Customer Reviews: Linksys Advanced DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem for Comcast, Connector, F-type female 75 ohm Cable (DPC3008)
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on August 1, 2012
Linksys DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem (DPC3008-CC)

After a great deal of research for my circumstances, this specific cable modem is my best available option as a "supported device" with Comcast, my Internet Service Provider (ISP). Amazon Prime offered a competitive price (since increased). The order arrived on time along with another Amazon order placed later that arrived a day early.

If you are a basic internet service consumer, you probably are not shopping for a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem. If you want the best "bang for your buck" and need fast internet access say for video on demand or online gaming, read on.

Bottom line, this Cisco DPC3800-CC cable modem works on my Comcast service. It does not operate at DOCSIS 3.0 speeds. My quantifiable thru put is now more than doubled by replacing a leased DOCSIS 2 cable modem with this DOCSIS 3 modem. The pay back is 12.2 months by eliminating the Comcast modem lease. My disappointment rests with Comcast, not this product. Here is why.

While the FCC wants US ISPs to make 100 million bits per second (100 Mbps) download speed our national standard by 2020, we are FAR from that standard in 2012. A cable internet provider that implements the full feature set of the cable industry's DOCSIS 3.0 standard could meet the FCC objective. But my service provider is not even close and has no incentive to do so. All we can do, as consumers footing the bill, is to be informed (search "DOCSIS 3.0") and purchase products that will work if the service level is provided.

You need to understand that there are three variables to your quality of internet service: 1) cooperative manufacturer / service provider relationships to assure proper "provisioning" or the `hand shake' between the hardware and the ISP; 2) an ISP willing to implement a supportive infrastructure; and 3) the ISP service level and equipment you select to pay for. I chose the Cisco DPC3008-CC to address factors 1 and 3 and understand that Comcast is not now providing adequate service to my location to achieve service levels this cable modem is designed to provide. In other words, I cannot downgrade the DPC3008 device rating due to my ISP, service factor 2!

I moved from NW FL to SW Florida a few months ago in 2012. With the same hardware (a DOCSIS 2 Scientific Atlanta cable modem), different cable providers (Cox & Comcast) I had 2x faster thru put with Cox cable than I now have with Comcast with the same modem. A personal visit to Comcast's local service office confirmed yesterday that my location is not receiving the highest speeds Comcast offers here. In contrast, I received better than advertised thru put from Cox (try 32 Mbps with the same DOCSIS 2 device!).

The installation was simple. The CD based user guides are not clear. Yes, you can just attach the new cable modem to your cable without wasting time to call technical support, assuming your cable internet is operable. Keep your working cable modem until you set up your new one. As per the user guide, simply connect the new modem and power it up. Observe the lights to confirm the new modem on your cable initiated your ISP's automatic provisioning. Now, direct connect your computer to the modem, power cycle the modem and open your browser. You eventually will see a screen that requests your account number and registered phone number, maybe the last 4 digits of your SSNO. After a reset, I was good to go. The last install step is to then connect your wired / wireless local area network. You can do this within 30 minutes. After testing that, I drove to Comcast, turned in the leased cable modem and challenged their service level to no avail.

I will edit this review later if I experience any issue specific to the Cisco DPC3008-CC. I conclude that the negative reviews here are from inexperienced users or perhaps a firmware or provisioning issue now corrected by Comcast and Cisco. After 24 hours, it is still working and never rebooted. If a user does not properly "provision" the new modem with the ISP, it will exhibit the reboot symptom complained about here.

I deduce that the Comcast recommended speed test site ( is optimized for my local Comcast service since its measured speeds with two different cable modems were nearly twice that of a different site ( Within 24 hours, I ran 4 tests of the two different sites. With, my download / upload average speeds were 15.4 / 6.2 Mbit/sec with the DOCIS 2 device versus 28.4 /5.3 with the Cisco DOCSIS DPC3800. With, the averages were 7.0 / 6.0 before versus 28.4 / 4.0 with the Cisco modem. Clearly, the Cisco DPC3008 DOCSIS 3 cable modem performed better than a Scientific Atlanta DOCSIS 2 cable modem. Is the expected DOCSIS 3 speed attained? NO. If you read all the above, you understand that I hold Comcast accountable, not this device from Cisco.

