Customer Reviews: The Lexmark OfficeEdge Pro5500 Color MFP Business-class All-in-One printer
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on June 21, 2012
After reading many recent reviews, all which agreed this was an outstanding printer I decided to try this printer. Some reviewers did not all give this an overall high rating, mainly because at the time of the reviews it was priced at 40% above the HP and Canon similar inkjet options at 400 dollars plus. However, in side by side comparisons this printer was generally rated better for most features, it was just thought by the reviewers to be too expensive. However, at it's current price which has dramatically dropped, possibly as a result of reviewers who did not rank this printer well due to its price, it is a great value. It has a low print cost, excellent copy and scan functions and a great fax. photo copies look great and the text quality is very sharp and clear. Text while very good isn't as deep black as I would like, but it is good and near laser quality. If you just need black and white text, I would however suggest looking at a laser or hp or cannon, as the blackness of their ink/text is a bit more appealing to my eye. This machine is extremely fast, and not too loud. The quality of the fax, scanner and sheet feeder is probably better than the competition at this price point and the software seems to be solid so far, unlike some of the competition. At the time of this review this a great value. Up date: this printer has been going strong for several years and still prints great. also a great printer for labels. upgraded from 4 stars to 5 based on solid reliability. Also ink prices have come down too.
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on July 6, 2012
I have not had this printer long, but I really like it. The quality of the printing is excellent for an ink jet on normal paper and even better on photo paper.
It prints fast (I am used to a laser printer, so the speed must be pretty good for me not to complain)
The only problem I have had is printing double page spreads on both sides of the paper (single page both sides is fine). After a few pages black ink marks arrive on the paper. This may be a limitation of the paper.
I like that you can buy big tanks of ink, and that it prints ps3. It seems like a workhorse.
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on June 12, 2012
I really wanted to love this printer. I researched the Lexmark OfficeEdge Pro5500, the HP OfficeJet Pro 8600, and Brother MFC-J6910dw.

I'm trying to go paperless, which is surprisingly difficult considering all the necessary technology to make this simple has been around for many years.

I was primarily looking for a wireless printer/scanner that could scan to network folders. All three models I researched have this capability.

The HP OfficeJet was a top contender initially until I read how it has a problem feeding card stock.

The Brother seems to be an incredible value for all that it offers. It has the most paper feeding options of all three AIOs I researched. It's the only printer to include a manual feed tray. It also scans and prints up to 11" x 17".

I ended up going with the Lexmark when I discovered their seemingly brilliant "Smart Solutions". Smart Solutions are essentially apps for the printer to handle specific tasks like logging into Google Docs and printing without a computer or printing a map from MapQuest (they don't have a Google Maps app). HP also has apps, but many of them seemed less useful.

On the Lexmark, you can even create custom Smart Solutions so that you can press one button and scan or print with specific settings. I created a "Wells Fargo" button to scan anything I get from Wells Fargo into a Wells Fargo folder. I did the same for other types of documents I wanted to scan.

All this seemed to be great until I used the Smart Solutions.

I installed a bunch of Smart Solutions to really see the potential of printer apps. Unfortunately, it wasn't the greatest experience. When you go to print from any of the apps, it takes 15-20 seconds or so to even begin printing. The Facebook app did not work. The Sodoku app printed an advertisement for Lexmark. The Graph Paper app printed graph paper, but the lines were very fat and thick unlike what you'd buy in the store. I couldn't figure out how to get the Google Calendar app to print a month calendar of all my events. All in all, it was a disappointing experience for me.

All this would have been okay with me since the custom Smart Solutions I created for scanning to a network folder worked like I wanted, however, the scanning capabilities leave a lot to be desired for my needs.

I may be spoiled by some of the capabilities of my Fujitsu ScanSnap s1500. It automatically detects the size of the paper you're scanning and crops accordingly. So, it can scan a set of documents with mismatched paper sizes, no problem. It also scans both sides automatically and discards any blank pages. The Lexmark can not do any of this. When scanning with the Lexmark you have to specify the size of the paper you're scanning. So if you have it set to scan at letter size and feed in a legal size page, it'll cut off the last 3 inches of the resulting PDF. If you reverse the scenario, the resulting PDF will have an extra 3 inches of white appended to the letter size document. This is a problem for me since my goal is to quickly scan in and trash incoming paper. Some of my bills have a combination of paper sizes. Some of them aren't standard paper sizes at all. If you wanted to scan in receipts, you'll have to use the flatbed for that. I don't know what the smallest sized document the ADF can take, but the narrowest the guides will go is to about 5.5".

I will say this. I'm quite picky when it comes to things like this. I like technology to adapt to my needs and workflow. I don't like to work within limitations of technology when those limitations don't have to be there. All this said, the printer may work great for you.

