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on February 25, 2010
Lincoln and his boys is a book about Abraham Lincoln before and after he was president of the United States. My favorite part in the book is at the end when all the freed slaves come together thanking Abraham Lincoln.I would totally recommend this book! (Haley)

I just finished reading Lincoln and His Boys.It was about Lincoln running for the president.The book had lots of detail.Lincoln took Tad almost everywhere he went.Then they moved to Washington D.C..Then Willy and Tad got the fever after being there for a while.Willy died and he was the youngest brother to. Everybody was sad mostly his mom she always wore black once he died she would always cry to.Then they won the Civil War.It is a very good book and I think everybody should read it. (Sabrina)

The book Lincoln and His Boys is a dramatic,funny book.One of my favorite parts was when the Civil War ended.The reason i liked that part is because everyone was happy and celebrating the end of the Civil War.One of my least favorite parts was when Willie died.Willie is one of Abraham Lincoln's son.Taddie is the other son,and Bon is the oldest son.Another one of my least favorite parts was when the Civil War began.The reason that was one of my least favorite part is because Abraham Lincoln seemed so depressed.I think that this book was probably one of my favorite books.It was a great book ! (Christina)

I think Lincoln And His Boys is a very heart warming story. The plot of the book is that Abraham Lincoln started out as running for President against a man named Mr. Douglas. Lincoln has a wife and a couple of kids. They start out as a farm family and then Lincoln runs again as President. Abraham Lincoln wins the election. Now his family and himself was very happy and knew their life was bound to change.The Civil War started right when Lincoln became President. Then Lincoln has to be a great ruler and great dad. Tad and Willie find friends, Bud and Holly, and build a fort. Lincoln wants to have General Robert E. Lee on as a general on his side and not the South. ( General Lee is on the South side of the war.) Tad gets a fever and dies of it. Mother cries for days , weeks, and even months. After a while Mother gets a hold.The war ends and Lincoln has a speech. Everything ends out well.I think you should check this book out and read it because it is a very good book. (Jodie)
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VINE VOICEon January 6, 2010
.. .choice for demonstrating to the young reader of either gender the toll that the heartache and pressures of the Civil War took on Lincoln. To the reviewer who complains that this is somehow so fictionalized it is "not fair" to the young reader--huh? The author even includes a note at the end explaining her documentation. Nitpicking away at the sterling quality of this book is what is not fair, in my opinion.
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on February 10, 2009
This is a beautiful book. I knew Lincoln was cool, but I had no idea how cool. I loved the voice and the way Wells fleshed out real facts to tell such a wonderful story.
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on October 31, 2011
I saw this book on the library shelf as a Beehive Book Award Nominees for the State of Utah. Not only did I read it, but then I bought it! I think it's deserving of the nomination. It is a sweet, little read (just under 100 pages) with beautiful illustrations written from the perspective of Lincoln's loving yet sassy son's, Tad and Willie. My 13 year-old daughter also read it and now I am reading it to my 5 year old. Whether you are a Lincoln fan, a history buff or interested in a cute story from the eyes of a child, I recommend this book.
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on February 22, 2010
This Book is great for 9-12 year old children it shows how much a dad can love their children whether their 19 or 5 and it shows a relation ship between child and father it shows that every can have a great life if they just have fun. like in this book his Abraham Lincoln takes time to play with his kids even if he has work from playing pretend horse to playing tag it should show kids that read this book that its always fun to playwith your dad.

By Nathan Walsh Student at Daniel Bagley Elementry
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VINE VOICEon October 18, 2011
Rosemary Wells researched the life of Lincoln. (See video on her website.) She found it amazing that a man raised in conditions which today we would consider abusive, could turn out to be such a loving and caring family man himself. She shows his life with his sons in a very up-close, personal way. Very enjoyable reading for the classroom or family setting.
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on July 14, 2012
I can't help but reply to the one person who gave this book 3 stars. No this is not a biography, and it doesn't claim to be, as evidenced by the book being identified as juvenile fiction on the inside page! This is a great book to introduce children to Abraham Lincoln, the father and husband, not the Lincoln they know of as depicted in history books and classroom reading material. It also explains the Civil War in terms that children can understand. The premise behind this book and other juvenile historical fiction books is to get children to read and appreciate history, and that is what this book does. I recommend it. Hopefully by reading this book children will be encouraged to read more historical fiction books.
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on September 17, 2014
This book I 'happened' upon due to Rosemary Wells writing the very popular "Max and Ruby" children's books. I thought that President Lincoln is a FAR stretch from Max and Ruby so my curiosity go the better of me. It's a chapter book written very well. Each chapter is written from either Willie or Tad's point of view. Making the reader seem like they are right with them. The beginning Lincoln has just be defeaded as Congressman. but was talking of running for President. Then the next chapter he has been elected and they live at the white house. and the last is during the Civil War. This gives an insight as to what type of Father Lincoln was to his sons. How he dealt with them during all the stress of what was going on in the world as well. According to the Author's Note in the back everything in the book is real, except a few dialogs and situations where the issues took place. But everything she researched and found from writings from one of the Taft sisters that the Taft boys was playmates of Willie and Tad. And a few other books she researched of close personal friends of the Lincoln's. So it's nice to read a book giving us an inside view of the 'parent' side of Lincoln
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on February 11, 2009
2009 marks the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth. There are many things that history books may tell us about the former president, but not many show Mr. Lincoln through the eyes of his sons. LINCOLN AND HIS BOYS sets out to do just that.

Through Willie and Tad we get to see a side of Lincoln we don't always see. He was playful and loving with his boys, and many times the president took refuge from the hardships of war in his children and family.

Author Rosemary Wells has written a wonderfully researched story of the Lincoln family told from the point of view of Willie and Tad.

I have always been fascinated with the Lincoln family and this book was a wonderful treat. The illustrations are so beautiful that they evoke emotion from the reader, and I could hear the laughter of Willie, Tad, and Mr. Lincoln playing in the White House.

LINCOLN AND HIS BOYS is a great gift for history fans of all ages and a perfect way to celebrate this amazing family.

Reviewed by: Sarah Bean the Green Bean Teen Queen
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on October 17, 2013
This is a wonderful chapter book about Abe Lincoln, and his sons, Willie and Tad. It centers first on Willie, and then after Willie's death, upon Tad. Each boy's personality and their brotherly interactions are fully explored, as are their romps in the White House, and disturbances during Lincoln's cabinet meetings. The colorful illustrations are full of love, mischief, and character. An excellent book to read aloud to your children.
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