Customer Reviews: Lifefactory Unisex Glass Bottle with Flip Cap 22 oz. Ocean Water Bottle 22 oz One Size
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on September 5, 2012
I decided to buy this Lifefactory glass bottle after swearing off re-usable plastic and stainless steel bottles, which would leave a weird aftertaste in my water. With this bottle, all I get is the refreshing, clean taste of my water, untainted by any plasticky or metallic aftertaste. What's more, unlike some cheaper silicone-encased glass bottles, the silicone components of the Lifefactory bottle are completely odor-free, probably because the silicone is pure. (Several manufacturers of so-called "silicone" products put additives in their silicone in order to make their products more cheaply and up their profit margins). In addition, the carry-handle on the bottle makes it very easy to carry around, adding to the convenience factor.

I don't use this bottle for vigorous exercise, so the silicone drinking spout cover is more than sufficient for my needs. However, the spout-cover does not "snap" on securely, so this might not be the bottle for you if you tend to put your water bottles through the ringer. I could see the cover easily coming loose and popping off the spout if the bottle is forcefully knocked over or tossed. (Very likely scenarios for a sport-style bottle). And definitely don't plan on throwing it in your backpack unless you want to risk getting the other contents wet!

There's another reason I deducted a star from my rating of this product: When you remove the screw-on cap to fill the bottle with your beverage and are putting the cap back on the mouth of the bottle, you have to get the alignment exactly right, otherwise water will leak out from under the cap and your drink will end up on your chest or in your lap! (Thank goodness I only use this bottle for water!) This is an easy mistake to make with this bottle because the screw-on mechanism is stiff and gets stuck easily. So when you're screwing on the cap and you feel resistance, you assume it's because the cap is on tight, when in fact, it's misaligned. Plus, it's pretty difficult to tell that the cap hasn't been screwed on straight just by looking at it unless you pay extremely close attention, which most people don't do when they're refilling their water bottles. A smoother screw-on mechanism would go a long way toward preventing this type of spilling accident from happening.

Other than those 2 minor issues, this is a wonderful water bottle. I've already bought a second one (without a flip-top spout) to use at home.

Grade: B+
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on August 4, 2012
My wife has been carrying around water bottles since I've known her. Recently, I saw her using some cheap plastic thing she got for free from the gym. Then the kids were drinking from it.

I threw it away.

I bought this because it's glass and won't leech chemicals into the water. I'm not the tin foil hat type, but it seems reasonable to me that plastics might not be great for us, especially with the known issues with BPA and other chemicals.

This bottle arrived in two days with Amazon Prime. It's as great as expected. It feels solid, but not too heavy. Our Brita filtered water comes out tasting great. The Flip top is really good, is easy to open and close and feels good when drinking from it.

I bought another Life Factory bottle without the flip top since it was about $7 cheaper. I'm starting to wish I bought it with the flip top.

I also really like that the glass is made in France and the rest of the parts are made in the USA and everything is assembled and shipped from the USA. It's nice to be contributing to local economies, and that there's something in my house that wasn't manufactured in China.

Overall, it's a great purchase, but I feel it was slightly expensive. If it doesn't break in the next year or two, I'll feel that I got my money's worth from it. I would buy another one of these and I'd recommend it to my friends. If it were about $5 less, I might have been able to swing another one and keep one at home and one at the office.
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on March 13, 2013
Lifefactory vs. Klean Kanteen:
I bought this water bottle after using Klean Kanteen bottles (I had three) for almost 3 years. With Klean Kanteen I loved the idea of a reusable bottle that wasn't plastic but was portable and sturdy. Each bottle I had worked great for a while but the bottom always warped (from normal daily use) and the paint chipped off of each one. I also disliked that the bottle couldn't go in the dishwasher (the caps can) so they had to be hand washed each week. All of these issues I could live with but when I started to see rust stains at the bottom of my water bottles I had to give them up. Rust! The warping on the bottom had made little cracks and crevices for the rust to form and I was not comfortable with drinking water from a rusty bottle.

Switching to Lifefactory:
Thankfully I found the Lifefactory bottles and I wish I had switched sooner! I didn't realize that the stainless steel bottles had been affecting the taste of my water until I switched to using the Lifefactory bottles daily. My water had a much more crisp and clean taste to it compared to the taste from the Klean Kanteen bottles. The Lifefactory bottles are noticeably heavier but I still carry one around with me everywhere (work, gym, errands, etc.).
Lifefactory Pros:
* Entire bottle is dishwasher safe
* Does not alter the taste of water
* Durable - I have dropped it off of a treadmill, elliptical, kitchen counter and my 2 year old has thrown it and you cannot see one scratch on it
* Great grip
* Handle for easy carrying
* Clear so you can visually see how much water you are drinking; keeps you motivated to drink more
* Ounces markings on the side
Lifefactory cons:
* Price - they are a little expensive but will save you a lot of money (and healthier) than plastic bottles
* Weight
* Size - they don't have a large 40oz like Klean Kanteen does but I imagine the weight would be prohibitive to carrying around