This is what Lexmark seems to have gotten right...
- Great looking machine.
- Nice looking touch screen.
- Smart Solutions has great potential.
- Overall feature set is good.
- Print quality is decent.
- Scan quality is decent.
- ADF scans both sides of the paper simultaneously (other duplex scanners have to flip the page which takes longer).

This is what I wish it had...
- Refined scanning capabilities (auto-detect paper sizes, able to scan receipts via the ADF, auto-detect and remove blank pages)
- Fast, refined, and reliable Smart Solutions that work like like you'd expect them to.
- Faster and more responsive touch screen.

Other notes: The printer is a bit buggy. There were several strange hiccups while setting up and configuring the device to my liking.

If any readers out there are also seeking paperless nirvana, please let me know if you know of a better solution. I'm looking for a way to be able to scan and sort right from the device. I'd like to be able to do this by creating custom buttons on the scanner that automatically dump whatever I scan into corresponding folders.
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on March 17, 2014
Printer has worked fine and by all means if you don't care about buying unnecessary ink then I think this printer is not so bad. But if you are like me who thinks that a product claimed as a pro class printer, also pricey, should not include any ink selling scam stuff, don't buy it!

I have mainly printed black and white with the printer. Still the color inks were consumed noticeably. The reasons I could think are that the printer uses colors to print blacks or there's some kind of counter mechanism that is dependent on the number of prints and not the real color consumption. When one of the color cartridges was reported empty I couldn't print any more even if I had almost full black ink cartridge. I tried to change the color mode off from the printer settings also. No help. I would be happy to print more faint blacks if other colors are required for deeper blacks. To programmatically prevent the printing like this is very annoying.

I recommend to read this support discussion transcript before buying, the problem seems to be the Vizix technology this printer is also using:
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on October 21, 2012
The title says it all. The printer would not work when I attempted to set it up. The error message said something was mechanically wrong with the scanner. I had to go locally and buy a printer, an HP Officejet Pro 8600 which is working fine. Amazon was great about authorizing the return and paying for return postage.
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on January 13, 2013
10/21/13. Addition: we have 3 of these printers now.

30 years of using computers in the office and this is the most useful printer I have ever bought. It is as fast as a home grade laser printer (except for first page out, maybe), it is the easiest to refill (no holes to drill!), it is quiet, it can take a 2nd tray (and if the paper in the other tray is of a different size you don't even need to select the tray, the printer will know from which tray to take the paper. When the output bin is full, it will pause until you empty the bin, which is a neat trick. It can download software to do a variety of useful jobs, for example start one program and it will scan it to a hard drive, e-mail the scan, and copy it, all with one push of a button.There are about 60 different little programs, including one which turns the touch screen into a calculator. It scans and prints two sided. In short, to get a laser printer with all these features, you have to spend more than $1,000 according to our research. You can print from a flash drive or a chip. It can be used wired or wireless or both.

As to consumables: the black ink is good for 2600 prints, and I can attest to that, and it's only $36 for a cart, cheaper than my laser printers. There are over two ounces of ink in the black cart. Now given that, many of you know today's ink jets use a little color ink always, and as for my office we print about 1400 sheets a month on this and the color carts need to be refilled about every 3rd time the black gets changed out, even though we print little color. This is typical for a modern ink jet. If you refill using the best ink from a reputable vendor, it will cost about $12-$14. If you buy carts only, each page will cost about 3.5 cents, counting that all colors are used even on black only prints.

The construction is outstanding. The trays are made from thick, heavy plastic, and the lid is spring loaded and similarly made from solid materials. There is no need to treat this like other inkjets or cheap laser printers, worrying about this or that plastic doodad snapping off. Closing a paper tray produces a sound not completely different from closing a car door, it feels and is SOLID.

One minor annoyance: if you are used to "dumb" printers and you switch papers frequently, note that when you open the tray the software asks you to either confirm you are using the same size paper or to use a menu to pick the size of paper you are inserting. Also, there is no single sheet feeder. If you are someone who needs to rapidly switch between paper, envelopes, and labels, this will not be the printer for you, UNLESS you get the 2nd tray.
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on March 7, 2014
Despite the reviews I purchased this printer and to say I was greatly disappointed would in itself be an understatement. I never got past the point of the ink cartridges not working.

Feeling confident of my abilities I went to the website and found out what the error message meant and learned that the ink cartridges were not sealing properly so the pressure needed could not be achieved. I had just unpacked this printer from the box and wasn't going to purchase a new cartridge, so I contacted the company.

