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on September 18, 2013
This album is completely captivating all the way through the first half and remains pretty interesting as it goes on, but i must say my interest is usually lost around the time Papper Shoes ends and Pendulous Threads kicks in. But some of the band's absolute best is on this album so it is for sure worth your money.
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on November 30, 2006
To give you a good idea of where I am coming from, I will tell you that I could not stand A Crow Left of the Murder nor Morning View. I thought they were pop-trash, phoned-in attempts at best. Sure, there were some standout tracks, but overall they failed to impress me. Before Tuesday Incubus was a band that showed all the tell-tale signs of fame. The music got simpler. The lyrics got dumber. My faith was trampled. These weren't the same guys that gave us energized punk, funk rock/metal. This wasn't the same band that followed a refreshing sound with a superb rock album known as Make Yourself. Nope. These guys were MTV.

Now, I think the easiest way for die-hard fans to make excuses for bands, is to use the overused term, "growth". Honestly, I really believe the true meaning of this term in this context has been completely lost. A few negative reviews will poor in and the fans will attack like vultures. "Um, they sound different dummy because they are growing". Blech. Give me a break! Just changing a sound, is not growth. Interestingly, when you consider bands that aren't mainstream, changing a sound envokes revolt. That band is accused of "selling out", however when a pop band changes their sound it's defended tooth and nail as "growth". I am all for growth, but not if it means restructuring ideals and the basics. The differences between A Crow Left of the Murder and S.C.I.E.N.C.E. are so extreme, many would be hard pressed to believe it's the same band. Incubus hasn't grown, but they've definitely reinvented and I don't think reinvention is always a positive thing.

With that, I can tell you that I really believe Incubus has embraced the basics and delivered an album closer to their roots with Light Grenades. This sounds like growth. This album sounds like it should have followed Make Yourself. Unfortunately, it's not perfect; some tracks are awkward, some don't resemble originality in the slightest, but as a whole the band seems to have recognized what they are good at.

I think it's safe to say that Incubus has been and will always be good at upbeat, creative rock. Fungous Amongous, S.C.I.E.N.C.E. and Make Yourself was filled with it. Morning View lacked anything with promise and Crow had a few, but in the most boring way imagineable. Finally, they revive their funkiness and spirit to deliver a few quick-paced, energetic tunes on Light Grenades. Honestly, it was such a relief for a fan such as myself, because not only do I think they excel at it, but I think it's what Incubus really is.

There are slower songs and I believe they are mostly pretty good. They have enough variety and creativity thrown in to keep it fresh. The downfall with these songs is that they are mostly uninspired love songs and some tend to be so unoriginal I wonder if it was really Incubus performing it. The second half of the album flirts with the sound of Red Hot Chili Peppers so often it scares me, but luckily enough freshness and the bands signature sound comes through enough to set the two bands apart.

I see some reviews saying there is too much filler, the album is too short and the songs "Earth to Bella" are unecessary additions. For the most part, I disagree. Even though the sound on the second half of the album is dangerously unoriginal, there is still enough good work there to discount any of the tracks being filler. The album really isn't all that short. The industry standard is an 11-12 track album with songs clocking in at 3 minutes. Light Grenades is 13 tracks long with the songs just under 4 minutes on average for an album 47:44 in length. If anything, it's above average. If people really think the album is too short, then maybe they are enjoying it more than they think. "Earth to Bella" is a weird inclusion on the album. I don't believe it's bad persay, but I hate the choice of splitting it up. I think it should have remained intact as one track. The break is awkward and doesn't lend itself to any real point. I don't know why they split it. The frustrating thing for me is that the outro and intro to these "two" songs is unbelievably promising. It would lend itself well if extended as a bridge into an utterly trash-out song.

Also, quick note. Quicksand sounds nothing like Pink Floyd as many have said. I think the song is undeniably inspired by Deftones. Brandon's vocal in the first half of the song are almost identical to Chino Moreno.

So many people have gotten into specifics, so I kind of avoided that. I guess that doesn't make this much a review. If you are unsure what my thoughts are, then here's my summary: this album is good. And if you didn't like the previous two albums, it's likely you will find this one more accessible and Incubus-friendly. It's not flawless, but it's a step in the right direction. I don't think we will ever get a S.C.I.E.N.C.E. rehash and that's fine. I just wish the band would look closer at what has worked well on all previous albums and mesh that together. This was close, but not quite. Luckily, the band has renewed my faith in them and I will continue to support their career.

Older fans will love A Kiss to Send Us Off, Light Grenades and the Hendrix-inspired Pendulous Threads.

Newer fans will embrace Anna Molly, Diamonds and Coal and Dig.
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on March 21, 2008
but what some may say shows that they "sold out" or are "losing the magic" I just see as change which has always been in their catalog and varied ways to get there point across.

It's weird but Oil and Water and Anna Molly are pretty much the first Incubus songs that I can shake my butt to! Sure, that's a bad thing to some but I love it!

Incubus has always put their emotion in the forefront with the awesome vocals and that is still here. The production to most of the songs is varied to a tee. (Check out Quicksand and then Dig and then A Kiss To Send Us Off).

