price through Amazon.
review image
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on August 6, 2012
Levi's denim jeans have been worn by my family since they were first made; before I was born, and I'm old.

Regarding 514 slim jeans: I ordered 6 different-colored pairs to get a good idea of quality, fit etc.

Verdict: Sub-par and not what I USED to expect from Levi jeans. Each 'color' fits differently; all are thin, flimsy, only 5 belt-loops, built-in wrinkles, hanging threads, dirty-looking so-called 'stylish colors'... In the distant past we've enjoyed 505, 501, Silver Tab slim, 512 slim, and others ... all denim.

First they discontinued the 7-belt-loop standard, pants fall under the belt and look tacky and feel uncomfortable with only 5-belt-loops. Then they discontinued the Silver Tab slim. We still stayed. Then they discontinued the 512 slim (why?). Last straw was the HORRIBLE 514 slim. Hands down the 514 slim is the worst and broke my bond with Levi.

Levi is different now ... not Levi-ish anymore ... it is a totally alien jean. Well, nothing lasts forever. I see this 514 jean as another step toward the demise of a once-quality civilization rapidly declining into a mire of shoddy workmanship, high prices, and out-sourced ... everything.

I just ordered 6 pair of Wrangler, cowboy slim, 7 belt-looped, rigid, dark-indigo (and other colors), denim jeans. I'm going to have withdrawal accepting the Wrangler plastic patch! I'll rate Wrangler after I receive them and my husband tries them. They are reviewed as the old Levi's once were! There's always hope?

Good-bye Levi; I'll miss your once-sweet, red tabbed, 7 belt-looped, leather-patched, durable, indigo, denim jeans. Move over, you're about to be Wrangled!
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on January 17, 2015
I've been buying Levi's jeans for 50 years and, over time I have seen the quality go down. The material seems to get thinner with every pair I buy. But this is the last straw. The belt loops are failing! This is not just a matter of the stitch that holds the loop to the pants coming loose -- The material to which the belt loop is sewn has torn!
I look at the picture in the advertising of the jeans being pulled in two directions and I wonder if the current product could withstand that experiment. Maybe they should stop advertising that way.
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on May 11, 2012
I have worn Levi's for 30 years. They just seem to fit, were durable, good price.

514's have become the jean of choice for me. They fit wonderfully and look good. I have gone through many pairs of these from them starting out as a day to day jean to a work jean until they are shredded, covered in paint, or holes all over them.

But as of late, the quality of the 514's has fallen off. If you notice most of the negative comments they are now coming in just recently. My prior 514's were made in Hong Kong and are made very well. The "next" generation are made in Bangladesh and the quality of material is poor. This can be checked by the tags at the waste line. If a pair is made from Bangladesh do not buy them.

The crotch ripping out is becoming a common tone. I have had three pairs rip out. One pair I threw out. Another I sewed up. After the third enough was enough. Nothing like this happening at work.

Would also like to add, the holes wearing the pockets has become a common theme also. I never knew sitting at a chair would be so stressful for these jeans.

Regarding the crotch ripping out you can utilize Levi's warranty by calling 1-888-411-5384. I recommend everyone who has quality issues to do the same.

The quality issue has led me to say goodbye to Levi's either that or keep wearing them and returning them for warranty reason when they rip out. Lifetime Jeans? Will be if Levi's does not fix there quality issues.
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on November 24, 2014
Good evening, this day received in Venezuela bought levi`s jeans , and even if the requested size was the jeans is very large, jeans compare with another of the same model and the difference is great.
review image review image
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