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209 of 215 people found the following review helpful
on June 30, 2001
In September last year my darling mum died. She had cancer but died a peaceful and almost painless death. Mum had no fear of death or dying. But from the moment she died, I have desperately wanted to know where she went. I do not believe that a human being's life is completely snuffed out upon death. Reading Raymond Moody's book confirmed my belief. I no longer wonder what happened to Mum, where she went or even where she is now - I am at peace about all that. All my life I have deeply feared the inevitability of my own death. Now, when I think of death, I am no longer anxious and afraid. Again, I feel peace. Dr Moody's research has given me an intelligent, substantiated answer to what I once believed was an unanswerable question about the unknown. His book went straight to the heart of my need. If you fear death, or have lost someone you love, read Life after Life. It will answer many of your questions, diminish your fear and relieve some of your pain.
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307 of 333 people found the following review helpful
on January 7, 2001
Raymond Moody did a survey of people who had near death experiences. He found that all of the participants in the survey experienced God unconditional love. I believe this is the first publication about these experiences. It must be the survey Lewis makes reference to in his book An Encounter With A Prophet. It is enlightening to see how all of these people responded to these questions before the media got a hold on the subject and attracted the fundamental religious fanatics
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on May 24, 1996
This book is a wonderful gift for our recently bereaved friends, or those who have not
yet accepted the loss of a loved one. It is compatible with most religious outlooks and
This very original work is a joy to read, and is a great solace and comfort to anyone
who has ever had to deal with death of friend or family. Insights are given as to the true
nature of death as a sequel to life, and the reality of a glorious afterlife. Largely due to
improvements in medical technologies, many people are now brought back from near-death, often
with reports of their experiences upon entering and glimpsing another world just over the
threshhold between life and death...Their first hand reports are thrilling. The manner in which
Dr. Moody presents these experiences, shared with him over the years by his patients, is sensitive
and meaningful, never morbid or frightening. Upon completion, the reader may well exclaim, "Death,
where is thy sting?".
This is a "must read"!
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71 of 79 people found the following review helpful
on December 31, 2003
One day in 1995 I died, and had a NDE. Ever since then, I've been reading everything I can on the subject. According to most stories I've read, I had an unusual one, not going down a tunnel, but experiencing many interesting phenomena all the same. It seems to me that there are some NDE books and magazine articles that are just hype, and published just to give recognition. I have found, through my many years and multitudes of books on the subject, that there is an underlining truth and spirit that pervades the true experiences. So, I have compiled a list of my best reads for NDE books - ones that I consider genuine and adding validating light to the personal NDE experience. I have left out compilations, these are personal narratives. I hope you enjoy them too.
Embraced by the Light ------by Betty J. Eadie
Psychic Gifts ---------by Tiffany Snow
Saved by the Light --------by Dannion Brinkley
4 Days in Eternity ---------by Wayne F.A. Marentette
After the Light -------------by Kimberly Clark Sharp
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52 of 57 people found the following review helpful
on November 28, 2005
It does not matter what race you are, but if you have experienced or know anyone who has experienced near death than this is a book that you should definately consider reading. It does not matter if you are a religous person because there are several people who give their experiences of near-death that are not religious. This wonderful book is about people's experiences with near death. Each and everyone of us will experience death in many different ways, in which Moody has shown throughout his book. He touches on the phenomenon of death, the experience of dying where people actually say they travel rapidly through a very dark long tunnel, paralles, questions, explanations, and people's impressions of the overall book.

The reason why I have chosen to read this particular book is because my grandmother experienced a near death situation. She was rushed to the hospital one night where she remained in the ER for several hours because of heart failure. The nurses and doctors told us to go in a hold her hand and say our last words with her because they thought that she wasn't going to make it. When I was in the ER I could tell that she was in severe pain. She kept saying, Please don't let me die..." As she was repeating herself over and over she had her hands raised in the air like she was reaching for something. Later after she recovered she told us that she saw two angels and a bright light, therefore Moody has won over my decision on whether or not people experience a "real death" experience.