But most of you know what this album entails so far. It did come out in 2006 and many of you have had the pleasure of it being ingrained in your very minds or having to live with this "disappointment".

Thank goodness that I am on my way to join the former and that this is my second favorite album by Incubus. The underrated A Crow Left Of The Murder being my first. But honestly, this one might grow to being the best.

The only "weak tracks" in my opinion are Light Grenades (it's just there) and Pendulous Threads which just goes on. They are both heavy ??? but don't go anywhere really, especially LG. But that's my opinion.

Earth To Bella Part II is another headscratcher but it's tolerable. It's just nothing like the first. It's quieter and then you hear Brandon harmonizing over and over. It's kinda freaky. LOL

Key tracks thus far are:

Anna Molly
Oil And Water
Paper Shoes
Earth To Bella Pt.I

4.5 stars.

I think the biggest surprise for me is how almost all the songs sound different. Yes, we're used to that with my favorite band ever. HOWEVER, it has a bit of everything for all old and new Incubus fans. HOWEVER, if you didn't like A Crow Left Of The Murder, I'm afraid that you should pass on this. It's all about the slower mid-tempos focused on love gone bad. I have always loved the softer side of them and this is why this album is my second favorite, possibly on the way to being my favorite.
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on December 7, 2006
Incubus are a very eclectic band, as evidenced from their varied albums. Their latest effort has many great songs, and Brandon Boyd and his boys are back some great riffs and rhythms. On some tracks, their sounds are remarkably similar to those from other albums (Radiohead's OK Computer comes to mind). Upon first listening to this album, I was confused and unsure what to make of it. Upon closer listening, however, one certainly begins to appreciate the construction of the work. Brandon Boyd is great on vocals, adequetely supported by Ben Kenney. Mike Einzinger is great on the guitarwork, and shows tremendous diversity and skill. Pasillias and Kilmore fill their roles really well. When they are good, Incubus are really good. Tracks like Dig, Anna Molly, Paper Shoes, and Rogues are standouts. The major issue with this album is its structure. One cannot fault Incubus for delving into new territory, but on this album, I feel that their experimentation never coalesces into a fully realized product. That Incubus are willing to explore new creative avenues is fine, but many times this album relishes in experimentation for experimentation's sake. The introduction, Quicksand, is a great song on its own. But does it introduce us to the new Incubus album? Not really. Why split Earth to Bella into two parts? What is the point? These are all curious moves, and while their desire to experiment is fine, it is their inability to structure their new sound consistently that is frustrating. This is why the album deserves a second hearing. Its only when you dissect individual songs that you can begin to appreciate their effort. The band has come a long way since their inception, and their career draws many parallels to that of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Even though their output is not always consistent, it is admirable that they strive to produce diverse output at a time when many bands are content being status quo.
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on December 23, 2006
The word of the day here is "consistency". Since the beginning, Incubus has consistently given us album after album of innovative, clever, and all around COOL tracks. Brandon Boyd consistently leads with celestial articulation, more so in this album than any other, I'd say. Boyd remains one of the few male vocalists in modern rock that can not only hold a tune, but hold it well, and this album showcases his talents faultlessly. While this album exhibits many members' skills and dexterity, it also makes their songwriting abilities LOUD and clear. Jose Pasillas II, colliding drumsticks with cymbals and the fabric of his instrument, with Mike Einziger close behind on guitar, tearing it up as always, Ben Kenney's battering bass, and DJ Kilmore (`nuff said!) complete the seraphic dynamic that defines Incubus' experimental, memorable, and indestructible essence.

From the get-go, they have set the bar very high for themselves, as well as for any band that's looking to create something worthy of comparison to the creative, virtuosic overlords of "good music"... Incubus. But, keeping with the word of the day, they remain consistent, all the while reinventing themselves once more for another rollercoaster of brand new sounds, styles, and emotions.

To those of you who may be left wondering if this album is, in fact, memorable... I challenge you to name two Incubus songs (from any album!) that sound alike... or, for that matter, sound like any other band around these days. Do your ears a favor and buy this album. It's a perfect change of pace from all the unworthy bands that somehow manage to take a seat in the limelight these days.

