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on March 11, 2013
I pay only $53.13 for the black/orange model last month, I purchased another one yesterday to give as a gift to a friend and it's already $58.75 white/pistachio model only:(
Well, it is very basic as far as functions goes and it's very easy to set up. Calorie count keeps counting even when I'm not wearing the watch, it based on your heart rate count throughout the day. Better check your HR every now and then. It also has a workout mode that can be set up to independently measure and count your calories burned as well as steps taken and the equivalent distance while working out, and it's pretty accurate. I'm also using it while swimming, yes, it's water proof. Just don't check your heart rate when you're wet it won't work, you have to dry your skin. I saw one comment on here about not having a light for night use, it does have a light, just press the two side button at the same time and it will illuminate.
It works over all.
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on August 29, 2013
I bought this to help me get ball park figure on how many calories I am burning during exercise and while not exercising and this watch has helped me do that. I had started diet and T25 workout program and was disappointed that I lost 3.5 pounds first week and .05 the next two combined. On my fourth week I wore this watch and I lost 3.5 pounds. The watch helped me increase my intensity while exercising plus it helped me work in more natural exercising during day like moving around in my office to raise heart rate and taking walks. I also made wiser choices with food when I saw exactly how much calories I had already burned. Also, this watch helped make me more aware of calories just burned through sleeping and everyday activities so I can factor them in too when deciding how many calories to make each meal or snack. I am a HUGE exercise DVD junky and taking my heart rate helped me see that things I thought were really burning calories were not and vice a versa. I do not think the heart rate monitor is right on the money but I do think it is close enough to give you some guidelines as to how hard you are or are not working.

Things I do not like: The pedometer will DRIVE YOU crazy when you first use it. There is a delay that is supposed to save on life of battery that they claim is 30 steps but I have found that if you start and stop it is much more than that. It takes almost minute to get started counting and then there is always a 30 second delay even when you walk continuously. I have found it is off about 100 steps for every 1,000. I wore another pedometer that counts steps individually and I found that the steps "lost" for things like getting up to go to bathroom or kitchen evened out for the extra steps when you a walking steady for longer periods and it was pretty close to my other pedometer. But it is aggravating not to see the steps add up in real time. Also the sensitivity seems to be counter intuitive and Low level counts more steps than high. I just keep at medium and this works o.k.

I do not use the distance so I cannot comment on this feature.

The heart rate monitor does not work when you get real sweaty. I found after about 20 minutes into my workout, I had to pause my dvd to take off the watch and wipe it and my wrist down and repeat again about every 20 minutes or so if I got real sweaty. Also, it does take at least 5 seconds to take your pulse and you do need to stop to do it or you could reset the workout mode. If you are training at the lower levels of your zone then 5 seconds could be the difference between fat burning and not and have a huge impact on calories burned. Also, you have to remember to use the heart rate monitor if you start walking, cleaning house, exercising or the calories logged will be at the level you last took your pulse. Finally, I am not 100% positive on this but I think it defaults to a lower calorie burn based on age/sex/weight and height after certain amount of time between checking pulse. For example it resets at midnight and if like me you take off at night when you put on in morning it will show calories based on 0.42 calories for every pound in one hour of sleep. So since the watch does not really "know" whether or not it is on someone's wrist or on a table I think it just defaults if no movement or no pulse checked for certain periods of time. This is helpful to help you calculate calories burned when sleeping but not helpful if you do physical activity but forget to take your pulse.

In closing, if you want to be more mindful of approximate amount of calories you are burning each day to help you make wiser decisions on how much to eat then I think you will find this is an excellent tool. If you want scientific precision then you need to pay for it and not expect to get it for $50.00. Finally if you want professional athlete step counter look somewhere else. Same thing for professional athlete heart rate monitors or ones that monitor your heart automatically and beep when you are below or before a set heart rate zone.
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on March 13, 2013
I have to tell you how much I LOVE this product! I ended up calling customer service to see if I could purchase other color bands and they told me the new bands will be added to the website soon. I had to post on my fb and told all my girl friends in Body Pump and Zumba how great this devise is. The Lifetrak C200 combines a comfy design with awesome tracking capabilities and night light when you hit the side right buttons together. Easily monitors Calorie Burn, Distance, Steps and ECG Accurate Heart Rate and displays at the press of a button. Independent Workout Mode for tracking, timing and reporting of an individual regiment. It even gives a graphic view of your 7-Day History of calorie, distance and step data. You can even manage your daily data with Hourly Graphic Visual Display as well! The home screen displays time, day, date and goal. I can thank LifeTrak for my loss of 5 pounds as I continue to challenge myself with customized goals for calorie, distance and steps. A+++ product and price. Will be buying more bands to sport at the gym.
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on September 11, 2015
I absolutely love this device. I have worn this watch for over a year and a half and it is still going strong. I have a few complaints, but to me they're not significant enough to knock off any stars.

