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This is a great treadmill. To get anything noticably better, you will need to spend two or three times as much. This is perfect for 99% of people using a treadmill at home.

Delivery through CEVA was great. Be aware of that if you are ordering through Prime. The delivery date you see is the date it gets to the shipper. You then get a call to schedule delivery. You will not get it on the date shown by Amazon. The CEVA delivery is "doorstep" delivery. They leave it outside your house. The guy said he is "not allowed" to go inside. However, a $20 tip and he helped me get this inside, down a flight of stairs, and into my basement home gym.

The box is large and VERY heavy. Do not underestimate that. Check the dimensions against doorways, etc. It is big. Removing it from the box only buys you a couple of inches. It is also VERY heavy. You will need two strong people to lift this. It can be dragged by one. Menuvering the box is very difficult.

Assembly is very easy. Many of the screws and bolts are already in place, so they need to be unscrewed first. The instructions are clear and all necessary tools are included. Just follow the instructions and a fourth grader could put this together. It took me about 15 minutes.

The motor is very quiet when running. Your footsteps make more noise.

The duplicate buttons on the side rails are great.

The heart rate is a gimmic, but works with a Polar heart rate strap. It should also switch the display to HR automatically when you grab the grips. It doesn't.

Two things should have been included but weren't.

1) The USB drive is NOT included. The photos make it look like it is included, but it isn't. They cost less than five bucks and 1gb is more than enough 1GB Red USB2.0 Flash Drive Swivel Design. It is stupid it isn't included. I searched through the packaging for 20 minutes until after calling customer service to confirm it wasn't in there. The USB is needed to tell it your height and weight - which otherwise will always be incorrectly displayed on the screen.

2) There is no lube included. Belt lube is like fifteen bucks. The manual says to apply before first use. Come on. At least a sample should be included. LifeSpan Fitness 100% Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant

So, I really like the treadmill for the most part. The display is nice enough, but I wish it cycled or showed more data on each screen. Keeping your height and weight at the bottom is useless since it isn't weighing me or checking my height. Presumably it is using this for the calorie display, which is not that useful.

The fitness tracking software is nice, I guess, but requires an annual fee once the free trial runs out. Garmin doesn't do that. I'll have to figure out a way to hack the data file to import into my Garmin tracking software.

Not including lube or the USB stick leave a sour taste in my mouth after spending a fair amount on this machine. Those are small items that should have been included.
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We are middle aged couple who realized that we are not getting any younger, we also learnt over the years that more you exercise and eat healthy food, the less time you will spend with your doctor and blood thirsty insurance companies, and this made us search for some good fitness equipment within a reasonable budget.

The positive reviews on Lifespan TR 1200i on Amazon and elsewhere on the internet made us purchase this Treadmill and we are pleased to say that the reviews on this fitness equipment on Amazon are honest and it is well worth the money spent.

With Lifespan TR 1200 Folding Treadmill we got a strong running surface with whisper quiet 2.5 hp motor, a sleek, attractive looking easy to read Color LCD console, Dual side handrail with speed and incline controls and a super easy folding system to save space wherever you wish to place this.

You also get a USB key device (Small size 128Mb) which you can insert into the console that tracks and records your information. Along with a free membership to the Lifespan Fitness Club online (A $99 Value), you can use this to track your results over time, get new workout routines and reach your fitness goals faster.

Here are our positive experiences [PROS] with this product:

[+] Very Quiet Operation -The Lifespan TR 1200 treadmill runs extremely quiet even at decent running speeds like 5 miles per hour and still feels solid and shake-free console which is very easy to read.

[+] Intelli-Step Counting feature - With most people's goal is to walk their "5,000 steps a day" to have a healthy body, this is a very helpful tool. Basically, the treadmill works like a pedometer and shows how many steps you've taken during your walking or running routine.
This is an exciting feature that can give you positive feedback from the console to challenge you to go further.

