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on January 26, 2004
I first became familiar with Lewis Black from his appearances on the "Opie and Anthony" radio show before ever seeing him on "The Daily Show" or his comedy performances. I finally got a chance to see one of his specials on Comedy Central and was laughing hysterically. This guy is extremely full of anger and energy, and knows how to take no prisoners. "Lewis Black Unleashed" is a fine introduction for those who aren't yet familiar with his stand-up.
The DVD contains four half-hour specials that broadcasted on Comedy Central (one of them being called, "Taxed Beyond Belief"). He's a very topical comedian that doesn't do the "usual" stand-up gig. He talks about politics, the state of the country, scandals, idiotic people and much more. Once he gets going on a rant, he never stops. And the great thing about this guy is that he attacks EVERYONE. This isn't a democratic comedian who only attacks the Republicans; nor is he a Republican who attacks only Democrats. He attacks ALL OF THEM--regardless of who's in which party.
Lewis Black reminds me a lot of the late Bill Hicks (and that's a good thing). He definitely has a "Hicks" influence in him--not saying that his delivery isn't original. On the contrary, he has a certain style that works for him and would not work for anybody else. He's always on target and never misses a beat when it comes to delivering the goods.
Aside from the four half-hour features, the DVD also includes Black's commentary on the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention. While there's not a lot of extras, that's to be expected with a DVD like this. It's a lot more impressive than most. Hopefully he will come out with a full hour special that's uncensored sometime in the near future.
"Lewis Black Unleashed" does a superb job of showcasing this very funny comedian's talents. He's mad, he's bitter--and he's downright hilarious! If you've never seen him perform before, be sure to give this DVD a try. While the specials are only a half-hour long each, it still makes an entertaining viewing. -Michael Crane
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on October 13, 2003
If you have seen Lewis Black on Comedy Central and enjoyed it, then this DVD is for you.
It contains all three of his "Comedy Central Presents" specials over the years and also his special on "Taxes" that is presented within a college auditorium. It also contains commercials shown during Comedy Centrals InDecision 2000 era featuring Lewis at the Republican and Democratic conventions.
If you enjoy political humor and sattire, this is definately something you'd enjoy as no political member is safe from Lewis' rampage on the U.S. government.
But he also attacks things such as holidays, Starbucks Coffee ruining our country, and even weather. There's a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy here.
The only downside is that due to the fact that these were televised events, Lewis obviously had to tone down his act a bit from the profanity filled routine we are used to from his CDs. But that doesn't damage his credibility and humor at all.
This is an excellent way to be introduced to the endless humor that is Lewis Black.
Definately recommended.
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on October 21, 2003
Lewis Black is in my top 5 favorite stand up comics ever. I saw him on Comedy Central for the first time about 2 years ago and was sold from segment #1. Lewis Black is unlike any other comic I've ever seen before or since. He steps out of the way of any categorization and serves as the agitated commentator on human stupidity.
The DVD contains all 3 of his Comedy Central presents specials, as well as his "Taxed Beyond Belief" special. To be honest, I would have liked it if Comedy Central would have done his specials uncensored like they did with Dane Cook's DVD but at this juncture, I'll take Mr. Black any way I can. The first special is from 1998 is by far my favorite with his rants on the weather, the famous "if it weren't for my horse..." rant and the Clinton trials. His 2000 special is my least favorite of the three but still maintains enough of his biting social commentary to warrant several viewings. The 2002 special si a close second with his bits on the 9/11 tribute combined with the Super Bowl, Starbucks and patriotism. Through it all, he comes through as very intelligent, witty and surprisingly "right on the money" 99% of the time.
I could honestly deal with a new release from Lewis Black once every 4 months but anything will do. Overall, you have got to hand it to Comedy Central: they have single-handedly given rebirth to the stand-up game and introduced the world to brilliant minds such as Lewis Black. For this alone, I am eternally grateful.
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on September 26, 2003
This DVD is pure genius. Lewis Black is a true master of comedy. His witty perspectives on political issues combined with his "anger management problems" ensure that you'll be in stiches many times before the end of each performance.
The DVD consits of all four stand-up specials as seen on Comedy Central (only the DVD is unedited). Each one has many, many lines that will make you chuckle even after the show is over.
In closing, this is a must buy for anyone who loves political humor, or just some funny stuff.
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on September 10, 2003
I have watched Lewis Black's specials on Comedy Central, and to be quite honest, they were absolutlely hilarious! He has 4 thirty minute specials on this DVD, all of them topical comedy and very funny. I know that I am going out on the first day this comes out to purchase it. The man doesn't get near enough credit that he deserves I think. You can see him on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" in an occaisonal skit called "Back in Black".
I garantee that you will laugh until your gut hurts if you buy this DVD(unless you lived in a cave and haven't listened to the news in the past 6 years).
This is truly a masterpiece of comedic genius. As far as stand up is concerned, this is the AMG Mercedes Benz or Porsche Turbo. This the best of the best.
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on September 13, 2005
Lewis Black is undeniably hilarious. He is a delightfully explosive man, letting out his aggression in the form of politcal humor. And we can cherish his agitated opinions through this DVD packed full of comedy.

