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on January 5, 2012
I purchased this although this said that it was 20x20. The kit comes with a 16" x 16", and I decided to try it first. It turned out that it is a good size for most things that I need to photograph. I like that everything stores in itself, and it does help to take wonderful pictures of my products and put them on a website. I take pictures of jewelry, knit and crochet items. I also took the tripod out and took great family pictures. All in all it was a very good buy.

I did not give it five stars as the lamps get very very hot and according to the instructions you cannot use the lamps for more than one continuous hour. It cuts my productivity sometimes, as I'm afraid to burn something (or myself).

I do recommend this set as it is a great value. I recommend it to people who post items to sell on the internet, and for blogs. It really does make a difference. If you can take pictures with natural daylight, great! I mostly take pictures at night, as my days are pretty busy, so it gives me the flexibility to work when I can work.
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on December 18, 2013
The good: The light tent comes with colored backdrops -- a nice touch. The light box folds up into a neat case and has two pockets.

The bad: The colored backdrops have a woven texture that is visible in pictures. The two lamps that come with the light tent are DIM. With them both on, and with an ISO of 400, I couldn't get a shutter speed faster that 4 seconds. Four seconds! That's how dim the lights are. The lights' bases are very flimsy as well, and the tripod that comes with fell over under the weight of my DSLR.

The ugly: Get this -- the backdrops don't even extend all the way to the sides of the box. The backdrops are about 1/2" narrower than the box, so there's a 1/4" gap on either side through which you can see the black case the light box comes in. You therefore can only take extremely closeup pictures of small items (provided you can get a decent exposure with the piddly little lights) or else the edges of the backdrop show.

I was attracted by the price, but am returning this light tent.

I'd say you get what you pay for, BUT.... I made a totally amateur (and free) DIY setup consisting of a cardboard box with windows cut out of it, and tissue paper over those windows, along with three work lamps equipped with 50w daylight bulbs. It ain't pretty, but it works infinitely better than this useless product.
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on July 23, 2014
This kit is what it is. It's an inexpensive kit that works adequately for most people's needs. It's not professional grade, but if you're just taking photos of items that are less than 16" square so that you can upload them to a website for sale, this kit is quite adequate.

I've found that the lights that came with the kit have a very orange-ish cast to them, in layman's terms, so they may or may not truly represent the color of your item in your photos. To get around that, you may wish to order the "NEEWER® 160 LED CN-160" video light. In my experience, with the clear filter on that light, the color of the items I've photographed was more natural.

I used this lightbox to photograph products for a friend who sells jewelry, and the plain white background served as an excellent backdrop. The only issue I had was that the sides of the lightbox are not connected to the bottom, so occasionally there was some of the material underneath (in this case, dark carpet) showing through. That can be easily remedied, however, by simply placing the lightbox on a white countertop or a white sheet of some sort.

And for photographing items where you may want a slight reflection (such as jewelry, where that reflection is called the "Tiffany effect," after the famous jeweler), all you have to do is purchase a sheet of inexpensive, clear acrylic from your local large hardware and building supply store. They will also cut it to the size you want; I chose 14" square to leave some room on the edges, though I'd probably choose 16" square next time.

One other piece of advice for DSLR users: purchase a remote for your camera. That will allow you to decrease your ISO, set your f-stop somewhere around f/22, and have longer shutter speeds. My shots were done at f/22 with ISO 400, and I was getting 1/2 second shutter speeds. That would be awful for anything handheld, but on a tripod and photographing nonmoving small items, it allowed me to have probably 99% of even large necklaces in focus and have very clear photographs. I did have to add some weight to the tripod that came with this kit to use the large LED light in my camera's hotshoe, but the lamps that came with the kit did a good job of being ballast!

After post-processing, the photos looked amazing and my friend's customers were very impressed! Considering the affordability of this kit, I am very satisfied.

The only issue for me is that I was sent one red, one white, and two blue backgrounds. The kit was supposed to have a black background. It seems like this was a packaging error, given how the item shipped. I will contact the company and ask if they will assist me in getting the correct background. If not, it's still no big deal- a piece of black felt cut to the correct size would do the job just as well.

