Customer Reviews: LimoStudio High Quality 4 Socket Photo Bulb Adapter - Converts 1 Socket into 4 - Use for Standard Socket Flourescent Bulbs, AGG882-A
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on February 24, 2014
The person that wrote the listing title, English must be a second language. I don't mean this as a putdown. It is very confusing. The name or listing should read; LimoStudio High Quality Four Socket Photo Bulb "Controller". it has nothing to do with 1 socket, converting or adapting.

There are "Four Sockets" controlled with two on/off switches, each switch controls 2 sockets. With both switches on all four bulbs are on. In order to reduce the light output in half power, leave one switch off and the other on.

This Photo Light controller is very versatile. It can be used with most brands of Soft Boxes or any Umbrella Reflector. There is a hole in the center for Umbrellas. There are holes around the rim to put the rods of the soft box. It's easier to line up the rods if the controller is on a light stand. After getting soft box assembled on the light controller, then put the photo bulbs (Daylight Balance florescent style) 45 wt max into the controller. It is recommended to never touch the curly glass part of the bulb with your fingers as skin oil reduces the life of the bulb. Then connect the inside diffusion panel, and then the outside diffusion panel. The stand bracket has both a hole for vertically or horizontal mounting, so no need to mess with reconnecting the soft box. Especially helpful with oblong soft boxes like mine.

I owned a photo studio and lab for over 10 years back in the day of film. OMG that makes me sound old. Back then we only used a strobe flash in the soft box. This setup makes it much easier to use sense you can "See The Light". I think you'll be as happy with this item as I am.
I am so glad I purchased this light controller and I hope I've been helpful.
*** *** ***
I read the Q & A and saw the sellers comment ("it is up to 45W for each,,so total of 180W. Regards, kimoutlet")
before I made the purchase. I'm not an electrician, but I do know that the socket is not the only limitations. You risk popping breakers or causing a fire when you over load a "Circuit"
A 45W bulb Equals to 200W Regular Incandescent Light Bulb Output (Total Output: 800W)
4 x 45 is an intense amount of light. Someone referred to a 45w bulb as small but their thinking incandescent.
(LimoStudio Full Spectrum Light Bulb- Four 45W Photography Photo CFL 6500K - Daylight balanced pure white light by LimoStudio, AGG874
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on March 20, 2014
New review uodated 1/30/15
I've shot a couple dozen video jobs using these lights, and they're still working perfectly. They pack very well into a case along with their bulbs, and I've had zero issues with bulbs not turning on.

Original review below here

First off, to have four lights in a stand-compatible package WITH a degree of control (half on/all on) for less than $20 is amazing. If these break after the first job I use them on, they'll have paid for themselves and brand-name quality new ones.

Out of the box, both of mine only had 3 of the 4 lights working. A little jiggle and extra tightening turned on the 4th, but that makes me a little concerned as to how well constructed it is inside.

I'm not expecting to film award winning movies with these, but I can get 400 watts equivalent of CFL bulbs in a pretty tight spot if necessary, and if they last more than 6 months, I won't cry when I disassemble them to see if i can fix it.
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on November 20, 2013
From what I can tell, this is the head that comes in many of the CFL lighting kits sold on Amazon and other websites, and it's of a quality comensurate with such an origin. All of the lights turn on and all of the switches work, and the plastic screws that hold the unit onto the light stand do their job, although I don't think they'd take much stress without breaking. The screw that controls the tilt of the head is tight and secure and the head holds a 5-foot studio umbrella without sagging or bending. I've also tried it with a small Apollo softbox, and it works as well.

When you screw the lights in, that's when the cheapness of the product becomes apparent. The ceramic sockets rub against some interior part and makes an annoying scratching sound which does not inspire confidence, and the sockets can move a little within their moorings - they're not well secured. It feels fragile, and I'm concerned that over time the unit will wear out.

However, the most important feature of this light is that it provides a large base for several bulbs with a sturdy umbrella mount, and it does that very well. It is miles beyond the super-cheap, all-plastic mounts that hold one or two lightbulbs, so if you're on the fence, spend the extra dollars on this one, and you won't be disappointed. It's great for a home or amateur studio setup, especially if you set it up once and keep it there. I would think it's ideal for small-product photography or some light copy-stand work. However, if you're planning to use this for anything beyond the occasional professional work, you'll want to invest in a professional piece of equipment, like a Lowell Rifa or a tungsten light.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon January 29, 2016
In planning for a more permanent home studio setup, i came across this light head and corresponding softboxes. Overall it's a useful item, but with a number of considerations for this very low price:

Build quality
Very basic and lots of plastic. At least they used ceramic sockets, that's a good thing, but the sockets do move around a little bit. The white inner plastic seems to hold them in place well enough to feel secure. My main concern is the light stand mount, it's nearly all plastic, and very thin at the base. I urge anyone using this to be VERY careful when tightening that lower knob, going too far with it will likely cause the mount to crack. Just above that knob is the tile mechanism, this is also mostly plastic, but it's at least very thick and uses notches which feel secure when tightened down.

