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on June 22, 2005
The catchy title of this book first caught my eye. But as I started reading it I soon realized I had stumbled onto a gem! "Light my Fire" discusses an aspect of management that has historically been a step child of traditional management programs, i.e. empathetic management.

As a manager, I found it incredibly insightful that internal marketing can help demonstrate an empathetic management and communication style, leading to many more strategic benefits other than high employee satisfaction. To highlight the ROI from investing in such efforts the authors' have conducted a thorough research into real-life scenarios that clearly show tangible results from internal marketing efforts! Overall, not only have the authors clearly articulated the value of internal marketing but they have also shared the mechanics of conducting an effective internal marketing campaign!

Most definitely a practical guide, this book is also a fun read! I strongly recommend it for senior executives who are responsible for maximizing departmental/company-wide performance as well as for any manager who is responsible for motivating and managing others' careers.
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This basic manual teaches you how to encourage your employees to buy into your business strategy and brand before you begin selling to real-world customers. Internal marketing programs should be part of every company's operations. Authors Susan M. Drake, Michelle J. Gulman and Sara M. Roberts show that motivated, energetic employees are important assets; they can expand your business exponentially. Simply by fulfilling basic human desires for recognition, advancement, esteem and education, you can build tremendous employee loyalty. Written in a light, breezy style, which occasionally might have benefited from more detail, this book provides examples of companies that have instituted exceptional programs. We strongly recommend it to executives, small business owners, and human resource and department managers looking for strategies to energize their companies by using their most valuable

resource: their people.
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on August 9, 2005
We are always trying to attract new customers. We seek new and attractive ways to bring them into our work places, but we forget that some of our best advertizers are the people who work for us. Light Their Fire focuses on pulling our employees into the advertizing mix and making them part of the equation of success. Sections of the book also focus on planning, which we all lack. We have meeting with staff and plan for the meetings only hours in advance. What are you going to focus on but the negitives rather than the positives. Proper planning starts when, if not before, the meeting is scheduled. Well worth the time to read.
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on June 7, 2005
Light Their Fire is a brilliantly enjoyable read that as well is enjoyably brilliant.

A philosophical manual with genuine utility, book provides granular, rubber-meets-the-road advice on creating positive outcomes for businesses of all types and sizes, from the struggling non-profit to the already market-dominant blue-chip. Silver generation CEO's and still-green startup entrepreneurs will find lessons they can each benefit from and immediately enact.

The authors manage to outfit the reader with a handbook for the creation and nurturing of greatness in businesses while maintaining the ability to understand the global themes and principles and macro-view under which the business landscape operates.

The provocative title of this book is true in many ways -- as the sparks contained in its pages will inspire a reader to immolate bales of low quality ideas while setting aflame the furnace of progress.

There are few books that are a "must read."

Light Their Fire is a "must read over and over."
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on June 22, 2005
Drake, Gulman and Roberts taught me how I can market my company and my brand to the one group of people I give short shrift to. No, not my customers, but my employees. Like most people, I spend all of my energies trying to communicate with and market to new clients, and then I focus on existing clients. I just don't spend enough time communicating with my own employees and then I get surprised when they can't read my mind.

"Light Their Fire" goes beyond generalities about the need to communicate better to internal employees. It gives you step-by-step ways of making internal branding a part of every thing you do. Whether it is videoconferencing or setting up employee email newsletters, this book tells you what to do, how to maximize its effectiveness and then gives great success case studies.

I am often suspicious of books written by several authors, but "Light Their Fire" doesn't have the voice of a dumbed-down committee. Instead, the lively personalities of each writer spill out on page after page. This was the most fun I've had reading a business book in a long time.
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on June 23, 2005
The authors of "Light Their Fire" have definitely hit a grand slam with this book. I have never been a reader that finishes a book in one night. "Light Their Fire" is a captivating book that will draw you in from start to finish. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to improve the overall health of their business through solid relationships with employees and co-workers.

As I read, "Light Their Fire" I found myself identifying with many of the situations and habits that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. In just one day after I read this book I have witnessed the value of what this book has to offer from comments by co-workers. Internal Branding is not an optional consideration; it's an absolute necessity to the success of a business.

If you are a Business Owner, Executive or Manager - "Light Their Fire" is your road map to success!
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Companies pay a lot of attention to a strong marketing plan for consumers but often don't pay much attention to internal marketing. One of the most powerful marketing forces you have is your employees. When they are excited about your product then they tell others. The authors of this book provide step-by-step guidance on how to get your employees to become your best marketing source by being your most dedicated consumer. They even include details on how to do things like break bad news to employees in such as way that it does not demoralize others.

Starting with Chapter 4 the authors take you on a detailed method for setting a course for action, setting goals, and then achieving those goals. Chapter 5 follows up with communicating good and bad news, choosing the right vehicle for communicating your message, and making the most of that communication vehicle. Other chapters include training as a marketing tool and using rewards and recognition. Easy to understand and apply, Light Their Fire is highly recommended.
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on August 24, 2005
Once picked up, this book would not easily yield to being put down again.

Written in fast-paced style, with great insight and illustrated with a fund of anecdotal evidence, "Light Their Fire" is a valuable blueprint for any organisation to follow in getting a grip on their internal processes that lead to external successes.

Throughout the book, I became aware of a feeling that issues raised in the book were pointing to the necessary creation of another one to address them... I look forward to it with anticipation.
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on July 18, 2005
As anyone who has ever read Dilbert knows, working for a big company sucks. The pointy haired managers are all too common. This book is on solving that problem.

People in most companies are made to feel that their contribution, their importance to the company is just about nil. Experience has shown most of us that devotion to the company is not reciprocated. We think we are doing well, we think we are doing what the company wants. And we are on the lay off list.

The difference here is communications within the company. Are we really pushing in the direction that the company wants to go, do we understand what the company is expecting of us. Most of us care, most of us don't feel that the company cares.

This book talks about inter company communications and how management can most effectively communicate their views to employees. This includes the three key points of identifying and tailoring your messages for maximum effectiveness, understanding and using various communications tools to get as much understanding out of your messages as possible, and most important, measuring the effeciveness of your messages.

This book presents internal communications in a new but easy to understand light.
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on June 23, 2005
Where else can one obtain advice from Dilbert and Albert Einstein?

In Light Their Fire, the authors have crafter a bold, at times irreverent, manifesto to improving your brand, marketing, and customer loyalty. Filled with real world examples, this book is an easy read with grounded tips which ensure forward motion and overall improvement.

On a personal note, I have learned from the book, placed some of the suggestions into action with my teams, and most importantly taken some of the advice to heart on an individual basis.

Pick up the book, browse a few pages, scan a chapter of interest, drink the kool-aid, read the entire book - you might just learn something that you can place immediately into action - I did!!!!

Not your typical business reading.
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