With Unleashed, we are treated to three of his half-hour stand-up specials (including the two regularly shown specials of Comedy Central's Friday Night Stand Up), as well as "Taxed Beyond Belief", where he teaches a class of young-adult students about taxes (of course, in a completely comedic manner). Also here for your viewing pleasure are special features, including his Comedy Central segments for The Daily Show regarding the 2000 Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

Still, regardless of his appearances on The Daily Show (which are indeed funny), his stand-up comedy is his greatest art and the best part of this DVD. One of the greatest apsects of Lewis Black's stand-up routines (besides the fact that they're non-stop hilarity) is that he makes fun of everyone and doesn't give you the impression he's taking sides. Focussing on his well-executed job of making us roll over in laughter, he knows exactly how to present his jokes -- even if the joke is less than perfect, he'll say it in a way that makes it perfect. He's got that timeless charisma about him. He's a real character!

All in all, if you like people who make anger seem funny, and make serious political conversation seem pointless, then Lewis Black is your kind of man. And, more importantly, Unleashed is your kind of DVD. This is stand-up at it's greatest.
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on October 8, 2003
First off, let me say, I really like Lewis Black and his style of comedy and I think he is probably THE funniest comic on the scenes today.
That said, I did not like this DVD. It is NOT an apt representation of Lewis Black's comedy. The DVD contains the same stand-up routines that were shown on Comedy Central over the past few years, and thus Black was forced to CENSOR his act. While he maintains his wild personality bubbling over with rage and insanity, this is only a fraction of what he does and says when he is uninhibited. The weather skit just doesn't work as well without the "gorilla," and the sunblock skit doesn't work as well without the "zebra."
I've been waiting for a DVD from Black for a long time, and this "Comedy Central Presents" one is a vast VAST disappointment. It's good perhaps for beginner fans, but if you are a true fan of Lewis Black, stick with his uncensored cds and hope that he releases a video that isn't tainted by television censoring.
Don't get me wrong, you will laugh while watching this cd, perhaps uncontrolably so, but it's just not the "real" Lewis Black.
"I know I say f*%$ alot, and I'm sorry but I just don't give a s*#%." --Lewis Black
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on October 11, 2003
This DVD contains four of Mr. Black's comedy central specials, including the 2000 Comedy Central Presents which Comedy Central never seems to run anymore after 9/11 (though, it seems as though the offending terrorism joke has been cut from it... which makes me wonder why they still never run it on the air...).
Indeed, he largely censors himself for these originally television specials, but I truly don't feel that hinders it. Lewis Black is incredibly good at being funny with or without dirty words. What makes Lewis Black funny is the ranty, crushing wit he brings. Granted, he's funny when he curses a lot. But he's also funny when he doesn't.
The Indecision 2000 clips in the special features were great as well.
I highly recommend this DVD for Lewis Black fans, or just fans of good, intelligent comedy.
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on December 10, 2003
I am a huge fan of Lewis Black. I have watched him on Comedy Central for years now and love to catch his bits on the Daily Show. Definitly a creative genius, a bit hyper and unstabel, but still a genius.
This DVD has several of his stand-up performances from Comedy Central, the best is the entitled "the End". His take on the Super Bowl was a classic.
I have heard some of his audio stand-up routines and it's true they are funnier, likely because he can curse on those. He holds back a little in the DVD, but it was for cable television so it's understandable why. That would be the only downfall, the lack of cursing. Otherwise this DVD is a must for any fan of stand-up comedy.
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on December 26, 2006
I just watched this DVD again (for the thousandth time)on Christmas Day-this time with my family, and we were all laughing like hyenas by the time the disc was over. This guy is a scream. He can pinpoint and exploit the ridiculous humor in even the most ordinary situations. He's jittery, twitchy, crazed and absolutely hysterical. They say Italians talk with their hands - well if someone tied Lewis' forefingers down, his head might explode! The best part is that when he starts on one of his hyper rants, you can't help but laugh because everything he says IS TRUE! The shows on "Unleashed" are a few of his older {1998-2003} Comedy Central Specials, but they're still as funny as can be. He takes on politics with obvious pleasure, and his bit about Bill Clinton's infamous testimony of his Presidential 'sexual misconduct' with Monica Lewinski in the first segment is to die for. He goes on to tackle subjects like The International House of Pancakes, education, Y2K, Starbucks, drinking, Life in New York, an article from an Arkansas newspaper and the classicly hysterical "...If it weren't for my horse -" bit. Trust me, this is a DVD you don't want to miss. The first 3 segments from the Comedy Central archives are family friendly (with Lewis' trademark explatives under control) so sit back and enjoy this with your pals.
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