Customer Reviews: Linksys Powerline AV Wireless Network Extender (PLWK400)
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Capacity: 200 Mbps|Model: 1-Port + Wi-Fi Range Extender|Change
Price:$55.99 - $333.27
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on January 10, 2014
First off, I believe the "up to 200Mbps" rating must be them combining 100M up and 100M down. The max speed of the ports on the devices are 100Mb/sec, full duplex. The product is not physically capable of doing 200Mbps FD.

The larger problem is that they don't even come close to 100Mb/s. The absolute best I was able to get out of these units, as tested with iperf/jperf, was 19Mb/s. This is not enough to provide a continuous HD stream for video.

The 19Mb/s rate was achieved by plugging both units into the same wall plate (100% ideal connection). That's not how these are supposed to be used. They are supposed to get you connectivity from room to room. Room to room results are much less, usually around 8 to 9Mb/s.

The bottom line is, if you're just surfing the internet they will work fine. If you bought these because you thought you were going to get anything near 100Mb/s, you're going to be sadly disappointed.

Shame on the manufacturer. These things are pure trash.
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on April 23, 2016
No more weak Wifi. Totally what I needed. I have a wireless router on my top floor of my home. My man cave was banished to the basement. This thing delivers strong and reliable bandwidth far beyond normal limits of my wireless setup. Thank you!
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on November 20, 2012
This is a great solution to wireless expansion or strength to your existing wireless network.
Although a little confusing to set up, it works great.

We have an office with a large fish tank in it. The wireless does not penetrate the water well and therefore decreases our range through out the home. The house is 6,000 SF and there are wireless devices on opposite corners. This unit helps fix that problem.
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on December 29, 2013
I purchased the PLWK400 in 2012, installed the PLE400 adapter in my computer room/office and installed the PLW400 adapter in a tv/game room in the other end of my home and have had no problems with these devices, they perform as advertised. From reading most of the reviews it seems most of the people are having issues with the electrical outlets they are using because they are not on the same circuit breakers. Here is the bottom line on that issue, if your home electrical wiring is up to 'code' you should have no problem plugging these devices into any 110 outlet in your home that is wired to the same main electrical panel because the adapters are wired to transmit the signal thru the 'common' side of the electrical outlet/wiring of your home and all 'common/white' wire throughout your home 'deadheads' at a common point in your homes main electrical panel, the 'hot' side (black) wiring connects to separate circuit breakers in the main panel. If you have a problem have an electrician check the polarity of the outlet in question, the outlet may have the 'black/white' wiring reversed, it still functions as an electrical outlet but it breaks your adapter connection because the signal isn't coming thru the 'common' side of the outlet. I got the info on 'common wire transmission' from a 'chatline' tech on '' 12/28/2013, hope this helps a little. Sam, ''.
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on May 14, 2015
I quite enthusiastically support the Cisco Linksys Powerline AV Wireless Kit.

I was an early adopter of this technology, utilizing the Netgear XAVB101 Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter Kit for about four years. We have a long house (115-feet) and the Verizon FiOS connection enters at a far basement corner. We could not maintain reliable Internet connectivity throughout two floors of this lengthy ranch using the sole Verizon router located at the service origination point.

Various wired and wireless solutions were explored. I'd read about power companies deploying Internet service over power lines system-wide with reasonable performance. Still, I remained a skeptic.

But cost,convenience and flexibility compelled me to give it a try in our independent film post-production (edit) suite, offices, a viewing room and gathering spaces. The Netgear boxes worked reasonably well and eliminated a potentially major Ethernet cabling project to accomplish the same end goal. As many months of usage passed, Powerline unit performance became increasingly erratic, some days requiring multiple manual reboots of all four Netgear Powerline devices. Each reboot and troubleshooting assessment required at least ten-minutes, sometimes far more time.

Enter Cisco Netgear. Their Powerline Internet adapter is a breath of fresh technology air we quickly and successfully deployed throughout our facility. Connectivity and through-put looks excellent. We have a studio envirment in which the movement of large 4K video files is a demanding process for multiple users and stakeholders. So far, so good. System uptime and throughput speeds are the major metrics we monitor and both have improved markedly in just a few short weeks. The product is simple to install and easy to modify.
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on April 17, 2013
After my old set of powerline adapters broke, I checked a few different powerline adapters before settling on this one. I have a linksys router and I've been happy with it so I figured I'd go with this one since it also has good reviews.

My setup: I have the base plugged in to the modem in the master bedroom and the other end is in one of the bedrooms to connect my Xbox (they are on the same floor, but different circuits). I have a pretty good router, so my WiFi speeds are good, but they are a bit unreliable for online gaming. Even though this transmits the connection slower than my WiFi network (still good enough for online gaming), it is more reliable than my WiFi. For this reason it works brilliantly for when I'm on Xbox Live.