[+] Safety Pause feature - The TR 1200i treadmill has built-in sensor in the belt drive system. It senses and relays that to the console computer on-board when you're no longer stepping on the belt and will automatically stop the treadmill after predefined seconds.
This is a great safety feature to give you some added peace of mind, especially if you have small children in your home who loves to play around the treadmill

[+] Speed and Incline Controls on Arm Bars - We love this feature, especially when you pick up your pace and don't want to reach up to the console which can throw you off balance. However, with this treadmill you can change your speed (Right hand controls) or incline (Left Hand controls) with the touch of an easily accessible buttons on the arm rests instead of reaching up to the console while you are walking or jogging.

[+] Console with Speakers - While this is becoming a fairly standard feature in most treadmills, it's still a nice option to have. In this treadmill you can plug in your iPod or your favorite MP3 player and listen to your workout music through the console speakers.

[+] Free Membership to Lifespan Fitness Club - As mentioned earlier in this review, The Lifespan TR1200 comes with a tiny capacity (128mb) free USB device when plugged into the USB port automatically tracks and stores your workouts. It also holds your personal information (so that don't have to re-enter it when you start up the treadmill every time).

The $99 value membership (Included free with this model from lifespan) to their fitness club will help you by taking into account your preferences and goals. It then sends you weekly exercise routines and even sample videos on how to do certain exercises and work more fitness into your daily routine. The basic idea is to stay accountable and be on track on a daily basis to reach your fitness goals.

[+] Good Warranty on the product from the manufacturer

Frame & Motor: Lifetime
Parts: 3 Years
Labor: 1 Year

This gives you peace of mind and believe me if some manufacturers state this clearly it means that they made effort in making a good equipment and according to our observations, the treadmill is indeed build solid and will last years to come.


[-] Speakers are not of great sounding, Not very bad but not good either :-)

We hope this review is useful for others just like it has been for us here on Amazon user reviews, and we wish that by making a purchase you will meet your fitness goals in life!

Cheers! And may you have a happy healthy life!
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on July 10, 2011
The first two times I tried to use this treadmill it ran smoothly and quietly. The third time it squeaked and creeked like crazy. Because I don't live in an urban area. it took a month to get service for this and to get someome to come and see what the problem was. Service was great but 3-4 days later it was doing the same thing. The company gave me instructions to give to my husband to do what the service men did. He took the hood/shield off the motor parts and there were cracks and broken parts in that hood and it is made out of very cheap plastic. He reinforced it with washers and screws and some super bonding glue and then it was running quietly again for this past week. It sounds like the creaking is coming back and I am pretty sure I am going to have to ask for an entre new hood. I really like this treadmill for its features but this has been an ongoing struggle. Additionally, on the initial assembly, the screw holes on the handle bars did not match up well and the holes had to be bored out more. Thank goodness I have a spouse with all the tools and knowhow.

I love the Lifespanfitness program and how it tracks all of my sessions and I also love that this treadmill counts steps, somthing I have always done and I think the milage feature is not quite accurate for me. The speakers are worthless so I either just use headphones with my ipod or I have a little speaker system near my treadmill that my ipod plugs into.

The company people I dealt with were very good and it is easy to get a real live person. Took over a month though to get a service representive to my small town in western south dakota. If you live in a rural area you might want to think twice about ordering this treamill.

The company should replace the hood material with somthing more durable than cheap plasic that breaks and cracks easily. The treadmill under that seems solid and durable. Many nice features on the console like the buttons to immediately go to 3, 4, 5, 6 miles an hour without having to do all that scrolling. Ditto for bottons to pop to different inclines. Than handle bar buttons for increasing speed and incline can be a little sensitive and I often hit them when I don't mean to and then the speed and incline changes erratically, but it can be changed back pretty easily. Those buttons can be a nice feature when using the reading rack without having to move the reading material. Really nice deep cup holders to hold all kinds of things.

