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on December 5, 2013
I'm wondering if the people who say this doesn't work were not following the instructions to the letter...because I am 100% positive that this is working for us.

This is the THIRD time we have used this product, and, barring adaptation by lice in this area to the salt dehydration that Licefreee inflicts on them (i.e. hopefully the lice here don't gradually develop a tougher carapace or whatever its called...please oh please nooooo!), then this will be my go-to lice treatment forever more.

I don't know why, but our children's school seems to be positively infested with lice, and I am consequently spreading the word about this product as fast as I can (tired of reinfestation every few months during the school year).

Here is how WE use this product:
1) we spray the heck out of CLEAN, DRY hair until it is totally saturated, and then
2) let it COMPLETELY dry (we help it along a little with a hair dryer, though they don't mention this on the package (?!?). Then...
3) we LEAVE IT ON THE HAIR for the recommended time or longer - I just put it on all of us in the afternoon, then help the drying along a little bit with a hair dryer before bed, and then leave it on til the next morning (so around 12 hours). Recommend doing this on a Friday so you don't have to send kids to school looking overly "beachy" (my word).
4) wash hair (might require a repeat application of shampoo during the wash stage).
5) **Optional - seriously, I think its optional, and this is key for us because a good comb out hurts: brush the hair well (to get out tangles) and then comb through the hair with the provided lice comb OR (my preference) a really good lice comb like the "terminator."

I am no lice expert, but pre-motherhood I was a biologist and we happen to own a dissecting microscope. This last time (just this week) we did a comb out a couple days after the Licefreee treatment and then used the scope to see if there was anything there still alive (I have been telling everyone this product really works and wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy). With every pass through the hair we looked at the "particles" that were caught on the comb. And we found a ton of "nits" - ALL DEAD (or previously hatched) and NOTHING ALIVE on any of us; whereas before the treatment with a quick comb check we were finding every stage (eggs + living babies and adults).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Licefree doesn't unstick the "nits" from the hair...but who cares if there are tiny eggshells in your hair if the pests are all dead?!? They will come out over time, they are essentially invisible on the hair, and nothing is going to hatch out of them in the meantime. Under our scope they all looked sort of "exploded;" I realize some of these were eggs that had hatched pre-treatment, but the way they looked to me (dried up, destroyed) coupled with nothing alive in the hair assures me that it worked. I will update this review if I find anything on our heads that implies otherwise.

