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on June 30, 2014
UPDATE Dec 2015: Ready for the bone yard!! Well it's the end of 2015 and the printer is sending me the "blue screen of death" which requires a reboot of the printer several times a day. Printer was good for about one year. Now it's a piece of junk waiting for recycle. DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT!!!!! I WAS WRONG ABOUT HOW GREAT THIS WAS.
This printer is also very quiet! The printer comes "alive" for a few seconds every hour or so. Be aware because it might startle you. Below are some hints for an easy setup. I'm using Windows 7.0.

Helpful hints!!!

1. I first selected to install all functions which was a big mistake. I quickly realized I won't be using SMTP or the FAX right away and there is no way to turn the functions off. You will have constant errors/ and or lights flashing. You have to re-initialize the printer all over again selecting from the home menu: SETTINGS; SETTINGS; GENERAL SETTINGS; RUN INITIAL SETUP and then check again what you really want installed.

2. I loaded a few sheets to try the copy function out but it did not pull any paper from the tray. Customer support said to clean the rollers in the paper tray area with alcohol. This did the trick!

1. I wish the printer had a USB port to scan to. It doesn't so you have to setup to scan back to your computer which is ok but sometimes not practical. Here's where the problems start. Read the directions carefully before you try to set this function up. You have to install JAVA which unfortunately this printer doesn't like the current version. The workaround is: after you install JAVA, you must go into the JAVA Control Panel (from the Windows start menu), select CONFIGURE JAVA, select SECURIUTY TAB, then select EXCEPTION SITE LIST, then edit, then add, http://xx.xx.xx.xx IP address of the printer (see step 2).

2. To find the IP address of the printer, do the following (Windows 7): From START MENU, select DEVICES AND PRINTERS, then right click PRINTER PROPERTIES, then select PORTS, then select CONFIGURE PORTS. You will see the printer IP address. Write it down or do the "copy and paste thing" . You will need this address back in Step 3. Remember to proceed the address with the http://

3. It might also be a good idea to save the printer menu to your menu bar in case you need to change some settings quickly. To do this: type the printer IP address (see above procedure)in your browser and olah! the printer page ops up. From here just save it as a favorite to to the menu bar. You will need this page open when scanning back to your computer!

FAX- The directions (downloaded pdf setup file) are very clear in setting up the fax. I used a dedicated line to avoid issues.

SCAN TO E-MAIL: tba (to be addressed later)

I had to call customer support which was very helpful. There was no wait time. I will post more as I dive deeper into this machine. I'm not a "power user" as some so I will only deal with the simple aggravations. I like this printer but it is NOT for the truly simple minded. It takes some work to set it up to use all the functions.
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on October 10, 2013
Nice printer with the features I was looking for, which included an option for a second paper tray. Upon arrival the printer was making some pretty loud clicking noises when feeding paper. I contacted Lexmark technical support and they offered to send out a brand new printer (not refurbished) and send a shipping label for the old one since it was within the first 30 days which I thought was a good way to stand behind your products.
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on March 3, 2014
I originally purchased a Lexmark x264dnw, but over the year I had it there was more downtime than uptime. Lexmark finally admitted there were several design flaws, and to resolve the issue Lexmark replaced it with an MX310dn in January 2014 (directly from Lexmark).

Initially I felt this newly released and designed MX310dn (received directly from Lexmark) was a "real winner". I even ordered a separate unit from Amazon [this Amazon unit was never taken out of the box]. However within 200 pages printed/copied it started "restarting on its own accord." Given the nightmare I had with the x264dnw, when this problem with the MX310dn became a regular occurrence, I just put it back into its original box, then immediately purchased BROTHER brand units (one MFC and one laser; each using the same drum and toner for efficiencies). [I went back to BROTHER units because over the many years I had used them, they ... "held up well".]

A few months later in July 2014 when I contacted Lexmark technical support on the MX310dn "restart" issue, they said "the problem is probably a power board problem"... AND "we are not going to honor the warranty". This even though the System Device Information page showed it was set up January 16, 2014 and last used March 18, 2014 with only 318 pages printed/copied.

I ended up having to bring a "war charge" with Lexmark's legal department back in Kentucky at which I just told them "Lexmark has never provided me one single unit which was not a lemon, and thus the only thing I will accept is a return with a full refund. I want Lexmark out of my life forever. I can never use, nor recommend a Lexmark product again".

Lexmark accepted their unit back and are returning all funds to me in full.
Amazon accepted their unit back and are returning all funds to me in full.

NOTE: Lexmark's own technical support staff stated they "were worried about the new units coming out because they contained many more parts and components, and this usually means more problems". Thus it appears Lexmark, by coming out with TOO MANY PRODUCTS (or varieties within a line) and BRINGING THEM OUT TOO QUICKLY, is SACRIFICING QUALITY.

Lexmark engineering is suffering.

Lexmark product manufacturing / quality control is suffering.

And when you speak with corporations who purchase or lease thousands of Lexmark units, their employees invariably say "Lexmark products require too much support. We have too much downtime".