I contacted Lexmark and waited for over 30 minutes to speak to a person who asked if I would please hold. Then the connection was promptly broken. So I called back and waited over another 40 minutes to finally talk to a person that took over an hour doing the troubleshooting because the company had to make sure I was capable of putting an ink jet cartridge in correctly and make sure they had sent the correct cartridges. After wasting over 3 hours of my time I was told the company would send replacement cartridges. Which arrived the next day.

I replaced the cartridges and got the same error code that the ink cartridges were not able to build up sufficient pressure for the printer to work. Not only this the error code indicated that 2 of the cartridges were not functioning this time. So, I went through each cartridge thinking I could find the faulty cartridges in the 2nd grouping and between the 2 I might get the printer to work,. This was a total waste of my time. Bottom line is the company made a piece of junk.

I have an old Lexmark printer that I love but it doesn't work with Windows 8 and there were no update drivers for it. Due to this I thought I would go with Lexmark for my next printer because it still has banner paper capabilities which I use for drafting clothing patterns. However, now I realize that Lexmark has lost it's edge in the area of customer satisfaction when designing this printer and even worst they do not have enough people employed in technical support to prevent a person from wasting their time while seeking help. If I were capable of giving this product a minus 10 I would still be looking to see if I could give it an even lower rating. Greatly disappointed and I have filed a claim to return this great disappointment that is disguised as an all in one printer.
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on November 26, 2012
This is my third Lexmark printer and my second All-In-One. The first such printer - Prestige 805 printed well and quietly, both text and photos. While opening it to change an ink cartridge, the scanner deck which sat on top of the cartridge and print head access deck flipped open and broke the plastic hinges supporting those decks. The printer still worked fine but scanning and copying functionality was lost so I replaced that printer with this one. This model is quite competent, noisier than the "805," doesn't deliver quite the same quality photos but the printed text is every bit as good as my Lexmark laser printer and the 805. The ink cartridges are larger and perhaps more economical than the 805. We'll see about that. It is a large form factor, taller, wider and longer than the 805 and quite a bit heavier. I requested technical assistance from Lexmark to enable remote printer monitoring functionality as I'd enjoyed with the 805 but while they were very courteous, they were unable to accomplish that fix. This failure stand in stark contrast to my prior interactions with their help desk when they were successful in assisting me in replacing a malfunctioning print head as well as linking my laser printer to my wifi network using a print server. As is perhaps evident from my past behavior, I would still recommend this printer and other Lexmark printers to others seeking either all-in-one printers or color laser printers.
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on July 17, 2013
Update: It's been a four weeks since my initial review below. The printer is still leaving black edging on the side of the printed page. I hated this printer so much, I gave it away. I will not buy any more multifunction printers - they do not last more than a few years regardless of how much you pay. By the time they break down the manufacturer no longer supports or services the model. This has happened with 2 HP's, and 1 Cannon. This Lexmark is FIRED! I replaced it with a color laser printer.

After extensive research, I selected the Lexmark OfficeEdge Pro5500. I've used Cannon and HP multifunction machines. Both were good machines, and easy to use, but didn't last long, so I thought I would try another brand. This was easy for me to setup and the printing was what I expected. i love being able to print from my ipad and iphone. I have not used the fax function. The scanning is ok.

The problems: The machine makes arbitrary noise in the middle of the night, so if you don't have a separate office, you may want to rethink this machine. I have mine set up in a corner in the living room. When I am watching TV we are constantly startled by the sudden, rather loud noises from the machine.

Second. I've had the machine for longer than three months. I just emptied my first Black ink cartridge. I changed the cartridge and now I keep getting black ink on the very edge to the paper. It is barely visible until you set the page down or touch it and then it smears. It's not the drying time as I printed a sheet, let it set for five minutes, then touched the edge - it smeared and I now have ink on my hands. I tried to do some "quick" troubleshooting. After an hour, it is still doing it, I decided to just print the graphs out at work.

The setting for power saving are also arbitrary. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I tried just turning the machine off, but then I had problems and had to fidget with the settings when I turn it back on to get it to work properly again.

I tried to like this machine but I am not a fan.
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on March 25, 2014
So we received a fax today and there was some kind of error. I would see the fax icon and it would say printing page 1 and get stuck there. There apparently is no way to reset this printer's memory. I spent over 2 hours with Tech support after waiting 1 hour on hold (3 hours wasted) only for him to tell me I have to replace the printer since it is out of warranty.
The button on the front is a sleep button not an on/off button so in order to restart the printer you have to unplug it. This however does not reset the memory. A clear all jobs option would have been nice but touchscreen and even website options are limited.
We used about one 200XL ink cartridge a month so it is OK on ink cost but not great.
I would not recommend this printer and will probably never buy another Lexmark printer again.
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