This treadmill would get a 5 from me if service hadn't been so hard to get, if assembly went a little smoother and screw holes lined up right, and especially if the hool was not of such cheap construction.
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on October 12, 2013
I was looking to set up a walking workstation, but I also wanted a treadmill I could get a good workout on. I chose the LifeSpan TR1200i, and couldn't be happier with my choice. The treadmill is sturdy, very quiet, and works well for both walking while working, and more intense workouts

Delivery: The delivery company was CEVA. They called me on the scheduled delivery day to set up a time. A couple of friendly guys showed up and carried the box down a flight of stairs and into my apartment for me. I was relieved, since I live alone and would not have wanted to haul the ~250lbs box into my apartment by myself! Apparently I had the white glove service others have spoken about. I chose to unbox it myself, but they did still pop it open quick so we could inspect the parts and make sure nothing was damaged. Of course, it was in perfect condition. LifeSpan did a great job packaging the treadmill so it wouldn't be damaged during delivery.

Assembly: Setting up the treadmill was not difficult. I was able to assemble it myself. I took my time, and spent about an hour and half setting up. Everything fit together fine. I experienced no difficulties during this process.

Impressions: This treadmill is very sturdy. I've had it for a couple of weeks now and it feels quite durable. I believe it is built to last a good while. It is incredibly quiet, which is perfect for an apartment. Even at a full run, it's no louder than a fan. My footfall is the loudest part. I purchased a couple of pairs of socks with the tread on the bottom to quiet my footfall. I haven't had any complaints from my neighbors yet. The deck feels good, no complaints from my knees. The preset buttons, and the buttons on the handle bars all work well. The only thing that doesn't work well is the heart monitor. It's wildly inaccurate and virtually useless. The treadmill does come with some nice preset workout programs though. I also like the online tracking with the USB stick. The graphs online could be designed a bit better. You can't really see the details of each day, but I still am finding it useful to track my progress.

Use: I use this treadmill for a walking workstation, and also for more intense workouts. I found a shelving unit that fits perfectly around the treadmill (picture posted). I recently returned to college, and this setup works well to keep me moving throughout the day. I store my school supplies on the bottom shelves, and use the top shelf for reading and working on my laptop. I can simply slide the shelving unit out of the way when I feel like doing a more intense workout. I really like this setup. Instead of spending a lot of time sitting and occasionally getting up to stretch my legs, I now spend more time walking and occasionally sit down to rest. I think this is a healthy switch. The treadmill does stop at 100 minutes, but I usually take a break before I hit that limit anyway. Between the "work walking" and occasional jogging, I've already dropped 5lbs!

Conclusion: This is a great treadmill for the price! It is a solid piece of equipment and has all of the features I need. I enjoy walking while working, and also getting a good run in here and there. I feel healthier, more energetic, and am losing weight. I'm very happy with this purchase!
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on January 26, 2015
This product has so much positive review. However, I hesitated to buy this product at first due to the bad review on the customer service. Now I'm glad I did, since Lifespan offer one of the best customer service ever.

This treadmill is very sturdy and solid -- just like what the other reviews said. Unfortunately, the communication cable came with the broken shell out of the box. Since it doesn't seem like a big deal, we decided to keep it and assembled the machine. At this point, Amazon refunded us partial credit for the the broken piece. (The product was sold by Amazon. Amazon is great !!!) We have been using the machine for 30 min everyday for two weeks already. So far the machine works great. However, we notice the heart rate monitor didn't work right. It always shows the number around 88-90 bpm far lower than what shown in my forerunner 620.

Then I went online (, register the product, and contact the customer service. I filled out the form, left a massage, and was informed to expect the response within one day. I'm ok with one day wait, but Lifespan representative called me back within one hour. Then the local technician called me in the next hour to explain the procedure and how to schedule the service. And the replacement cable was mailed to me in the same hour. Everything is done in the couple hours in the afternoon. The customer service team is very easy to reach, so reliable and super fast. I'm very impressed on my investment on the machine so far. I would like to review more after I meet the technician and have the cable fixed.

To Be Continued ..