Incubus brings you home again.
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on December 11, 2007
...but Incubus cannot fail. I have yet to find a person who hates Incubus. Who could? They are undeniably one of the greatest "metal" bands of all time. K, that's unfair. They are a metal band, completely. But on Light Grenades it's hard to classify it that way. There are so many ideas poured onto the album that it gets lost in it's own exploration.
Where LG shines, it really shines. Dig is still one of my absolute favorite songs of all time. And i get so much crap for it. But no other band can churn out hit after hit like Incubus can. Anna-Molly, Love Hurts, and Diamonds and Coal are other true classics. But after that things get murky. Most diehard Incubus fans ate up this album like a KFC chicen bowl. Or something. I, however, did not fall for it. There are too many weak points. Both ETB songs are awful. Brandon Boyd always shines, he's one of the best lead men of all time. That's why people love Incubus. But oftentimes I have to find myself a social anebriant to be able to enjoy their material. Even the great songs on the album begin to wear thin after enough time. That's why I was thoroughly disappointed by their concert at Red Rocks, which was so much Light Grenades and not a whole lot else. At the same time, there were at least songs from Morning View and ACLOTM there.
Point is, this album is pretty darn good. Morning View and A Crow Left of the Murder are so much better. It's because Brandon Boyd and co. are seemingly now the new romantics of the rock world. Great for any Incubus fan. But if your on the edge about them, start elsewhere. Incubus was a band that took me forever to appreciate, and i now consider them to be one of the greatest bands ever.
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on July 26, 2007
I'm starting to get the feeling that Brandon Boyd is only capable of writing deep, complex songs about relationships, love, and loss. When I think back to the albums before "Morning View," there are a handful that standout which aren't about said topics- "Make Yourself," "A Certain Shade of Green," "Pardon Me," Even Morning View had "Just a Phase." But it feels like most of the tracks that jump out on "Light Grenades" are about love, loss of love, etc.
And I guess I've always known that about Boyd. Most of the bands hit singles are about that stuff- (Drive, Stellar, Wish You Were Here, etc.) But I honestly feel like his songwriting has stalled. It feels at times that the music itself has become less complex, more formulaic than in the past. I realize the analogy isn't spot on, but it's starting the feel like the difference between Metallica's "And Justice For All" and The Black Album. At the time- it might have been just one album. Now that we have perspective on it, it was the first in a series of very different, less complex songs. I feel like that's where Incubus is headed.
Don't get me wrong. This is the one band left that I will buy a the album for without hearing a single track. But it's been two albums since I've been remotely satisfied.
I hope they go back to the kind of band they were before, less "poppy."

"Dig" is my favorite track on this album.

It also might be a coincidence, but maybe in a few years we'll find out that Alex Katunich's departure hurt more than they thought it would (with no offense to Ben Kenney's playing).
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on March 8, 2007
I own every CD Incubus has released, and I am proud to add this to my collection.

These guys are in some kind of zone that never lets up. This is as good as any album they've ever done.

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on January 6, 2007
Incubus is one of the only good groups that can still make any impact on the charts nowadays. However, this album has some incredible songs, and some not so incredible songs.

"Anna-Molly", Incubus's first single, is a good song, but merely a repeat of what they did on 'Make Yourself'. It's nothing new or innovative, but still is vintage Incubus.

On "Dig" and "Love Hurts", Incubus incorporates modern pop in order to maintain chart credibility. Based on the overall sound of the album, it almost sounds forced. Incubus are better than that.

"Pendulous Threads" and "A Kiss To Send Us Off" stand out as the album's killer rockers. "Pendulous Threads" is a Sonic Youth-esque wall of noise and distortion, moderated by a Pearl Jam-esque verse. Absolutely fantastic song. "A Kiss To Send Us Off" recalls my personal favorite Incubus song "Circles", with a hard riff and a melodic verse taking turns.

This album outdoes its predecessor "A Crow Left Of The Murder...", but is not quite at the band's popular peak with 'Make Yourself' and 'Morning View'. I'd recommend starting with those two albums, and maybe 'Fungus Amongus', which demonstrates their roots in early Chili Peppers'-esque funk-rock.
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on December 17, 2014
“The first impression you get is the most appealing”…well, that was my first thought when I listened to this CD. But, I must admit that I did not like the whole disc but a few songs highlighted as the strongest. It took me a few spins –and a good advice from a cousin of mine who is into this disc- to realize how good Light Grenades is. Here is my overall comment on the disc: Tracks 1-5 (Quicksand, Kiss to Send us Off, Dig, Anna Molly, Love Hurts): They are all good openers. There is hope that the disc will keep going on the same pace, or at least there may be something better Tracks 6-7-8-9-10 (Light Grenades, Earth To Bella (Part 1), Oil and Water, Diamonds and Coal, Rogues)): The second half of the disc starts out with a pointless, weak but fast-paced song. IMO, it does not hold well, like most of the songs on the disc. However, as from Earth To Bella (Part 1) thru Rogues, the band gets back on the right track. But, be careful with track 10: it is a very tricky one: it is not easily likeable at first listen, or, let's say, not for everyone. Tracks: 11-12-13 (Paper Shoes/Pendulous Threads/Earth To Bella (Part 2): Quite interesting final section. However, I find Paper Shoes and Pendulous Threads somewhat difficult to follow, therefore, it may become, at times, boring, if you don`t understand what the band- and especially Brandon Boyd- is trying to express. Earth To Bella (Part 2) is a fine conclusion to the story that started out on track 7 and the album itself. Besides, I must give Brandon Boyd some credit for the singing. He is one of the best alternative rock singers around. Overall, Light Grenades may not be a masterpiece like S.C.I.E.N.C.E., Make Yourself, Morning View or A Crow Left Out Of The Murder, titles that have made Incubus a recognizable name in today`s alternative rock scene. It is just different. My advice: if you did not like it at first listen, give it a few spins, and you will find yourself loving it and appraising it, just like I did. Average rating: 4.5 stars
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