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on May 7, 2012
"LIfe After School. Explained" prepares you for "life after school," believe it or not. It talks about proper dinner etiquette when you're on a business dinner with your boss to be. It talks about money and where to invest it and where to spend and save it. It talks about finding an apartment and where to look and how to look for it. It talks about your first day at work and taxes. It discusses steps and procedures you can do and make in order to get your life started and off to a good start. Who wants to graduate from high school or college and not have a place to live, a job to maintain, or money to spend and save?
The book talks about proper dinner etiquette, and I never knew how many things I didn't know about trying to impress your bosses at dinner. I just thought you showed up and did your thing and talked and laughed and left. Who knew that there was so much more left for people to learn? This was just impressive because it showed how much experience and research the writers of the book had to do in order to brush up on the topic.
The book also talks about finding an apartment. I found it extremely impressive how the writers of the book managed to explain everything you needed to know about finding an apartment and buying an apartment in under 10 pages. They said everything they need to say and didn't ramble on about the topic at hand. They discussed the landlord, the location, the rent control, the lease, and apartment lingo. It was brilliant. Not too long and not too short. They never ranted on about the lease or the rent control.
The sarcasm in this book is awesome. The outrageous stories concocted about Bert and all his misfortunes. Calling the boss "Simon" because of Simon Says. The sarcastic tone the author uses to move the story along. Like how they convinced us to eat the wine cork in order to impress the boss on your business dinner. Or how the book told us to refer to page 174 if we were getting bored with what we were reading.
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on May 2, 2012
The book Life After School Explained, created by Cap & Compass comprises the basic skills needed for a graduate and even adults (who may not have learned, or learned late), to survive outside of their parent's garage. It covers things ranging from business dinner etiquette to retirement plans to taxes and so much more. The writers of the book were resplendent. They used a sense of humor and an comprehensible type of writing. This made the book easy to follow and hard to put down.

Two very strong aspects of this book for me included "How to Love Your Money"(p41) and "Odds and Ends" (p159). In "How to Love your Money", the book makes plain how and where one may consider investing or saving their money. It explains the realistic risks and benefits involved with unbiased opinions. I hear my older co-workers using the vocabulary composed in this chapter all the time. I hear these things being talked about on the news and now I know exactly what they are and can hold a conversation about them.
I would highly recommend this book and I give it a solid five stars. I would more than likely recommend this to students who are still in their senior year of high-school and hoping to graduate...hoping. This way, they might be able to avoid making some of the mistakes they may have upon leaving high school and entering the grown-up world. I would even recommend this book to any adult who is completely lost (I happen to know some) or even someone who just needs a good read that is beneficial to them as an individual and to society.

This book helped me to understand that economics is more than just money. Economics really is a matter of studying and improving actions in life and their consequences.
Really as it is defined it is the interaction between suppliers and consumers in a market place, but learning how to be a consumer is a huge part of it. Consumers have to make decisions every day, this book helps consumers (particularly young ones/rookie consumers) to make those decisions with more grace. Economics is also all about people interacting with each other. Life After School Explained gives some pointers on how to interact in the business place and even with the disabled without looking like a complete chum bucket. Everyone knows that these awkward interactions occur, the fact that a book has been written to help people avoid them is absolutely brilliant and I will be recommending this book to everyone.
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on May 1, 2012
Life After School Explained by Cap and Compass offers a lot of tips on living in a world outside of high school. Anyone can benefit from the helpful life skills offered in this book, from wine tasting to credit cards, it's not only a book for the fresh out of school adults, but for anyone going into anything for the first time. The authors draw you in with sarcasm and funny examples, this makes it enjoyable to read, unlike most books which give you the facts, with no fun. The fact that this book is fun to read, helps you learn what you're reading, not just stare at the book wondering, "What did I just read?!" The humour also helps ease your mind, take the stress out of it, and helps you come to a better understanding of what's being said. If you're looking to rent an apartment, buy a house, or even make more money, the seminars offered in this book are guaranteed to help you out. A whole seminar dedicated to "loving your money" and the best ways to do so, what credit cards are best, why you should invest your money, and how to make money while you spend money. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone, from a fresh out of high school college bound student, to a first time homebuyer of any age. This book offers not only advice for life after school, but life tips in general.
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on January 10, 2013
Bought a number of copies to give to recent high school and college graduates. Easy to read, great humor, but be certain to buy the most recent edition as it is updated every 2 years to keep up with tax changes/health care updates, etc. Easy to read and a lot of information in a concise manner
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on June 17, 2016
Every high school in America needs to have this book as reading material for all graduating seniors. It has a lot of valuable information that can teach teenagers about the basics of financing, student loans, etc. I am keeping this book around and I share it with parents that I know that have kids in high school. They also found the information to be helpful.
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on June 19, 2015
I read the 2012 addition and just loved it. I feel that this is a quick read for any recent graduate. It covers everything from the 4 C's of picking out diamonds, to filling out your W-4s, to helping you decide on a 401k or retirement plan. A lot of the things that most kids need to know at this juncture in their lives. I gifted a few of them away this graduation season. Thank you for the updated book, it's nice to show the charts change with the times.
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on December 19, 2013
This book manages to give practical, real world advice about the common issues faced by students leaving college. Information given includes how to participate in business dinners, advice on getting an apartment, and the basics of taxes and retirement savings. The information is a bit outdated since is was printed in 2006; some of the tax and health care data isn't in its current form. Overall, a good buy for the college student entering the real world and looking for a resource to turn to.
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on August 22, 2014
I did not get exactly what was pictured. I purchased it as a graduation gift but I received a book that was published specifically for the graduating class of Idaho State University. I was credited back my payment, but did not end up giving the gift I thought was valuable to a graduate who is entering the real world.
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on August 5, 2013
We use this book as a 'value added' handout in the Fraternity's Graduating Seniors educational track. It has received rave reviews from all participants for the past 3 years. We will continue to use it to help our members get a leg up on the transition from student to productive member of society in the work world!
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on July 10, 2008
My son got this book when he graduated college, and wishes he had it right after high school. It has a lot of common-sense advice that generally takes a few years out of school to learn on your own. You'll find info on stocks and bonds, how to act appropriately during a dinner with your boss (you're really not there to eat), what clothes to wear for different functions (business casual vs. business dress), insurance programs, and buying durable goods. A lot of it centers around finances and how to keep yourself out of hot water, and it at least gives you the basics. It's a worthwhile book for all young adults, because they rarely listen to the wisdom of their parents. The tongue-in-cheek advice is perfect for young people, is succinct and makes for an easy read.
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