Umbrella socket
There is a hole right down the middle, and a spring clamp inside which does a good job of holding an umbrella in place, but there is no screw knob to fully secure it. Using my 60" umbrella, i was not satisfied with the overall stability of the unit, i would stick to smaller umbrellas.

Bulb size
I can say for sure that 85watt bulbs will not fit side by side, you can use 2 at most. I think there is a decent chance some 65watt bulbs may physically fit, but if you don't want to chance it, stick to 45watt bulbs. Be wary though of power ratings, i have tested several bulbs with a kill-a-watt and they came in at well under the advertised wattage.

You can have the unit at full off, half power, or full power. Anything in between you will need to physically unscrew a bulb.

Fuse and power cable
The cable is fairly thin, and the fuse is there to protect it from melting. The fuse is rated at 3 amps, so to be safe, you'll not want to go over 300watts total usage. Keep in mind the difference between actual watts, and equivalent watts. With CFLs and LEDs you will see the equivalent watts advertised quite boldly, so be sure to double check the actual watts used.

Optional Softbox
it's not much more dough to get the kit with a softbox, and i do recommend it. It's not a fantastic box, but it does the job. There are numerous mounting holes around the light head to insert the 4 softbox rods, and it can be a little annoying until you get the hang of it. The main annoyance in use is that to rotate the softbox from horizontal to vertical, you will have to take it fully off and remount it to the other holes. You could just take the whole head off the light stand and mount it with the side slot, but like i mentioned before, i wouldn't trust that thin mount.

Summed up
It's a very worthwhile head for those just starting out, or even for those who just need some extra lighting options. My intended use is for a semi permanent home studio setup. Could this be used for regular field work? It could, but i wouldn't bet on it holding up over time.
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on October 16, 2014
As others have mentioned, the description is absolutely wrong (and has been for a long time; I don't know why they won't change it). This is a four socket lamp with two switches (each controls two sockets) and a corded plug. This is not an adapter for a single socket in any way, shape, or form.

That said, it's a pretty great budget photo/video light. I have mine mounted inside a Neewer Portable 70x 70cm Umbrella Softbox Reflector Speedlight and it works perfectly. The rod on the soft box slides into the hole in the center of the lamp and is held tight. I also use this with another cheap reflector umbrella using the rod on the umbrella. Some have mentioned that the hole might be too small for "pro" soft box and umbrella rods. The rod on my umbrella and soft box look to be around 8mm in diameter, so if your rod is thicker than that (ahem...) then maybe it won't fit into the rod holder, I can't tell you for sure. There is a metal spring clip inside the hole to keep the rod in place with friction, so it seems like there might be a little play in how thick a shaft it can hold.

Initially I tried using 4x 100watt incandescent bulbs (just to see what would happen), and it blew the 3amp fuse immediately (note that it's a fast-blow fuse if you need to replace it). I believe this lamp is rated at 45W per socket, but it's been hard to find a solid answer on this question. If this is in fact true, using 4x 100 Watt CFL's (at an actual 23watts per bulb) is well within the accepted parameters. I may try to bump up to 200Watt CFL's in the future if I can find some with small enough bases.

Currently I am using the lamp with 4x 100 watt CFL bulbs. This means I can't use it with a dimmer unless I spring for more expensive bulbs (dimmable CFL's are around 20x the cost of regular) and also purchase CFL specific dimmers, but since the lamp has two switches I can at least have the option of full and half power. After about an hour of full power with 4x 100 watt CFL, the inside of my softbox is still pretty cool (easily cool enough to put your hand in and leave it there).

Some have complained about larger bulbs not fitting in the sockets. You just need to pay attention to the size of the base that is on each bulb. The bulbs I'm using have bases that are around an inch and three-quarters in diameter (which is just slightly larger than the socket size) and there is easily an inch between each bulb base when all four bulbs are screwed in.

The first time I used the lamp, one of the sockets didn't work, but after a little jiggling all four sockets now work (and have continued to work without any additional jiggling). So the build quality isn't rock solid, but again... the price.