Am I obtaining the DOCSIS 3 benefit of 8/4 dynamic channel bonding? There is no way to tell, except my speed test suggest NO. I do not now know if that is hardware or an ISP issue.

Yes I am receiving the DOCSIS 3.0 benefits of IPv6 and a gigabit Ethernet port. Yes, the setup was easy.

I chose the Cisco DPC3008 primarily due to its DOCSIS 3.0 certification and its acceptance as an approved device by Comcast. Comcast has few DOCSIS 3.0 devices on its approval list that are still marketed by the manufacturer for consumer purchase with the 8 / 4 channel bonding and IPv6 features of DOCSIS 3. The newer Cisco DPC3010 and newer devices from several manufactures are not yet approved so I stuck with the older DPC3008. Why Comcast seems to need 4 years to certify a device, six years after DOCSIS 3 is defined is unfathomable. Cisco seems to have gone the extra mile to assure its device is acceptable to Comcast, factor 1 above. This specific cable modem is my best available option today and it works.

9/21/2012: Most recent speed test is 36.2 / 5.2 Mbps. My Netgear wireless router died after only two years so I substituted a Cisco unmanaged switch for trial. This resulted in frequent outages of the DPC3008. I mention this trial it may be possible that reviewers who complain about disconnects are not direct connecting to the DPC3088 with one device or connecting a router / Ethernet hub to connect multiple devices. The unmanaged switch is not designed for this. Cisco's "documentation" is not even clear or helpful about how to connect anything but a PC! With a router or with only a single PC connected, the DPC3008 has been "rock solid" since my initial installation.

I learned that I am not in a prime Comcast area so "Blast" is not available to me yet I had no difficulty installing / provisioning the DPC3008 to replace the rental cable modem. I regret that the Cisco device does not confirm channel binding status. I therefore cannot tell if my fractional speeds versus advertised speeds are poor signal, bad provisioning by Comcast or simply Comcast throttling the speeds.

Last, a few report poor speeds while many report easy installation with 2 to 3 times the former speed. Aside from a defective unit, if you are using Comcast and not obtaining reasonable speed, your DPC3008 may not be correctly provisioned (Comcast's handshake with your device). If you are as inpatient with phone support as I am, it is faster to simply take the DPC3008 and box to Comcast customer service to ensure it is set up for you.
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on May 2, 2012
This modem drops connections and/or get hung up constantly. It gets hung up and reboots itself several times a day. Sometimes I have to manually reset/power cycle the modem to get it back up and running again. You should NOT have to manually reset or power cycle your modem 2-10 times a day, especially a brand new modem. Tried troubleshooting with Comcast and was referred to Linksys Tech Support, who then tried to refer me back to Comcast. After telling them that Comcast referred me to Linksys in the first place, they tell me it is beyond their scope of expertise and referred me to Cisco Tech Support. Cisco Tech flat out said that they couldn't do anything for me or my problem since there is nothing configurable on the modem. I asked if the modem was faulty then wouldn't Cisco have to replace it under their 1 year warranty? The Cisco Tech said there was nothing they can do to help.

This problem with constant disconnects affects a lot of Comcast customers and the only fix seems to be have the firmware flashed back to the Aug 2011 because the Jan 2012 firmware is faulty. Unfortunately, none of the tech support people that I got in touch would was knowledgeable enough to help. Of the two Linksys and Cisco Tech I spoke to, neither was able to even give me the default password for the Modem status page.

The DPC3008 maybe Certified by Comcast but neither Comcast nor any part of Cisco or Linksys will provide support for it.
This modem doesn't have a log page to see what went wrong and there is no interface or even download site for the user to change the firmware.

Also, when the modem is hung up or if the internet status is disconnected, there is no way to reach the modem status page through a browser via the IP address
All the other cables modems I've used before (Scientific Atlanta, Motorola Surfboard, and Linksys CM100) all were reachable even when the internet connection was down. With this one, you can't even check the status and there is no logs to troubleshoot with.