It has been awhile, and I would like to update.

The mail was delivered in the next three days, then we scheduled the technician to come in. The cable was fixed within a week. I'm very happy with the customer service of Lifespan. We have been using the machine for almost three months now, and it runs great.
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on September 24, 2013
I'm old, fat and out of shape! There's a fitness room in my community, and I have a friend that walks with me, but we never get out the 4 days a week we say we are going to do!

So, I looked around and checked out what is available for professional quality treadmills that won't take me to the bank! The LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill really fit the bill!

Hopefully the LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill may take me from the sedentary lifestyle I've lived the past few years or so to at least being able to walk uphill without feeling like I'm having a heart attack! Everyone says I bought a clothes hanger. I hope not!

I've had cheaper treadmills that were 100% manual, so the LifeSpan is a treat! This thing is so automated that I may actually be able to build some stamina and maybe even lose a pound or two!

When it arrived, The 2 guys brought it on the deck. I figured I would unpack it and roll it into its final space. If I had sliding doors, that would have worked out perfectly for me, but I have French doors on my deck, and the treadmill was too big to roll through the door opening.

Plan B

I set it on it's side and manhandled it into the kitchen area where I could put it upright again and roll it into position. I did so much exercise getting the thing into place on Friday, that other than testing it out for a minute, it sat until Saturday.

It's nice, it is not terribly unattractive. We arranged it so it wasn't a hazard, and we could still use it easily. It is built like a rock. Even the plastic pieces go together with a feeling of strength and rigidity. There are a couple of covers that are not rock solid, but they don't have to be. I had one piece that didn't fit properly, but with a bit of coercion, I got it seated and screwed down properly.

The unit claims a 300 lb. maximum, so I will be pushing it to it's limit at my current 274 lbs. After I've had it a while, I'll try to add something to this review.


OK. It's been only a few days, but on the good side, the treadmill doesn't yell "Hey whale, get off!!!!"

It is dealing with my 274 pounds of sedentary fatness with some serious respect!

I'm still playing with the variable heart rate program that so far does not appear to work correctly, but don't read anything into that. I have a close setting for the upper and lower heart rates, so I need to test maybe a wider range.

My wife is amazed at how quiet the LifeSpan is.

Other than that, this is by far, the best grand I've spent on myself in a long time. I'm kind of hoping I actually lose a pound or two in the mean time. I quit smoking 9 years ago and gained 60 pounds and never could get rid of them!

I'll be back at least one more time to toss in a longer term comment about the unit.

October 15 - After emailing support, it turns out that the variable heart rate program was running correctly. It takes your input a bit "literally". Say you want a high rate of 135 and a low rate of 120 for 20 minutes. If you never hit 135 for 2 minutes, the treadmill will continue to "try" to get you there. Even if it takes the entire 20 minutes. Same thing on the low end. If you never hit the low rate for 2 minutes, it will stay slow until you do, or the time runs out.

This is not ideal, I'd like to see a different algorithm used, but it is easy enough to set a high rate a bit lower than what you want and a low rate a bit higher. It appears to work better that way.

I will probably switch to the constant heart rate program in the future.

This is still one quiet, well built product. I still recommend it highly. The online support wasn't bad for me, but I didn't experience any hardware failures, so I can't comment on how they would be in that situation.

October 23
After a couple of emails, LifeSpan CALLED me at home to discuss my problem. After trying a few different high and low rates on the variable program, it appears that the program is working correctly. I think my ranges were too close or too far apart. I guess experimenting is the best thing to do with that program.

I have to say their support people are really nice! They called me a second time to see how things were going and to tell me what they tested on their end. I probably wasted more of their time than necessary, but they sure delivered top notch service!

