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I got this on a gold box deal - don't think I would've paid the retail price since I'm not sure any flashlight is worth THAT much. But if any flashlight was close, it would be this one.

I have a lot of flashlights, I get them in hopes they'll be good ones and I end up disappointed.

This thing is solid. Metal everywhere. And the cap on the end is a nice, tight fit, so I have no concerns of the seal leaking if I ever get this wet.

Bright - it is. And it's a good concentrated brightness with some good reach. The strobe function really is distracting - someone in another review mentioned how it would be useful for intruders - I can easily see blinding them and throwing off their vision with this thing then whacking them on the head to knock them out... It's *THAT* solid.

The diameter is just enough larger than the C cells in it to have good metal sides, so it fits VERY well in the hand as it's not as wide as most larger flashlights end up being. The weight is solid without being unwieldily. The only two downsides. First is the switch - three settings with power off between them - so power on full bright, click to turn off, click to turn on lower bright setting, click to turn off, click to do bright strobe, click to turn off. Then repeats. I would have preferred switching between the three options without turning off in-between them like other lights I have. But it's not enough to detract a star from, especially as if you let it sit off for a few seconds, it is back at the beginning, so you are full bright again without having to cycle through all the others every time. That was a bit of good thinking on someone's part...

Second thing is I would have liked to have the lens twist to adjust the beam. Spread it out a bit when desired, then focus to a tighter one. But with this brightness they probably figured there's enough spillage and reflection from whatever you're hitting that scatters anyway that it was not a required feature. Again, not enough of a whine to lose a star.

For the price I paid in the gold box deal, definitely worth it. For the full retail price, I don't think I'd pay that much for just a flashlight, but this is the closest thing I've ever had now that comes close to justifying it...
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on June 7, 2013
I was looking for a 2nd LED flashlight for the house that had a bit more "heaviness" and size to it. I have a small 225 lumen double AA terralux, which was fine, but the output was a bit too small for me, so I thought I'd try this larger LED light. This light is very powerful (almost too powerful), and well built. It takes 3 C batteries and really has a long throw. Brightness is excellent. It will throw a beam several hundred feet away. Easy to turn on with the switch towards the front of the flashlight (unlike my terralux, where the switch is at the back end of the light, which I think is a bit awkward for normal usage. Maybe when used for "tactical" purposes that make sense, but for your average joe, I prefer the switch towards the front) Anyway, I think this is a fantastic LED light for just about anybody.
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on January 26, 2013
SHAZAM!!! The 700 light is AMAZING. This thing can light up the ass crack of satan himself! I don't fully get the red light in the end of each light ... guess it makes me super cool to have that? But the 2 larger lights are superb. The smaller lights are pretty typical of other lights there size. One thing that I do like is the fluted ends of the lenses. I've had my kids use my maglight and then accidentally leave it on, and you can't see the light when it's resting face down.. with these that can't happen. Good stuff Maynard! I would recommend this kit.
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on December 2, 2013
one of the best big lights you will ever a floodlight for the hand...extremely useful when called upon...used it for emergency nighttime tree cutting when the power was out....other flashlights looked like candles in comparison...most recent purchases of this light ....I have purchased six...have had quality issues with the emergency flasher unit that required either battery replacement or contact bending to operate correctly
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on January 16, 2014
I purchased two of these as I really like the light. One for myself and one as a gift. I can clearly see and spot a coin for floors down to the sidewalk the light is so bright. Love it! Until NOW! September 27, 2015. Flashlight NO LONGER WORKING. Warranty has expired and I'm out over $100. New batteries today and emergency red flasher working but the Light itself does not work. Very upset with this item.
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on January 13, 2013
I'm no expert on flashlights, but I did want I reasonably good flashlight to replace my 20+ year old Maglite 4 D cell type, makes a great potential club as well! The only other flashlight of note I have is a
Fenix L1T 2 Level High Performance Cree LED Flashlight.

So, I wanted a flash light with the following qualities, the Life Gear LG21-70004-BLA Highland LED Tactical Flashlight with Red Tail Emergency Flasher, 400-Lumens see to fit the bill.