Setup was super easy and went exactly as the instructions said. I plugged in the base (the one with only one ethernet port) directly into a wall outlet in the master bedroom and used the supplied ethernet cable to connect it to my modem. I then plugged the other one (the one with four ports) directly into the wall outlet of the room where my Xbox is. The adapters made a connection pretty quickly (in maybe less than a minute). I then used the other supplied ethernet cable to connect the four port adapter to my Xbox. I fired up my Xbox, chose the wired connection and I was set. I also use one of the other ports to connect my laptop for bigger downloads.

I took off one star for these two reasons: as stated earlier, the connection is much slower than I expected them to be (though they are still fast enough for Xbox Live, which is why I bought them). The adapters I had before were faster even though they were quoted for a slower speed than this one says it'll go. And the second reason is I still sometimes experience weird drops in speeds for a couple of minutes. This will happen even if no other devices are connected to the network at the time. I'm not sure if it's my internet or the adapters, but I am leaning toward the adapters since it didn't happen before. Again, this isn't a big deal as it only lasts for a minute or two before going away and it doesn't happen regularly.

Overall, these are pretty decent. If you have a good router then the speeds from this will be slower than what your WiFi gives you. But the connection is pretty reliable and the installation was a breeze. So for that I would recommend this powerline adapter.
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on December 12, 2015
We have three of them around the house. Big help when wifi is sketchy, which it is in parts of our house. More reasonably priced than buying wifi extenders and a more solid connection. Unlike older models, these barely get warm at all. Recommended.
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on April 15, 2013
I purchased this product to use as a temporary solution for accessing a broadband router for internet access downstairs, while maintaining a secondary LAN upstairs. I used the Ethernet ports on both transceivers for connectivity, and didn't need the additional WiFi range for this scenario. The powerline converter set did a GREAT job of allowing data transfer. Streaming Time Warner Cable video and Netflix movies resulted in no lag or excessive "buffering." I was very satisfied with the speed and performance.

Since moving, I have now employed the WiFi extender capabilities to add wireless access for our detached garage. The unit's WiFi signal strength is comparable to the D-LINK router employed in the house at like distances, and transmission speed is more than adequate for web surfing and music streaming. (I have not yet tried video over the WiFi connection). Since the "remote" unit also has the previously-mentioned Ethernet port, it will also allow for a "hard-wire" connection of a fixed-position "shop PC" in the future. A flat-screen TV may find it's way out there at some point, as well.

Easy setup and great performance with no drop-outs or data slow-downs... I couldn't ask for much more than that. My only con with this setup - a minor one - is a missing "pass-through" AC outlet found on some competitive devices, so you have to dedicate a plug to the device.
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on November 8, 2012
Well, not all of them. Just the CFL's. To be fair, this is an issue with the Powerline technology and CFLs, not just this product.

I noticed the other night the performance was terrible on the Powerline. It turns out I had left the ceiling light on in the office, which uses CFL's. I had also some others on in the house that I turned off when I discovered the problem. I don't think CFL's in other parts of the house are an issue with performance, just the ones on the same circuit. So, if there are performance issues, just turn off some nearby CFLs on both ends and see if that clears things up.

I have a couple of media receivers, a Roku and a Western Digital, in the back bedroom I use as a Media room. Even with my high power 600 mW Access Point, the wireless performance was spotty at best. Running a new Ethernet cable through my attic is not an option. Since these have dropped to the $60 range, I decided to give it a shot.

Works great. It's speed is not as much as some other power line models out there, but it does have 4 ports on the end point. Considering that game consoles, DVD players and TVs all have Internet capabilities, this saves you from buying a switch to wire up all the devices in your entertainment center. It's speed will support one device for HD streaming, possibly two. However, if your going to want to stream HD to a few places at the same time, then go for a higher speed unit. Just note, most of the higher speed units only have one Ethernet port on them, so pick carefully if you want more ports.

I have noticed that my media streamers work much faster and crisper, particularly in fast forward and rewind being wired. It is a much nicer experience than wireless.
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on October 30, 2013
We wanted to extend the reach of our wireless network to a room that had poor to no signal. After looking at a few reviews for various products, I went with this solution, and I'm glad I did. The system was up and running in less than 10 min, and that included downloading drivers for Windows 8 (the CD had outdated drivers that didn't run even in compatibility mode, so download them where you do have web access). After that, it was super easy to setup.

The package comes with two adopters, one that connects to the router via network cable (included in box), and another that plugs into an outlet in the effected room. I bought the wireless adaptor version for the room (and highly recommend it), so there are no cables to run (easy to keep out of sight too), and that's about it.

Note that if you use reading glasses, take them with you when setting it up, as you'll need to read the small print on the back of the second device and enter that code into your computer.
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