Unfortunately, Lexmark rates a BIG BUYER BEWARE.
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on January 26, 2015

I now have a sample size of two of these in two separate locations, both purchased because they (as with an older larger model at another customer) can easily be set up to forward received faxes to an FTP server instead of printing them. I do not expect to purchase any more of these unless a new firmware (they're both on current P454/511 as of 1/26/2015) fixes the FTP problems.

I've now had fax forwarding to FTP simply stop working on both units, one of which is less than 2 weeks old. This was resolved once by factory resetting the unit and redoing settings, but a second time the procedure detailed below appears to have fixed it. I've also contacted Lexmark support about this with an offer of the Wireshark network traffic logs and have heard nothing beyond the automated "we've received your message" responses. It's not a communication problem, because scanning from the same device to the same destination works - it appears to be something internally that hangs up the queue FTP forwarding of faxes only.

The symptom seems to be that a fax gets "stuck" being processed for FTP, the transfer fails (receiver logs show a timeout after 2 minutes with no data received), and that's the end of it. If the device is set to Forward-only mode, you can eventually get it to print out the stuck faxes by fiddling with it and/or restarting, but I'm worried about losing received faxes in that process, and leaving it set for "Print and Forward" is just a waste of paper since the printed faxes will just end up having to be scanned in later.

As for the roller problems, the older of the units went in early last year, and started having serious ADF problems within 20,000 pages - not good for a fax machine in a doctor's office that's also being used for some scanning, particularly when I compare it to Brother systems where I've seen well over 100,000 pages scanned through ADFs. In that case I ended up replacing the roller (cheaper for the customer to just buy one and have me install it than to pay for me to spend time working through Lexmark support), but that's seriously premature wear - they're scanning regular office paper, not sandpaper. This wasn't a software or sensor problem either - this was the device failing to grab paper.

Overall, two separate and completely unrelated major flaws that prevent proper use of the units in a business environment. Unacceptable.

If you have one of these that is set to Forward only for handling received faxes but you stop receiving them you can check the Fax Job Log (either by printing or via the web interface). Every received Fax Job will show a line for RECV plus at least one line of either FTP or PRINT. If you have RECV lines with no other handling, the received jobs are still in the printer.
To get the "stuck" jobs to print, go in via the web UI and go into Settings > Fax Settings > Analog Fax Setup. Scroll down to Fax Receive setup and change it to "Print and Forward." Save the settings, then turn off the printer and disconnect the network cable. Start the printer back up with the network cable disconnected; you should get a stack of "Scan Log" error pages indicating a failure to send to the FTP server, followed by a printout of each received fax. If this doesn't trigger automatically, use the control panel on the printer to print a Fax Job Log - I have printed this first most of the time, so I'm not sure if it's actually required first.
The first time I encountered this problem it seemed that I had to do a factory reset of the printer to get forwarding working again, but the most recent time after following these steps forwarding started to work again.
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on October 28, 2013
The documentation was a little difficult to manage. The printer is easy to set up once the documentation is conquered. I tried to use the manual but ended up using the supplied CD web based installation/setup program. The documentation doesn't make it clear how to use all of the capability of this printer. I still have not figured out how to email from it directly. Once I figure something out then I kind of get an Oh feeling and it seems simple.
Tried to set it up from the little printer control panel and it was too confusing.
For some reason, when it goes to sleep, it doesn't wake up when I send it something to print. I have to walk over to the printer and touch the menu button. As soon as I do it awakens, warms up and prints.

The monitor program is too aggressive. I have another Lexmark and it also grabbed the control of that printer and decided the new 310dn should be the default printer. Trouble is I didn't want the new one to be the default on every computer I installed the software on. I finally solved the problem by leaving the print driver installed but I deleted the monitor program from that computer.

Even so, I think this is a great printer and well worth the effort to set up. You may need more expertise than a typical HP inkjet takes to set it up though.
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Style: Printer|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I had the chance to try this laser printer out and I'm happy with it. But it isn't perfect.

The printer will set you back a few hundred dollars, what you get is a massive machine that is built very solid. But you do wind up with something that takes up a good deal of space.

The biggest gripe I have about this printer is the lack of built in wifi connectivity. Every printer I have owned lately has built-in wifi including those in the $50 range, for Lexmark not to include that in this printer that is multi-hundreds of dollars is just a poor decision and for that I am knocking off 1-2 stars.

When first setting the printer up it will ask you a number of options like what features do you want available, just check mark the ones you do and leave the others blank and hit ok. The printer is then up and running. If you are like me you checked the "email" option but then get an angry red light blinking at you telling you no smtp servers are setup. I ultimately went in and reset to factory then just checked the "print" and "copy" options, left the other features off as I really wouldn't use them anyways.

To get this connected to the network I had to find a network cable, and a spot near my router. If it were wireless I had a great spot on my desk where my old printer was, no such luck. But once connected with a cat-5 cable it grabbed an IP and was ready to go in no-time.