This is an awesome product (I've used both but recommend the spray - the gel is messier and on the box requires a comb out...why do that?!?). I just really wish I had invented it...these people are gonna be millionaires.
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on August 15, 2010
No i don't work for the company, however my daughter came down with head lice. We tried everything including Walmarts' equate brand. The pesticide stuff i couldn't use that much due to the dangers of it. The infestation on her got worse and I picked this up from walgreens. Combing through her hair afterwards we never found even a single one alive... everything was dead! (left in for about an hour before combing out). It was the first she had that she said her head wasn't itching anymore when we started to comb. It was the MOST pain free method of lice removal and it smells like black liquorice! I would recommend this to anyone as even if she gets reinfested, we can treat her as often as needed without worry about pesticides.
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on September 12, 2014
It's been about one week since my wife spotted nits in her hair and used this spray. I have 9 children. So far, the kids and I do not have any. Of course we bagged, vacuumed and did tons of laundry but so far so good. I will either give five stars or drop to three depending on how the next few weeks go.
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on December 3, 2014
Let me tell you a story about the lice problem that seemed never ending. My daughter complained about her head itching one day. I checked and checked but found nothing. Two days later, her head still itched. I checked again and found the colony. They'd only set up shop in one area of her head, but there were tons of them through her thick, straight, auburn hair. I was so distraught. My oldest son was absolutely eat up with the things, as well. My two year old had them too. Even I had them. I washed everything in the house and treated everyone except the baby with Rid. Two days after the application of Rid, I was still pulling LIVE lice out of three of the four heads that had it. I was shocked, Rid had never failed me. 7 days later, I retreated my daughter with Rid, shaved my oldest son's head, cut my hair (as well as my daughter's) and dyed my hair. This helped a bit, but I was still pulling live lice out of all of our hair. The 2 year old had even been re-infected. I found this at Wal-Mart, as well as buying it here on Amazon. One bottle worked on mine and my daughter's head. After I sprayed it on her hair, I combed through and got another live lice. I put it on a baby wipe and sprayed it with this and set it aside. Within a few minutes, the lice wasn't moving. I poked and moved it around with the comb to see if it would move at all, and 1 of its legs flailed about for a few seconds and it stopped again. I'm assuming it was dead. After the stuff dried, I washed out our hair, combed through it an got nothing. This stuff smells like licorice (or jäger) -- but it's not overpowering. It's much cheaper than rid, and it's not full of chemicals. The other three bottles I ordered from here will sit on the shelf in case we ever get these horrid things again, and I will be recommending it to everyone I can.
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on April 12, 2012
So I do foster care, and got the most adorable little girl with absolutely stunning waist length dark hair. Three days after she came to stay with me I realized she had lice. And not just run of the mill lice, a horrible infestation that had been there for months. So I took her to the pediatrician and they prescribed a horrible pesticide treatment that they said would kill 'em...NOPE! It was like it just ticked them off and they decided to get worse. So then I started to do some research on my own and found out how awful the pesticide treatments are (this was my first time dealing with lice so I didn't know any better). So I tried olive oil. I lathered her little head up with the stuff and had her sit with a bag on her head for 4 hours. Then I rinsed her hair in vinegar. YUCK! I also spent over 12 hours in the course of 3 days combing out nits. I disinfected my entire house. I think I am home free...and a week later she has them again. And so does my precious 15 month old little girl, and ME! And I have the thickest, longest dark hair ever. I wanted to shave my head!!!
Then I ordered this stuff. I treated all of us (took more than one bottle), and within minutes when I started combing through my kiddo's hair (I got the Terminator lice brush as well, worth the extra money!) hundreds of dead lice and nits started coming out of her hair. I was shocked. I thought I had gotten most of them before and this was just a small re-infestation.
This stuff is amazing! I can't tell you how much I wish I had known about it originally. IT WORKS! It is reasonably priced, and no harsh chemicals. USE THIS!
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on August 15, 2015
I'm really still in disbelief at how amazing this stuff truly is. When my 5 year old daughter came home from school for the second time with lice, I was feeling defeated. The time and effort spent combing and picking the lice and nits, on top of all the cleaning and washing and drying.... it's exhausting. I read some of the reviews about this stuff and thought hey, it's worth a try. Everything else I'd tried in the past, including so-called home remedies really didn't help at all. I still had to comb, and comb and comb, and pick and pick and pick. Just to do it all a few days later after the next round of eggs hatched because nothing kills the eggs. That is, until I found Lidefreee Spray! First of all, the application is so simple. You simply spray the entire head. Follow the directions and start from the front and work your way back. I love that the spray does not smell chemically, it smells like black licorice. You leave it on overnight. The next day, I combed and they were all dead. All of them! I retreated a few days later just for good measure, but as I was going through her head, there was nothing. Usually a couple days after treating with different brands, eggs have hatched and there is a new round of lice. This time, with Licefree Spray, I saw NOTHING! I will never use any other product, ever again, to treat lice! I'm a customer for life!
review image
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on February 1, 2015
I have to say I can't believe this stuff really works just like all the other reviews have said. Bought it 4 yrs ago when my oldest was in kinder and got these nasty critters; but it took 10 days to arrive in the mail and by then I was able to pick everything out. So I saved it....hoping I would never have to use it...4 years later in 4th grade she gets it again. Found them on Thursday; picked several out then remembered I had this stuff, sprayed it on but only used about half the bottle b/c I wanted to treat her younger sis just incase....I French braided her hair and we went up to bed. By the time we got to her room 2 adult lice were crawling on her forehead essentially trying to escape the spray! When she woke in the morning we found a dead one on her pillow.
Only found 1 live one and several dead nymphs on her morning check before school. When she came home rechecked, found a few dead ones (looked really tiny, newly hatched nymphs) Was out of spray and did NOT want to wait so long to receive it in the mail. Google helped me realize they sell this stuff at the local "blank"Mart for 3 bucks cheaper than on here, so I ran there and bought the 3 remaining bottles. Used an ENTIRE bottle on her hair (she has thin hair down to middle of back) went strand by strand. When I got to the nape of the neck 5 live adult lice were escaping. I put them on a paper towel and sprayed the heck out of them with the spray. 3 died instantly. 2 very large GROSS ones seemed to not be effected at all. So I put them in a cup and poured the stuff on them and they died within a minute. Checked last night after shower, nothing. Checked this morning and nothing. Dare I say we got them all...but Im gonna keep checking and prob spray her and her sis again in a week just to be sure... plus I have the bottles on hand so I can.
So I would say this stuff REALLY WORKS BUT you really have to use a ton and some adult lice seem resistant or slow to die, so I would still recommend picking thru the head really good strand by strand at least once or twice. If you miss just one nit or louse the entire process has to start all over again. I know it is time consuming, takes me 90 minutes per child, but if they are really gone in just 3 days then it is totally worth it!
I can't believe her little sis hasn't gotten it. There is a lice outbreak in her kinder class and the ONLY thing we do differently with her than her big sis is apply Fairy Tales conditioning leave in spray every morning after I braid her hair. Her big sis didn't like the smell so she refused it and she was the one who ended up with lice (after a sleep over I believe is where she got it). Guess who is going to get the fairy tale spray everyday now too ;) (also purchased at local "blank"Mart for cheaper and faster than online.
If you ever have to deal with this disgusting creepy problem I would not hesitate to try this stuff FIRST than applying those nasty smelling chemicals to your kids head...but don't be fooled into false sense of security thinking all you have to do is spray it and really do still need to pick thru the head and remove ANYTHING at all that you see that shouldn't be there...dead or not. Good Luck!