October 27
I weigh 266! I haven't been under 270 in a LONG time! I've knocked off 8 pounds doing 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week.
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on January 2, 2012
The second day I used the LifeSpan TR1200i the drive motor started and continued to squeak. I could not contact customer support, all their numbers are fixed to cut you off. I suggest that if you buy a treadmill, do it from a local dealer. Would like to say Amazon was great with their customer service, had no problems returning this treadmill. In the LifeSpan owners manual they say to contact your authorized LifeSpan retailer, which I did. The dealer said they only service the LifeSpan treadmills they sell from their store. Suggest you all deal with another company.
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on May 20, 2012
If I could, I would've given this machine 3.5 stars. It is a bit better than 3 stars, but that's the scoring system here so that's what I saw fit to give it. Based on the reviews here, I ordered this treadmill from Amazon about a little over a month ago. If I weren't such a big fan of Amazon's awesome customer service and no hassle return policy, I would never order another treadmill offline again because I did that twice and made two mistakes that i just didn't want to repeat again. It cost me unnecessary money in terms of outrageous shipping fees to return the last one I bought which was from Yowza fitness, and not to mention the time and excruciating task of disassembling, re packaging it, and paying someone to carry it back to a shipper. After that very stressful ordeal, i called Amazon beforehand to get clear on the return policy. As I understood, Amazon would schedule a free return pick up from my door if the thing didn't work right for me so even if you don't buy this treadmill, please buy from Amazon if u decide to purchase one online. In the event it doesnt work for u, u can avoid a return nightmare.

At any rate, after searching for months on end trying to find a compact, reasonably priced, sturdy treadmill, I found this one. You would think with the advancement of technology these days, this would be easy to find, but it's not. Treadmills are either compact and cheaply made to the point where they shake violently if you walk too fast or God forbid--run on them OR they are sturdy and strong, but big over sized mammoth machines that take up too much space. In all honesty, I settled for this treadmill because of two main reasons:

1.) It is very compact for my space needs. I like the fact that the arms and legs do not extend beyond 29 inches (I think they measure about 27 1/2 inches or so) which will fit perfectly in my closet once my honey makes the minor alteration to the closet space. I really like the fact that the console is not huge. I am so pleased that it does not protrude all over the place whereby it feels like a plastic shield obscuring my view. Now I can see my TV while I run and the console is so compact that even when you fold up the running belt, you can actually push the running belt up closer to the console if you need to by strapping it closer to the machine. I was really serious about having space when i bought a treadmill this time because even though the Reebok treadmill (which was my first online purchase of a treadmill mistake due to how huge this thing was) I had worked perfectly, that thing was just too huge and I just got tired of seeing it taking over my room for years so I sold it for the sole purpose of getting a more compact treadmill and this one fit the bill.

2.) second reason I have not returned it is because it is very sturdy. I am impressed that it doesn't wobble much at all. I work out on it about 4 days a week for about 30 min and I do sprints up to a 10.0 speed and my towel has not fallen off the console. It does wiggle slightly, but it's very minor compared to how hard I run. When I witnessed this, it was a keeper for me although I really wanted the Livestrong 13.0. I would say that if you are not concerned about space and you love to run, the Livestrong 13.0 is a better machine. I tested it out on 3 different occasions at Dick's Sporting Goods, and though I really liked it, I just couldn't get over the fact that it was bigger than the Life Span. I just wish the arms and legs were shorter. That's the only reason I didn't get it (Yes, that's how obsessed I am with conserving space). I also like the cup holders on this machine! unfortunately, I didn't like the cup holes (they can't even be called cup holders) that are on the Live strong. Im happy that I can put my articles, remote, water and other little items in the LifeSpan treadmill's cup holders and they are not disturbed nor do they fall off at all when I run or walk on high incline. The cup holders have the appropriate depth and width like i like it.