If you're with Comcast, stay away from this modem because the Certified for Comcast label on this modem is meaningless and you'll get no help from the manufacturer.
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on June 19, 2015
Fast connection and worked great while it lasted. Sadly, our beloved modem died after 3 years, 3 months.

Services will be held Saturday at 1 PM EDT. In lieu of flowers, the family requests products made in America from now on.
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on May 7, 2012
I have grown to be a fan of Linksys / Cisco product s for a while. I kept getting calls from Comcast stating that my current purchased cable modem is no longer supported, and they would be happy to send me a new one free of charge, but of course, add the $7 per month rental charge. I work out of my home and had noticed my VOIP calls, and downloads were not as fast as they should have been after I analyzed my current system. I went ahead and purchased this product due to it being a Cisco product, and it being certified by Comcast.

After receiving the product, I ran with the modem for almost a month and speeds down and up were fantastic. My VOIP calls were clearer, and streaming and video calls were much smoother. However, I noticed that the modem would randomly drop the signal, and re-synch up again. The modem was in a open area, so I new it wasn't a heat issue, nor did the unit ever become hot. I called Cisco support, who directed me to Comcast support, as they claim it was a firmware issue that Comcast would manage. I checked online, and in the Comcast forums, I found others who also had the same issues. The current firmware release from January 2012 was the issue, and the only solution was for Comcast to roll-back the firmware to an August 2011 release. After almost 10 contacts (phone or chat support) with Comcast to report the issue and direct them to their own forum, the firmware was never rolled back, and the issue did not go away. I had to inevitably send the product back to and replace with a Surfboard SB6121. It's an alright modem so far, but upload speeds not so good as uploads are only bonded to one channel. I'll report back if something goes wrong with this new modem.
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on May 17, 2013

I bought this to replace a crapped out uBee DOC3.0 that started needing a reset about once a day. Unfortunately - I didn't install it within the 30 day return period - so I am stuck with having to get a replacement from Cisco/Linksys.

I worked with Comcast to setup and register the modem - and within three hours it was resetting itself about once an hour.

I immediately bought a Motorola SB6121 from Amazon with one day delivery - set the Motorola up with Comcast and it has worked flawlessly since.

Lesson learned - please do not repeat my mistake-eh!!
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on April 25, 2013
After coming across a posting that Comcast had upgraded their equipment in our area, I got this new DPC3008 to replace an existing DOCSIS 2.0 modem. My main objective was not so much connection speed, but rather to utilize native IPv6 connectivity over the internet.

Turned out somewhat of a struggle to swap in the new modem, even though I first initiated a Comcast chat session to have them walk me through the process. After the swap, the initial connection was intermittent and slow when working. In a second Comcast chat session the support person ran a test and noted that the modem wasn't provisioned correctly -- and initiated the required provisioning. That resulted in no connection at all, so connecting up a third Comcast chat session via my 3G mobile hotspot, we fooled around another 30 minutes, until I finally noticed that the cable modem connection had settled in solid and fast. It's still running fine the next day.

Credit to Comcast chat support people, they may not always get it right, but they are readily available and will stick with your problem to resolution, if possible.

Based on results, the DPC3008 is giving better data rates than the old cable modem. This was unexpected, since I didn't alter my Comcast data plan subscription. Possibly the old modem wasn't provisioned perfectly and/or DOCSIS 3.0 on both the Comcast end and my end is inherently faster.

P.S. - turns out my router doesn't support "Prefix Delegation" so native IPv6 remains out of reach, for now. Will continue to use the 6in4 tunnel.

**** UPDATED May 21, 2013 ****
This update is not any modification of my review comments above, just some useful support information that I gleaned today.

Woke up this morning and found the Comcast internet service offline. Contacted via a separate cellphone connection, Comcast support told me that maintenance was being performed in the area. It took several hours for the internet service to stabilize, and during this time the DPC3008 stopped communicating with my router; only one laptop (never before connected directly to the modem) could complete its DHCP procedure and successfully connect. I ended up cloning that laptop's MAC address into the router in order get the router back online with the DPC3008.