The housing is marked "Super Lamp Holder SLH3" on the back and has an "LS Photo Studio" badge. ~100-240v 50/60Hz
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on January 11, 2014
I bought this to fit onto a large Chimera-brand 30" lantern softbox that I use for roundtable setups, and it works quite nicely. The 4 rods on the Chimera were a little too large to fit into this head, but I found that simply drilling out the receiver holes worked great and the rods fit perfectly now. The lighting head supports the weight and tension of the softbox without any issues. There are two switches on the back of the light head, each controlling two of the four bulbs, which is great if you want to take the light intensity down a bit after you've already set up. Although this head is mostly made of plastic, it seems fairly durable and hasn't given me any problems yet. Even the mount is plastic, but has proven to be durable and holds in place nicely, even under the weight of the head + softbox. For the price, this is a nice light head.
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on May 31, 2014
I gave this 4 instead of 5 stars because although they claim it can be used with a soft box, the holes for the soft box poles are way to small (if you're using pro quality boxes). I'll try to drill them out, but I'm not sure it's sturdy enough to handle my boxes.

I gave it 4 stars because other than this one problem, it's exactly what I expected. It's very compact and ways little, perfect for traveling. It's also pretty well though out, with swithes to control 2 bulbs at a time and a nice light stand mount. It will work perfectly when I need a little extra fill when ashooting interiors.

It's small enough to slip into my luggage when traveling, and cheap enough that I won't worry to much if it's stolen or lost when flying.

It's $19, so I wasn't expecting to be blown away, but you still get far more than you pay for.

Nice Job!

Update: I drilled out the holes for my soft boxes, and found that this is not going to work. The housing is plastic and it won't be able to handle the stress from the flexed soft box poles. I'm still happy with the purchase... maybe this is something they can consider for future versions?
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on October 15, 2014
I was hesitant to purchase this because the price seemed too good to be true, what's the catch? I knew not to set my expectations too high when purchasing budget photo equipment. I wasn't too impressed with the 3-piece Cowboy Studio lighting kit this was replacing. I decided to buy two of these.

Right out of the box I filled them with bulbs to test. None of the lights on the first one fired up, and only 2 of 4 on the second head lit up. I unplugged everything and removed the bulbs. Inside the sockets are a little piece of metal to contact the side of the light bulb, I bent that contact point in a little bit on all the sockets. Now ALL the bulbs on second head were lighting up, but still none of the ones on the first head. I figured it probably had something to do with the fuse, so I swapped out the fuse with the spare fuse they included with it. PROBLEM SOLVED. All Lights on both heads work great!

I was impressed with the build quality. I was surprised to see that all the sockets were made of ceramic (from the picture I thought they were plastic). Having switches for each half of the head really sold this for me.

So, if you're looking for very good lighting for cheap, THESE ARE THE WAY TO GO. You might have to troubleshoot them initially, but if you follow what I did you should be able to get them working in no time. I've used these for about 10 videos so far and have more than gotten my money's worth out of them. They will definitely last me long enough until I can upgrade to a nice, professional set of lights.
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on September 22, 2015
This photo lighting base works out of the box as advertised. A few things of note. The base screw is so long that I needed to unscrew a substantial amount out before I can mount the base on a normal light stand stud. It was very surprising to find out that the incline control was ratcheted (a good thing) to prevent from movements. There is also a screw that tightens the incline control to ensure there are no accidental movements from the base. After un-boxing, I had to muscle the incline control, and was surprised by the "clicking" gears. The dual switches located in the back was a bit confusing. The left switch serves as on/off control for the top two sockets while the right switch controls the bottom two sockets. The labels indicate control either left or right. These switches are great in controlling light ratios. There is also a fuse guard as well as an extra fuse shipped with the base. This is definitely a nice thing just in-case there is some power surge. BTW: One socket did not work initially. I moved the bulbs around thinking it could be a bad bulb but after one swap, the socket started working. Not sure what that was about but I can only assume the base of the bulb needed to be tightened into the socket or perhaps, because it was new, the socket was not making proper contact. I wish the attached cord was longer. The plug is two prong and not grounded. The base material and construction seems solid. The plastic is matte black with guide holes for a softbank which I don't have. The hole for the umbrella is center aligned and uses a tension metal to hold the umbrella shaft in place. I'm not sure how durable is that because my rule is, "if it's not screwed down, it might blow away." Despite the few things mentioned here, it is what I wanted and nothing compares without spending a lot of money. If it breaks, I'll buy another one. Actually, I might buy another one anyway because of it's affordability and actual functionality.
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on November 6, 2014
This is a great value. Fast shipping. Sure it's plastic, but it's only $20. and the CFLs don't generate enough heat to melt it. I was able to get two 45watt and two 85 watt bulbs in it.(Four 85s blows the fuse) That configuration fit into the Neewer 70cm x 70 cm umbrella softbox. Pretty cool for the price.

I've been shooting professionally for 40+ years and I have a ton of high end gear. I wanted some stuff I could leave in the car, loan to students, and not worry about breaking. This fits the bill. I recommend it. I may buy more.
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