UPDATE: I have had to use this spray a total of 3 times on my kids this year! They kept getting lice from the same little girl whose parents were not treating her :( All 3 times we became LICE FREE after the 1st use! Easiest way I think there is to rid of lice! All my little ones friends also got it from the original culprit and I recommended LF to them as well before they poured all that nasty chemical junk that doesn't work on their kids heads and they were all amazed. Lice literally were running down my daughters shirt to get off her hair, I only picked out 3 from her head and then 12 newly hatched nymphs on her shirt! SO GROSS! Never found another one again. I wrote the school and told them about it and with parental consent they treated the original child who continued to spread lice up to over 10 people in the class (ridiculous if you ask me!) And after like 7 treatments, the little girl was finally lice free by the end of the school year. I read some low star reviews of people saying the stuff is too expensive, but honestly, nothing is too expensive if if gets rid of your kids head bugs!!!! You MUST go strand by strand and drench the hair, pick out anything you see that shouldn't be there, dead or alive just to be sure. For my girls with long hair I separate in 2 sections and do one at a time and then French braid the half that is done and drench it again; then work my way to the other side of the head and repeat. I don't even wait to see a louse anymore, when my girls tell my their heads itch "like it did when I had bugs in it momma" I just grab the spray and drench them. Since it is chemical free and doesn't smell that terrible, we just do it. I keep 3 bottles on hand, one for each daughter and 1 for a friend/neighbor just in case! I never thought in a million years we would have lice this many times in our home in the course of our elementary school life, but that is naïve to think that way; just use this stuff as directed and you can rest easy!
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on July 20, 2015
I felt ripped off when I flipped it over and read the ingredients. Sodium Chloride? I just paid ~9 bucks for a spray bottle with table salt and water in it?? I can make that by the gallon for virtually no cost. So I started digging a bit. Salt water may or may not kill lice. However, it turns out that this product may well be as effective as the other reviewers have noted, but not because of the salt. Benzyl Alcohol is the real active ingredient. It's probably labeled this way because the FDA has not approved Benzyl Alcohol as a non prescription treatment for lice? It is the active ingredient in the FDA approved prescription treatment Ulesfia.
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on May 11, 2015
OK, so I NEVER write reviews yet I rely on them before making a purchase! I have to say I was very desperate at the time of buying Licefree. I had been battling lice with my 8 year daughter for 6 months because her school refused to acknowledge the problem!!!! So I made my purchase of Licefree based on all the reviews choosing to believe in only the positive ones out of my desperation. I am here to say that we have been lice free for weeks now after using this spray when all other leading brand lice treatments failed us. It was so simple to use. Yes, it smells a little funny BUT worked the first time. I didn't have to do a second treatment. Thank you Licefree!!!
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on August 18, 2015
I tried everything out there and then some. This stuff really works. Those that are saying it doesn't probably didn't use it right. You have to separate the hair in small sections. I just tied small sections up all over. Take one section at a time and thoroughly spray the scalp and a few inches from it, any nits down the hair shaft will be dead as they don't have enough body heat from the scalp. Do it all over the head and leave it overnight. I only washed the bed sheets and pillow cases, no going crazy vacuuming or putting things in bags. I guess this stuff dries them out, haven't had lice in years!
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