Another interesting fact I learned during this episode is that the DPC3008 does have a status webpage, accessible at This page also contains user name/password input fields but I never figured out a working combination, which presumably would give additional configuration access beyond the status page.

Nevertheless, the status page itself is very useful. Among other items, it provides the channel bonding states for both the downstream (up to 8 channels) and the upstream (up to 4 channels). These multiple channels are what DOCSIS 3.0 is all about, to enable higher data rates. On my Comcast connection (when fully operational), five downstream and three upstream channels are shown active. During the period right after this morning's outage, before the connection stabilized, the DCP3008 DS indicator light glowed amber, and only one downstream channel was active (i.e. no channel bonding). Later, with the connection fully restored and the DPC3008 status page showing five active (bonded) downstream channels, the DS indicator light was back to its normal green.
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on December 3, 2013
Owned this for 5 months. Worked fine for two months then became unreliable. Cable provider indicated they see countless 'resets' over months.
3 hours dealing with Cisco/Linksys to RMA the modem - they have the absolutely WORST support ever. Online chat ignored my questions and disconnected the chat session after 45 minutes of silence from them. (Meaning they not once attempted to answer a question - no response to "Hello - Are you there?") Maybe technical problems with their chat service but either way terrible service.

Called Linksys - they said 'thats a Cisco product, call them'.
Called Cisco - they said 'thats a Linksys product, call them'.
Cisco is printed on the device but the box says Linksys.

Third support call I finally got someone that would help but it was still an hour process to issue an RMA.

My ultimatum was either send me a new modem or I'll drive over this one with my F350 and go buy a new one from someone else.

This is my last Cisco or Linksys device ever. Never again will I buy their products, either for home use or corporate.

I'll most likely replace it anyway since they are sending me a refurb as a replacement.
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on July 15, 2012
Just google for 'cisco DPC3008 customer support' and you'll see that one of the top hits is the comcast customer forum where hundreds of people complain about the DPC3008 dropping internet connections. Because this modem is listed on Comcast's web site as an approved modem, I bought one 3 months ago. I've had nothing but trouble with it and to my surprise, discovered that many other people were experiencing the same problem. Under somewhat heavy load such as streaming a movie, the modem drops the internet connection. The only solution is to use a different modem. I replaced the DPC3008 with a Motorola surfboard and have not had any problems. I would stay away from the DPC3008, it does not work reliably. It'll be the last Cisco product I ever purchase.
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on April 14, 2012
I bought this modem so that I could rid of the $7 monthly rent. It got provisioned fine but keeps on getting reset every now and then. In two days time it has been resetted on its own like 5-6 times. I bought this modem instead of Motorola surfboard as I already have a Linksys wrt54g2 router but looks like cisco modems are not even compatible with their own routers. I have tried so many times to hook up this modem with the router but no use. I wanted to save $7 rent but looks like that caused me a whole lot of pain and if I continue to use this modem I might have to buy a compatible router worth around $60-$70. So looks like to save $7 /month I am spending $170-$180 upfront which doesn't sound good. I am gonna return this modem today. Definitely won't recommend it to use with Comcast.
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on March 28, 2012
Using this modem with Comcast. I didn't even have to call them to activate it. I just used the self-activation website and was up and running in less than 5 minutes.

I got this to replace a SB6121 because I wanted 8 downstream channels, plus the SB6121 ran too hot and I had to have a fan blowing on it. I'm on the Blast 25/4 tier and with the SB6121 I was getting 36.5Mbps down and 6.5Mbps up with Power Boost.
With the DPC3008 I'm getting 36.1 down and 5.6 up with Power Boost. Kind of disappointing.

Like with the DPC3000 and DPC3010, the DPC3008's diagnostic screens are gimped to only show you the signal levels.
No channel frequencies, no uptime, and no logs. If Motorola can show all this information in a read-only format, why can't Cisco? Another disappointment.
As long as the modem works it's not that big of a deal, but detailed diagnostic information can be very helpful if you really need it.

Temperature wise the DPC3008 runs cooler than the SB6121 and doesn't need a fan blowing on it, so I'll stick with it for now.
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