In this book Moody tells his readers what it is like to die. Several people are affraid of facing death, but this book has made me over come my fears of dying. Moody presents real life experiences that people have submitted to him of their near-death experiences. Many people wonder if they are hallucinating or really experiencing death. Although, Moody says death is only where resuscitation is not taking place, even though these people truly believe that they have experienced what death is going to be like. Some people say that they are glad to know that they have lived life right because it showed them going to heaven rather than hell. Also, there were several people who mentioned that they could hear the doctors pronounce them dead and they tried to tell the nurses and doctors that they weren't but felt that they could not talk or could not move.

After reading this book I was so amazed to find that Moody showed two sides to his argument. He showed the side of what he believed, which was that people really were experiencing near-death and the other side which is where people did not believe that this was true. Moody inserted and question and explantion section in his book, which made it really helpful to see both sides of the argument. He even presented questions that contradicted what he believed and he did his best to give a clear explanation of why he believed in near-death. Moody also was very honest and told people when he agreed with their reasoning on certain subjects.

Moody clearly explained his views in such a profound and meaningful way throughtout his entire book. In the end of the book Moody says that everyone should not fear death after reading several people's experiences. He says that death should be an everlasting exerience that should be filled with joy and ever lasting life on the other side. You can either take his word or live life worrying when your time is going to come to move on. I strongly consider all people who are striving for a degree in the medical field to read this journey of death book. This book will make you want to keep reading to find out what else others have to say about their near death experiences. I hope you enjoy the book!
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21 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on December 4, 2000
I have owned this book for more than 10 years, and I have read it and reread it many times. I already had believed in life after death, but after reading Moody's book, I felt like I actually understood it (as much as you can understand it). I also feel a peace about death that I did not feel before. I HIGHLY recommend this book to all, especially those who are afraid of dying.
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139 of 173 people found the following review helpful
on May 6, 2007
If you want to know more about matters of life and death, there are far, far better books than this one. Copyright says it was first published in 1975. Maybe Mr. Moody has come a long way since then, but I don't know as this is the only book of his I've read, so far.

I've been studying this subject for about 8 years, now. This book has serious problems regarding the impressions it can leave you with. The only part of this book that I find useful are the cases of NDEs Moody's recorded. I applaud his efforts, and they are admirable. He's done a lot good in this area.

However, with respect to this book, his philosophical and religious speculations leave a great deal to be desired. On these subjects he didn't have the shoes for the territory. He's even inconsistent in his speculations with some of the accounts of NDEs he's relating in this book.

IF you want to read on a more seriuos level about what's beyond this life, then I suggest Michael Newton's two books on "life between lives." Look up his name here and get both books. There are others that have written on this subject too, but Newton is the only one that I know of who spent decades with hypnosis patients and compiling his data. It makes a difference. To have someone relate to you what they know from a near-death-experience is very limited. Deep hypnotic states reveal far more.

I also highly recommend Brian Weiss' book, Many Lives, Many Masters; also read William Buhlman (2 books) and Robert Monroe (3 books). Weiss has written other books, but read the one above first, if you're new to this topic.

If your're a serious minded seeker of after-life knowledge, you'll get nothing more than a few cases of NDEs in Moody's book, and some seriously flawed meanderings on philosophical matters. To some people that may make no difference; to others it will. This book is also written in an extremely casual style, rather on the level of news paper articles.
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38 of 45 people found the following review helpful
on September 1, 1998
I had a NDE in 1981. At the time I thought I was just hallucinating. I never mentioned it to anybody for fear of ridicule. After reading Dr. Moody's book, I was astounded at the exact experience that these other people had that was just like mine. I learned that the purpose of life is to experience and pass on to others, God's great love for each one of us. I think this is clear from the interviews in this book. It is also in a video that you can rent at the videostore. Don't happy! Smile, God does love each one of us just the way we are.
Jeff Sears
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27 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on January 12, 2000
Before reading this book, I didn't believe in life after death. After reading it, I did. I'm not the gullible type. This is a sincere book, not a fraud, and its conclusions are reasonable. While many other books in the New Age section seem questionable to me, this one doesn't.
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15 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on July 7, 2005

Raymond A. Moody, JR., M.D.