EDIT: Just received word from the seller. They will be shipping me the correct black Chromakey background! One less problem to worry about!
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on November 18, 2013
Overall good product. You'll have to steam the backgrounds when you get them. Easy to set up. Great for travel. Do yourself a favor and buy lights from hardware store and read lots of articles on building your own lightbox. Lighting is key for good product shots! These lights are c-r-a-p-p-y. Sorry but the fact that you cant touch them after being on for 15 minutes cuz they get so darn hot is ridiculous. As a fotog you have to be able to light each object differently and this makes it impossible. I dont want to have to reach for a rag just to re-focus the lighting which is terribly yellow anyway. For the price...well, its a good starter kit.
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on September 13, 2013
The delivery was quick! I ordered it on Tuesday and received it Friday. This was with standard shipping. The product was in perfect condition and it was easy to set up. I just bought it for taking pictures of my nails but it's a pretty nice size that can be used to photograph so many things. The lighting is great. I definitely recommend this product.
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on April 30, 2014
The lights are useless. (Fortunately, I didn't buy it for the lights.) They have vents on the sides that allow light to escape which casts uneven lighting through the diffuser. They aren't strong enough either. The tripod...also useless unless you are using a point and shoot or small camera with small lens. (Fortunately, I didn't buy it for the tripod either.)

The box itself has worked great for professional food shots I am doing. The backdrops are non reflective and easily interchangeable, they cover the back and bottom of the box and extend about an inch in front. I am using off camera flash with the box and getting nice diffused light with soft, if any, shadows.

I have read some if the other reviews, you would need a really high ISO to shoot using the lights provided. If you don't have off camera flash, go to a hardware store and get some led lights. If you know how to light properly, the backdrop becomes invisible and is only a color - although I did iron them on a low heat.
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on October 7, 2015
This light box is a nice starter set. It is a complete kit, you just need your camera and the item to photograph.

For the price point, it is a good way to step up your photography skills without investing a great deal.

Warning about the light lamps. They get so hot within 10-15 minutes that you have to be extremely careful to not burn yourself. The directions indicate to never use for more than one hour and to allow to cool between use. Most of the time this would not be an issue but just something to remember when planning your set up.

If you are looking for a photo light box to start practicing your skills, this might be the kit to look at buying. It is priced right and does offer a complete set up including backgrounds to get you started. You can use other backgrounds and filters with the kit.
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on December 17, 2013
The box and tripod are ok but one of the lights quit working within the first hour of usage. Just to much of a hassle to return so still using the box minus lights.
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on April 15, 2014
I found the light box cumbersome to assemble, and it does not offer the light box qualities that I found in the Photix Light Tent. It is difficult to control shadows and to isolate the subject. It is balky to move around, and at the back the cracks show through. The lights that came with it and the ultra light tripod are nice however, as are the color swatches. So while I am unlikely to use the light box, I will keep it for the accessories.
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on June 11, 2014
Very happy with the quality and design! Everything (except the colored backgrounds and the tripod) will fit easily in the carrying case. The unit assembles with Velcro easily and neatly. The Four included colored backgrounds (red, blue, black, and white) insure you can get good contrast for any object to be photographed. I've tried to photograph small, intricate items before but gave up due to glare, etc. This eliminates, for all practical purposes, glare and provides nice even light on target.
Lights - Worked fine. I think they are a little underpowered but I had my ISO pretty low when testing. They aren't particularly strong but if you treat them reasonably well you'll have no problems. They do get hot so get 'em aligned quickly and don't handle the bulb area after they've been in use to adjust 'em.
Tripod - Flimsy, but what can you expect? A "good" tripod costs more than this entire unit. I can say this for it (and it surprised me) even fully extended (legs and vertical post) it held a Canon 5D with 50mm lens fine. I was a little worried all the time but now I know it will do it. I'll probably use my other tripod instead though. A small lighter camera (which the 5D isn't) will work great.
Overall - Well worth the purchase price. It'll make photographing small objects much easier while eliminating glare. Plus I'm sure I can find uses for the lights as accent lighting in other photos. Oh, make it easier on yourself and use either a remote shutter control or your camera's shutter delay.
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