Update: 2 years later and I am still solely use Life Factory bottles for water. I keep one at my office at work and one at home. The only problem is my daughter continually steals mine! I truly love these bottles and don't go anywhere without one (I even bring one whenever I travel). Love Life Factory glass water bottles.
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on October 9, 2015
I was very happy with this water bottle! I love the color and texture of the plastic skin, and I enjoyed drinking from glass instead of plastic. I also saved a ton of disposable cups and water bottles, which I felt good about. BUT! After not very long ( only a month or two!), the plastic flip top began to break. The plastic began to separate on the flip-top...the"pluggy" part of the lid stays in the mouthpiece, but began to pull away from the rest of the hinge, resulting in leaks.

This was very dissatisfying, considering the cost of the initial water bottle. For this price, I'd expect the product to last indefinitely--certainly more than a month or two! To add insult to injury, the replacement cap by itself is 8 dollars. This would be a costly maintenance cost every few months. To add even more insult to insult, they don't sell the flip top lid in grass green, leaving me the options of (1) continuing with a leaky bottle, (2) having to spend eight MORE dollars to have a mismatched sleeve/lid combination, or (3) buying a whole new $23 bottle every time the seal breaks. I'm not satisfied with any of these three options considering how much I've already spent on this product.

I justified spending $23 on a water bottle figuring it would make me happy and last...unfortunately, it's 0 for 2. Overall, it's a great product...until it breaks. Save your money!
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on January 11, 2013
What I love about this water bottle:
The water kept in it tastes fresh.
It holds a good amount of water.
It has a handle on the top to loop it into any hook or closure on a backpack.
The screw lid is very secure and does not leak or accidently come off.
The flip lid is very easy to pop open for a drink while bobbing around on gym equipment.

What I don't love:
The flip lid comes off so easily I've spilled in my purse, across the car and all over myself.
The bottle is too big to fit in my car's cup holder so it gets tossed around the car during my commute, inevitably spilling everywhere.

I'll probably be buying the $6 solid lid for replacement, but I know I'll struggle with getting it on and off for a drink while on the stairmaster.
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on March 28, 2015
I've bought many water bottles over years--plastic (without BPA), metal, all-glass, thermos, etc. This is the best one I've ever bought. Glass doesn't give the water in the bottle a weird taste like the metal or plastic kinds. The all-glass bottles I've bought before felt fragile. I like that the sleeve in this bottle has holes in it to see the water clearly. The sleeve is also sturdy enough that you feel the bottle is secure. The handle is also sturdy enough to hang on a bag with a carabiner. Highly recommended!
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on October 3, 2013
I got this bottle for my mom as part of her birthday gift. She uses it for Yoga and has had no complaints, other than asking why I'm not married yet.
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on October 4, 2015
We were very impressed with the product when we first bought it. It is a glass bottle and over it there is a designer rubber cover. The rubber cover provide several advantage like a good grip and nice look. Being a glass bottle it does not catch a smell like some plastic bottles I have used previously (even they are bpa free etc etc..).
For first few months it was all well but then gradually the rubber cap started to torn out. After some time it generated a big crack on the rubber cap which almost made it unusable (please look at the picture). They should have provided a higher quality rubber so that it does not break down so easily.
review image review image
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on March 9, 2013
This isn't my first bottle from lifefactory. I had a larger one with a normal lid and loved it. Unfortunately I left it in my car, full, on a freezing night and it cracked like any glass bottle would. I wanted another one and was intrigued by the new spouted top design. I ordered two as my husband always coveted my old bottle.

I can't stand using them! The lid is tough to drink from without totally tipping your head and the bottle back. But what keeps me from using them is the foul, chemical flavor that the little silicone spout cover adds to the water. It is like a sweet gasoline taste.
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on January 13, 2016
I am an ad if collector of water bottles. I am also sadly really good at losing them and growing mold so much that I have to throw them away. I've become a big fan of glass water bottles because they're easy to clean and well...if I needed to I could kill a person with it (that's a guess, haven't actually tried...yet. But I'll let you know next time a person slow merges onto the free way in front of me) Needless to say this water bottle is heavy duty. It feels well made and I love the silicone sleeve on it. It's really thick and not flimsy. Best of all, it didn't come stinky. I like to make my own stuff stink through neglect. I don't like when it comes "pre stinky"

This bottle also keeps things pretty cold. Cold like trumps dead cold heart. Unlike trump this product is made in the USA and is 100% dishwasher safe. I really don't support any candidate that can't take a good wash in the gentle cycle.

See photo: banana for scale, whisky for...drinking
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