The cons about LifeSpan treadmill is that it doesn't have quick set buttons for speeds higher than 6.0 so it's annoying to have to scroll all the way up to 10.0 from 6.0. I mean i have to keep pressing the speed button over 20 times just to get to 10.0 from 6.0 speed level. Time is of the essence when I work out as I try to keep my heart rate up and it's just not appealing to not have a quick set button for each increment of whole number speeds. The incline is the same way. Though it goes up to about 14 or a 15 incline, the quick set button only goes up to 10. I can tell that the designers of this machine didn't put a lot of thought into that area. My next complaint is that the other reviewers are somewhat correct about the hand sensors that supposed to detect your heart rate. This is the lowest quality part of the machine so far to me. It will remain on 82 no matter if I am at a 2.0 or 10.0 speed level. The only way I have been able to get it to work is to use the Aloe vera gel as suggested in the manual. I really don't like having slimy gel on my hand while I am already all sweaty and stuff, but this is the only way it will work. Last thing is that I called the company to find out if they have some sort of shock absorption on this model, they said no it wasn't. At this time, it doesn't feel bad on my knees but I hope I am not sacrificing good knees for space in the event I find out in the long run that having no shock absorption on the running belt wasn't a good idea for me. The Livestrong 13.0 has all of this, but again, it was just a bit too big for my spatial needs. Lastly, the speakers on this machine are not good. But to be fair, I've tried several different treadmills and I have not found speakers good enough on any treadmill (not even the Live Strong) that would make me give up the great clarity, bass and pumped up volume of my earphones so this isn't an issue for me at all. It's a decent machine I suppose... It exceeded a couple of my expectations and fell below par on others. I just hope it will last a long time like my Reebok treadmill did.
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on July 15, 2011
I bought this treadmill for a couple reasons, the first being the Amazon rating - spectacular for the price range: nearly 5 stars from over 40 reviewers. And second, most (if any) of the complaints seemed to do with the shipping company and not the actual treadmill itself. With that said, thank goodness for Amazon ratings and customer feedback. This treadmill lives up to the hype.

About 4 years ago I had bought a treadmill from Sole fitness for about $1,200 and was completely unsatisfied. Long story short, product issues which resulted in phone calls, parts being shipped, and me fumbling about trying to fix the issue myself. I ended up selling the thing for $300 a year later. I am so glad this treadmill experience was so much better. Let me point out some things about my experience:

1) Wanted to put this upstairs but had read from other reviewers that the shipping company only does minimal delivery: right inside the front door or in the garage. So, when the deliver driver came, a quick $20 offer to help me for 5 minutes put it upstairs did the job. So much easier than trying to get a neighbor, family member, or friend come over and haul this thing. Best $20 I've ever spent. *Tip: Have a cold bottled water waiting for the delivery guy after the haul upstairs, along with the $20. It's only nice.

2) Set-up took me about 2-3 hours. Everything was packaged very solidly, a sign of quality in my eyes. The only issue I had during assembly was a metal screw hole in one of the treamill arms (the left) not aligning correctly. I actually ended up having to get a screw driver, a rubber mallet, and bang the screw driver down and make the whole bigger in one direction. That was really annoying and frustrating, and I think other reviewers had have similar issues. However, once I got the screw to go through my now bigger metal hole, the rest of the setup was fine and easy. **** Take note LifeSpan ****

3) Treadmill use and functionality is simple, easy, and very effective. At first the screen size and overall simplicity of the buttons makes it look like more frills could have been added, but layout and design was well thought out and very effective. Some treadmills try to incorporate all the frills and gadgets into their display, but ended up lacking some of the finer quality elements. I really, really like the rubber buttons that this treadmill has instead of the plastic overlay push buttons that most other treadmills use. This treadmill does not have a fan (which some reviewers complained about), but I kind of glad this one doesn't, again, cause they don't want to sacrifice the effectiveness and simplicity of their display and buttons. Another thing to note on this treadmill that I haven't seen on any other treadmill is that the whole top portion: display, cup holders, front handle - actual rotates away from you. This is actually very useful. For example, I like to watch TV while walking/running, and it's easier to put the remote on the display area where you would put a magazine book, instead of the cup holds. Well since the display panel is on a magazine type angle the remote can easily fall off the little ledge. However, since the whole thing rotates, I simply put my hands on the front handle bar and push up so the console panel flattens back a bit. I can still read everything on the display panel (and my cup holders are still good) but the remote now has a better flat laying position so it doesn't fall down. Really, it's the simply things the count.