1) Robust, weather resistant
2) LED
3) Reasonably large, so it can be used as club if needs be, but didn't need to be as big as my old Maglite
4) Use regular batteries
5) I wide spread beam
6) Doesn't roll when placed on a flat service

The LG21 has met all of the above for me, the beam seems to have a nice hot spot and a good spread out from that, which was a key thing I was looking for, I wanted good flood light as well, and was one of the reasons I went for a 3 LED design, I was hoping it provide this "flood" of light, and it does.

The flashlight control button offers the following functions.
1) One hard press - turns on high power
2) One light press after turning on (1), low power
3) One light press after low power (2), back to high power
4) One hard press after any of the above - turns it off
5) One hard press, followed by 2 soft gives you strobe

This maybe be specific to me though, the only negative I can think of is the flashing red LED at the end, I cannot really seem me ever using this feature, and I would have liked the option of purchasing a flashlight without this, it would make the flashlight slightly more compact, one less thing to go wrong (leaky batteries) and hopefully could be offered at a lower price point.

I'm trying to go "greener" and use rechargeable batteries in our household, with 3 kids with various electronics we are getting through way to many batteries and is just silly, so I have been trying to standardize on AA batteries, I mention this as I purchased the AA cell to C cell Sanyo Eneloop Spacer Pack: 4 Pack of C-size and 4 Pack of D-size Adapters for use with the LifeGear LG21, and they work and fit very well indeed.

Now, the downside to this is that AA will give you less run time,(light output will be near identical to C cells though) in an effort to negate this I use the higher capacity
Imedion AA 2400mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries, they also have fairly good charge retention,(low self drain) can't remember the exact figures, but they are claimed to keep around 80% of their charge after a year, either way, I was willing to make this trade-off.

I charge the batteries with a La Crosse Technology BC-700 Alpha Power Battery Charger, another great device.

UPDATE - NOV 2014. I still like this flashlight, it has been reliable, and during Halloween I actually used the red flashing LED in the tail as I walked the kids around the neighborhood, however, I noticed that the lens has somehow got a very slight scratch, almost a hole in it, and the flashlight hasn't had that much use. The lens is plastic and very very thin at that, at this price point I would have thought a hardened glass lens would be more appropriate, or at least something better than the thin bit of plastic used. Now if LifeGear sell replacement parts ( I have checked this), then maybe I could excuse, they may have decided that being able to replace a part that may get damaged often need to be inexpensive.
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on September 17, 2013
These are by far some of the best flashlights I have owned. They are super bright and I after quite heavy use, I am still on the original set of batteries from mid april.
The only thing that gets me is the metal up from (near the light) is actually pretty sharp, don't drop it on your foot, it hurts!
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on July 1, 2012
I read all the reviews before making this purchase and own the 700 Lumen version for Police Duty (AN AMAZING LIGHT!). I figured this would be a good family flashlight to keep in the kitchen for small tasks and power outtages. The first light I was sent had a reverse polarity, and made the batteries get hot and shut the unit down in 3 seconds. I filed on-line for a replacement with no problems from Amazon and received the second one in 2 days. To my HORROR, it appeared "used" and had visible signs of wear and scratches. I called up Amazon to complain on the phone and in 10 seconds they had ordered me a replacement that arrived the very next day, in perfect (new) condition. I have been using Amazon a long time and this is my first bad experience, but Amazon made it so effortless to correct the problem that I gave them a perfect review. I am happy with the light for its intended purpose (general house use), although most people will not spend $80.00 for a stand-by flashlight. Thank you, Amazon, for keeping me a loyal customer. You stand by your products, and that is why I keep coming back!
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on May 17, 2012
This is actually the third Life Gear LED Flashlight that I have bought from Amazon.The first one I bought I didn't really know what I was getting. I just knew it was LED and 200 Lumens. When it came,man this thing just fit so well in my hand and it was soooo bright, it was love at first sight. The next time I saw Amazon had this as "deal of the day" I bought it also it was the 700 Lumen one really bright but it was a little too long for what I was using it for.I just purchased the 400 Lumen model which is just perfect to fit inside drawers and stuff. They all are made the same, really built solid. I think you will love any of these lights. They all also have a red blinker on the other end in case you want to signal someone or something like that. It's pretty cool.
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on June 17, 2012
This is an awesome flashlight. Puts out a super strong beam, especially for its relatively smallest size. And the red emergency beacon is nifty too. It impresses the hell out of everyone who sees it in New Zealand.
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