I found that lexmark has an android app in the play store that you can download and I did, I set up my printer although I didn't like I had to specify the IP of it, sure would have been nice if the app scanned and found the printer. But that's a negative on the app not the printer.

At that point I loaded my resume up on my phone, hit the "share" button and selected the lexmark app, it had me select the printer and print settings like double sided, color, etc and I hit print, off it went and seconds later my resume printed from my phone.

The page was a bit curled, but it did go through the duplexer so I half expected that. The print quality was really good, no complaints.

The only other complaint I have is the cost of replacement toner. The high yield cartridge that amazon shows for this is $200, the printer is $250. For that I knock another star off, toner should not cost that much.

Other then that this printer is good. If they had included wifi in the printer it would have easily been 4 stars, lower the cost of the toner and it would hit 5. These 2 items are the only real negatives I found. Everything else about this printer is well thought out, easy to use and built solid.
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on June 27, 2014
I work with Lexmark products in my day-job so when it came time to upgrade from my $30 DeskJet, I chose this model. Being familiar and certified to work on it is one bonus, but pretty personal so I can't recommend it on those merits. I can recommend it as a more than adequate small business printer or a stellar home printer, especially since it is a network printer. Installation on your client computers is a breeze: plug in the power, plug it into your router via Ethernet cable, and it's visible and useable by all your Windows based home PCs.

Note: Make sure there is clearance for the flatbed scanner to open; you've got the ADF feeder on top of it which adds dimensions to the lid. Also be patient with the letter feeder tray; it's lazy and really only good for one at a time. Fold your peel and stick flap into the envelope before you run it through to help prevent the fuser from melting the adhesives.
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on February 24, 2015
Don't buy these, they are junk. I work at a government agency that uses these printers for small workgroups. The last 2 we received were out of box failures, would not detect paper in the paper tray. They are noisier than the original MX310's when they do work. Buy at your own risk, these things are GARBAGE!!!
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on April 29, 2014
I ordered this for myself at work because my company is so cheap that I was sick of having to deal with their crappy printers. I had gone through three "all-in-one" printers in the last two months once my original one died.

As I said, the company I work for is so cheap that they got the cheapest ones they could find, and they couldn't do the very basic thing that I needed the printer to do: print through the bipass feeder... or whatever you call it: the front part of the printer that pulls down so you can print on a piece of paper that you just laid there, instead of having to open the paper tray each time you want to print on a different type of paper. Whatever that's called, that's the ONE function I need. All of the other printers CLAIMED it had a 10-page capacity, but none of them would even print one page straight. Long rant short, it works just as I need it to.

I forgot to mention the added features that make this thing worth every penny and supersede every negative aspect: the copying, faxing and scanning abilities. Fast, fast, fast - and right from my chair! The scanning function is what I use the most and it's the most convenient and quickest scanner I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Not only that, but the ability to scan and read a document and put it into Word format? SICK! That saves me hours every week, and I don't think that's an exaggeration.

One issue: it's haunted. I turn off my computer at the end of the day. When I walk back into my office the next morning, before I even turn on my computer, the printer sometimes wakes back up from sleep itself, and prints off the last thing that I printed the day before. I shizz you not. I'm not crazy.

Another minor issue that I fixed after the first day was the incessant beeping. Every time the printer did anything, had an error, etc., it would beep four or five times. There are a few options you have to select to turn the beeping off, but it's silent now.
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on April 6, 2014
<Update: here we are, a year later, and I still feel lucky to have found this printer. Everything from the original review still stands.>

The printer functions just as advertised (and then some), with one small exception*, but that's not what I wanted to share...

The MX310 is a surprisingly capable and solidly built, small office machine selling at a price that had me wondering what the catch was. ...also not what I wanted to share...

What ~really~ impresses me about this product is the service I received when I got too adventurous with printer's advanced system settings. I got GREAT SUPPORT when I loused up the network configuration. That's a breath of fresh air, given that this printer is incredibly affordable, and the supply costs are on the lower end of the spectrum. Seriously, how do they make money? The hardware is great; the toner is reasonably priced; and the chat-window based support was outstanding.

I will, of course, update this review when I've had the printer for more than a few weeks, but so far... Well, I should have ditched HP inkjet solutions way sooner!

By the way, this printer is conspicuously missing a wireless card, but I use it wirelessly. It connects to my modem/wireless router via ethernet, and then all of my wirelessly networked computers access it seamlessly. I even scan directly to computers wirelessly from the printer console. If you can tolerate the one cord that runs to your router, you're good to go.

Now about that asterisk:
* There's an FTP configuration assistant applet built into the web server interface for the printer. Problem is, Oracle released Java 7 Update 51 on January 14th, 2014. As part of the installation self-signed and unsigned applets are blocked from running. So, this piece of software, and a gajillion more running on servers around the globe are suddenly broken. I suspect Lex will fix the problem in a future update, in the meantime, you'll have to figure it out without the "scan profile assistant". I recommend skipping the support documentation and going straight for the one-on-one assistance via chat window.
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