4) Like other reviewers, Treadmill is relatively quiet. I'm most impressed with how well I can run on it without my calves hurting. I got the treadmill to get in shape as I am not in shape currently. I was expecting the some "growing pains" with getting back into walking/running as has been my experience in the past. At the gym when I use the treadmill, after only a couple minutes, my calves began to really hurt and I have to go back to walking from merely jogging. No fun. But on the LifeSpan they must have some sort of shock absortion that minimizes the impact of running. The first time I tried the treadmill I started with a brisk walk at speed 3.2 for five minutes. Then I upped it to a slow jog at speed 5.4 (no incline) and WOW - after another five minutes, no pain. I just kept going without problems and it felt great. I slowed it back down to 3.2 after I was jogging for 12 minutes and that was when I truly realized what a great product this was.

5) Now, this is not a reflection of LifeSpan, just a word of caution if you're setting this Treadmill up in your house and you want to watch TV at the same time. I have AT&T Uverse for my TV and found out that as soon as I turned on the Treadmill, my TV signal would freeze and be lost all together. At first, I thought the AT&T guy that came to setup a new box in my new exercise room had installed it incorrectly. Or that the new receiver box was bogus. But then I noticed everything would work fine until I turned on the treadmill. A quick google search immediately came up with tons of other people having Uverse problems with their Treadmill. Talk about annoying - all this work to buy a new treadmill, tv, treadmill mat, tv wall attachment, Uverse install technician - only to have the Uverse wig out when I turn on the treadmill. Long story short apparently the issue is with the electricity noise that all treadmills create that get transmitted through the circuitry of the house. The solution was to buy a surge protector that include noise filtration, in which some persons were saying they spent $50 to get and it worked. Well, I had a huge Monster Surge Protector (PowerBar 2100) behing my plasma screen down stairs that I moved into the new treadmill room. Plugged the Treadmill into that and that into the wall. Good to go. Now, I don't know if this is specific only to AT&T Uverse, but word of caution.

So, to sum-up, super super happy with the purchase and two weeks later I am already feeling better with my exercise, energy, and fitness goals. I haven't used the usb/online plug-in program some other reviewers have raved about, so can't speak to that. All I can say is that I'm really glad I went with LifeSpan and will do so again if I look to get a Elliptical to accompany my Treadmill in my new exercise room.
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on July 28, 2011
Spent 1.5 hours setup this treadmill. Both handle bar screw hole alignment were off. Luckily I have a round file and fixed the problem in 20 minutes by enlarging the holes.
It was already 1AM after setup, I was tired, however I couldn't resist a run. Turned on machine and ran 2 miles at 5MPH first, then 6MPH, then 6.7MPH. The treadmill runs pretty smooth and sturdy. The screen looks small, little bit large will be better. The heart rate sensor is a joke, it read 180BPM, no way. I use Garmin Forerunner 305 all the time, i know my HR should be around 130 when running 5 MPH. No wireless HR belt, I now the spec didn't see there is one, but it would be really a plus if they could pack it together giving the fact the handle bar HR sensors are a joke.

I will keep you guys updated when I got 50 miles, 100 miles, 200 miles on this machine. I wish it at least last 1000 miles.

[2011-08-09 Update]
14 miles on it. The treadmill is solid. I noticed the power automatically shuts off if you don't use it for a while, which is good. The display area can hold my ipad very well. Feed in ipad audio to the treadmill built-in speaker, the sound is loud and clear. On trails, I usually run about 9:45-10:30pace, I found I enjoy 5.0MPH slow run on this treadmill. Built-in Heart Rate is still a joke :). The safety plug works well, once I accidently unplugged it at 6MPH, the machine stops as expected. But it gives you maybe two seconds to slow down from 6MPH to 0MPH, not a sudden stop.
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