1. The white side of the band has picked up dyes from my jeans and never really gone back to the pretty white it used to be. (However, I have a particularly inky pair of jeans that turns my finger nails blue... so I take most of the blame on this one.)
2. I have found that the step count is a little below what other trackers have told me. I just take that into consideration when I'm looking at my results, though.

The things I really LOVE:
1. This watch is waterproof - up to 3 meters. I am an avid swimmer. I swam in college and I do triathlons now. I was coaching little kids with this watch on and they kept dropping stuff that fell 12ft down. So, of course I retrieved those items, and after that my watch screen fogged up. I stopped wearing it completely and let it dry out for a few days and now it's fine! Up until that time, I had never had any problems with the watch in the pool and I swim at least 3x/week.
2. I love that this functions as a REAL watch. I have tried so many fancy fitness trackers and I always come back to this one because the screen is always on, it displays the date, and it has a second hand. I am a veterinary student and I need the second hand to measure heart and respiratory rates and this is perfect for that.
3. I find it super easy navigate. The settings are so easy to figure out. Regular digital watches are more confusing. I also have the time accurately set down to the second. (I'm anal about that stuff).
4. It is simple; the data is directly on the watch. If I want to know my daily activities, I can just scroll on my watch right there. I used to have a couple fitbits and a garmin before this one, and I did enjoy analyzing my data, but I found that after about 3 months, I forgot about looking at the app. I stopped syncing those devices because it killed the battery on my phone and the fitness tracker. Which leads to my last point:
5. No charging required! I've had this thing for 20 months and it's still alive. I don't know how many times I'd forget to charge the other devices I've tried and then I'd be watch-less for the day. The battery life is a huge plus.

I am glad that I finally found a fitness tracker/watch that fits my lifestyle. I am really rough on watches and this thing has taken a beating and not fallen apart! It is not as sleek as some other devices, but it's understandable because it has a screen with everything nicely displayed. I am thinking of buying a second black one to match more with other outfits. The price is so reasonable that I wouldn't feel guilty having two!
review image review image
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on July 28, 2014
Purchased this through another retailer - about 8 months into daily wear one of the holes on watch face that band slides into cracked, horizontally on underside and broke off - watch band will no longer stay attached. I e-mailed the company's customer support, since it states that there is a 1yr warranty, but received no answer, so I e-mailed again a couple weeks later and again, no response!! Just called and was directed to voice mail - left a message. I have been trying to contact the company since June...frustrated with lack of communication, especially since my warranty will expire in another 4 days!! So for lousy customer service they receive 1 star.

Performance of watch: I really did enjoy wearing it and did so daily, even swimming in Lake Ontario with no issues to performance afterward. Could not always get heart beat function to work...that was roughly a 1 in 20 chance...however, I do have smallish wrists and never wore it tight, which would have greatly affected this function. I was curious as to how many calories I burn on my PreCore machine and it does not track elliptical/stepping movements, so that use was a loss. Regardless, I did enjoy seeing how many steps I was actually taking throughout the day and was shocked at the LOW numbers - so wearing this daily really pushed me to move!! Not being a real techie when it comes to such gadgets I have nothing to compare, but for someone who is looking for general idea of daily progress, likes the ability to also tell time and not buying for heart beat function I would recommend. I miss wearing mine and am peeved over it not lasing past 8mo (mine could very well have been an isolated flaw)...I would not pay money again due to company's customer service - personal choice, customer service either sells the product or turns people off and they turned me off.
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on April 1, 2014
i got the C200 yesterday, the white one. i was so excited to get it.

i got the 200 because i don't like sleeping in watches and i don't have any iphones to use the app. i am really trying to get better about exercising, counting calories, and just being overall more fit. after searching and searching i found this one and thought for the price it would be something to try.

it took some playing with to get it to track my steps. it doesn't track them continuously. i wrote a message to the company and they said it has a "50-60 step buffer, meaning the watch will begin displaying steps after 50 consecutive steps are taken. This helps the watch filter false movement. You may not see each step being displayed on your watch as you take it. " which i guess makes sense, but i don't find this very helpful when i'm trying to get an accurate count of what i'm doing. i find the calorie burning to be WAY off. so that the watch would give me a more accurate count, i took it off at night and put it in a drawer so when i got up everything should be reset to 0. when i put it on though, the calories were already up to 387. so according to that, lying perfectly still with no pulse i'd burn 387 calories in 12 hours? not so sure that is accurate considering i only burn 100 calories of moderate to vigorous elliptical training in 10 minutes. i am currently up to 765 calories. after normal morning activities of getting kids ready and off to school and 15 minutes of exercise (even if you take out the 300+ that i started the day with, this still seems a bit high)

i am really considering sending it back. which i am very disappointed about. i don't have a lot of extra cash to spend on faulty products. who does really? i was so excited for what it promised. i like the way it looks. it fits well, not too bulky. i can see it very easily and i like the different screen options. but it promised an accurate calorie burn and step counting, which is what you want in a fitness tracker and i don't feel like it is delivering.

i will give it a little longer and will wait and see what the company says about the calorie count, but as of right now, really not impressed.