Copyright 1975

HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

Many of us have all experienced some relationship with death; whether or not it is an intimate relation, most of us unanimously agree that death is a feared but inevitable fate. We know that every being that has life must end with death; there is no way around it. Yet it is something that no one truly understands. In this era we have had many new technological and medical breakthroughs and yet not one of the "super geniuses" has ever been able to understand death. Maybe death is not supposed to be understood; just maybe it is meant for each of us to fear, so that we might live every day like it was our last, because none of us truly understand death, so how will we know if we will ever have the chance to live again?

Dr. Raymond Moody interviewed over 150 people that had either been pronounced clinically dead, came very close to physical death, or the experiences of persons who, as they died, told them to other people who were present. Due to the high volumes of cases interviewed Dr. Moody only put about 50 of the most relevant cases from persons actually being pronounced clinically dead, or that had come very close to physical death, in his book Life After Life. Each person was interviewed in great detail, and was asked what happened once they died. To Dr. Moodys astonishment many of the same occurrences happened in each case.

There were ten experiences of death that were common in most of the 50 cases interviewed.

The first experience "Hearing the news". In this stage you are already clinically dead; however you are still able to see your surroundings and hear what people were saying in a telepathic sense.

The second experience "Feelings of peace and Quiet". Many people explained intense pleasant feelings and sensations of unimaginable peace, and serenity.

The third experience "The noise". In many cases there was a loud noise present during clinical death. Some portrayed the noise to be more of a loud "brrrrnnnnng-brrrrrnnnng-brrrrrnnnng" while others said it was a beautiful noise that was similar to majestic Japanese wind bells.

The fourth experience "The dark tunnel". Often occurring with the noise, people had the sensation of being pulled rapidly through a dark void, tunnel, vacuum, trough, or funnel type space. Many claimed that the "tunnel" was extremely dark and small, and there was just enough room for there bodies to fit in.

The fifth experience "Out of the body". After their passage through the dark "tunnel" many times the person found themselves looking at their body from a distance, many times in the same room. However now they no longer posses a body, but a mere cloud of grey mist that has no weight, or boundaries.

The sixth experience "Meeting others". Usually early in the experience deceased loved ones would show up, and be there to help the transition of life to death.

The seventh and eighth experience "The being of light" and "The review". While in the dark tunnel many attested to seeing a bright light, in fact the light was the brightest thing they had ever seen, and yet it never hurt there eyes, or obstructed their view in any way. Then the "being of light" telepathically began talking to them, and showed them their entire life in an instant. Not just as pictures but as 3 dimensional movies, and each "picture" was displayed at the same time. It only took an instant to view ones entire life history.

The ninth experience "The border or limit" There were a few people in this study that made it passed the tunnel, into the area where a border existed. Some said it was a door, others said it was an ocean or a mist. However their descriptions were some what different they all seem to be portraying the same thing. There was something that couldn't be seen until they were officially dead, the line or border couldn't be crossed until there were no chances of coming back to life on earth.

The tenth and final experience "Coming back". Each person that was interviewed all ended up surviving the "illness", and in many cases people experienced a being "pulled back" into their bodies, many of them not having a choice in the matter.

My Opinion

I really want to believe in life after death, doesn't everyone? Through the years my fate has taught me to believe that there is a God, and after death if you followed his path that he laid out for you, your "soul" will be rewarded with admittance into heaven. However it is something that has to be believed or learned, not something you can experience first hand, so you must be able to trust the unseen. Since I have never actually intimately experienced death I have only seen hypothetical experiences in movies that portray death as an encounter quite similar to this book, however not in such detail. I will admit that I am very afraid to die, I am not only afraid of what might happen to me, but what might happen to my family as a result of my demise. As I read this book I was trying to think of logical reasons to why these same things were happening to many of the people interviewed. I did come up with some explanations but none that would most likely hold true. I think that Dr. Moody had such an awesome experience to be involved in such an aw-inspiring research project, and I am sure it has completely changed his life. If this book is actually telling the truth about death then I cannot wait to go to the other side and meet God, which is the ultimate goal after all. But sadly I am still in a transitioning stage in my faith, yes I believe in god, and his power, but I am not sure of my beliefs of life after life.
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