KEEPING. after receiving feedback from lifetrak, i am fairly pleased with the watch. i am going to keep it. to separate the two different types of calories burned (to see what i'm burning with exercise) i just need to remember to put it in workout mode when i am in fact working out. the step counter keeps me focused on the fact that i need to move more. i WILL recommend this watch to my friends and family.

lifetrak has been helpful in the use and understanding of the watch and i must commend them on their customer support. they saw my post in amazon and replied to it. they want to make sure that the customers are happy. very commendable.

in conclusion, like the watch, like the company it came from, now to get the fit me out of this unfit body!!

happy tracking everyone!!!

***2nd UPDATE***
since purchasing, i have LOST 5 POUNDS!!! i attribute the loss to the watch. while i have been putting forth more effort exercising and tracking my calories better on, but every time i look at the watch to see what time it is, i see how few steps i've taken and it inspires me to get moving. i love that it has pushed me, i am sooo pleased with it!! the only thing i wish it did that it doesn't do, is beep when a goal has been met, but other than that, i LOVE it!!!!
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on August 26, 2015
I first wanted to buy this product because I wanted to have an approximate results on my calories burned during the day. Then when I saw that it could calculate the distance you walk or run, the number of steps and it gives you a historic of your week; I got even more interested in this product.
Before buying it I looked at some comments that said it was not perfect but quite good, as a results I bought it.

This Watch is a good item but not very precise. In fact it counts your calories burned quite well, because even when you don't wear your Watch it counts (of course a person who stays on bed or sofa all day burns calories because the body has to work in order to maintain you alive); so don't worry if you see some calories burned even if you do nothing, it's normal. On this point about calories, I'm quite satisfied.

According to me the problem comes from the pedometer and the distance. Because it counts some steps that you didn't do, only because you moved your arm. And this make me completly crazy, because I truly think it doesn't work well and means nothing. In fact, it counts some steps that you did like walking from your bedroom to your kitchen, but it doesn't count at the same time you are walking; sometimes it's when you are in your kitchen on your chair that your Watch counts steps you did (and even more steps than you did). That's why I put the level Advanced because it counts less easily steps.
For the distance it's the same because, of course, it is based on the steps you does.

About the Heart rate, I don't use it very often but when I use it, it works well.

To conclude, if you wants a very precise product in order to count your steps or distance, it's not the best. But it's quite enough to have an approximative results of your week calories burned, your daily sport activities.
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on July 28, 2015
The pedometer seems all over the place. It doesn't count when you are actually moving and just jumps randomly so I have no idea how accurate it is. It seemed very low on days that I did significantly more walking (despite adjusting the sensitivity settings). The heart monitor stopped working in a few weeks. Good idea. Poor execution.
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on July 24, 2014
I love this thing! It doesn't need to connect to anything but your arm! It's not blasting your biodata all over the Internet. All the data is displayed right on the watch for hourly and daily for the last 7 days. Press the button under the display firmly and get your heart rate. The heart rate seems accurate compared to other devices' measurements of my heart rate. One thing is that you have to take at least 30 steps before it counts them all. So walking to the refrigerator won't cut it! You have to get up and go somewhere, which is the point after all. I walked around counting steps and it was accurate for 30 or more. You can adjust it to give you a few more or less steps if you feel it is not counting everything. I don't need to have an utterly perfect record of every step, I need to get up and move so I get and stay healthy. It counts cranking my bicycle as steps as well, but the actual distance on a bike is under, of course. The bar at the top shows how much of your step goal you have done thru the day, and the bar flashes discreetly after you meet your goal. The workout data is a separate session you can reset any time, but added to your totals for the day. I can also use the stopwatch on the workout display to time other things. The band is reversible and very adjustable and has an easy to switch attachment to the watch. It is everything I need and simple.
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on March 10, 2015
i do like it a lot for the following reasons:

- display of date, time and steps all from a single view (with my fitbit, i have to tap the screen to toggle between display)
- long battery life and just wear it like a watch (what a relief not having to charge it like a cell phone)
- water resistance 30M (can practically wear it all the time without having to take it off)
- comfortable wear (it is light and comfortable to wear)
- review stats from the past week
- reversible belt for a different look (light color for summer, black color for winter)
- simple (no sync to smart phone, but who needs it when i can see directly from the watch)

DO note that the steps counter does not reflect a step at a time, but instead it buffers every 30 steps or so. this bothers me a bit at the beginning since fitbit counts step by step, but overall it is no big deal. i just need a gauge on the steps taken everyday, i do not need the precise number of steps.
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